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The Brutal "no true romantic love" pill

Here's a fundamental truth. I bet one of the contributing factors for the reason why many of you are incel is the fact that you seek "true love." True "validation." "Mature love," "love beyond just flesh fucking." After all, "why not get an escort" or a "prostitute" then?

This doesn't exist.

You were taught from a very young age that there's something deep about a man loving a woman. Having the same interests, being able to laugh and josh in each other's presence. To be able to wake up next day to someone who loves you for who you are.

This love doesn't exist. Or if it does, it's so unabashedly rare that it might as well not exist.

Women either settle down with a guy they want to fuck, or they are stable enough to settle down with. Men settle down with a woman they want to fuck, or whatever options they have available. That's it. Here's the reason why you guys feel the way you do. You are sexually scarred. These feelings are immature, teenage and juvenile. Nobody ever gave you that. You could never eat ice-cream or have your parents take you out to the movies or have a sleepover and go swimming with a teenager of the opposite sex.

Most guys who do grow out of these naive feelings after having sex enough times or being with women long enough. A woman doesn't want a fucking teenage-mindset man to "validate" them. They want a beast who can fuck or someone who makes sufficient enough money to raise kids with. That's it. They don't want a "shy" "geeky" "immature" guy. They want a winner. Stop believing in the lie of "true romantic love." Two people want to fuck or decide "eh you are good enough to have kids with" and that's it. Ignore Hollywood movies. They are there to sway naive individuals into having more kids for the workforce.

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Blackpill The cold, dark truth? Foids are as “racist” as they come

For soy cucks and fags who complain about muh RACESM!! Are we just gonna ignore how, genetically, toilets tend to prefer cumskins like 95 percent of the time compared to other ethnicities? There a reason they are called deathnics. At this point i feel a lot of them either go tranny or stay virgin throughout their lifes. Ive always felt like “changs” and “chaddams” were oxymorons. Chad is primarily cumskin.

White foids are the most racist foids by far.

At a distant second to them are noodlewhores (who are racist to their own kind).

I don't see any difference whatsoever between the average white foid that I come across the street and a white stormfrontcel.

They both see an ethnic subhuman male like myself as not even human who they would rather not be around AND do not want around. Meanwhile they want the right to travel around the world as much as they want and associate with whomever they want and when they want as they please. If they see some short term benefit of it. For the white foids, they want to post pics of their travels and show how virtous they are by taking pics with poor ethnic subhuman children. And the white males, they want to rape those children and JBW max with the local foids.

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As a compensation for my suffering in life, I demand the government give me a virgin 18 year old wife.

I don't want some used up roastie that Chad already fucked. I've missed out on life and I demand reparations just like the niggers are demanding reparations. Privileged sex-havers must pay for this.

Do I really want my first love to be some used up roastie? NO! Give me that lovely LEGAL 18 year old virgin wife. I will make sure that she has enough to eat(but not too much so she doesn't get fat). I will put a roof over her head. I will provide for her and our spawn. The only demand that I have is to be truly faithful and have sex with me whenever I tell her to. She must give me oral and anal just like she would give Chad oral and anal. This is my only demand. Otherwise she is free to live as she pleases(within limits).

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how much blood would you donate to a vampire QT in exchange for sex? BLEEDING TO COOM and IRL feasibility of blood 4 BJs from open-minded nice girls

We have 8-12 pints and apparently it takes 4-8 weeks to regain lost red blood cells, so if I round that up to 2 months, you can perhaps donate safely at a rate of 6 pints per year. If we were guaranteed bimonthly sexual encounters, would you bloodmax? There should be some kind of altruistic movement among women where they will give sex to a man who donates blood. Like maybe there are some girls out there scared of needles who wish they could give blood but can't work themselves up to it. Maybe an alternative to that is to let a man give blood INSTEAD of them, but to support that man by giving him sex.

They should also give you meat because you need to regenerate blood cells w/ iron. Virtue-signal foids in addition to offering sex should cook us some meat. 1 burger + 1 blowjob reward every 2 months in exchange for 1 pint of my blood: please make this happen foids. My sense of selflessness evaporated but I still sorta want to help, just give me an excuse to make it feel slightly less cucked and I'm in.

Foids will get mad at guys for being non-genuine by "pretending to be friends" or "doing good things only to get rewards rather for its own sake". Well okay: I won't pretend: I don't want to do those things for their own sake. You'll only reward chad for doing good things because you know he doesn't need to do them to get your pussy because you'd give him your pussy ANYWAY. So hey, let's not pretend: I'm not a super-altruist, but YOU can be if you just suck it up and tolerate my presence a couple dozen minutes every couple months in exchange for muh pint. You won't even have to swallow a pint of semen to earn it. It's a small price to help people right?

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Not surprising tbh. Most of her fans are probably black cuz "muh black culture", and niggaz tend to have low levels of IQ (this is not an eccentric opinion, even black people admit it). I think the average IQ for Blacks is around 80, so 75 is not far off the mark. It only means that Cradi B fans are the most retarded people on earth, even among niggers.

Notice how they are are Black "women", Black nigger Foids are the lowest trash of all foids.

Nigger foids are literal trash, most of them are low IQ hood type bitches who can't even compose a coherent sentence. They have insane single motherhood rates, and work dead end jobs, nothing worth pursing tbh. The only ones worth pursing are the ones who come from affluent families.

Lol imagine thinking that "affluent" black women are worth pursuing, They are just like the trash in the inner cities. Don't be fooled by the civilized Facade they put on, White man.

The ones I met in college weren't as bad as the low class ones, but then again, all women are trash after all. Some of them are just less trashy than others.

Also, are you black? Cuz if you are you probably know more about that.

I am a blackcel, yes. I live in a very segrated city (STL), one side of of city is literally mostly vacant lots, Vacant houses, and is 98% majority black, and where most of the shootings occur. On the other end, are mainly rich white folk that some Nigger foids try to emulate. Those "Affluent" Niggas you speak of.

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Theory The REAL reason young women become schoolteachers (it's to train young boys to become chads to get rid of incels and sub8 men)

I have already made a previous thread showing studies that many women won't have sex with you if you're a virgin past 21. they want a guy with experience to dominate them at sex. being virgin past 21 is a sign that you are a beta male who can't attract women and women are attracted to men who attract women. if you're a chick magnet, the fact that you're a chick magnet attracts women.

I have a theory about why schoolteachers who are young women become teachers: Young boys in school are still going through puberty. As a result, their sexual dimorphism hasn't completely developed and thus, some haven't developed yet into chads because their brow ridges, jawlines, cheekbones, chins, voices, etc. haven't fully developed yet. As a result, there's less competition genetic-wise when it comes to looks. As a result, young women will become schoolteachers to train these students into becoming slayers by taking their virginities and teaching them to prepare these boys for adulthood where they can become experienced enough to attract women because inexperienced men are a dealbreaker. These young women come to these schools looking for boys to take the virginity of so these boys can be experienced at an early age, thus becoming chick magnets, and when these boys become chick magnets, they are now chads, increasing the number of chads on this planet for women to have sex with. If we don't prohibit female teachers, the number of chads on this planet will skyrocket and we sub8 men will be a small minority. This is what women do to make sub8 men go extinct so they can have more chads to choose from.

This is why so many schoolteachers are women.

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Serious Should there be a day of the rope for redditors?

