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Earl Turner #racist detroitiscrap.com

These totally jewed institutions of higher learning already use apefirmative action for their admission policies, so the next logical step will be for them to order their faculty to implement apefirmative action for their grading policies.

This would mean that every nigger’s “F” grade would be changed to a “C”, every nigger’s “D” grade would be changed to a “B”, and every nigger’s “C” grade would be changed to an “A”, and every nigger’s “B” grade would be changed to an “A+” if applicable. If by some odd occurrence a nigger were to get a grade higher than than a “B”, it will just get counted as an “A+” anyway, since that would only make the other niggers in the student body file complaints at the state and federal levels and/or chimp out in the classrooms or elsewhere on campus over it.

Only whitey would have to truly work for his grades or be capable of flunking a course. That’s the obongo way!

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S Man #racist detroitiscrap.com

omg stupid niggers. when i was in coonllege i had a nigger history teacher who had all his tests in essay format. he would always grade my papers a letter grade behind this coon who was barely literate and hardly wrote 2 or 3 sentences to answer the questions. if they’re still failing with undeserved grade boosts then that shows how worthless they are.

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Reichsmarshal #racist detroitiscrap.com

Blood and Soil (translating the German Blut und Boden) refers to the ideology focussing on a concept of ethnicity based on descent (Blood) and homeland (Soil). Our race is our nation. We believe that America (and all the nations of Europe) are essentially White homelands. I don't want to hear about Indians and all of that. I believe in Manifest Destiny. Might is Right. Our ancestors fought for this land and carved a nation out of nothing. Multiculturalism weakens nations and turns them into boiling cesspools rather than the romanticized "melting pot." A "nation" of aliens and a polyglot boarding house of squabbling ethnicities is no nation at all. Under what banner can we, as 'Americans" fight under, given not only the illegal crimmigrants who are hostile to it, but, Hussein Obama who won't even put his hand on his heart in reverence to it? Balkanization is occuring at a rapid pace and we (White people) are quickly finding ourselves strangers in our own homelands. Only a person who has no concept of heritage or national and ethnic identity wouldn't be alarmed by that prospect.

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lilpoindexter #racist detroitiscrap.com

I live in a western burb.....almost washtenaw county...just on the outside fringe of wayne county....But the niggers still manage to find time to drive here, and surf myspace in the internet lab, while answering their phones in the loudest most niggerific manner.

These fucking apes never even thank me for my taxes that support their bus rides, and use of my library....

When I complained to the chief librarian bitch about instituting a residents only library, she mumbled something about knowledge should be avaliable for all who want to pursue it, etc.

It got so bad, I had to get a dsl line in my house, so I could surf detroitiscrap....I pay taxes, and i have to wait until the niggers are done surfing gay nigger porn, to use a computer that my taxes pay for....fucking brilliant....