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Various Fundies #fundie #homophobia

(=Fundie backlash against pro gay Christian YouTube channel “Taboo Topics”=)

1. CableCutter: Inc When paul wrote that he wasnt referring to moral law....he was talking about ceremony laws.... so its ok to kill ?(thats what you are saying, when you said paul said we are no longer under the law. Your hermeneutic (BIBLE interpretation) is so wrong.

2. Anthony J. McGirr: You don't care about the truth. And you are pushing an agenda. That's why you keep posting anti-Christian posts.

3. Melvin Castillo: Her spirit is weak.

4. Jeffrey Potter: You have elevated emotions above truth. If you can use the Bible to justify anything...throw it away. You don't need it. You can manipulate it to say anything you want. It saddens me to think what potential you have in being trained in righteousness and being equipped for God's kingdom. There is still time to repent. My heart breaks for ya'. All of our battles are in the realm of the spiritual... If homosexuality was normal and God was okay with it...then if you could place all of like gendered homosexual people on an island with no traveling off that island and no other visitors able to come to the island....after 150 years...would there be any families? Granted... there have been some interesting questions one can ask the pastors to keep them accountable to God's word and feeding His sheep...but to say that what the Holy Spirit teaches is wrong cuz it doesn't line up with your feelings or interpretation is basically you having a tantrum against God cuz your pastors may not have been well equipped to deal with the seeker and questioner as opposed to just keeping the pews filled and etc. As much as you hold up the human emotion to be such a gentle thing that shouldn't be damaged... I can see that you're hurting. I will pray for you.

5. Josh DeSalvo Sure: many of the laws were related to being seperate from the other pagan nations regarding clothes, foods consumed, and other aesthetic aspects which was done away with after Christ fulfilled the law and Gentiles were welcomed into the Kingdom of God. However, Jesus nor any other text in scripture, indicates giving up the entirety of the law such as being obedient to God and His commands as well as the judiciary system necessary to solve issues within the church. We understand this through how Jesus communicates with His disciples as well as how Paul communicates with the church's through His letters, they speak with the understanding that the audience knows the commands he has laid out for them in the Old Testament and should be following them accordingly. Only thing mentioned in scripture regarding gentiles following the "Jewish Law" related to circumcision and foods sacrificed to idols in Acts 15:29. Paul identifies the necessity of law in Roman's 7 and 8 and our expectations of Christians and the necessity to follow the law.

6. Shayla: The same arguments in this video have been proven by Christian scholars and apologists to be inconsistent. These are old arguments. It’s very easy to say what she’s saying in an isolated environment without actually testing the validity and consistency of her statements against someone who truly understands the Bible. Her error stems from completely misunderstanding the covenants within the Bible and the purpose and application of each covenant which is illustrated as you move from the old to the New Testament. They are entwined. Misunderstanding that leads to exactly what we see in this video. Nice try though

7. Jam AK: An atheist who doesn t have the Holy spirit gives us a bible study! Good fruit is sexual immorality????what???? Homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God (1corinthians 6:9-10 i read in other languages it translates as homosexuals... nice try.

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Rod Pickens & followers, Youtube #fundie

Out Of Body Experience (THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND)

Jeremiah Kirby: Rod, I spoke to Christians around the world and we all agreed that time has already been sped up. Can't be long now. The wheat and the tare are separating themselves and those that have tried hiding behind a Bible are exposing their true nature. It's all happening RIGHT NOW!

Mushkari Radona: Be blessed son,the devil will be working overtime to discredit this message,but dont worry,God is your righteous and faithful witness.

Valencia Johnson: It's better to believe this testimony than not too. Think about it.... if you believe it, you win, and see it as God's grace (it's not costing you anything) BUT if you are wrong and he is right about what he saw..... it may be too late for you one day. Take this as God's grace. God is speaking to us and we need to get busy winning souls because time is running short now as we are in the last days. Lord Help Us to live according to your written and spoken Word, In Jesus Name.

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Rod Pickens, Youtube #fundie

1 Truth: What kind of 'loving god' sends u to hell?!, this is a deceiving & evil en+ity &it is farming human souls. What kind of creator sends u with no prior knowledge of self expect u 2b good in an evil world.? Archons farm humans same way we farm animals.

Rod Pickens; The bible says its not God intent that we perish and go to hell. What about the loving God wants us to spend eternity with him and not in hell. Hell isn’t the focus of the faith, love is. If hell is all you got from the faith then you might need to be taught the bible. God doesnt send us there our bad decisions do.

