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[LifeFuel] I saw a foid crying, and she went mad

I was doing my lonely walk and a foid sitting in a bench crying alone. I decided it would be fun to sit in the same bench and pretend to look at my phone. She was still crying but I said nothing, I just sat there. And she finally said something to me. I pretend to not hear and said
-is it fun to you staying here?
-this is a public space so shut up. -i said
She called me idiot but I put her in her place and told her to leave and go cry home.
The stupid bitch kept crying and left.
I went home with a dope feeling tbh, it was a good moment I bet the bitch is now crying while deepthroating chad. Fucking holes being holes

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[Serious] I guess people from IT NEVER tried chadfishing (they won't touch this, of course)

I cannot imagine something more enlightening about the blackpill than doing a Chadfishing experiment by yourself.

i've already did it many times and there was this time on Tinder that, in three hours, i've managed to get like 80 chats, a lot of instant sex offer and this pretty hot girl that came under my house without her panties (told this story here, but i got warned because of some details... let's just say i've ended up talking with her and it was so humiliating, she was like "eeeh tinder is all about looks anyways, you shoildn't be hard about yourself" but of course she didn't let me fuck her).

In another forum (not incel) i've managed to trick a cuck to do a chadfishing experiment and, at first, he was like "this isn't working duuh it's all false" and it turned out he used a clearly fake photo and even when it worked he still acted like an ultra beta, so they managed to understand it was fake. Then, i've told him to be more direct and, surprise surprise, even the cuck managed to score a slut that would come to dinner without her panties! Cuck was still unconvinced somehow, but that's probably because he was so beta that he wanted to be in denial, so he just sorted this as "it was just one exception, silly!".

Seriously, i can bet that anyone from IT NEVER tried chadfishing in a serious way, it would change their view about women in an instant.

Or they could still deny it, that's their coping strategy anyways.

edit: I must add that i've been very brutal with the slut that came under my house, she wanted me to piss in her mouth (she said she never tried, too). I have photo of her fingering under my building. What a personality i had.

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[JFL] bought a condom as an experiment...how the fuck are normies ok with this shit lmao

Seriously, am I missing something? I bought a condom to jack off into as an experiment (jfl when your life reaches a lowpoint like this lmao) and it was absolutely the most suppressing, sex drive destroying thing I could imagine. I literally couldn't finish. Obviously it's different if you actually have a woman there but I can't imagine how anyone could accept this. No wonder that dumb normies have kids from fucking without protection, this shit is just beyond ridiculous lol.

I mean if youre hooking up using tinder or at a bluc then you want to use a condom. No pussy is worth std and pregnancy for most people.

I mean, obviously I have no experience, this probably sounds like a massive cope but forget "No pussy is worth an std", it's more like "no pussy is worth fucking with a condom". I cannot understate how fucking unpleasant this shit was. Maybe it's better for circumcisedcels but It felt so unnatural. This must be how women feel when they fuck their sub8 betabuxx during his monthly starfish sex.

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[Blackpill] Feminists now openly embracing the PATRIARCHY, ded srs

Female friends at FDS are now openly rejecting equality between the sexes in favor of a patriarchal model and even suggesting to split the bill on a date should be a immediate diqualifier. Strong independent women now expect old fashioned chivalry, admitting that the third world, unlike cucked northern Europe, is actually more sane when it comes dating, since the role of a man is expected to be that of a protector and provider, otherwise he is low value.


Remember, most of the world is pro-FDS The haters complaining about female dating strategy methods are all from the Anglosphere or Europe, and/or cannot afford to date. Don't forget, the vast majority of the world is structured in such a way where it is a given that the man is the provider and pursuer in the relationship. And this is not a new phenomenon, this has been the case for thousands of years, as women have always been the prize-for our femininity, ability to bear children, cleverness, the joy we bring to a household, our mothering skills, our homemaking, our diplomacy, fostering community relations, our beauty, our intelligence, our strength, and so on. Men, who do not carry children for nine months nor breastfeed, historically took on the role of providing resources so


The so-called "50-50" started with the completely shitty argument of "well you wanted equality, didn't you?" Women wanted equal civil rights, not a situation where the man objectively benefits even more than before.

tl;dr: In the olden times the alpha leader got to fuck all the women; in modern times women get to fuck the alpha leader.


In patriarchy men are viewed as expendible, this is why you should join my neo-patriarchy where the man is at the top.


That's their endgame, to return to the bleak period of humankind's history when only few males reproduced.


A lot of tradcels here simply cannot understand that polygamy, not monogamy, is the defining feature of a patriarchal society.

(Cybersex is our hope)

Yes. Many don't Want to understand that women just go from feminists to traditionalists and viceversa to get the highest benefits from men. Femininity is the problem, not feminism. Women never gave a shit about principles. They only care about pragmatic self interests and many radfems will simply transition to trad con as chameleons as soon as the new right wing order replaces leftism in the western world. Many tradcels idiots will fall for the trap and start attacking fellowcels. JFL at thinking foids would have waged war against us with a sword and ready to fight like the disposable sex fights


JFL if you don't think these are post wall roasties virtue signalling to ensare a dumb betabuxx.

Yeah, fool the idiot into thinking he's valued, so you can leech off of him while getting dicked by chads and tyrones on the side.

Kill yourselves, you fucking cunts.

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Unless they fix ugliness they won’t fix BDD that’s for sure

There is a way to solve this. Monogamy. Not Polygamy, not Hypergamy. We as human males are not animals, the human female certainly is though and should be tamed and house broken so they don't go and start shitting out children. The Foid should have never been given rights or autonomy.. they have ruined society for Men and are trying to gaslight Men into believing that their natural impulses are the cause of their distress and that Femifascism is the one and only thing that can save them from themselves. In reality it is not acting on these impulses, effectively having our own human feelings blocked from becoming reality which is what is causing Mental Strife among Males in our society. If we are not allowed to act on our Human impulses are we really Human? Or are we like a pack mule, destined to slave away for a carrot we will never even have until we have seen it rot in front of our eyes for an excruciating amount of time, which we then have to thank Femiturdism for. Thanks for making it so Carrots have rights now and don't get to be eaten right away.. it is Patriarchy to want to eat after all. If we want that Carrot to taste good that is also Patriarchy because it is forcing the Carrot to take care of itself. You want to eat the Carrot right away? Patriarchy. You aren't entitled to the Carrot tasting fresh.

You might think this is foolish to think of Sex like Food.. but in the Hierarchy of Needs it is on the same tier.

If we can't even fill in the bottom part of the pyramid.. the literal baseline to feeling like a Human, how can we ever build up any kind of life without everything instantly crumbling on top of us? Something Chads get for free everyone else has to slave for.. variances of time are needed for slaving away according to your looks.. but I as a Human Being want what other Human Beings have. I want what they have and I believe I am entitled to it.

Women getting rights has the been the worst social experiment in all of humanity and if it does not stop unforeseen consequences will arise.

Women when it comes to money are Communist.
Women when it comes to sexuality are Fascists.
How the hell does that work? One would think that if someone is Liberal they would be exactly as that statement is.. Liberal, in all facets of life.. not true. There lies the falsehood of Women getting any power whatsoever. They want money(our tax money) but they don't want to give anything back to the people that provide that money. It is a framework for a society that will self explode if not course corrected.

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[SuicideFuel] Having to shake hands with a room full of stacies was suicidefuel

I had to go to a family event and once I opened the door I already felt like dying. i entered a room full of stacies, ranging from around teenage age to 25. I had to give them all a firm handshake as is tradition in our culture. And worst of all they all giga height mogged me. wtf im 5'10, how the fuck am i getting height mogged by all 6 stacies. jfl the look on their faces, they where thinking "eww look at this subhuman, wtf is he doing here"
An incel doesnt belong anywhere near that many attractive females

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[Discussion] Foids have no personality or intellectualism: they should not be considered humans

Foids are the most shallow poeple I have ever seen. Every one of them is so shallow that I don't think they should be put on the same intellectual level as humans.