Yes Votes: 9 90.0%
No, because everyone has a right to free speech. Votes: 1 10.0%

Should there be a Turner Diaries-esque day of the rope, but for redditors instead of race traitors and niggers? Im talking every communist redditor (you know, the types that browse subs like IT, TolietPaperUSA, and ChapoTrapHouse) gets tracked down and hung on the nearest lampost in the Minecraft Village. What do you guys think?

I don't condone violence unless it's necessary, you really shouldn't care so much about what a bunch of idiots on dumb subreddits say

But leftists / communists and their whole ideology are heavily contributing to the demise of our society as a whole. Plus, leftism and cultrual marxism is a major factor that causes inceldom. Plus, i’m just shit posting anyways.

This society is beyond saving, let it die

Yes, but leftistism and cultural marxism are responsible for things like feminism, hypergamy, and womens sexual liberation. But you’re correct in that regard. The collapse shall commence soon.

Leftists think that everyone who is right of Lenin or Stalin is le ebil nhatzee. They are destroying society with their propaganda and cultural subversion. It’s an irrefutable fact that Jewish-owned leftists are trying to (and so far successfully) destroy traditional moral values and everything that they even mildly disagree with.

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RE: RageFuel How can you NOT become misogynistic after reading shit like this?



bruh men can’t be raped by women, they’re right, it’s only rape if it’s guy on guy

Get out.

would you resist if she grabbed your dick and started sucking you off?

Yes, I'd resist sexual assault. Dumb question. You're trying to do the equivalent of what women do when they claim it's rape only when it's non-chad men.

jfl cope nigga, you wouldn’t resist completely tf the extent of your “resistance” would be to push her off a bit or something not a straight man alive that would reject her, let alone an incel, men can only be raped by other men, or very very ugly women, I’m right stop coping

That’s true. This whole “men can’t talked about being raped waah muh men’s rights” thing is moot with incels becaude we’re already at a level of sexual isolation and misogyny. Like we don’t need that. It’s like if white supremacists go “well well joe Biden is a real racist and dems are the racist anti minority people” like it’s crap and we all know it but in a good way (we’re so based we don’t need to listen to those tropes)

I agree. Those foids in the OP are the usual trash, no doubt. But how can a man be "raped" by a foid? You need to have a hard-on and if you have one, you are not being raped.

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I Have A Dream: Incel Cartel

If there was an incel cartel that had each others back we could demand foids send nudes or get fucked with. Ex: doxx, phone/email/socialmedia bombing, exposing dirty laundry and doxx for all to see on like a kiwifarms.co , mailing dirty laundry to her friends and family, making craigslist ads with the foids name saying how she has a rape fantasy and invite all craigslist degenerates, putting her house in google maps as 1$ 24/7 bathroom stop for truckers, hosting a party at 3AM and inviting 10k+ people thru social media tweaking, making a altright twitter and linkedin with KKK Grand Dragon as resume, make an onlyfans with sagging tits and roastmaxx downstairs, etc...

If the cartel gets stronger we can also do things like release wasps, mosquitos and geese next to normie music festivals. Releasing frogs in sorority houses. Tweak up the UV and temperature in sun tanning salons so they get burned and also cancer. Get sfat persian guys to join their yoga classes. Get indian pajeets to identify as female and enter ladies nights in clubs. Organize fundraisers to help out with truecels defense in rape trials (srs with this tbh)

Hijack a LGBT pride parade by walking in front with an ILGBT banner and paper maché White Van and BMW as the parade items (I dont want to associate with these degenerates but the liberal butthurt is worth it). Steal all the condoms and birthcontrol pills in all stores within a large area so roasties and normalfags now are cucked either by not fucking or getting the biological equivolence of life without parole (child). Make fake makeup boxes but hide pissbottles in them then release these in stores.

Create a site similar to .gov criminal background checks but then with a whore background check that showcases thefappening and foidfarms.co type exposé. Here you can put up all information of foids that rejected you as a virtual pilgory. Simps and cucks are target to.

The incel cartel has both an agressive side not to be messed with (and purposely not elaborated on in this thread) but also a lot of devious mischief for lulz.

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Every female IncelTears user needs to be shot.

Like the topic title says, every female IncelTear user deserves to be shot.

How can you be so privileged and then sit there and tell struggling men that they deserve their suffering while also being a sexually active degenerate? It’s like travelling to Arica as a first world country person and then saying ‘You deserve your hunger to a starved African’.

There a few exceptions such as that tranny girl who isn’t even 18 yet I think, I mean, she isn’t a whore at least but she definitely shouldn’t be part of IncelTears as she is gonna grow up to be a feminist if she isn’t one already which is a bad road to go down.

I’m being verbal here, not violent yet CuckTears will be like ‘See? Incels are all violent. They prove our points!’

IT users are self centered stuck up evil subhuman trannies that I wouldn’t even consider human at this point, so killing them is just disposing of trash.

Some of them also have this ‘I have sex and you don’t attitude’ and a lot of them women come off as sociopaths so I wouldn’t doubt a lot of them would travel to Africa if given the chance just to say ‘You don’t deserve food’.

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IT has been talking a lot of shit about me lately

This is the last time I dedicate a thread to IT, don't worry brocels. They're not worth it. I just want to put forth a final response to them, and even if they screenshot this, i won't respond again. This thread will settle it.

They've been linking a disproportionate amount of my threads, even digging up old ones, and their approach to what I say is always the same "yikes did you really just say that? This is why you're incel", "rape is never ok you idiot!", "If you just had a good personality you'd get laid".

You fucking pieces of shit. My point here is that all of that is wrong. I already know what society says. I already know what I say is socially considered to be inappropriate. And I don't give a shit and my point is that society is wrong.

If you respond to me by repeating mainstream viewpoints, or telling me that what I think is socially unacceptable (with different words obviously, such as "yikes"), you're not making any point and adding nothing new to the discussion.

This is why we're having high IQ, anti mainstream and anti establishment debates here that question everything, while you are seething like idiots. And if you keep pretending to have the moral high ground you will never learn anything.

I think women are only interested in the top 20% of good looking men, and it you're not one of those you're set up for failure (including betabuxers who lecture us), and that women's perception of our personality is influenced by looks and not actual personality traits. I also think that women hate sub8 men with a passion and are extremely vile to us, including bullying, humiliating rejections, slander, etc. And that, as a conclusion of all this, women are trash and deserve to be raped and beaten. And you can either try to learn something from my viewpoint even if you disagree, or keep saying "yikes that's so against mainstream values" and not see anything beyond that.

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Women are absolute trash and only deserve to suffer

I wish I could beat up every women I come across in the street. Just seeing a woman makes me want to beat her senseless. Women are all incredibly vile and deserve no less. but unfortunately I can't do shit without repercussions.

What we can do however is to simply do all we can against them within the boundaries of society. Kinda like they do to us.

1. Sabotage women at work.
2. Go into stores with foid staff soon before they close and move products around, leaving a mess and making sure they leave work late. It's petty but life fuel.
3. Needless to say if you know about a woman who's abused or needs help if any kind don't do shit.

Any more ideas?

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Stumbled across this on a fagbook group


Notice the list on the box.