1 Truth: so in the Bible he demands worship... If you created something or some1 would you demand it to worship you? If you do make it to 'heavan' which I call advanced software. You get there, then what? Just be iin awe? You eventually get sent back with no prior memories of past lives. Reincarnated\recycled so the energy/light/love you tease they feed on. Like the movie sausage party humans are food.

Rod Pickens 1 Truth Its clear that you have your mind made up on what you believe. I respect you enough not to offend you with what I believe. Id rather build relationships and get to know people more than Try to convince someone that my belief is real. Its better to live my life and allow my life to prove thats its real. If I can’t do that then what I believe is meaningless.

Truth @Rod Pickens at the end of the day all beLIEfs are lies, what if u were born a different race, a different country ? Which religion is right? The one you're born in2?

Rod Pickens: The one that can be proven with power. Thats what make Jesus real. I have seen the heal sick, blinded people received sight, deaf able to hear. I have seen real miracles and I have 100% compelled.

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Steven Scott #fundie

(=Regarding the death of Tina Grimmie, mother of murdered singer Christina Grimmie=)

Ann clinkscales: At least she'll see her daughter again, R.I.P

Steven Scott
ONLY if they were both Christian.


kimberly rios: @Steven Scott umm ????

Steven Scott
Yes, Kimberly? It is true. ONLY if they were both Christia will they see each other. This will mean that they will be in Heaven and see each other. If only one was Christian, they will NOT see each other. If NEITHER was a Christian, they will not see each other.

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Steven Scott #fundie

I am SO sorry to hear that you don't believe Heaven is real. This means you also don't believe in Hell. Jesus created both of them. Heaven is for Christians, and Hell is for those who have NOT asked for God's forgiveness and become a Christian. If you still don't believe this when you pass away, then you WILL believe it when you stand before the Great White Throne, and see God. Unfortunately, it will be TOO late to change your heart, and you will have to pay for your life of sins.

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ThyWillBeDone1985 #fundie

(=Video in the link in a sermon by Pastor Charles Lawson that can't be copy and paste=)

HELL FIRE: The Most Powerful Sermon Ever!!!

Are you sure you're going to heaven when you die? Or are you willing to chance your eternal soul and possibly end up in hell fire?? Why not make sure of the matter today, while there is still time?

The good news is: You can KNOW that you're going to heaven. The Bible clearly states:

"These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God." 1 John 5:13

You see, God wants us to KNOW, and have the matter settled. There can be no misery greater than living life wondering if some day you will lift up your eyes in hell!

The Bible so wonderfully makes salvation clear. It is a gift given of God, that cannot be earned in any way of our own doing.

"For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast." Ephesians 2:8-9

"Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost." Titus 3:5

Jesus Christ made this wonderful, free salvation possible.

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

Do you see what the verse says? It is simply BELIEF, or rather FAITH, TRUST, in Jesus Christ that saves. I am so thankful for these following verses that tell of man who sincerely wanted to be saved, and was told how:

"Then he called for a light, and sprang in, and came trembling, and fell down before Paul and Silas, And brought them out, and said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved?
And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house." Acts 16:29-30

Christ came to this earth, God in the flesh, a perfect man who never committed sin. He sacrificed His life of the cross of Calvary, shed His blood, as PAYMENT for our sin. You see, our sin separates us from a perfect and Holy God. We have no way to approach God in and of ourselves, for He is HOLY, righteous, perfect, and pure. He cannot tolerate sin. So Jesus took upon Himself the sins of the world, that we might be reconciled *(bought back) to God. We can come to the Father through Jesus Christ His Son!

"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." John 14:6

So what must I believe, more specifically, about Jesus Christ to be eternally saved, you may ask...? You are saved by BELIEVING the good news of the Gospel, Christ's death, burial, and resurrection!
When you accept this beautiful truth, that Christ loves you and died for YOUR sins, and arose from the grave FOR YOU, TO SAVE YOU FROM HELL, and you simply say yes to Him (call upon the Lord), in child-like simplicity, offering nothing of yourself or self-righteousness to God, but clinging only to CHRIST'S MERIT and HIS righteousness, YOU WILL BE SAVED.

1 Corinthians 15 says:

"1 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand;

2 BY WHICH ALSO YE ARE SAVED, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.

3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;

4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:"

"That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved."

Would you be willing to put your whole-hearted faith on Jesus to make it to heaven... instead of trusting yourself and your own way? If you say yes, and will trust what the Bible promises to every sinner who would believe on Jesus Christ, would you humbly go to God in prayer and ask Him to save you in the name of Jesus?

God bless you all who watch my videos. I pray many will come to know of the wonderful saving grace of Jesus Christ.