Every thing a foid does revolves around sucking upto a chad. Even if u find a foid which has some kind of philosophy or intellectualism, she will drop her intellectualism on the first sight of a chad. Suppose there is foid who says she opposes racism but she will have no problem being fucked by any racist chad. They have justification for everything. Nowadays we can see many shallow chads but at least before there were idealist chads too who didn't fuck any whore or any foid with a bad personality.

I saw a news some where that a foid re united with a rapist to tell their story to the public.

Woman reunites with rapist to tell their story together

This is just insane. This is some next level of hypocrisy. These are the same foids who put cases of molestation on any incel who just looks at them.

Problem is that foids justify their shallow behavior by anything and society helps them to do it. You would never see a foid sacrificing her life for her "love". You will never see a foid with a man whose face is burned by acid but you can it easily see it happening vice versa because there still some men who believe in "true love".

All the morals and ethics of a foid is dropped at the first sight she sees a good chad. I think that foid morals and ethics are just for keeping normies and incels away and attracting chads. Foids raised #metoo to keep low tier men from flirting with them. They say that it is to make work places safe. But this is dropped at the very first occasion when a chad flirts with them. Then it is just healthy flirting.

If a religious low tier normie proposes a foid. She rejects it by saying that she is against organized religion would not love any religious man. But if a religious chad proposes her then suddenly she becomes open to religion and says I have tolerance to religion and even religious people have love in them.

All this proves that foids don't have any intellectialism and that they are just hypocrites. They contribute absolutely nothing to develop the world or take the world forward because they have no intellectual capacity. They may have good IQ but they can only use their IQ to suck up to chads and make normies suck upto them. They can't think outside the box because their brains don't have the capacity to that. This is also the reason that they can't understand the black pill. Because understanding philosophies and social situations requires a certain intellectual capacity.


I wouldn't mind women's hypocrisy if they were at least honest about it. The problem is ALL women lie compulsively. They will tell you that they love an ugly nice guy and Chad is "too intimidating" to them. It's pure bullshit. Why do ALL WOMEN LIE? EVERY SINGLE ONE LIES. I've never seen a honest woman in my entire life. All they care about is sugarcoating things and getting social points.


Women have lost their humanity today from constant indulgence in narcissism, vanity, eugenics, and selfishness via all social media outlets. Social media has transformed women into deities and goddesses, but the goddesses themselves are addicted, unhealthy and a drain of society's resources, hence they are evil goddesses.


Foids are the most shallow poeple I have ever seen. Every one of them is so shallow that I don't think they should be put on the same intellectual level as humans.

Rest assured, they're not. They may possess language and stronger CPUs than all other apes, but all of the software running on their OS is reptilian brain software.

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[RageFuel] adhd=handsome autism=ugly

Adhd and autism are the same thing. But sub 4 = autism and 4-7+ = adhd

The reason people with "adhd" act more hyperactive is because of the halo effect. They are not punished for it. As autists are told they are weird or whatever when they are the same so autists never talk as much and feel awkward when talking due to negative feedback. All the kids at my high school diagnosed with autism were ugly and manlets. All diagnosed with adhd were tall and had many sexual partners. The reason people think autists have "bad social skills" is because they are ugly hence a failo. Thats it. When a Chad acts autistic its either adhd or just having fun. An autist will get in trouble for the same behavior.

The fact that adhd and autism have such a wide variety of symptoms means you can't classify it as one thing. There is no solid definition for either since symptoms varys among people. I have been told I have had "autism" yet my social skills are above average IMO. I am able to talk about a lot more topics/things than any normie could ever dream of. But why do they give me once worded answers back? Oh wait its because of my fucking sub human ape like looks :lul: :lul: :lul:

Yes autism has an effect for us incels because we can't halo effect away it. But stop coping, if you were better looking it would not matter. Personality/Social skills are meme. Everyone here is more interesting than any normie I have EVER encountered so you can't say we have bad social skills. Think about it, what have brain dead normies done socially that makes a difference?

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[Serious] being a virgin>fucking unnatractive girls

All of you have no pride. Maybe society thinks the other way but there isn't anything more humilating than fucking a girl less than 5/10. I'd rather be a virgin forever or hire a 7/10 prostitute.

jfl at using volcel as an insult, have some dignity

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RE: [Blackpill] Brutal JBWpill in medieval times (Lifefuel for @Finncel)

Why did Medieval Slave Traders go to Finland?

The demand for blonde girls and boys was so lucrative that slave traders would hunt for these people as far away as northern Finland, a recent study finds. Like other luxury items, these slaves would be worth the cost of transporting them to far- away markets in Asia and the Mediterranean.

Imagine being so high SMV you justify a 1000s of km long trip, to a frozen wasteland back when horseback was the fastest way of travel.
JFL @ people who cope with "muh beauty standards imposed by the media" I wonder what argument those retards have against this.
Being "exotic" doesn't matter because blacks were also exotic and no one cared about them.

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autism kills #sexist incels.co

average 20-30 girl
either skinnyfat or fatfat
saggy tits
pancake ass
bad WhR
odd looking vulva
strange clitoral area
fishy vagina smell
looks like a feral ghoul without makeup and bodyfraud clothing


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RE: [JFL] Roastie claims dating isn't easier for wahmen, gets 2k upvotes and triple gilded on obscure reddit sub

(Arch Anemone)

Just another Chad won't commit post. Rather than lower their standards to someone who would appreciate them, they just cycle through Chad's who promise the world to them and they expect a different result.

Men have all those problem she has too.

That's the thing, she has endless opportunity to pursue all the exact things she wants. She can actually get some of them. She can have the 6'3" linebacker from Penn State with NFL prospects, a rich family, good prospects, etc. Someone reasonably close to their ideal.

Women pigeon hole themselves into the top 20 percent of men and don't even consider the rest of us humans. We don't exist.

Most men have no choice, they have to adapt to what their partner wants to be alone. They will never get an opportunity with anything close to their ideal. They have to adapt to the women who like them. Mold themselves into things their partner wants at the expense of things they want.

The majority of men will never get what they want, they have to adapt to what their woman wants.


It‚s just another big confirmation of the blackpill theory and a textbook example of the cock carrousel. We should rather thank this whore for writing this down for us. She wants rather attractive assholes than a commited hard working sub 7 male, that’s her entire problem. And boo-hoo she „ only“ gets sex so easy. @Personalityinkwell see women stay with chad even if the sex sucks at least for a while. You really don’t need to worry about your dick size.


Both men and woman can be social retards, this woman is a good example of one.
The difference between a socially retarded woman and a socially retarded man, is that the man isn't constantly surrounded by sexual and social opportunities like the female. This socially handicapped woman is constantly approached by men who:
1. Want sex
2. Want a relationship

She can fulfill the first desire, but because of her autism she can't fulfill the second. Boo-hoo, I keep blowing my chances with attractive men because of my ineptness, feel sorry for me!
Men don't get these kinds of opportunities for free. A truecel man doesn't get approached by women who want to have sex with him and give him a chance.


While the whole "dating is hard for women too!" is obvious bullshit, she isn't wrong about women being unable to find love in relationships. The problem is that it is her inherent nature that is the problem. Women spreading their legs for Chad under the pretense of "just having fun" are deluding themselves and everyone else. Deep down, they secretly hope and believe that being a pump and dump for Chad might lead to him developing feelings for her. Every time they spread their legs for Chad it is like when a "nice guy" spends the night listening to their oneitis's life problems over the phone. Every time they give, but don't receive what they really want, they grow resentful and move even further away from the capacity to love or be loved.

