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Rod Pickens #fundie m.facebook.com

It blows my mind that CREATION isnt empathized in "churches"!

The facts of science can NEVER contradict the bible. Science is a pursuit of truth, the word of God is truth (John 17:7). Therefore, science can never contradict the bible, only validate it. Science fiction, however, contradicts what God's word teaches and always with the intent to deceive (Ephesians 4:14). There is a difference. We should ALWAYS believe the bible over any man made claim that contradicts what scripture teaches. For example, evolution (with the exception of micro evolution, which is merely a variation of kinds of animal and is clearly observed) IS NOT BIBLICAL. God did NOT use evolution to bring man about. Man was created on the 6th day, formed and shaped by God like an artist sculpting clay according to the accuracy of Hebrew text. God did it in less than 24 hours, probably in the evening. There is absolutely no room for any kind of evolutionary ideology in the bible. Entertaining such ideologies is DANGEROUS!! Earth was created in 6 literal days. Six 24 hour periods including evening and morning exactly like the bible teaches. We must love the truth more than anything else. If not, we are susceptible to error and deception (Revelation 12:9)

Here are some books you can use for study"
"In the Beginning" Walt Brown
"Bones of Contention" Marvin Lubenow
"The Young Earth" John Morris

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Ray Comfort #fundie m.facebook.com

"Jews laugh at Christianity."

Jesus was Jewish. The disciples were Jewish. The first 13,000 converts were Jewish, Christianity was birthed in the land of the Jews, the New Testament was written by Jews, and Christians believe that the Jewish scriptures are God's Word. I'm Jewish, and any Jew who believes the God-breathed Old Testament will embrace Jesus of Nazareth as their promised Messiah.

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Jacob Pando #fundie m.facebook.com

A question for theists only, I have to point that out for the atheists who read like they do the Bible (joke), have you noticed how every so called ex-Christian or ex-Muslim Atheist, who comes to argue with us, comes from a highly emotional and immature state of mind? It's like atheists are easily triggered emotionally and such people are usually the mentally unstable, acting out their emotions in immature and inappropriate ways. It's an odd similarity I find amongst those who do not want to hear the truth and righteousness preached about in the Bible. Would you contribute this behaviour to demonic oppression? I kinda feel sorry for these people but at the same time, I don't. Not when they continually act out kind of like the troublesome child in the classroom.

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Dakota Lawson #fundie m.facebook.com

(Context: Still going on about a gay couple in a popular kids cartoon called "The Loud House".)

Dylan Jones: Spare me the pretentious lecture. You can't prove God any more than I can prove the existence of aliens. No more of this. Thank you.

Dakota Lawson: Then, at least, be weary. Do not be lead away from the flock and into the wilderness. For there, the "wolf" waits for any, who believe they have no fear, to be lead into its teeth. I pray that you, one day, see what we see. Good day and God bless you.

Dylan Jones: Dakota Lawson that's the biggest crock of bull I've heard all day.

Dakota Lawson: Dylan Jones It's metaphorical.

Dylan Jones: A very pretentious metaphor.

Dakota Lawson: But it's truth. And you deny it with doubt and pride. Now THAT is pretentious, even for you. You deny everything just to avoid a form of conflict; but I don't have that fear. The LGBT lives in fear and blasphemy through selfishness and pride. Eventually, this "trend" will fade away like the rest of them. Like I said before: God bless you.

Dylan Jones: That's disgusting what you just said. And who gave you permission to impose your worship of an unproven God upon anybody here, most especially of LGBT individuals?

Dylan Jones: I don't think you realize the level of hate and prejudice in what you wrote. Some god you choose to follow kid. Shameful.

Dakota Lawson: Like Denver said: Good will be seen as Evil and Evil will be seen as Good. It is shown that you let Desire conquer Reason. And that is why the LGBT is one of the most politically dangerous community to the Christian faith.

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Denver Billiot & Dakota Lawson #fundie m.facebook.com

(Context: A discussion on a gay couple featured in a popular cartoon aimed for kids)

Denver Billiot: Love The Sinner Hate The Sin

Alonso Lupercio: I’m gonna give you a pass, since you’re not like those other people who can’t support/respect what’s gonna be canon.