What would your list be for the perfect woman? For me it's

Aged 13-16
Tight hairless pussy
Cooks and cleans


Aged 4-12
BMI no higher than 23
Virgin and kissless
Tight hairless pussy, absolutely no pubic hair (Disgusting)
At least 12 inch long hair, dirty blonde, red head, or brunette
Cooks, cleans, and walks the dogs
Smells good

thats all

Savage, but also incredibly based


18 - 20
Eastern Euro / Northern Euro / Persian mix
Can orgasm with both pussy & clit
Has her own interests
Not depressed / anxious
Not a princess

Who cares if they can orgasm or not

I like how it squeezes my cock.

At 18-20 yo, there ain't nothing going to be squeezing your cock...think guatemalan cave

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Story The first time I watched chlid pron.

I was in 8th grade. There was a girl in another class but in the same grade as me. One day I heard others say that she is no longer in our school. A month or so later, when we had “Technik” (Computer class) some of the other students found an online picture of her. The girl laid on a white bed, staring upwards at the viewer with a lascivious expression. Her hair was flowing in all directions. Only her cunt was covered in a bedsheet, but her 14 year old tits where on full display.

After class and later at home, I used every opportunity to bust a nut to that image. I have no idea whether or not there were any legal consequences about this photo being shot, but I guess not… Germany was kinda based back then. This online image is, to this day, still fresh in my memory and I will never, ever be genuinely attracted to anything less. (That was a lie. Like every good boy, I am either asexual or exclusively attracted to 50+ year old female-identifying people with experience.)

I hope to God that this girl was swallowed up and absolutely drained by the porn industry. I have an almost religious conviction that somewhere out there on the Internet, there are pictures and videos of this 14-15 year old whore getting tied up and fucked in every hole simultaneously by men, machines and animals. I KNOW that she was made to endure the most perverted and humiliating shit imaginable by men who are as undesirable as me. Men she would not even had looked at just a short time ago, just so she could get a little bit more fame/money/heroin or whatever they promised her.

I know such recordings are out there and I WILL find them… so I can report them to the authorities.

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Islam was right about women

Yeah bro islam is so based, letting chaddam have 4 wives while you rot alone is so based bro

it all evens out because they just go conquer new territories and steal their women. it decreases the amount of men and increases the amount of women. early muslim historians were certainly of this opinion because they talked a lot about how generals would promise their soldiers blonde byzantine wives for their military service

Too bad the last islamic victory happened 400 years ago and chaddam just bought his 4th wife while you keep rotting alone

what are you talking about? Islam is currently taking over europe as we speak. Just look at how muslims are taking blonde swedish women

just go to war for gf, bro. You can’t be serious...

unironically yes. read the Iliad of Homer.

Women have no tribal loyalty hence women supporting mass immigration and being into foreigners all over the world. European countries have bad foids but I would say Japan and Korea's noodlewhores are really bad. Google Japanese war brides. Japanese women were marrying American soldiers despite two nukes being dropped on their nation. It's fair to say that if US government at the time decided to form colonies in Japan they could nearly breed out Japanese out of existence by now.

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Tourists should be fucking illegal. I'm done getting mogged by germans.

By germans I mean people from Germany and also german countries like Austria, Netherlands, Sweden and shit like that. Germans are gigamoggers. Fuck off and mog someone else I'm done with this shit. People complains about refugees but I'd much rather have refugees who rape our women than germans who heightmog me. To top it off, every apartment that is on AirBnB for them is an apartment that's not for rent. Which is why british people should fuck off as well. I hate airbnb tbh, that app singlehandedly made life in Spain so much worse.

TRUE I live in quite a populated place in Turkey that attracts many tourists because of all the otoman and other history shit there is there and everytime I go to the market to buy something I always get gigamogged by some easter european fag and I hate that shit tbh

tourists and immigration should be banned. Why do you wanna go to another country? That’s called being a traitor to your nation and to your people. Never been outside of America, hell never been really outside of the south (what I identify with)

poorcel cope

No, I and my family have plenty of money, I just never saw the point in tourism and think it’s a total betrayal of your people. What can I do anywhere else that I cannot do in TX or the south? I don’t need to tour around with not my people. You know what you call someone that tours around with not their kind? You call them a traitor. Not that serious but you get my point.


Southern european moment. I'd know :( All the germanic tourists that come are moggers

Wish I can kill them all so I can be free from the shackles of being mogged. (In Minecraft)

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Experiment We need to stop the flow of genetic superiority

We need to round up the highly genetic chads & stacys and just bash their face in.
Do a breast or ass reduction to all the femoids, forecfuly make the chads gain weight until they get ugly.
Poke their eye out, burn their skin, forcefully drug them until they get physical changes.
Give them trauma until they get traumatized and get mentally ill.
Cut their penises and staple up their cunts.

Destroy all their physical attractiveness and make their self-esteem drop.

When you make everyone the same level no one can be superior.

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RE: Can you rape in self defense?

Yes Votes: 43 78.2%
No Votes: 12 21.8%

Yes. Actually this is the only acceptable way to defend yourself from a woman.

If a foid were to break into my house it would be over for her vagina

Yes, as long as others dont see you

Hard to say. But if a foid attacks then you could grope her tits or ass to make her stop. Then pin her down and shove your duck down her throat. It technically is self defense since she attacked you first.

If there is a scenario where a foid knock down your door and drag you out into freezing weather.

A low inhib guy might want to stick his weenie in her to protect it from falling off cuzz of frostbite.

Yes tbhdrdsrs

Lets say a foid bullies you. It would be voluntary manslaughter to take revenge on the spot. So rape will be just like that. A 'snap' wherein you must restore your mental wellbeing and self worth

All rape executed by men is self-defence, it's the foids fault for not being considerate

yes, if a foid won't put out and you rape her, it should count as self defense

Bernd #psycho #sexist incels.co

Women need to be raped. It is the only language they understand. Women enjoy rape. Don't let them tell you otherwise, because they are notorious liars and don't know their own minds. They all want to be held down and fucked hard. They want to be made to cry and scream. Women have a biological imperative to be raped. Did you know that women who are raped are twice as likely to conceive as women who have unprotected consensual sex? It is a fact. Women who are raped often have orgasms as well - some have never had an orgasm in their lives save for a rape. The desire to be sexually dominated is deeply programed into them. This is a fact of evolution that cannot be denied without Huamanity becoming unbalanced. That's why they act out so much and are so belligerent. Whether they know it or not, subconsciously they want to piss off men and get them to make them submit. They want to be slapped in the face, told to shut the fuck up, and then raped until they can't stand up. This is what the women really want. I say we give it to them.

-BrettyBoy- #sexist incels.co

Females have no right to complain.

Like the topic title says, women have no right to complain. There can be exceptions depending on the situation.

Women can complain about things such as periods but most other stuff, they need to just shut the fuck up and be grateful for their easy mode and there women I know, both, real life and online that have not a thing to complain about.

If you’re female you get less prison time for the same crimes men get longer sentences for, easy access to getting your rocks off while a locally undesired male like myself lustfully suffers, etc.

I have other problems besides the sexual lust problem but I can’t really be arsed to go into detail about them personal problems but the lust issue is just a negative on top of other negatives in my case so I just get kicked when already down really.

Misogynist male? By society logic, ‘ruin his life!’

Misandrist female? By society logic, ‘Well, she just has bad experiences with men’.