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Austin Willcut #fundie

You're right on some stuff and very wrong on others. I agree man is a soul(Read genesis, the creation of Adam) but he was not created mortal either.....Adam and Eve were immortal until the fall of man and sin, that's where death came in. Only through Christ/repentance/regeneration/getting saved can we go back to God's original plan for humanity before Satan butted in and receive eternal life in Heaven....simple as that. Man was always intended to be immortal because God is immortal and we're created in His's just common sense and it's Biblical. The whole "spirit departing from the body after death" comes from Platonism and Gnosticism and is not Biblical at all.....very pagan stuff and complete bullshit. A lot of people get these things backwards including Christians who are very ignorant and don't read scripture carefully or do research. No, the Bible does not teach "annihilationism" where are you getting that? Scripture please. The Bible is very clear on eternal punishment/lake of fire(plenty of scripture for this), man is eternal either way no matter what you believe because the Bible/God says so. We're only "mortal" for a short while. The question is: where are people going to spend eternity? Heaven or's that simple.

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A Letter From Satan To The So-Called Christian

Are You A "True Follower Of Jesus"?! ...Does You Lifestyle Show It?!

Watch this video - then ask yourself - if some - or all of the sins mentioned - are an intentional, habitual and/or continual part - of your everyday "Christian" Life.

If so - you need to examine yourself - to see if you are a "True Follower Of Jesus".

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John Baughn #fundie

The passage in Isaiah is about the new heaven and new earth. The sin-tainted world will be no more.
And no, I have no compulsion or requirement to humbly try to lead someone to Christ who has no interest in it, and is actively hostile to the truth. God wins no matter what you or anyone says, so it's ultimately not going to matter to me one way or another. There are passages that suggest people in the lake of fire will actively still shake their fists at God... All while being continually tortured with no end.
This "little lamb" would agree with your position, but then we'd both be wrong.

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John Buagh #fundie

Tyler Houck: Ah yes...scripture The infallible "word of God". The sacred books man can't keep his hands off of; retranslated, rewritten, reinterpreted by generations with agendas and schemes or the blasphemously ignorant to preach to masses.
The "good book" that will damn you to an eternity of servitude.

John Baugh: Your anger seems only exceeded by your ignorance of Scripture and its preservation. There is a science called textual criticism, which is used to verify the original writings given many different copies with tiny variations because of transmission errors, like scribes misreading words or marginal notes making their way into the actual text accidentally (or on purpose.).
For example, there are ancient Greek poems that have 200 or 300 textual variants, which actually helps scholars produce the original with better accuracy. And almost no scholar rejects a piece of literature from antiquity as being flawed if it has 200 or 300 textual variants. The more textual variants, the better. The Bible has over 5,600 textual variants. Over 98% of them are simple scribal errors. none of the textual variants have any bearing on modifying the doctrines of the church.
The Bible has been preserved miraculously, and no scholar worth his or her salt rejects that notion or believes in some sort of giant conspiracy.
Furthermore, Christ has made me free, so I am not at all under any bondage whatsoever. Thus, your point is moot.

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John Baugh #fundie

Rontow: I just want to correct you on one thing, as a Jew who read the entirety of the Tanach, Gehenna is not hell, it is a physical location called "guy Ben hinom" ("guy" meaning "valley", the "valley of the son of hinom") where Canaanite pagans (and heretic Jews at times) sacrificed their first born. There's no hell in the old testament (and Judaism), Gehenna is a physical location you can visit, though it is believed to be cursed (from the whole sacrificing thing)?

John Baugh: It was used by Jesus as a metaphor for Hell. And the Old Testament is full of the reality of Hell. With all due respect, Rabbinical Judaism of today is descended largely from the teaching of the Pharisees, and is a far cry from the sacrificial system under Abraham, and then Moses, instituted by God. Many (most?) Jews today do not acknowledgement an actual Hell, nor an actual Satan, and most I've spoken with don't acknowledge an actual Heaven or afterlife either. This is entirely contradictory of the teaching in the Tanakh (which I've also read many times.)?

?skylander king: I'm Jewish and the way I heard of Hell is as just a midpoint between being reincarnated if you didn't make it into Heaven the first few times. A boiling swamp where your soul would be tortured 6 days a week and only let out on Shabbat. I'm not sure how long this torture lasts for, only that it's not eternity.?