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[RageFuel] I told my sister about the dogpill

My sister was showing my parents pictures from the camping trip she took last week with her friends and there were NO pictures in which there wasn't a dog. Some of her friends had brought their dogs along and they were all hugging and kissing those brutes in those pictures. It was so fucking infuriating. I felt like ripping my face off.

When my parents were gone I couldn't hold it in any longer so I told her all about the dogpill. I showed her the gif in which a Stacy was sucking a dog's tongue. I told her that all female dog owners have sex with their pets when they are unable to find a Chad. I even showed her the blog written by a woman in which she was teaching other women how to fuck dogs.

And her reaction was like "What the hell is wrong with you?". To the gif she replied "Every dog owner kisses their dogs" and for the blog she said "Must be a troll pretending to be a woman". She was acting grossed out and told me to stay off the internet for a long time.

Typical female dismissive mentality, the moment a man comes close to discerning a woman's nature they start getting defensive. Then the shaming tactics comes in which they blame us for watching gross stuff rather than accepting the fact that they are ones doing it.

I wanted to show her bestality videos which had the potential to destroy each one of her lame arguments but I didn't want to take it that far so I backed off.

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[JFL] IT's resident camwhore admits to fucking her high school bully. (IT FAGS WON'T TOUCH THIS)

high school bullies, i had my share

i've recently encounter one and we had a talk, he apologized for calling me "cow tits" he told me he was passing through some rough times at his home and it was his form of venting, and also liked my boobs

same superficial, narcisistic prick as in HS

Good on bed but besides that, i wouldn't even watch on the same direction as him

She is a walking blackpill and people on that subreddit have the gall to try and deny the blackpill and gaslight us. What clown shit.

Inceltears won't touch this

Added it in the title to try and bait them.

0 points instead of reddit gold Maybe they are finally uncucking kek

Naw a bunch of brocels brigaded the comment downvoting her and laughing at the state of IT and all their posts were deleted.

An addendum she will never fuck an incel which she claims fund her whoredom business. Why is that exactly? Because of looks? You've already proven you will fuck a guy with a terrible personality (self-described by you).

What exactly is the reason you won't fuck an incel?

Well they literally just proved incels right so the incels in denial on there naturally are seething

Post got brigaded and locked after her comment so not quite. Most people on IT didn't even see the comment.

IT touched this:

Also she admitted in the post that the guy didn't change and was still a narcissistic douchebag and that she regrets nothing. Bluepilled incels reading this with confused faces.


Sorry to bump my thread again, but a bluepilled incel who browses IT was upset by the post he saw here and reached out to her about it and she told him to "suffer in silence."

What a callous bitch and IT allowing her to post but banning me for having different opinions just proves their entire shitty ideology wrong.

Dunno why he expected anything less from a cam whore. Cam whores are pretty much the worst of the worst women, they see everyone as objects for them to exploit. If you have no immediate monetary gain to them they pretty much wish you didn't exist. They're all bonafide psychopaths, although cucks still give them money for some reason. Only thing I'd ever want to send a cam whore is into a gas chamber.

Who knows there a lot of messed up bluepilled incels with a lot of problems browsing IT. Hopefully he sees that these people aren't out to help him.


but he have a bad personality, i don't get it, doesn't personality matter ?


Trashes him for the whole post but then says she allowed his penis to enter her private parts

Wtf is wrong with these people...


That's women for you. If you're not a misogynist, you're low IQ.


Well they literally just proved incels right so the incels in denial on there naturally are seething after spending all their time insisting its totally about personality, while women fuck men they straight up admit they dont like on a personal level


It’s over for IT. Every time they say personality matters, show them this.


I remember I made a post about how women fuck bullies and they got all fussy about it.

I was right. Bullies are the cool kids

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Atavistic Autist #sexist #racist #homophobia incels.co

[JFL] Incels are called "psychopaths" for analyzing society and advocating for a more ethical order, while actual psychopaths are loved by normies and foids

I just came across this thread on le Reddit, which argues that the amount of psychopaths/sociopaths/antisocial people in society is severely underestimated, which is a proposition I would agree with.

But the example the OP uses for unappreciated psychopaths is... us. JFL

Learning how social dynamics operate, especially as it concerns female nature (which our soyciety not only allows but encourages to be totally uninhibited and unrestrained), and detesting it as "brutal" and "cruel" is not psychopathy.

Psychopaths are the ones who prosper in modern society, and are enlivened by brutality and cruelty, not the ones who are victimized by it. The free-for-all environments of the feminist "sexual marketplace" and the capitalist economic marketplace are their playgrounds, where they are the bullies and we are the bullied. By virtue of being as exploitative and parasitic as possible in intent, yet extremely charming in affect, psychopaths automatically excel with foid-bloodsuckers and their equivalents in the social climbing game: rapacious, greedy scum in corporations and manipulative liars in politics.

Just take Pete Butt as an example. He is the front-runner for the Democratic nomination for president, and he is a literal psychopath. Since the age of 6 year old, he has been completely enamored by the need to climb the social ladder and become the most powerful man in the world. Virtually everything he's done in his life has had that end in mind: to build a resume which would qualify him for the presidency, and establish its superficial credentials, while internally he believes in nothing but his own ambitions for the ultimate reigns of authority. He would be the youngest president to ever take office. And normie and foid voters are actually letting him get as close as he is to his goal!

Pete Butt is also gay, something which he did not admit until it became politically expedient for him.

I'm a psychopath for complaining about being lonely, but a dude pummeling his gf every day and all the thugs getting laid are good people.

Yeah okay.

Men scoring higher in psychopathic traits tended to receive higher ratings from women
Brazil, KJ. Forth AE. 2019. Psychopathy and the Induction of Desire: Formulating and Testing an Evolutionary Hypothesis. Evolutionary Psychological Science, pp 1-18. [Abstract]

Women are drawn more than men to nonfiction stories of rape, murder, and serial killers
Vicary AM, Fraley, RC. 2010. Captured by True Crime: Why Are Women Drawn to Tales of Rape, Murder, and Serial Killers? Social Psychological and Personality Science, 1(1): 81-86. [Abstract] [FullText]

Childhood bullies experience greater sexual success than non-bullies
It was found that a greater likelihood of being the perpetrator of bullying behavior was correlated with a greater sexual partner count. However, due to the nature of the study it was impossible to tell if the mediating factor in this relationship was the bullying itself, or the HEXACO personality traits that are associated with a greater likelihood of engaging in this behavior, specifically the trait 'Honesty-Humility', that was found to being generally lower among bullies. This personality trait has also generally been found to be related to the 'dark triad' traits.

Volk AA, Dane AV, Zopito AM, Vaillancourt T. 2015. Adolescent Bullying, Dating, and Mating: Testing an Evolutionary Hypothesis. Evolutionary Psychology. [FullText]
Provenzano DA, Dane AV, Farrell AH, Marini Z, Volk AA. 2017. Do Bullies Have More Sex? The Role of Personality. Evolutionary Psychological Science. [FullText]

Male gang members have dramatically more female sexual partners

Palmer CT, Tilley CF. 1995. Sexual Access to Females as a Motivation For Joining Gangs: An Evolutionary Approach. The Journal of Sex Research, 32(3):213-217. [Abstract] [FullText]
Mocan N, Tekin E. 2006. Ugly Criminals. National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Working Paper No. 12019. [FullText]

Male serial killers, terrorists, and rapists receive thousands of love letters from women in prison

Fimrite P, Taylor M. 2005. No shortage of women who dream of snaring a husband on Death Row / Experts ponder why deadliest criminals get so many proposals. SF Gate. [News]
Gurian EA. 2013. Explanations of mixed-sex partnered homicide: A review of sociological and psychological theory. Aggression and Violent Behavior. 18(5): 520-526. [Abstract]

Criminal and anti-social men have more sexual partners and have sex earlier
Ellis L, Walsh A. 2000. Criminology: A Global Perspective, 1st Edition. pp 227: Table 8.11. [References]

Cluster-B personality disorders lead to 3.5x as many sexual partners and more offspring
Guitiérrez et al. (2013) conducted a study in order to determine if the various personality disorder clusters—Type A (Schizoid, Odd), Type B (Narcissistic, Anti-social) and Type C (Avoidant, OCD)—were solely detrimental in terms of life outcomes for the individuals with these personality disorders (PDs), or if they instead presented their sufferers with various potentially adaptive benefits, such as greater sexual and social opportunities.
Namely, those individuals high in type-B personality cluster traits (Narcissism, Anti-Social, Borderline, Histrionic) of both sexes has 3.5x as many mates as low B subjects, with five times as many short-term mates and twice as many long term mates. It was also found that those higher in cluster B had 39% more offspring then those lower in cluster B traits.