Total Imbecile #psycho #sexist incels.co

I love online classes because I can stare at girls without it being creepy tbh

I was proctoring a midterm exam last week and there is this blonde in my class that Im crushing hard on

All the students have to be on camera while taking the exam so I literally spent 90 minutes just staring at her, not really paying attention what aanyoen else is doing

I dont know why but it was cute watching her work on the exam and then occasionally play with and adjust her hair

I spent that time daydreaming about dating her and planning out our life together and imagining how cute it would be to cuddle her in her girly room

I wouldnt be able to do this IRL

thespanishcel #sexist #transphobia incels.co

Why don't trannies admit they do it because they were incels?

You can look at photos of trannies before and after transitioning and all of them were incel-tier when they were male. Most are still incel tier when """""female""""" but there will always be at least one desperate cuck willing to fuck them kek. They always give lame excuses like "I always had more female than male friends", "I always was more into girly stuff like Sailor Moon and cute animals than football and war videogames", "I always felt this way" when in reality most (if not all) trannies realized that if they remained male they would die virgins and decided to mutilate their bodies and take hormones to change it. Pic related:


99% of trannies are the "Ms robot", "the degenerate" and "organic strap".

To koniec #crackpot #racist #sexist incels.co

SuicideFuel JBM

Just Be Med
White males with dark features ( dark hair, eyes ) are most desired males on the planet. If you are enough interested you probably heard that italian men are hot and rarely that swedish men.

But here are biggest blackpill. You heard that russian girls are beautiful and russian males are anti thesis, they are basically apeish troglodytes, same could be said about polish girls and polish men. Do you know why people think so ? Cause Russians and Poles have light features and men love light features on girls and foids hates pale blonde men.

You ,BBBBUUUUTTTT CAUSE THEY ARE SLAVS' they why nobody fetishizes south slavic women ? cause they have darker features and not to mention that south slavs have dark features and are heightmoggers

This isn't slavicpill btw just general phenotypepill

Its always a funny experience as a deathnic seeing threads complaining about how awful you have it with aryan features.

polish don't like aryan men, don't care about non-white whores i want white girl

grondilu & WizardofSoda #sexist incels.co

Venting "Marry me and you'll never have to work ever again"

With the current high price of bitcoin I've been fantasizing about picking up one of these young and pretty females wageslaving in retail stores or stuff like that, using the line in title.

Based or cucked ?

Anyway, even if one would accept, marriage is such a joke nowadays that she would get a divorce as soon as a lawyer would guarantee her that she could take half of all I have.

Also paternity tests are illegal in my country so if I wanted her to have my kids I would have to constantly watch her to make sure she is not fucking Chad behind my back.

Where I live there are all these foids wage-slaving in retail jobs. Many are also temporary immigrants which could get citizenship if they married me. With my job, house, moneymaxxing on the stock market they would never have to work, and also the non-citizen ones would get citizenship.

These girls won't even talk to me. They all want Chad only, even if they never get him and work a crappy job for life in retail and become a cat lady and never have children and never live a real life as a woman.

Lv99_BixNood #crackpot #racist #sexist incels.co

One of the main reasons I hate racemixing

It's just cheating evolution. Soys always claim race doesn't exist, but the differences are large enough that an average white American is 99th percentile in height, 99th percentile in penis size and 99.99999th percentile in looks in the Philippines. So what are the odds of a filipino roastie finding a filipino male who is as tall, hung and good-looking as the average white American? We can make fun all day of how noodlewhores get the bottom tier white guys and it's true, but even bottom tier white men mog the fuck out of 90%+ of Asian men. So by going interracial w*men can get a much more attractive man than they could if they stayed in their own race. To be fair, the same is true for men. White men also get a much better deal with noodles than with white landwhales. But that's just cheating, it's unfair. They get more than they deserve and that's why racemixing is so irritating for me.

Are they and abbos related? Cause that explains why curries and jungle asians are usually at the bottom.

Yeah, pretty sure they're related somehow. They were the original inhabitants of SEA but then other races who mogged them came and took their women, and now pure negritos are only found in isolated parts of the jungle and shit. Most SEAcels probably have significant negrito admixture (explains why they have dark skin).


Also, choosing a partner due to their traits to improve survivability is LITERALLY EVOLUTION! “Racemixing” is literally best case scenario for evolution.

Ethnic holes procreating with whites to breed out their subhuman genes = best case scenario. Said by someone who also claims to be pro-black just fucking lol.

Edmund_Kemper & Lebensmüder #homophobia #racist #sexist #transphobia #wingnut incels.co

Venting fragile femininity is more common than fragile masculinity.

I always hear women say the most retarded excuses for their dating preferences:

*i cannot date a guy who is short. i want a guy who is tall it makes me feel protected, small and feminine and i don't wanna feel big or masculine by being taller than them

*i cannot date a virgin. i want a guy who can dominate and control me and be rough during sex and i like being extremely submissive. i don't wanna lead and be dominant.

*i want muscular guys because they make me feel small and feminine and can carry me around and protect me.

*i want men with deep voices because they can protect me and take care of me (i literally saw a woman in an article say she wants a man who can take care of her).

*i cannot date a guy with less sex partners than me (I literally heard a woman say that although she won’t date guy who fucked over 20 girls she doesn’t want a guy whose body count is lower than hers. If any guy said he won’t date a woman with more partners than him he’d be crucified.)

yet nobody complains about this. yet a guy can say "i don't really like the color pink it's not my style" everyone's like "omg u just fragile masculinity i'm gonna emasculate you by saying you're insecure so i can scare you into wearing pink!!!11

It's all projection. When black leftists call whites fragile that's projection - guess what, when we are called crackers/cumskins/etc. we move on or insult the person, we don't harass that person for years (unlike what they do when they are called the N-word/other racial slurs). When a faggot/tranny calls a heterosexual man fragile, it's projection - they suffer from breakdowns when deadnaming/wrong pronouns happen, not a heterosexual men when they are insulted by them. When a woman calls men fragile it's the same.

Various Incels #conspiracy #crackpot #psycho #sexist incels.co

(Transcended Trucel)
RageFuel Sex Brings most happiness


yet soycucks say "sex doesn't matter dirty inkweller"

They know it matters. They are just trying to gaslight us.

Politics is the art of masking blackpill. Socialising is the art of excluding inceldom

Rosties think they're entitled to our taxes because it's "the right thing to do", meanwhile when we want something that keeps us mentally healthy and happy they tell us "we're not entitled" to it. Uncucked men need to stop paying taxes to used whores.

i cant find going ER on the list of activities

Total Imbecile #homophobia #psycho #sexist incels.co

If you have an attractive sister and you wouldnt have sex with her I have news for you

Youre gay. When I check out my sister I dont think "oh god all these memories of us playing together!", I think "what a nice ass, her figure is so beautiful, too bad I cant bite into this forbidden fruit". Especially if youre an attention starved incel and your sister or cousin is like the only female around you its just impossible to suppress the thoughts. Most incels on this forum who wouldnt their sister assuming there would be no consequences are just lying or are closeted and theyre "incel" because they dont actually want a girlfriend. Sorry boyos but its the truth.

I don't have incestuous thoughts but all females in my family are much older than me.