Dakota Lawson: I would also like to point out my disapproval with Denver Billiot. I'm not much of a fan of Luna and her relationship with Sam (nor am I a fan/supporter of the LGBT community in general), but I like the way that Luna puts herself last before others like Sam.

Dylan Jones: Guys. Show some respect.

Dylan Jones: Denver. Perhaps you'd like to speak up on the so-called sin in question here? Enlighten us.

Denver Billiot: Read the Bible it'll tell ya, God created marriage to be between one man and one woman

Dylan Jones: way wrong answer kid.

Dylan Jones: The bible has zero bearing on love. And it has no bearing here.

Denver Billiot: Is that so? Jesus died on the cross so that we could be free, that's not love!?

Dakota Lawson: Dylan Jones I'll try to answer why it's a "so-called sin." The LGBT is an invented community that goes back many millennia's. In the Bible that talks about Leviticus, God mentions that if any man sleeps with another man that isn't a woman, then he/they shall be put to death. "The blood will be on their own heads." This rule was made in the Old Testament. However, in the New Testament, Jesus came before a woman, who was being stoned to death for committing adultery, and told the people "Anyone who has not sinned, ever, in their lives, toss the first stone." None of the people threw their stones and walked away. Jesus said to the woman "Go and sin no more." When it comes to the LGBT, in today's time, they are a community that tries to find a solution to adapt to the world that has persecuted them just as people persecute Christians. However, the LGBT has no leadership nor any type of faith that would require them to be inspired to become lesbians, gay, bisexual, or transgender. When it comes to marriage, God, including Jesus, describes that marriage can only be between a man and a woman because it helps mankind prosper the world with their kin. Basically, marriage helps populate the Earth. As for the LGBT, they have no goal or inspiration to follow that purpose. They tend to follow their desires so that they can be protected from any form of persecution or violent actions that some supporters have been conflicted during their early lives. In short, the LGBT are "masking" or "hiding" themselves from the truth. The community tends to take advantage of political power so that their "invented traditions" would prosper over other's traditions and freedoms. If the community doesn't get what they want, then they will cause an uprising for "equal rights" and for "human rights." In conclusion, the LGBT is a community that lives in a spiritual lie other than living in the reality that they're supposed to. This is my answer at best. Sin is sin, and sin is power for the wicked and the abominable.

Dylan Jones: Guys I take serious issue with your prejudice here, let me tell you most of my folks read the bible and they're not saying the things the two of you have said. But you two represent exactly why I will never pick that thing up again. This kind of evangelist nonsense has no place here, take it away. Luckily nobody here is obligated to go along with what you say.

Denver Billiot: What they tell you is truth, they seek not to hurt you but to help you, they want what's best for you, it may sound crazy but trust me, Jesus won't lead you astray

Dylan Jones: Denver. Dakota. Learn some respect for your LGBT neighbors out there. You two got a lot of growing up yet to do. Sad that those kind of relationships make you feel somehow threatened.

Denver Billiot: I literally said I love them but not their conduct

Dylan Jones: Denver. I will not acknowledge what you cannot prove to me.

Denver Billiot: It's called having faith, we are not to live by sight but by faith,

Dylan Jones: Then no more talk of "sin" as far as that subject goes.

Dylan Jones: Faith, typical response.

Denver Billiot: It was said in Revelations that Good would be seen as Evil and Evil would be seen as Good, so I am not surprised of this

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The Truth #fundie m.facebook.com

"The reaction you get from your friends and family when you tell them what the bible says instead of an opinion"

(=Image depicts a mortified looking man holdng a Bible to another - the other man is wearing a shirt depicting the Icththys symbol with legs and has their ears plugged saying "Okay, I'm ready"=)

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The Truth #fundie m.facebook.com

SIN by any other name is still SIN

It is not an affair, it is ADULTERY

It is not premarital sex, it is FORNICATION

It is not homosexuality, it is SODOMY

It is not obsession, it is IDOLATRY

It is not fibbing, it is LYING

It is not abortion, it is MURDER

Don't whitewash sin, repent of it!