Gutiérrez F, Gárriz M, Peri JM, Ferraz L, Sol D, Navarro JB, Barbadilla A, Valdés M. 2013. Fitness costs and benefits of personality disorder traits. Evolution and Human Behavior. 34(1): 41-48.

39% of hospitalized male psychopaths had consensual sex with female mental health staff
Gacono C, Meloy JR, Sheppard K, Speth E, Roske A. 1995. A Clinical Investigation of Malingering and Psychopathy in Hospitalized Insanity Acquittees. Bull Am Acad Psychiatry Law. 23(3): 387-397. [FullText]

Men are attracted to "nice" women, but women are not attracted to "nice" men
Researchers sought to evaluate niceness by defining it as: "a characteristic that may signal to potential partners that one understands, values and supports important aspects of their self-concept and is willing to invest resources in the relationship." In other words, niceness is the degree to which a person understands, values, and supports his partner's identity and values and is willing to put commitment and effort into the relationship. This is also known in psychology as "responsiveness."
The researchers found that men who perceived possible female partners as responsive found them to be "more feminine and more attractive." They also found that when men found women to be responsive, it led to a heightened sexual arousal from the men and greater desire for a relationship.
On the other hand, when women perceived their male partner to be more responsive, they were less attracted to the man.

Birnbaum GE, Ein-Dor T, Reis HT, Segal N. 2014. Why Do Men Prefer Nice Women? Gender Typicality Mediates the Effect of Responsiveness on Perceived Attractiveness in Initial Acquaintanceships. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. 40(10): 1341-1353. [Abstract]
Mejia P. 2014. Study Finds That Men Like Nice Women, But Not the Other Way Around. Newsweek. [News]
Judge TA, Livingston BA, and Hurst C. 2012. Do nice guys—and gals—really finish last? The joint effects of sex and agreeableness on income. [Abstract]

Female narcissism reduces marital quality for men, but male narcissism does not for women
It was found that high degrees of female narcissism predicted a decline in marital quality and satisfaction over time. However, male narcissism did not negatively affect marital quality or satisfaction.
This would seem to imply men are greatly bothered by narcissistic wives, but women are not so typically bothered by narcissistic husbands. This conclusion is in keeping with evidence reviewed that women find narcissistic men more attractive and actively seek them as husbands.

Lavner JA, Lamkin J, Miller JD, Campbell WK, Karney BR. 2016. Narcissism and newlywed marriage: Partner characteristics and marital trajectories. Personal Disord. 7(2): 169-79. [Abstract]

Women desiring marriage and commitment are more attracted to narcissistic men
Haslam C, Montrose T. 2015. Should have known better: The impact of mating experience and the desire for marriage upon attraction to the narcissistic personality. Personality and Individual Differences. 82: 188-192. [Abstract]


Cluster B personaliteehees rule the world. It is up to Cluster Cs with the revolutionary and cleansing spirit of OCD to wipe them all out and build a new ordER.

For their part, Cluster As will establish the new mythology/religion, and what superstitions foid-cattle should believe in.

Ted Bundy was a textbook psychopath but he got tons of women consensually and attracted female attention even after his crimes were brought to light.

Ted Bundy was literally a Republican activist and had his eyes set for a career in law and then politics. But he was too sexually dimorphic for his own good, and simply could not help himself from raping gullible foids to death.

Pete Butt and his innocent, neotenous face (not to mention his homosexuality) is much more suited for a psychopath with political inclinations tbhngl. Even if he was to engage in his sexual fantasies and rape little boys or murder, sodomize, and then cannibalize homeless men, nobody would even deign to investigate it.

Notably, the homosexual psychopath I study in the OP is into rap music:

Do you like rap music? You could be a psychopath

The article argues that this goes to show how neurotypical and normal psychopaths are, and I agree, but I think that it demonstrates the existence of a psychopath-negroid synthesis as well.

Just like ~50% of violent crime in the US is committed by Blacks, ~50% of violent crime is also estimated to be committed by psychopaths. Rap music seems to unite them, and together they commit an overwhelming majority of the violent crime (not all of it, because there is some demographic overlap between them, of course).

''It was convinient'' or in other words, he is just a typical follower. He is just a part of the hive mind and everything what might be considered different than that from the hive mind itself, is dangerous to it and therefore repusled.

The conceit of psychopathic niggers to appropriate autistic terminology and refer to others as "neurotypical" compared to them, and call their pathetic manipulations "masking," is absolutely hilarious.

I cannot wait until they are all put down. There is no place for narcissists and psychopaths in the upcoming ordER. They will learn the spirit of collectivism, cooperation, and solidarity which has heretofore eluded them in their mass graves.

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Ultimatepassivecel #conspiracy #sexist incels.co

[RageFuel] Schools torture smart incels by forcing them to wake up too early so Chads can get out of school early and socialize.

System takes away your basic human right of having a breakfast and sleeping properly so Chads can have 3 extra hours to bang femongoloids afterschool,goverments need Chads to create a divide between İncels and Normies and make foids comfy.

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Various Incels #sexist incels.co


[LifeFuel] Caroline Flack. 40 year old hypergamous roastie (who dated Harry Styles) kills herself. Breaking News.

Before you say "who?". She was a 40 year old celebrity tv presenter and to say her dating list was hypergamous would be an understatement.

She was a denegrate ugly freak who insisted her roster of boyfriends celebrity gangbang fuck buddies be nothing short of Chads almost double her height and half her age.


Sadly people are empathising with her despite her being a domestic abuser who was given a restraining order by police, after repeating beating her current boyfriend around the head with a lamp. Despite her beaten boyfriend trying to white knight her, the police insisted they stay apart after their apartment was found covered in his blood.

The hypocrisy in male/female suicides or female onto male violence and versa knows no bounds.

(Fat Link)

WTF? Kill herself?? Why???

Oh right it was a foid.

Probably broke a nail or something.



This is one of Britain's sexiest women apparently. If a guy dated a 17 year old at 31, his career would be over while hers only blossomed. I wonder what her last miserable thoughts were as she killed herself alone in a flat at 40. Looks like the wall was too much to handle for her


She had been charged for assaulting her bf at the end of last year and replaced by some other hole on TV.

This will have been the first hardship this foid will have experienced in her tutorial-mode life and look at the result. If foids somehow tried to experience one day of life as an incel they wouldn't make it through an hour.


Out of all her 8 exes, why don't I see any manlets, rice, or sub 6 men? What's with all the same hunter eyes, low hairline, and wide jawline?

This comment needs more attention.

For starters they are what you call "Chads", not chadlites or steroid gym rats. High smv, stylish, good genetics proven by hair condition and square hairline, natural height and athleticism = status and access to pussy.

For pure suicide fuel check out Harry Styles.

I know they're chads kek. I'm not a starter. I rankmog and joindatemog you. But yeah it really verifies that women want the same thing and attractiveness in men can be defined with certain features


very nice. hopefully many roasties follow her example she shouldn't get a burial but rather be fed to pigs


I wouldn't be surprised if she took a few sleeping pills,so that she could be brought to a hospital and later on talk about how much she is *depressed* and how she deserves a smaller sentence.furthermore,she would get a bit more publicity for her *stunt* and gain some 15 minutes of fame.But she swallowed too many pills.