I literally go hard when I touch her or she touches me because shes so soft and smells heavenly. I grabbed her by her waist one time as a joke and her waist is super thin and that urge to fuck is just there, like I wanna do more but I have to stop myself because if I cross that line it will be over. I half suspect that having a gf would cure me because then Id be able to focus my energy elsewhere, the thing is though most normies get their first gfs at like 14 so they forget about their female siblings before they can even get hard. For me my sisters are the only girls around.

If incest is something you don't see as degenerate, then the word has no tangible meaning or place in your moral value system.

I believe that incest is degenerate too but it what it is, its what happens when you haven no other options, its as abnormal as being incel tbh. Its same how Id never wanna be a cuck, but given my situation and looks its really very likely thats what Ill be and its certainly the best I can hope for. If I ever get a gf theres like a 90% chance shell be 30+ fat with 2 kids by 3 different fathers. Because Im ugly I really cant hope for anything better as much as I want a college sweetheart that I can live happily ever after with.

epillepsy #crackpot #racist #sexist incels.co

The only thing that women excel at are childrearing and giving blowjobs.

women are better at breastfeeding, not childrearing.
they kill their infant children at rates of five times as much as men, and that's not counting abortions.
if abortions counted, they would kill children at a rate of more than 70 million to 1, probably.

Brutal. The abortionpill killed pretty much all my preconceived romantic sentiments about the beauty of a woman in motherhood. How callously they disregard the sacred bond between mother and child is one of the few things which is truly heartbreaking to me.

it's never been a sacred bond. there's so little commendable about women, so a "sacred bond" between mother and child had to be invented to pretend that women are capable of any kind of love at all. since it was so obvious women can't love men, it was decided arbitrarily that they must love their own children (otherwise we'd have to admit that women are incapable of love). this is not the case.

mothers despise their ugly children. think back on how your mother treated you and if that was a relationship of love or hate. they are very vain and hate seeing their own ugly genes as a constant mirror before them. only good-looking men believe in maternal love. and no hapa has good memories of his noodle mother, who despises her son for not being fully white. (i'm not a hapa)

Various Incels #racist #sexist incels.co

Serious Feminists should be sent to a third world country for a day.

Like the topic title says, feminists by law should be sent over to live in a third world country for a day just to show them what ACTUAL problems are so as soon as a feminist says anything like ‘The patrichary’ (which isn’t even a thing) or ‘Slut shaming’ then the feminist should be sent to a third world country for a whole day because they have fuck all to complain about, I mean, I complain but I have ACTUAL first world problems such as the fact I’m a locally undesired male and other personal issues on top of that which is a negative on top of a negative but shit like ‘Shamed for having too much sex’ is not an actual first world problem and never will be.

I want to put racemixxing liberal white women in the middle of the Congo naked with a go pro on and that would be the United state’s television program/show. Like naked and afraid but instead of an island you’re in the middle of a mud hut village of sex-addicted HIV carrying Congolese.

(Fancy Alcoholic)
Extremely based post ngl.

Feminist foids in first world countries don't know what life is like for the rest of 99% of the population, which is people living in third world country without all the social advantages they, as a privileged class, get from the west.

Where I live, people get shot in the head if they roam too freely in some bad neighborhood. There's no such thing as imaginary oppression here. When violence is real, you just have to act or cope with life. But "militing" is not even an option at this point, unless you want to get lynched and cut in pieces by low IQ low lives with machetes.

Various Incels #pedo #psycho #sexist incels.co

RE: If you have an attractive sister and you wouldnt have sex with her I have news for you

This. If I had a sister as an attention starved incel i’m almost certain I would try my best to at least lick her cunt, but if I didn’t succeed in that I would’ve just stuck to sniffing her used panties and staring at her juicy ass all day. I do have a hot 15yo cousin tho which regularly visits me and I’d love nothing more than to fuck her tight teen pussy, but I just can’t, theres no way I can ascend and get a chance with her.

I have no idea how I'd feel about an attractive sister. Being around even remotely attractive girls you're not fucking as a single incel is emotionally and even physically painful as a man, women have a difficulty understanding it. Like, having blue balls actually physically hurts.


Pedophilia, bestiality, incest. This place is turning into degenerates.is. GTFOH with your degeneracy, you sick fucks.

Shut up degenerate


you guys are just brainwashed

personally i dont see myself fucking my sister, i respect that the OP does though. and i think his ability to question the values he's been raised by and differentiating right from wrong by himself and according to his values is admirable.

Various Incels #racist #sexist incels.co

News Bunch of holes write an opinion piece on incels

The Santa Barbara perpetrator (who had a white father and Asian mother) is presented as evidence that Asian men are viewed as less attractive in Western countries. These beliefs are presented as justification for the violent acts he committed, faulting women and a “degenerate society” that allowed for emasculation of Asian men and “race-mixing.”

They literally call ethnicels white supremacists jfl

That shit it's crazy. You criticize women for something and they accuse you of holding that same belief "Being ethnic is bad because women clearly prefer white men" --> "Omg you're a white suprematist"

Well they can do hit pieces on incels all they want. The fact is that none of those white foid writers (OR their immediate social circle of white foid friends WOULD EVER date a man of color). I may be a ricecel, BUT YOU, Megan Kelly​, Alex DiBranco​, Dr. Julia R. DeCook​

are a bunch racist hypocritical foids. End of the story. You know it as well. Asian, Indian, Black (doing a bit better nowadays), Hispanic, and Middle eastern males AREN'T even human in your eyes.

I am a currycel that hates whites (mostly, there are some good whites). I also acknowledge JBW, does that make me a white supremacist?

The majority incels are literally calling themselves low value inferior scum all the time, but somehow this genius gender studies Phd concluded that our beliefs stem from a male supremacist culture. I guess you don't need a triple digit IQ to be a gender studies professor.

Mainländer #crackpot #fundie incels.co

RE: I officially lost my faith in God/Islam

Why did you lose faith in Him? Because the world sucks? It's said various times in the bible that this present world sucks and you're not supposed to get attached to it, as hard as it is. The existence of God can be inferred by the laws of thermodynamics; it's impossible that the universe came from nothing and it's also impossible that it always existed, so a supernatural creation is needed. But the particular God from the bible can only be known through direct experience. Such experiences are personal and thus can't be used as proof for other people. That's why we call it "testimony"; I testify that the God of the bible is the one and only true God to you. Believe me or not.

Who created God?

"God" is whatever supernatural cause the universe had, since it couldn't have had a natural one. Since He's supernatural, questions related to natural stuff such as time, matter, etc, don't apply. If He can transcend the laws of thermodynamics (which is a sine qua non condition for Him to have created the universe), we can assume He can also transcend time and matter. He was the one who created time. Time is a limiting condition that everything created is subjected to, but He is not limited by it like we or the universe are.

Because it says so in a 2000 year old book?

We do have evidence in the form of fulfilled prophecies. But again, you can only know it personally if you do what the bible tells you to do an come to Jesus with a sincere heart.

Erogurocel #psycho #sexist incels.co

JFL Stupid-ass Onlyfans whore fails to debunk "Victim Blaming"


She tries to say that there's a double standard between foids getting "assaulted" by ugly men and foids getting "assaulted" by chad. There's no double standard. Say that to my fucking face you dumb whore, as someone who's been accused of assault by a foid because I was ugly, I know as a fact that everything this dumb fuck says is wrong.