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The Truth #fundie m.facebook.com

Yes I'm a Christian.

No I don't hate gay people.

But homosexuality is a sin just like premarital sex is a sin and I love you enough to tell you.

No one who practices sin will enter Heaven.

Hate is allowing someone to walk into Hell without saying a thing.

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The Truth #fundie m.facebook.com

*Image depicts numerous people being thrown into a Hell as two people look on*

Person one: Do you think we should help them ?

Person two: No, it's not our problem. Besides they'll think we're judging them.

*Ezekial 3:18*

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The Truth #fundie m.facebook.com

(=Image of a person standing in a blue lit area and another in a red lit one=)

Blue Area - Follower of the Word = Heaven

Red Area - Follower of the World = Hell

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Andy Cain & Chad Hansley #fundie m.facebook.com

(Note: Regarding an article of a Christian in a polymorous relationship - this comment is also part of a thread)

Andy Cain: And this is why there are no such thing as "Progressive Christians". They are all unwilling to follow the Word of God's clear teaching of hetrosexual monogamy to not only support homosexuality, but polymory as well.

Chad Hansley: And before you bring up David and Solomon's marriages, these two where clearly condemned for their other wives and conqubines. Everything went wrong for them because they practiced polygamy!

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Christopher Hubbard #fundie m.facebook.com

The Orlando Massacre may be a tragedy and all that, but I don't see that many people too upset about Christina Grimmie, the young singer also gunned down in Orlando the night before, in front of her fans and brother.

Or is a tragedy only a tragedy when gays or transgenders are the victims and not professing Christian's like her ? In this culture, why am I not surprised ?

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Various Fundies #fundie m.facebook.com

(Note: Fundie backlash to the Hatmaker's supporting LGBT #3)

1. No! You are supposed to tell your friends this; there is a division of the laws between moral, ceremonial and civil. The laws regarding shellfish and mixed fabrics are ceremonial, but the laws against homosexuality are the moral laws. Also Biblical was part of a servitude system in no way similar to American slavery. Also God allowed polygamy but never condoned; we seen what happened with polygamists line David and Solomon. That's the condemnation!

2. Gay marriage holy ? Read your Bible people! One man, one woman, one flesh. From beginning to end. What's not to get ?

3. I sincerly doubt God is gonna call something he destroyed Sodom over "Holy". If he did I wouldn't want any part of him. And before you make that ridiculous claim of "inhospitality", Sodom was clearly destroyed over Homosexuality; every verse about it points to it! No where else is anything even implied! Just accept it.

4. I'm not shocked, just disappointed. I should have seen this coming with the way you're statements on Orlando - "We cannot honour in death, who we failed in life". It was only inevitable you'd go off the deep end. On that note, as bad as that massacre was, not a single tear seems to shed over the murder of Christina Grimmie the night before. Of course considering the attention that LGBT seems to crave it's not surprising that the media would be focused on them than such a promising young singer.

5. (Reply to 4) The real tragedy was how on that day one soul went to go home to God, fifty others where cast into the Lake of Fire for all eternity that night. And when we try to share the truth with the survivors and their loved ones, as to be expected our sincere empathy is dismissed as empty platitudes. It's just so sad, and I don't understand it. *tear drop emoji*

6. If Paul or the Bible wasn't enough to convince you, this may be a vain effort, but read the "Apocalypse of Peter" (preferably the translations that omit the part of Hell being temporary). Take a wild guess what the angels are doing to the people you claim to love. It may not be in the Bible, but if you wanted to see what Jesus had to say about them then there you go.

7. Well if this is the future of you liberals and so called "christians" embracing sin, immorality and everything Jesus ever stood for, I know who I'm voting for this November.

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Various Fundies #fundie m.facebook.com

(Note: More fundie reactions to evangelical leaders Brad and Jen Hatmaker's support for gay marriage. Once again this is just some of the qoutes, and so many that the fundies can't exactly be pin pointed or named.)

1. You said you came to your conclusion after studying thoughtfully, prayerfully, and carefully. I just want to know where in the Word did you come to that conclusion ?