And that is exactly what happened here, the historical revelation that Prince Andrew aged 36 had a fling with Virginia Roberts aged 17 ended his career as a Royal.

The double standards of society is sickening.

I can’t believe I forgot about this situation. It’s absolutely insane how Andrew is made out to be some pedo when 17 is not only legal in the US and UK, but she is also biologically mature at that age. That girl knew very well what she was doing, but she now wants to claim she was manipulated now that she regrets being a whore. The double standards for rosaries is annoying. I hope the Weinstein case goes in favor of the fattie just so feminism can take a hit

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Carnivore #sexist incels.co

RE: [Blackpill] [Valentine's Day edition] Teen girls want to lose their virginity to a chad escort.

"Girls as young as 18 want to lose their virginity to him" says Alex, a Spanish chad living in Australia who at 25 was working as personal trainer for a gym decided to explore the world of male escorting. He earns up to $15,000 a week and charge $500 per hour. He once received tip of $1,000 from a cuck who was impressed by how Alex fucked his wife, JFL at this. He also said he gets women from all walks of life. From single mums to businesswomen, age is usually between 35 and 45 but occasionally, he get girls as young as 18 for their first time sexual experience. He said the most common request he gets is the "Fifty shades of Grey" experience.

Good blackpill. I am saving this. Imagine being so tall and attractive that females literally pay you to fuck them. He really lives the best possible life as a man.

Guys paying to fuck girls as pure and virgin as possible, while foids pay to fuck the most debacherous men possible. Men's sexual selection is compassionate and targets the weakest and poorest, while foids favours the the already richest and strongest.
Men = good, women = evil.

No. Men tend to prefer virgin females because if she gets pregnant, that will increase the probability och the child actually being his. A female who is easy for men to catch is usually also mentally weak, and thus not a good breeding material. Females also retain some DNA from every man that she have had coitus with. 1

Females, however, prefer men who are sexually successful with other females, because that increases the probability of her children to also become sexually successful and thus be more likely to also spread the mother’s genes.

In an evolutionary perspective, being a virgin is a good feature for females, while it is a bad feature for men. Also, there is no such things as “good” or “evil”.

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Fontaine #sexist incels.co

[Serious] Is there more to life than being young and attractive?

The answer is no. Thousands of years of philosophy, spirituality and psychotherapy have not managed to hide this fundamental reality, this inescapable superiority of Nature over Mind.

It is very easy to snobbishly look down upon "hedonism", "pleasures of the flesh", etc, when you're physically distant from it...

All your philosophy is nothing compared to a pretty, bubbly girl hugging you with sincere feelings of love. What's more, you can actually do both. Be an excellent philosopher and an excellent womanizer.

If you have been denied this you're a subhuman doomed to a life of misery. I don't look down on those who want to kill themselves over it.

The only hope at this point is radical change, a deus ex machina. If things stay constant, we will be miserable until the grave.

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ShySaxon #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] Women are obsessed with cock

So this foid cunt that I stalk went to Amsterdam recently and she posted the usual basic Stacy slut pictures with her friends but one picture stood out: she took a picture of herself standing by a massive sculpted dick. I don’t know how to describe it, I guess it was (((artwork)))? Doesn’t matter really, what matters is that women are absolutely obsessed with penis all the time. In Sweden, they sell these ice cream lollies that’s are shaped like a penis and they explode in your mouth after a while and of course, foids love them. I don’t know why foids love cock so much.

Foids are revolting, childish and whorish and don’t deserve rights. These beasts have as much say in the running of the world as intelligent men do and it’s sickening to the stomach.

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micropenis29 #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] Foids will do pretty much anything with normies

EXCEPT fuck them.

This is what you Sub-8-Law-denying imbeciles will never understand.

You see foids talking, flirting, being playful, proposing social getogethers, and even going out of their way to do favors for normies. And you assume this leads to sex.


They're just trying to rope normies in to betabuxing. There is ZERO intent to have passionate sex with the normie.

In fact, they find the normie sexually repulsive, and want to have as little sex as possible with him while still getting all if his time, money, and attention.

And then they're on to the next sucker.

Sub-8 is law.

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ionlycopenow #sexist #psycho incels.co

To youngcels: get in as many fights as possible

When I was in high school I spent the first 3 years meek and sad. O always thought I was at fault for everything, the reason nobody liked me and everyone treated me with such neglect was my fault. But senior year I realized it wasn't at all, that looking at all my interactions objectively I was the nice one normies were taking advantage of and gaslighting.

So then anytime anyone dated talk shit to me I would escalate it to the point of a fight and that was just the best feeling ever. Nothing in this world can compare to that, to grappling someone who is treating you like trash for no reason and plummeting them to the ground.

I was always a very anxious, depressed and sad kid but in the moments I was doing that I was clear, relieved and just comforted. Very very rare emotions to have as a truecel. It was pure euphoria, just your troubles and worries are briefly gone while you are pumelling some trash maggot vermin who tried to insult you like you've heard a million times before.

After high school you cany do this anymore without going to jail. Every sociopathic normie will take advantage of this to treat you like trash with no repurcussion. So take advantage of it while you can. I wish I could have done this with holes too, must be amazing if every normie is doing it to their girlfriend nowadays.

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Incline #sexist #transphobia incels.co

[SuicideFuel] I wish I was born a woman so much

Fuck trannies and all that shit I am talking about being born a biological woman. Every day I think about it, just how much different my life would have been if I was born a woman an actual real woman not the fake tranny meme. I could have respect without doing anything, I would have army of simps at my hand. I could do whatever I want. I could achieve my dreams because I would not feel so UTTER FUCKING SHIT EVERY DAY. Every day, I replace myself with a female version of me in my head and imagine what would it feel like and how much different all the situations in my life would go.



And I cant fucking escape it. I cant. I will die meaningless death and nothing I ever do matter. I try so fucking hard to find the effort to push forward in life but I really struggle like whats the fucking point man If only I was born a woman... If only... My life would be so much better.

There is NOTHING in this FUCKING WORLD that boils my blood harder than seeing FUCKING THOTS say shit like "OH NO ITS SO HARD TO BE A WOMAN..."



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micropenis29 #sexist #psycho incels.co

[RageFuel] Normies who raise Chad's children should be burned alive

Say what you want about foids.

Say what you want about Chads.

But it doesn't get ANY worse than cucks. They contribute more to inceldom than foids and Chads combined. They are what sustain this entire system.

If everyone refused to raise Chad's kids, they'd starve to death. These single mom whores would be out on the streets, begging for money to save Chad's babies. The foids would be powerless. This is how society used to work. There was something called ACCOUNTABILITY. There were CONSEQUENCES FOR SLUTTY BEHAVIOR.

Cucks ruined everything though.

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Bleachcel #sexist incels.co

(Topic: “How many people here honestly believe 18% of women haven't had sex in the past year?”)

Rape kits should be used on foids over the age of 12 daily to make sure they arent having sex, and if they do, then that should be tallyed onto their record

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BabyFuck McGirlsex #sexist #pedo incels.co

[It's Over] The Phantom Pain

Why are we still here?!............Just to suffer?!

Every night in my dreams, I can feel the loving embrace of the Stacy's i never had ...

And i can feel the joy of having a hormonally charged teen romance that i never had...

I can even feel the passionate kisses from the soft lips of the teen virgin Stacy foidlet that i never had....

When i dream of all the genuine romantic and sexual conquests I've never had and will never have...i feel a sharp pain in my heart

When i think of all the PUA gimmics i've tried but never got results from....i feel a crushing weight in my soul

When i think about how only a few millimetres of bone in my skull could gave prevented this - my heart bleeds

And it won't stop hurting... It's like a cancer eating me alive from the inside

This curse of Inceldom hurts like a PHANTOM PAIN, the pain of inceldom hurts like being stabbed by a thousand swords

You feel it too, don't you???!!!