Nobody says "he is popular within girls already, he doesnt need to harass you"
Nobody says "You are so ugly who would do that to you? Liar"
Nobody says 'Ypu are asking for it by being so attractive"

Foids are excellent at making up random ass horseshit and passing it off as true, with any evidence of their assumptions is just them being a foid. And bluepillers far and wide believe these dumb fucks, which is why it is so dangerous to be near a foid these days, especially the American ones. Foids can say you raped them and pull up shit like this when you tell them they spew lies, fuck this clown world.

A man in brazil was arrested by a false rape accusation, inside the prison he was raped for real and caught AIDS. He was released years after, but the government doesn't even want to give him proper compensation. After all this i say, fuck the "survivors", no one is guilty of rape until is proved 100%, no sympathy for these cunts wanting to destroy men's lives only for looking at them.

Whenever anyone shows examples of men being accused of false rape allegations they always deflect to shit like "oh its so rare it never happens" or "You have a double standard". Foids know exactly what they are doing and it sickens me.

Various Incels #racist #sexist incels.co

"Teenagers are just children, bro" and "Females are the nurturing gender, bro" Two women, aged 13 & 15, attempt to carjack a senior curry and kill him

Teen girls charged with murder in failed carjacking of UberEats driver

Bet they were nigresses

Hmm, both sheboons and cumskins have that "I can do anything I want" mindset. Are there many sheboons in Virginia, though?

(Total Imbecile)
My first thought too and what do you know. White women are not high T enough to commit such low inhib crimes

Coon Coon.
Black Baboon.
Brutal, Worthless, Thieving Goon.
Often High Thrives in Jail.
His Welfare Check is in the Mail.
Some 40 Offspring have been had.
None will ever call him dad.
And Yet he Hollers Day and Night
“I Blames De White Man Fo My Plight,
It’s Him Who Spreads Trash All Around My Shack,
It’s Him What Makes Me Smoke Dis Crack,
He Push My Kind To Burn and Loot,
And Sends De Po-lice Dat We Shoot.
But Inch by Inch we Taking Hold
Like When De White Bread Starts to Mold
We’ll Overrun Yo Homes and soon
Dey Only Be Fit Fo De Blackassed Coon

JFL imaging being a Paki who is 66 years old and being forced to wagecuck for UberEats only to get killed by I suspect, 2 nigger girls.


holy shit, not only do these whores deprive you of every bit of happiness you could possibly have, but they also actively try to kill your ass off.

Women want all genetically inferior men dead, they'd kill us all if it was legal

(Transcended Trucel)

why the fuck whenever those shit happens you immediate know its negros?

they are most lowest inhib race, when they feel like taking or doing something they do it. everyone else will consider the consequences

Wizcel & cvh1991 #sexist incels.co

Men and women being equal is just as dumb as humans and dogs being equals.

99% of inventions in history have been done by men. Our entire society from the bottom to top has been created by men. Women depend on men for their provision just as dogs rely on their masters to feed them everyday. Women are even lower than boys since the U15 boys soccer team beat the women's national soccer team. Also trannies come and completely destroy women at their own sports. The only thing that women excel at are childrearing and giving blowjobs. That's their entire purpose of their existence. Women are very insecure if you bring this up because they know this is true. Giving them rights was the biggest mistake of mankind and generations of men will pay for this.

Being a woman is life on easy mode yet they insist they have it so hard lmao.

All you need to do as a woman to have a good standard of living is have sex with your betabux once a month and maybe look after a kid or two if that. That beats working a shitty 9-to-5 any day of the week and notice most women who do have jobs usually don’t study anything challenging — they do most often do something easy then count on their man to handle the high earning. Exceptions exist and all that, but that’s the norm has been my observation. Men by comparison just can’t get away with remotely the same stuff.

If that fails my government is far far more willing to help (as are parents and families and shelters) if you’re female.

Meanwhile if you’re a man you actually have to work for a living and carry yourself (and your family/woman) — no one else will.

Women’s “””””problems”””” are often men’s dreams as Gymcelled stated before.

Various Incels #psycho #sexist incels.co

JFL Foid can't even save her 3 year old kid from drowning in a little canal.

Are foids completely useless? JFL imagine your kid is drowning and you """freak out""" and can't even save him and let the poor guy drown, you think if it was a man the kid would be alive? I think so.​


Three-year-old child dies after falling into canal with his mum in Berkshire​

Foids can't save their child from small canal, yet yesterday I saved my 7 month cat climbing a 20m tree. Yeah, sympathetic gender ngl

She probably killed the kid because he was getting in her way of riding dicks. As it the UK she willl face no punishment of course.

Foids would proudly kill their offspring so that they can fuck an infinite amount of chads without being prevented from doing so. Why do you think that women celebrate en masse ( like in large crowds) when abortion is legalized in their country? Go on reddit, go to the r/childfree or r/prochoice subreddit, and look up the term “abortion”. You would see women celebrating the fact that they killed their own offspring in order to have more time to fuck more chads without any regret or realization of how fucked up they are.

She suffered an "accident" just to kill the child. That pretty much is obvious. I saw some women fighting each other, defending their cellphone one time, they tore each other to pieces but always kept the cellphone protected. If she really wanted to save her child from harm, not even a frozen lake 1km deep would stop her. She killed the child so that she could be "free to whore herself", disgusting and inhuman.

SubhumanAbomination #psycho #wingnut incels.co

a message to left wingers

If you're "progressive" or liberal or left winger or whatever those degenerate subhumans are called nowadays, then i hope that you'll get tortured by bone cancer that renders you unable to move and then it spreads to your mush of a brain, making you more retarded than you already are, that's of course after you watch everyone you loved stabbed to death and raped in front of you

no incel should care about politics tbh either side wants us dead

I don't care about politics myself. I think this goes beyond politics as it's a severe social disaster that affects humanity as whole

leftists should eat a cactus as it slowly punctures their throat
thats the vibe im gettin from this post

As long as the cactus contains acid that burns them from the inside i'm rooting for it

Lefties are still better than pathetic conservatards who fucking lick billionaires assholes and clean it for them while they believe in the eternal wage cuck life.

So you either have to be a retarded hardcore Christian who loves Israel or a degenerate subhuman who advocates for sexual transition of kids?

Shame how the left has such an influence on America nowadays smh it's a sad sight.

It has influence on the whole world, a civil war to eradicate them is the solution

Various Incels #pratt #sexist incels.co

In response to: “WAh INKwelS HATe WoMEN FoR SIMPlY EXisTINg!!1”

it’s like saying we hate covid19 for simply existing it’s an infection to this whole earth and makes our lives worse, just like whores do. But I guess we hate it because it “simply exists” Jfl, yeah, we totally hate them because they exist. Not because they are hypergamous, petty, and rude as fuck to ugly males. They never bring up that whores hate ugly/short males for simply existing


I am free to hate whoever I want. The anti white and anti male hatred which is normalized justifies my hatred of other races and the opposite sex.

I was a teacher for a short stint. You know how parents defend their little angels no matter what horror the kids commit. A married couple once told me about their nightmarish daughter who drew blood attacking other kids that it was "a phase kids grow out of." Or dog owners whose violent animals finally kill someone. Instead of apologizing, they offer excuses. People will defend the hurtful behavior of those they care for. It's up to the rest of us to defend ourselves. First we need legal help getting the law to recognize our rights. As men, we already enjoy no gender-bias anti-discrimination protections. As incels, EVERYONE hates us. If we don't start sticking up for our group and for our rights, things will only get worse for us.