2. Oh no...this cannot be. (Teardrop emoji) Unlike.

3. You think you are loving them ? Loving means telling the truth. I have a gay sister who thinks I hate her because I won't accept or agree with her choices. I won't call her marriage "holy" because that's the loving thing to do! How do you not get that ?

4. You can have a fancy speech prepared all you like. The reality is you sold your soul for popularity and don't even care about those you are leading astray!

5. I have been reading Jen's books for years. I admired her for her love, compassion and being filled with the spirit while holding true to the Word. It's sad to see you choose this, choosing popularity and culture over the truth...but at least we know where your loyalties lie.

6. There's no such thing as a gay Christian or a Christian that supports gay "marriage". If you aren't one of us now, you probably never where.

7. The Bible warned us that we would be hated. It also warned us about teachers who ignore the word, and tells their followers what they want to hear. It's sad to see Brad and Jen in this category.

8. We are supposed to be changing the world, not changing with the world! We are supposed to follow Jesus' example and he always said "Sin no more"! I just can't imagine God accepting a homosexual union, I just can't!

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Various fundies #fundie m.facebook.com

(Note: These are fundie reactions to Brandon Hatmaker, explaining why he and his wife Jen have come out in favour of gay marriage in 2016 after years as evangelical leaders. This is just some of the qoutes, and so many that the fundies can't exactly be pin pointed or named.)

1. "Did you not read the part where it says marriage is between one man and one woman ?"

2. "Their suffering is conviction by the Holy Spirit."

3. "I don't think you understand just how many precious souls you're putting in danger!"

4. "You call holy what God calls unholy."

5. "You have let the world in at your door."

6. "The Bible only has to condemn homosexuality once and that'd be good enough for me."

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David Miller #fundie m.facebook.com

You can say what you want but DONALD J TRUMP was picked by God to be president. Black and white Christian was praying for Trump to be presdent for along time and God answered there prayers all the media all the experts said there was noway he could beat Hillary Clinton but with God all things are possible and he won fair and square . You can whimper and moan all you want but God's pick is in the White House whether you like it or not .

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Tyler Anderson Coultier #fundie m.facebook.com

(=A response to the post "Why I consider the KJV only crowd a cult" - ironically the post was written by a known flat earth advocate=)

According to "Scholars" the reason these verses where left out or completely mangled from the Bible is because they found "earlier, more reliable" manuscripts, and these manuscripts where different than the manuscripts the KJV was translated from. They are talking about the sinaciticus and vaticanus texts. The Alexandrian cults created these texts and corrupted the Bible, and rejected throughout the centuries by the church as heretical. Just because we have older different texts doesn't make them the reliable ones. The vast majority of people were using the manuscripts translated into the KJV for centuries.

I do believe you can be from the NIV, there's enough Bible in there to present the gospel. But if you want to become a true bible student you need to switch to the KJV 1611...it's the most reputable and the most used in the history of english speakers. It's the truth and that's why the devil is attacking it so hard and has created these new perversions.

I don't speak greek or hebrew and I'm not going to pretend I know more than the 48 hebrew and Greek scholars who translated the KJV.

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Camille Smith #fundie m.facebook.com

[In reply to an Agnostic who had a Near-Death Experience and didnt convert]

If people are dreaming during an NDE: then WHY are dreaming the SAME identical dreams??? The hovering over their own body-the light-being surrounded by others-she did say NDE-and a coma would qualify for that!! You said you used to be an aethist-do you believe in a higher power-Amy??

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Alan Brown #fundie m.facebook.com

(Just one of many comments from this guy comparing progressive Christians to Nazi's; see full thread in link).

Vulgur Robert Hood Pace your rather excessive scepticism, I do think as a rule of thumb if you see something it doesn't exist ??

I have no doubt that "progressive christians" convince themselves and eachother that they "model their politics on the teachings of Jesus". The question is whether in fact this is what they really do. And two immediate reasons to think this is not what they do.