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wereqryan #racist #psycho incels.co

[Experiment] Should South Asians (Indians, Pakis, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans) be rounded up en masse and executed?

People from the Indian subcontinent (South Asia) give us a lot of trouble. Would the world be better off if they were killed?

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mental_out #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] The stuff posted here isn't the real blackpill, it's seeing whats posted about here happen in real life

I guess to some extent it's easier to compartmentalise internet stuff in your mind and not take it too seriously, something even I'm guilty of. But my god if isn't a stomach churning experience to see it happen in real life. Suddenly that internet stuff becomes a genuine reality, not just something on a screen. You realise that the hell others told you about exists, it is real and you are living in it. I've seen not just one, but multiple women put up with abusive men for their looks, even heard them straight up admit the man they're with is an asshole but can't bring themselves to leave him. The men in question are always chads, every time, usually also from rich backgrounds on top of it.

The fact that I've seen this over and over again makes it so undeniable. Redditors claim that "going outside" cures people of blackpill beliefs, but for me it has always been the opposite, as there were cases of things I honestly didn't really believe at first appearing in real life and truly shocked me. Even if I stopped visiting here, the blackpill would still be there with me, it really is an inescapable reality. Personality genuinely doesn't matter at all is what I've seen time and time again, and it is all about looks in the end.

There honestly is no greater suifuel than seeing the blackpill right before your eyes

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UrgyYevhenii #sexist incels.co

[JFL] My moms extreme mental gymnastics , this is fun (not)

Conversation from today

very circular conversation

mom just randomly comes up to me and says

Mom: “Urgi, you’re so handsome! You have beautiful lips, nose and sweet eyes!”

Me:”nothing in my life suggests or has ever suggested I am attractive. I have experienced nothing but rejection, and no woman has EVER shown sexual interest in me. I have a DIRECT comparison of what sexual interest looks like, because I have a chad younger brother 3 years younger, and women his whole life have been fighting for his attention”

Mom:”those are just superficial girls, they’re not worth anything, you shouldn’t vy for their attention”

Me:”I don’t give a shit what kind of girl it is, smart or stupid, ugly or attractive, because I get NONE either way, I want to feel LIKE SOMEONE WANTS ME, at this point I really don’t care who, just as long as it’s someone”

Mom:”you shouldn’t concern yourself with sexual interest, because you can evoke INTELLECTUAL interest, and that’s how you’re gonna get a girl, she’ll love you for your intellect!

Me: “but I don’t give a shit about intellectual attention, I’ve had lots of it in life already and it’s boring and gets old quick, I want sexual attention, it will make me actually feel like I mean something to someone”

Mom:”you know when I was your age I didn’t get sexual attention either!”

Me:”mom, how many men asked you out on dates?”

Mom:”oh, hundreds. But the ones I wanted didn’t give me attention”

Me:”so you got lots of attention...”

Mom:”no but, don’t you understand, it’s not from those high quality men I wanted”

?!!!?The fuck???It’s like talking to a brick wall LOL

Mom: “when you’re older girls will want the intellectual stimulation”

Me:”but I want to feel sexually desired right now”

Mom:”but women will want intellectual stimulation later, your time will come”

Me:”mom why do you have such difficulty admitting girls DO NOT WANT ME because of my face?”

Mom:”no, you’re handsome! You have a beautiful sweet face! Girls will seriously fall in love with you, you just need to find the right one”

I’m not kidding she literally went back to this exact same argument from the beginning of the post

Literal brick wall

broken record player

literally incapable of computing the blackpill

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gymletethnicel #sexist incels.co

[RageFuel] Imagine how different your life would be if you were a Stacy

inb4 gay thread

Imagine, all you would have to do is exist and everything else will be done for you.

Too retarded to drive? Just suck off the driving constructor.
Too stupid to get decent grades? Just suck off the teacher.
Need money? Just play vidya and stream to Twitch.tv.
Need even more money? Take part in cam whoring.
Commit a serious crime? Get a lesser sentence than your male counterpart or don't get a punishment at all.
Want to be famous? Just do modelling and become active on social media.

But you're not a Stacy or a Chad, you are an incel, and whatever you do, it's bad and wrong.

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kikecel #sexist incels.co

[Venting] All foids hate you or want to abuse you

all women are like that. yes you heard me. the current incarnation of the XX genus is programmed to be evil, manipulative, self-serving and exploitative. (reminds me of (((someone))))
If you meet a woman thats interested in you and youre a sub8 male, know this: she wants something you have (money, status, etc).
and it does not matter how much the cucks over at IT deny this, they already fell into the clutches of evil clown society that leads you to believe that foids are loving creatures. my life is ruined and these monsters that have a hole in the middle of their body are the culprits

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Personalityinkwell #sexist incels.co

[Soy] How many people here honestly believe 18% of women haven't had sex in the past year?

imageHow many of you are honestly retarded enough to believe that 18% of women actually had zero sex in the past year? There are definitely some retards who believe stats are always true, so show yourselves.

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To_Live_is to_Serve #sexist incels.co

[LifeFuel] Imagine if the gender roles were reversed.

You could get a one-way open relationship with your looksmatch while also using tinder to get Prime top percentage Stacies. Your fellow men will be lazy and thousand cunt stare making you a real catch. You will not have to work; you could just get a virgin betabuxx 7/10 engineer wife without sexual experience.

You could give thousands of cream pies and not worry about pregnancy as you have total control over paternity and abortion. You get easy well paid job as receptionist while your looksmatch get a depressing manual labour job. You could sell your dirty undies for money while staying completely anonymous and you could show your currently subhuman body on webcam to get endless compliments and money by women who want to admire your body. You would get softer sentences and it would be a crime to make you homeless. You would not get attacked violently by other men as they have a great solidarity and would burn 1000 women alive instead of having your needs go unmet which the government would support.

All modern media would cater to your hedonistic desires while you would be praised for having the spirituality you have. Genes would be filtered out by selection of females instead of female selection meaning that your mass reproduction could be justified as a part of evolution. You could have sex with virgin teens illegally and they would be grateful for you taking their virginities and creampieing them. You could help the incel normies ascend in this world and get praised as a moral paragon by both the privileged and the unprivileged. You would get endless personalised compliments by sending a mass message on your real tinder intead of just the catfish account.

Women would instinctively protect you with their lives and send you gifts, expecting nothing in reward and getting joyfully over a dicpic which they would brag about getting from you on the internet. No face would be too foul and no penis too small for you to live a life of leisure and privilege and anyone who says otherwise would get deplatformed immediately. Women would still cook food and take care of children as betabuxxers do now. You would decide when sex is had in the relationship and media would uphold male pastimes like warfare, sport and gaming while condemning fraudulent make-up. Women who get caught frauding men get burned alive by jealous women as soon as you give the hint.

You wouldn't need to have a personality or an inner monologue to get by but having one would grant you great opportunities. You could wear shorts in public and get compliments IRL daily while being able to have sex with any woman who compliments you. You would be the archetype of an admirable moral person. Parties with high energy would be held to attract and amuse people like you and get you to open up and have sex like for young females. All men would have a similar smv; some difference in attraction would exist but fetishes even it all out. All female students and teachers would want you and especially you as you don't appear to be damaged by the cunt coaster. It would be paradise-like.

The true paradise comes from within but is a poor comfort when you are poor, wet and unwanted.

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Welfare Collector #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] If you met your mother in her teen years she would have hated your guts

I've seen a lot of people on here post about their moms sort of being that thing they can fall back on during hard times. That at the end of the day no matter how difficult the nine to five was or how poorly you've been treated by women that your mother still loves you no matter what and has always been there for you. I think people who believe this are just coping with the fact that your mother only really cares about you due to the simple fact that she's your mom. If women didn't have a biological disposition to care for their offspring humanity wouldn't have evolved very far.