They are aware of what hypocrite soulless scum they are. They simply don't want to admit it because it doesn’t benefit them. They don't want their privileges removed, specially the privilege of getting away with treating ugly men like shit, because they enjoy it. Thanks to soycucks and normietards, they have no reason to be honest or nice ever, since SOYciety not only tolerates their misandry and dishonest, they also praise it. They literally can get away with making men kill themselves due to false rape allegations, and spoiler, it already happened.

Gog #crackpot #moonbat #sexist incels.co

SuicideFuel The incest prohibition destroyed me

Social production would need at its disposal an agent that is also capable of acting on, of inscribing the recording surface of desire. Such an agent exists: the family.

The final blackpill in psychology is that the figure of Oedipus is a consequent social repression. The capitalist technoindustrial system does not want us to acquire power, and needs us to be good little wageslaves. They need to repress our desiring production to make this happen. The nuclear family is one of these agents of capitalist repression. The reason Oedipus is repressive is that the incest prohibition prescribes us objects to desire, but desire itself is a pure productive process with no object in mind. By directing desire towards a love object, the incest prohibition warps reality and obscures the nature of desire and the self, and in doing so restricts the productive capacities of our desire.

By placing the distorting mirror of incest before desire, desire is shamed, stupefied, placed in a situation without exit

I want to have sex with my sister. I have always conceived of us as something like star crossed lovers, and always dreamed that this could have been some other way. And it could have, without the repressive influence of a dystopian capitalist system. If my desiring production wasn't directed towards her, all the life in me could be free. And this is empirically verifiable psychology, it sounds weird but you all are just as much a victim of capitalism as I

How can you desire to have sex with your sister?

I explained it in this post. TLDR: its the nuclear family in capitalism as an agent of repression which causes it

shii410 & existentialhack #sexist incels.co

RE: JFL New website where foids whine about their "rape culture" experiences.

womens problems are so utterly trivial and self-inflicted. and they take themselves so seriously too because society is overly protective of them and pretends that their non-issues are an actual social problem

literally almost all of these stories are either about her boyfriend, a guy she had sex with consensually, or just shit that doesn't even matter like that girl who was "air humped" by a classmate. two kids assaulted me with gym equipment during PE in high school, I would rather be "air humped" a thousand times than go through that again, and yet I still don't exaggerate how "traumatic" it was for attention and sympathy

Amen. I bet every single male has experienced being physically bullied or physically assaulted in their life. On top of trivial sexual shit like this. I remember having my ass spanked by a girl when I was 9, for example. The reason why females care, aside from the victim currency they can get out of such "experiences" and being coddled infants in general, is because they realise such instances are an attack on their sexual power. The more chaste they are, the more high value they are as females. And the more power they have to control male and limit male sexuality, the more sexual power they have de facto.

fuck the more you read these stories the more it becomes fucking RAGEFUEL:feelsree: theres so many fucking women talking about how they were having sex, sending nudes, drinking, going to parties when they were 13-14 years old. and they talk about it as if its totally normal. im done

Reddit_is_for_cucks #conspiracy #sexist incels.co

Serious Destroying females ability to pair bond is part of the agenda. This is done by elites so they can access high tier stacies

if we think about it, who benefits from female being unable to pair bond? It’s not the normies (Foid would monkeybranch to chad), it’s not chad (Foid would monkey branch to a bigger chad) and it’s not females since they just turn into old wrinkly cat ladies.

The real winner are rich elite men on top, by pushing the agenda of promiscuity. They are taking away foids ability to pair bond so they can add these foids to their giga harem of hot stacies.

A foid that is able to pair bond would pick chad over some rich sugar daddy, but once their ability to pair bond is destroyed they will end doing stupid shit like making only fans, getting into porn, looking for sugar daddy and etc. This only benefits the elites since a Stacy that can’t pair bond is much more likely to fuck the elites for his money.

Non Stacy foids are just the casualties of this system since they will never end up with a chad or a rich elite sugar daddy.

This is the age of money where rich billionair men are getting more action than chad.

Fancy Alcoholic & BladingEagle #racist #sexist #transphobia incels.co

(Fancy Alcoholic)
Ultimate proof of female privilege from the United Cucks of Americons

Car Thief Drinks Whole Bottle of Wine During Police Standoff

Funny things are :

- half of the police force of the county is reunited here only to wait that m'lady finishes bottle of wine
- yeah, you read it, cops are actually waiting that "she" finisehs "her" fucking bottle of wine to arrest her.
- it's not even a "she" to begin with, but as the dude is dressed like a foid, ppl feel the urge to treat him like a princess JFL

Unfunny thing though : if it was a dude looking dude, he would have been shot the minute he got out of the car.


and also, it's ultimate proof that black being oppressed in the US today is fake news. If you want to find oppressed black ppl in the modern world, just type "modern slavery in Middle East" on Google.


That's a nigga in a wig.

Transnigger now just put a Yamakah on him for max opreyshun points.

I would I could blow his nigger head off along with all the useless wigger cops who allow car thiefs to act this way

MarquisDeSade #sexist #wingnut incels.co

If inceldom was a result of oppressive 'patriarchy' you would think being patriarchal males a part of the same very oppressive power structure in their eyes would be able to fix or cure our ailment with a snap of our fingers. But no, that's not it at all.

What they don't want to admit to or touch basis on is that inceldom is a direct result of feminism and the political matriarchal social structure they've created over the last several decades, but they don't want to ever admit that because by doing so their entire ideal of equality or social egalitarianism becomes exposed for the fraudulent scam that it always has been.

Eventually they're not going to be able to ignore it for much longer as there are consequences just like anything else, eventually when 75% of men identify as incels, society collapses, and they have full blown insurrection on their hands maybe then they might think to themselves, "Oh, I guess we really did fuck up on all of that after all, there's no more denying it now."

But until then, they'll double down on their failed social ideologies and political status quo because they really don't want to admit that their social experiment of the last century has been one huge gigantic failure.

What's interesting about feminism is that it acts or behaves as if only women have been oppressed all throughout history, it completely ignores the many billions of lower rank males since the very historical beginning of civilization who have been far more oppressed or brutalized, the fact that it very blatantly ignores all of that is very quite telling of the whole entire con game of theirs they constantly play. That's really all one needs to know assessing them.

GeneticTrashLoser #conspiracy #sexist #wingnut incels.co

They've clearly never read the book, The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar, that book is a huge blackpill as it is insightful.

They've never read anything that disagrees with their social justice agenda. The fact that a book entitled I Hate Men by some French whore went viral among feminists shows what feminism is really about. They always talk as if we have no societal problems other than the patriarchy, and female oppression (both of which are illusions as I have illustrated in previous threads). It's just a big waste of time to argue with these types of people. I could type essays about when feminists are only victimizing themselves to gain attention, or to feel like they're part of something bigger than them, but my efforts are futile. A camel does not see its hump; and just like camels feminists fail to see the problem with their logic.

Everyone one of their opinions is shared by the general population. They aren't able to form their own opinions nor do they care to do the research themselves. Society treats incels as they do any male problem, as a joke. They hate us in particular because we are the living proof that their retarded feminist ideology and SJW oppression tiers are bullshit. They'll come up with anything to try to delegitimize everything about us.