Firstly, Jesus did not announce a specific political programme; rather he announced the Kingdom of God. It's been a long time since Albert Schweitzer showed the utter futility of attempts to present Jesus as the founder of a political movement. I know you're bald, but you're not so old that you don't belong in the nineteenth century.

Secondly, the political views of "progressive christians" are manifestly derivative of the views of secular progressive ideology. Whether it's abortion, Obamacare, gun control or attitudes to the LGBT, "progressive Christians" simply reinterpret Christianity to fit the parameters of secular progressivism, as represented by mainstream Hollywood media, rather than try to pin your beliefs on Jesus, your position would be more plausible if you claimed to derive your religion from Morgan Freeman.

And it is with regard to this second aspect of your "progressive Christianity" possesses a decisive affinity to the German Christians of the 1930's. Each of you committed in principality to a political ideology, and each of you reinterprates the Christian religion to fit that optical ideology. Of course there are differences between with respect to your policies (the Nazi's happily killed Jews, today's progressives happily kill babies, etc); but these attitudes don't affect the fact that the fundamental attitude is one of reinterpreting Christianity to fit the parameters of a political ideology. THAT is where your position is isomorphic to that of the German Christians. And THAT is the point at which, for all your vulgarity and prevarication, you have no counterargument.

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Alan Brown #fundie m.facebook.com

(A comment on the Nashville Statment of LGBT exclusion).

The Nashville Statment is almost perfectly balanced. A fine intervention on the current situation. It's such a joy to see evangelicals speaking the truth in love and shows maybe there is still a real possibility of a real eucmenism of truth in the dialogue of lies which we find so often in the WCC.

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Brent Freshour #fundie m.facebook.com

what makes you so sure children, obviously not talking about babies or tiny kids here, but am including anyone past puberty, cannot consent?

Our minds are not mature fully until our mid 20s.

It's documented that 18 and even 20 year olds are not fully capable of understanding the consequences of their actions at all times. But we let them screw anyone they wish.

I was 13 once, and I believe then I was fully capable of determining who I wanted to have sex with and who I would not have had sex with.

They can consent. The true crime is that it isn't recognized and people's lives are ruined

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Frazer Richardson #fundie m.facebook.com

[On a photo of a baby killed in the genocide of Muslims in Myanmar]

The old parade a dead baby to pull the heart strings move. This bullshit is getting old while it's sad that a child died there is no proof of who it happened

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Matt Bombers #fundie m.facebook.com

lol so u think a girl is hot cause she looks older... u ask her age, she lies and says 18.... so obviously u still think she's hot... go out, eventually sleep together, then she springs it on u that she lied and that she's actually 14.... ur attraction disappears? I think u are trying to convince ur self that u would never find a girl underage attractive. As Ive said in my previous post, if the age limit was let's say 16 over the last 200 years and u grew up knowing this, then u wouldn't know any different and would definitely find a 16 year old attractive. Society has just brain washed u, with the law being what it is, u just have to not act against the law, but u shouldn't act so high and mighty cause it just shows ur in denial. Also some 18 year olds definitely shouldn't be making sexual decisions because of their maturity and some 15 year olds are definitely more grown up. Same with puberty, it hits some girls earlier which means they look 18+.... the law is just there to cater for the 'majority' of cases, but it doesn't mean it is right 100% of the time....

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Matt Bombers #fundie m.facebook.com

so 70 year old with an 18 year old is fine but a 70 year with a 17 year old and he is a sick bastard lol Age is only a number that we have made up to say that's ok... some countries girls as young as 10 can get married and I'm sure they think that's ok cause that's what they have come up with and grown up with so it's the norm. The ones who go off their head about this is probably the pedophile trying to hide. If you have balls you admit the truth about her being hot but choose not to act because it is against the law.

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Daniel J. Morales #fundie m.facebook.com

!On a meme about calling the cops on a paedophile friend]

Only a shitty friend does some shit like that

[Various people call him out]

Im guessing you ALL started feelings of infatuation or sexuality at age 18 or 20 ?? HAHAHAHA 14 to 16 is the age it all starts you're all fucking ridiculous are you gonna sit there and tell me my Dad is wrong or sick for having my two new baby sisters with a woman that is 10 years younger than him ?