Your mother caring about your well being is nothing more than genetic programming to keep human's safe during their most vulnerable state and ensure they survive up until adulthood so that then they may create offspring of their own at some point and propagating the cycle of spewing out more cunt runts. If you weren't directly related to your mom and were able to magically meet her lets say in her mid teen years she would have been disgusted by you. She wouldn't have looked past for your poor physical appearance or mental shortcomings.

She wouldn't give two shits about you. She would have probably been partying it up at this point with a bunch of normies and chadlites getting wasted and fucked by boat loads of dudes on the daily. Meanwhile your cuck beta-male father is probably out there somewhere working his ass off just to beta-bux your mom once she's had her fun riding the cock carousel. It's the never ending cycle of life. Everything is cope. This is also just assuming she doesn't already hate you for being low status or sub8

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Personalityinkwell #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] The reason girls do better on average academically is easier access to sex and relationships.

Water is wet.

Sex is a basic biological need, and it's healthy for the human mind to have sex. Without sex, your mind isn't getting the proper sexual and emotional desires fulfilled. This causes a lot of stress. If you look at the best of the best in academics, the males dominate. However, when you look at averages, females dominate. The reason is because any female can get sex or a boyfriend but men in the bottom 50% will struggle immensely to get any sex at all. This demotivates them because they're not getting positive reinforcement. Not only that, but men have to put great strategy into trying to get laid, while girls just have to choose the best cock thrown at them. These means girls can focus on only school and get laid, while men have to focus on both school and sexual strategy. Plus for a lot of men their sexual strategy will often result in rejection and will therefore result in frustration, making it harder to focus on school.

There's other reasons girls do good in school, such as the whole system being geared towards them, but the easy access to sex makes it easier to succeed.

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metabuxx #sexist incels.co

[RageFuel] IT foids talk about the first time they had sex

"Just loose your virginity in your 30's bro. Many men do that." Fuck those people who say that.


Every reply to this post is a brutal suifuel and tells us about the hate women have for virgin men.

Most of them lost their virginity to a virgin guy in their teens and the sex was plain awkward. But none of them cares about it because they were both inexperienced and it was their first time. So they just laugh about it in the years to come just like this foid.

First thrust finish on mine too. Fortunately, I actually liked the guy so we laughed about it and knew enough to know it’s very common and then had a better experience the next time.

But if we somehow ascend and find a old hag to have sex with in our 30's or 40' she is gonna hate us because of our inexperience in bed. Its not going to something to laugh or joke about. It going to be pure suifuel and all we would want to do is curl up in a corner and cry till the world comes to an end.

In the other comments the hate for virgins men can be clearly seen

The truth is, virgin guys are shitty lovers

My first time left me traumatized and I hate that guy from the bottom of my heart, I‘d rather die than to worship him in any second of my life

First person I slept with was the most uninteresting, forgettable, and boring. Virgins are awful in bed.

The guy who took my virginity I barely even think of. The sex was awful, our relationship got weird immediately after, we broke up and never spoke to each other again for the remainder of our highschool duration.

No woman is going to worship you just for sticking your pp in her for 15 seconds and immediately busting a nut.

The hate for virgin men is so much obvious in these comments. Women hate us, just because we are virgins. Why do cucks think that women are not going to hate a virgin man in his 30's or 40's. At least foids have a soft corner for virgin teen boys because they know that they are inexperienced.

But when it comes to adult virgin men, they don't have any sympathy for us. We are just a bunch of losers who they hate and they would rather die than have sex with us.

These are the same bluepillers who claim that sex isn't a big deal and now they are making fun of virgin men :

The first time I had sex I didn't even lose my virginity. He busted before he made it in. I was pretty disappointed. Expected this magical thing. Ended up with whatever the girl version of blue balls is.

it happened on my first too, he was looking the entrance with the tip and suddenly he nutted. Then proceded to ask me for a break to recover The second time was the same but hey! at least he found the right spot!

lol, he used to brag about positions and erogenous zones and "weak" points and this and that, on how he made some other woman faint and it was a total failure, a two pump chump, touch here and there for like 1 minute and then he was on top of me (foreplay 0) he took like 15 mins to find the right spot, i regret it till this day lol

My first time I was way too young, and it was a very bad time in my life. Like looking back it was such a horrible mistake and a miserable experiance.

Plus with my first it was literally like "that's it? That's what the fuss was all about? How disappointing".

At least those teenage virgin boys who they lost their virginity to had the time to work on their skills in bed and perform better. But If we somehow we have our first sexual experience in our 30's or 40's, we won't ever have the time to work on our skills.

Virgin men are a laughing stock for the world and especially for foids. They laugh at us for our inability to get laid. No woman sees a 40 year old virgin as a man, she sees him as the biggest loser in the world.

I've said it once, I've said it twice and I'm going to say this a thousand times. IF A MAN CAN'T LOOSE HIS VIRGINITY IN HIS TEENS, HIS LIFE IS OVER. There is no recovering from that.

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Shinjicel #psycho #sexist #racist incels.co

[Based] This Valentines lets Celebrate Saint Elliot

Instead of coping about foids fucking nigger tyrones this horrible day, lets remember the man whose primal scream was heard far and wide through normie land, who so passionality encapsulated our plights, a toast to saint elliot may he fuck all the blonde stacies in heaven.

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anon1822 #sexist incels.co

I actually think women in Eastern europe are worse than those in the west.

Women in these countries are much worse. Not only do they spout the same feminist bullshit as in western countries, like the wage gap and other great injustices they suffer. But they also benefit from privileges at every corner. Men are literally savage beasts and white knights at the same time, eager to please m'lady and do everything for her while willing to fight any man to defend a woman. God forbid anybody disrespects a woman, you deserve to be killed for that.

Women around here literally won't close a window or lift a chair. Examples: girl sits not far from a window. Asks "can any guy close that window please?". Shit like that happens all the time.

And to show their hypocrisy. A few days ago a woman professor literally said: "I'm not a feminist, I enjoy living a patriarchal society, I like having the door opened for me and stuff like that, but there are also huge problems like women being paid less for the same job or not being hired because they are pregnant". I swear they have no self-awareness.

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Virginp0wers #sexist incels.co

[JFL] I hate every female except

My mother, because she is the only foid who has ever shown any compassion towards me.

the rest are scum.

and the funniest part my mother only loves me because she is biologically programmed too :feelshaha:

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Kashayam #sexist #psycho incels.co

Marital rape

I think is huge lie and injustice to punish a guy for marital rape.

I mean the concept of rape and it it's legal definition was made to protect foids to protect her reproductive ability. So that she can trade it with man for his resources , this is the unwritten idea of marriage.

Ok we can say that to an extent a husband should nt force his wife. But the wife can deny him sex forever. It's her obligation to fulfil his needs regardless of 'her mood'. In my opinion If she get traumatized by when her husband has sex with her then there is something wrong with her mental makeup and it should be dealt by a sexologist . Rather than getting the state to involve in the matter and punishing the husband.

As I said before 'rape' is just legal term we can't apply it to every situation. For eg 'murder' is a crime. But we don't punish soliders for murdering terrorist. The act is the same but the Context differs.

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Personalityinkwell #psychoceramics incels.co

[Blackpill] The phrase "tall normie" is proof that face>height

I've seen this board countless time say "I see Chads, Chadlites, and tall normies get all the girls." Notice how they say tall normie, implying the dude had an average face. How come they never use the phrase "Average heighted Chad", referring to a dude with a Chad face? Oh, here's why:


JFL @ coping manlets.



Chad face with average height slays on Tinder.

Tall guy with average face does shit on Tinder.