I think the reason SJWs are trying to link our behaviour to culture is because they want the incel community to be PC, which will essentially lead to the extermination of the resistance altogether, they want to make us NPCs. If the reasons we feel bad about inceldom are biological, their hands are basically tied. But if it’s cultural, then incels can, at least in principle, be conditioned to stop feeling bad about their inceldom. And they’re doing that by pushing normies and fakecels into our spaces until one day all the original incels are gone, and as a result the incel community will become a thing of the past — i.e. I won’t be a threat to SJWs anymore as it will be subsumed into their culture.

Various Incels #racist #sexist incels.co

(Fancy Alcoholic)
Female cop VS Tyrones (1 V 10)

A female cop. That's not the funny part. The female cop was supposed to deal with ppl using public water illegally in the street to play with it, blocking traffic and making noise. So, she enforced the law. Lol, nope. She says she "understands it's funny" and then begs them to stop. Her nice tone convinced them. JFL, nope, she got sprayed and publicly humiliated by some Tyrones.

Female Cop Gets Sprayed by People With Water Guns

The situation is laughable af, but the comments are so cucked it becomes METAFUN: "Boohoo, m'lady was nice, why are they so bad to her!!!"

Imagine being so bluepilled you think this could have ended differently. Thinking you can reason a crowd of delinquants literaly commiting an offense in front of a cop without giving a shit. Those normie bluepilled fuck are so bad at understanding human nature I still don't know how comes the darwinian evolution didn't get us rid of their genes.

(trying to ascend)
Female cops JFL, they always need a male cop to do her job, they can't do their jobs alone. Instead of hiring a female cope who waste the time of male copes, why don't they just hire only male cops? Oh, muh equality

Worthless foid cop: check. Niggers being niggers: check. Police disrespected: check

You can't have the weak gender deal with anything, she gets no respect at all from these thugs. Should've sent men to do this job and have her prepare coffees. Just lol at the disrespect, just lol at her falling and just lol at niggers.

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RE: SuicideFuel The incest prohibition destroyed me

[quote"@Total Imbecile thoughts?”

Based, I have yet to hear a valid argument against incest. People focus too much on "b-but muh inbreeding genetic defects". Cool, if youre just having sex for fun with no end goal of reproducing then thats not really a valid argument

even for reproduction can take multiple generations to cause problems given the family doesn't have any recessive/very bad genes. you can check Ptolemy Cleopatra bloodline, a shit ton of sister brother incest for 5-6 generations yet not negative problems and we're always able to find heir.

inbreeding effect go both ways. it can amplify bad effects, but can also compound good effects. it all depends on what particular genes got combined.

Jews are good example, they have done cousin marriages for generations as result they have very High IQ manipulative nature and strong community ties. but also have nasty noses and mental illness risk being higher than the goyim.

Pakistanis and Arabs are an example of where cousing fucking amplified bad genes and they had literally no good genes to begin with creating hundreds of millions of shitskin Subhumans deplorable trash with no redeeming qualities.

a good example is my mother, apparently cousin marriage was a thing in her bloodline for past 3 generations, guess what she ended up schizophrenic, has fucked toes on one foot and is low IQ, just smart enough to be functional with Jew pills. should have been sterilized

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Material for history buff cels: White sex slaves in medieval China, the prime product from the Silk Road

China and India had major appetite for Iranian dancers. The wineshops were staffed with young girls who served wine to customers and danced for them. These blue eyed girls were frequented by playboys in Chang'an. Most of the slave girls were 14 or 15 years old. They provided services like sex, dancing, singing, and served wine

As one can see, persians/iranians were described as "blue eyed", this is very different from modern day Iran. Central Asia was almost fully white, until repeated Turkic invasions.

the girls were young. ranging from 11 to 15 and above. JFL at the modern day clown world with cucked AOC at 18.

In 731 a Han Chinese called Tang Rong from the capital district bought an 11 year old slave girl Shimaner

Isn't it depressing just how cucked the modern world has become. Imagine if men today have access to young slave girls, it would make wage cucking and other soul crushing activities to moneymaxx way more meaningful. Imagine a wageslave or a moneymaxxer sub-8 guy, after a decade or more of maxxing, finally being rewarded with the financial ability of having the option to buy a cute 11 year old blue eyed lolli at local auction market and she'd be yours forever. she'd be a trad wife, obeys you, try to please you, be a good whore on bed and a good wife when it comes to family, and most importantly she'd be at her peak in terms of looks. instead, a betabuxxer nowadays is considered "lucky" to get a single mom in her 30s even 40s with her looks hitting the wall, after she had her holes ravaged by chads and chadlites during her teens and her 20s, and she could always divoce rape you, force you to pay alimonies, child support etc. on top of all that she never respects you, never obeys you, fights with you all the time.

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JFL The amount of foids in armed forces

UK police force went from 23.3% female in 2007 to 31.2% female in 2020. It's not as bad in US where women are 12% of the force but they are beginning to take up high positions of power. The hilaritiy of 2050 full female SWAT team is something worth seeing. I am glad the pigs will soon become useless foids with toddler like strength and cowardly mindset.

Bristol protests: police dazed after violent riots

The thing is they usually form an all male front line in these riots and behind them are women. If only the rioters knew that by only breaking the first line they are basically fighting children (that is how strong a woman is) they would try to break through in an arrowhead formation. Once they would do that the second line of weaklings would get severely injured and would have to be carried away by men rendering most anti riot police useless

I wonder if female police officers commit domestic violence on their husbands just like male police officers do to their wives.

No they are weak pussies. I can tell you several stories of female cops. One of them was hiding her bank robber boyfriend another got knocked out by a guy I knew and he was never caught. That part I can't talk too much about but it's very hilarious. Foid cops are one punch away from a serious injury. Even a skinny guy can beat the living shit out of them easily.

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RE: News Someone went ER and shot up a spa

ruined the image of incels

If you're still worrying about optics while being an incel then you're doing it wrong. Whether you like it or not, violence is typically the only thing that gets anyone any serious attention in life when they've exhausted every other method of dealing with their struggle.

ER wasn't perfect but he did something. Crying and shitposting on a dark corner of the internet about a lifetime of abuse and virginity isn't getting any of us anywhere. Meanwhile, when ER went ER seven years ago he did more to thrust us into the mainstream for a while than anyone or anything ever did or likely ever will.

No one is more oppressed than we are for we are despised by everyone. The globohomo systems hates us more than anyone because we are a threat. We're hurt, desperate, angry, male, young, and have nothing left to lose.

Violence is the only thing that gives anyone real, legit power.

As a 30 year-old truecel, the pain is intolerable and I don't know how I can cope any longer. I feel like I am in solitary confinement and have been for over a decade. No friends, abusive family, bad coworkers, no girls, bullying and torture going back to high school, and a world that has made it clear that because of my ugliness and virginity, I am to be destroyed through merciless abuse, bullying, and torture of all kinds, by literally everyone, family included. These are the end times. We are trapped in the basement while the partying goes on above us on the ground floor, Chad and Stacey dancing and humping the night away. We will never be let out of the basement and there is no way out. If you don't get it, you're a fakecel or a teenager who is in for unfathomable sadness if you live long enough to be my age. True inceldom is a prison. There is no way out, you are cast out, persecuted, abused, hurt, controlled, hopeless, alone, and long for humanity that you can never have.