The founding Fathers were getting with 14 year olds

Youre all fucking brainwashed to the point that ... You can't even see how brainwashed you are

What about 70 year old rich dudes sugar daddying 18 year olds and shit ?? ILL WAIT

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Gerald Mitchell #racist m.facebook.com

[Responding to people joking about time travelling to stop Trump's birth]

I'd protect him cause his son will be the savior of this great country because a half breed thinking he's full black took 8 years to fuck up our great country

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Susan Cruise #fundie m.facebook.com

[On if trans women should disclose their transness to their dates]

A vegan orders a vegan meal and ends up with a steak. A man consents to a sexual encounter with a woman and ends up with a bloke. Don't both have equal right to be pissed about it?

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Brent Bauer #fundie m.facebook.com

If someone goes into battle you bet your ass I'm gonna pay for them to get a hard on when they come home. They earned it. But that's IF THEY NEED IT BECAUSE IF ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. No one chooses to have erectile dysfunction. People choose to transition between genders all the time. As a choice that means It is an unnecessary procedure therefore the US government shouldn't be wasting money on it.

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Jason Storms #fundie m.facebook.com

[=Context: A response to Tim Hardaway's saying he hates Gay People=]

I have to admit, I really like this old clip from Tim Hardaway. I was always a fan of his and this made me like him even more. It ended his career in the NBA as this opinion could not be tolerated by the powers that be (until now as his son is now bringing him back with his success as a professional) What did Hardaway say wrong here? Was he provoked? I have to say I would not have said the word "hate" but everything else seems legit to me, and I understand the spirit behind what Tim was saying. Also, with all the LGBT garbage thrown in my face constantly, and all the cowardly responses and politically correct pressure and thought policing and censorship of ideas, this clip brings a smile to my face.

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Jason Storms #fundie m.facebook.com

LGBT Pride month is officially over. I did not celebrate. I grieved. To summarize the festivities; tens of thousands of homosexual men have contracted AIDS this month, hundreds of thousands more have severeely ruptured their rectal organs and will be unable to go to the bathroom in a normal manner again. Millions more have spread and contracted a host of diseases from syphilis to gonorrhea as well as the onset of anal and rectal cancer as feces, semen, and blood are mixed in the most unnatural of ways. It has been quite a month.

How can I say I care about "gay people" if I encrourage and celebrate this behavior? Two men sodomizing each is not love, it is unhealthy and destructive behavior. Many will call me a hater and a bigot for saying this (oblivious to their own hatred and bigotry) but it is love that demands I say these things. How many young men are being seduced into this self-destructive lifestyle while the media celebrates and panders to their seducers? If I love homosexuals I will seek to steer them out of that lifestyle and inform them of the work of courageous men, like Dr. Josef Nicolosi, who have developed reparative treatments rescuing men and women from same-sex attractions.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ, along with a good supporting community, can liberate and set free any one of us from the deepest addictions, habits and desires.

Our bodies were designed for lifelong monogomous sexual activity between a male and female. All the scientific data confirms this. This is the standard. All the propaganda, hype, sentamentality and seductions of our modern narcissistic age will not change that standard. America will either turn back to this standard or we will go the way of the Roman Empire.

#HedonismUltimatelyFails #LGBT #ChangeIsPossible #SpeakTheTruthInLove

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Jim Garlow #fundie m.facebook.com

[Describing Christians who support gay marriage]

Wimps! All these capitulators are wimps. Oops. I better not use that word and call this guy out. I gotta act like some milquetoast, spineless dude, yes? Worse than wimps. They are heretics.

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Paul Jan Gagalka #fundie m.facebook.com

[Talking about how fecal matter was found in Starbucks's ice]

This is an outcome of having aliens working in Starbucks. CEO was mixing business with political correctness - sh..t is coming out.

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Rick Joyner #fundie m.facebook.com

[His supposed plan to save America]

A. Back off and let those men who want to marry men, marry men. B. Allow those women who want to marry women, marry women. C. Allow those folks who want to abort their babies, abort their babies. In three generations, there will be no more Democrats.