And Tinder is real life

(Submitter’s note: He is indeed quoting himself in the end)

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TomathonClancy #sexist incels.co

There's no point to having female friends

At least in my own experience, I find this fact to be true. Ever since I started having female friends from middle school to the first semester of college, I've found that they aren't any more funny or interesting than my male friends, and they don't improve me as a person in any way. Is there anything entertaining about females? Yes, contrary to popular belief, and that's their constant love of gossiping. It's a guilty pleasure for most of us, but engaging in drama/gossip is entertaining and fun, until you realize she can just as easily be saying trash behind your back (often times she absolutely does). This makes you hate yourself more than you already do.

Then of course there comes the time where you have to listen to the girl talk about "how lonely she is" because she doesn't have a bf for that week or about the guys she likes or whatever. You'er expected to pay attention to this or else you're seen as shallow, but if you ever bring up any girls you like, she'll always get bored and ignore you.

Frankly it's not an equal relationship. It's an absolute waste of time, and time better spent with male friends or by yourself

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Iamnothere000 #psycho #sexist incels.co

Sexual trafficking is the real incel rebellion / beta uprising.

(cucked disclaimer: everything below is just theoretical rambling, I’m a good boy who respects women, I promise)

TL;DR: The real incel rebellion is the constantly increasing sexual trafficking.

When I first heard of the concept of the incel rebellion my mind was immediately filled with apocalyptical scenes:

Gun wielding manlets would roam the streets, shooting everything that is female or cucked.
Communication and infrastructure would collapse, destroyed by disgruntled STEM- and wage´cels.
Emotionally dead gymcels would hunt down and strangle the life out of their former bullies and hoist the bodies from bridges and lamp poles while the bully’s former girlfriends tremble in fear and submissive arousal.
Army and Law Enforcement would be totally apathetic, unwilling to risk their lives just to defend the ungrateful masses who hate them anyway unless they need protection.

(side note: I’m writing this in the same room with my boss who is having a job interview with my next possible coworker, he thinks I’m working hard on our next medical software tool, this arouses me)

However, as cathartic and amusing such scenes would be (in Minecraft), as unlikely are they to actually happen, at least for now. The number of incels that actually realize their situation is yet too small. Too high is the inhibition. Too comfortable are the copes. And incels are too socially stunted to develop the necessary pack-mentality to coordinate such an endeavor.

For the foreseeable future, the incel rebellion will have to be content with small singular acts of hERoic resistance (which shall also only ever be realized in Minecraft).

But there is another way in which the consequences of rampant hypergamy and whoredome manifest themselves: …sexual trafficking.

About 70% of trafficking victims are female.

Human trafficking is taking on “horrific dimensions”, despite growing efforts, awareness and attention by government, human rights and feminist groups.

Sexual trafficking, as an expression of the incel/beta rebellion, has several key differences in comparison to the scenario above:

-incredible difficult to counter
-no concerted effort necessary, just a hand full of low inhibit-individuals (don’t even have to be incels)
-social life and infrastructure stays intact, our copes are save
-low public awareness, no panicking normies

A textbook example of this scenario unfolding would be china, where the high gender imbalance leads to an ever increasing demand for sex slaves. And since such activity does not disturb the highly conformist society of china, this trend will only continue. I am willing to bet that the Chinese government is actually fine with sexual trafficking for the benefit of the countless supernumerary men as it keeps (the most aggressive of) them docile and averts the demographic crisis the country is heading into.

(To be fair, the Chinese situation was mainly caused by the retarded one child policy but the result is the same as with female hypergamy: Men with no girlfriend/relationship/marriage/family prospects)

Some people, especially the fine gentlepeople at IT, might argue that women should be able to behave as they want (within the bounds of the law) without suffering the thread of sexual slavery.
For those people I would like to lay out the basic facts:

Men want sex/offspring. Women can provide this. Men are stronger than women. Harming something is way easier than defending something.

The rest is just social negotiation.

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Incel Gamer #wingnut incels.co

More Men Are Joining The Incel Community? GOOD!


I hate how actual violent incels are giving our community a bad name. Sure, we talk about wanting to go ER and exterminate all foids in Minecraft. But would we actually do that? No. We're not murderers. (Except for maybe the 1% of users on here who would).

Also, our forum is for sure getting watched by incel "researchers" so I hope they get blackpilled while trying to research us.

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soulartemis incels.co

[Serious] What if western society is just a simulation and we're the only real humans in a world of NPCs?

What if we're just in a simulation and all the Chads and Stacies are normies are NPCs?

And the goal is realizing that everyone around you is a dumb NPC, and finding others who are not NPCs in this simulation by registering on this forum.

I wouldn't be surprised if this theory was true, considering how brainless normies are.

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Edmund_Kemper #sexist incels.co

[Soy] Bluepiller logic

Normies: The blackpill is bullshit. Your looks don’t matter. If a 4’11” 1/10 physically deformed ugly manlet has a good personality, he’ll get to bang 10/10 gigastacys.

Also normies: you won’t get a stacy gf because you’re ugly. Go for ugly girls!

Bluepilled foid: height doesn’t matter you inkwell! Short guys get laid all the time

also bluepilled foid: I’m 5’3 and my boyfriend is 6’3 (AKA DANIGIRL3694)

Normies: your personality is why you don’t get laid even though most foids prolly never saw your true personality and never saw you act “misogynistic” on a forum

also normies: i, a man with a good personality, am still a virgin

normies: according to normies, a 27 year old boy who hasn’t reached puberty yet is a “grown ass adult” even though he didn’t reach puberty but a post-pubescent 17 year old man who can grow a beard is still a child.

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Genetic Dead End #psycho incels.co

Sub 5 men should be castrated

I will be the first to volunteer. If you're a sub 5, then you need to at least fuck a 9/10 stacy with multiple generations of good genes to have a shot at having semi human looking children, and since that is impossible to achieve, castration for sub 5s should be implemented, and the death penalty for those who try to avoid it.

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Eugenicist #ableism #sexist #psychoceramics incels.co

[Blackpill] I think autism increasing in America actually makes women more superficial, more materialistic.

Since autistic people can't really grasp abstract concepts, most girls in geek culture, or some kind of neuro-atypicality are more materialistic. Genetics/ dominance/ etc. obviously matter more to the autistic brain than someone with perfectly traditional empathy/ sweetness/ wholesomeness.
Autism = hyper male brain which means eliminating threat and females are supposed to be reasoning, discussive, talkative (at least traditionally).

This is js something I am speculating.

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Atavistic Autist #psychoceramics incels.co

[SuicideFuel] The electoral humiliation of Andrew Yang and the success of Pete Butt shows how autistic men are hated by soyciety, and psychopathic men are praised

Andrew Yang is a very autistic-type male: consistent in his message, which he delivers robotically. In the popularity contest of politics, this paradoxically means that people hate him (particularly roasties). It is also relevant that he is Asian and physically not a roastie's "type," either for sexual or surrogate child fantasies.

Pete Butt, on the other hand, is the consummate psychopath, saying this or that depending upon the circumstances. He is purposefully signalling the fact that he is gay in order to novelty-halo himself, and has a (White) neotenous face which makes roasties trust him and think of him like a surrogate child to dote on.

It is no wonder why Yang is performing so abysmally in the Democratic field, whereas Pete Butt is the unexpected frontrunner. And it's why every autist should be in favor of mass-graves for the psychopathic overlords who oppress us.

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MuslimCell #god-complex incels.co

I will be the next saint of inceldom

I am dead serious . I will be the saviour , the one who will make you all ascend and guide you through the degeneracy we are living in . Wait for me and I will make the next incels cult and together we shall change the world , bring balance and make the world fair again . It's not over . Wait for my coming from the journey I am in , I will bring the fruit of ascension and share it with all of you , remain blackpilled and don't transgress my beloved brother . It's a hard journey I am in , things are challenging but I see the light up their , it was never about me but actually for each one of us I am on this struggle . wait for my coming and for you I will never give up . Love you all .