John Baugh: Well, the interpretation involving reincarnation is not consistent with the teachings in what we Christians refer to as the Old Testament (The Hebrew Bible, Tanakh.) Reincarnation is more of a pagan/far eastern/new age philosophy (probably introduced into Judaism by some sort of Kabbalah tradition.) Some of the confusion is because the New Testament uses terms that would have been more familiar to the Greek world (e.g., Hades, Tartarus), and then when English translations came about, the Nordic influence into English was clear, since the word "Hell" is from Germanic/Nordic tradition. But this doesn't mean the CONCEPTS were "borrowed" from the pagans. It's that that terms they could at least have some concept of could be used and clarified when needed. It is true that our knowledge of Hell is limited, but the souls definitely went to Sheol, sometimes also called "Mot" (although that is also a term borrowed from neighboring/conquered civilizations like the Canaanites for clarification.) I'd say that it's quite clear God says He was have vengeance and judgment upon sinners, and that this is a permanent state, if one makes a careful reading of Scripture a priority. (Isaiah 2:12; 13:6, 9; Ezekiel 13:5, 30:3; Joel 1:15, 2:1,11,31; 3:14; Amos 5:18,20; Obadiah 15; Zephaniah 1:7,14; Zechariah 14:1; Malachi. 4:5 are all decent references) Also, throughout history, God revealed Himself and how the universe works over time, so the earliest Jews didn't have all the information - there was a lot of mystery. For example, Jews then (and even still don't) didn't understand exactly who the Messiah would be. They assumed it would be a political figure that would save them from tyranny. This is why the Jews (Pharisees primarily) during the time of Jesus were assuming the Messiah would be someone to throw off the Roman conquerors, but in the same respect, they didn't want to rock the boat because Rome gave them quite a bit of autonomy. But, the prophecies about the Messiah throughout the OT says that He would be "bruised for our transgressions" and the "punishment that brought us peace was upon Him" (Isaiah 53 - which is CLEARLY NOT about anyone other than someone whose punishment can pay for your sins.) Furthermore, an enormous portion of the Old Testament/Tanakh points to Jesus as Messiah. And although this group gets a lot of hate from orthodox and non-Messianic Jews, I'd recommend they are a group to at least consider, as far as the points they have to make:

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Tom Knight #fundie

ItsAmandaWan: I'm not a sinner Tom. Thanks, have a great day!?

Tom Knight: Amanda, I was a bit busy the other night so I couldn't write much, but I appreciate your kind reply. What I share with people I share in love, but I usually receive hate in return. That's OK, I don't take it personally. I'm only the messenger. Anyway, as the Bible says in Psalm 51 that we were all born into sin. So we all have a sin nature. Satan loves to deceive people and put a different color wrapping on sin, and it works especially well when society applauds any kind of sin. We have to ask for God's help out of sin every day. And repent when we do sin. I never realized the urgency of accepting Christ as Lord and Savior until I looked people in the eyes who had NDE's. You can tell that what they experienced in Hell was not a bad dream or a hallucination, it forever changed their lives. For someone to say that what they experienced there they wouldn't wish on their worst enemy, or even Hitler. It must have been traumatic. So I share this truth with precious people. What they do with it is their decision. Even most churches today don't talk about sin because people don't want to hear about it. And less money will come in if they do tell people about their sin. But the only way to escape the fires of Hell is to repent and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. I pray you can do that.
Anyway, darling, I have to go now. My sexy Asian wife is out in SF, she's a highly-payed Medical Professional and I'm here in Pensacola Beach Florida (with the sugary white sand beaches) getting some beach properties. So I'll see her soon. But she's amazing, she honored her father's request to not get involved with any men until after Med School. So at 27 she was still a virgin, so I won the bank! As an Ex Playboy Military Pilot/ Airline Pilot I did well my dear! But God honored me when I made my decision for Christ as Lord and Savior. We waited and honored the No Wed/ No Bed plan of God. So our first time was honeymoon night. But she's is a Lady of dignity and self-respect and not a dog in heat looking to scratch an itch or satisfy an "urge!" And my gosh did it pay off! Big time! Anyway love, please consider accepting Christ as Lord and Savior of your life! He is the only way to escape the fires of Hell. I see the emptiness in your eyes. God knows you are truly searching. Please don't live in the gutter of Satan having any sex before marriage. And the bisexual mess will definitely lead you to the fires of Hell, so get that out of your life quick and wait for God's man for life so you don't spend an eternity in regret.
You don't have to write back my love, only think of what I've said to you because it's said in love to you, and not hate or judgment.
Anyway, have a good night my sweetheart and live a Godly life!
Tommy boy!?

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Tom Knight #fundie

("A Youtuber reveals her new girlfriend")

As usual, this is said in love and not hate or judgment. As you are precious to God. So I will not give a thumbs down, as that's sneaky, but I will give the truth. And pray God you will listen.

This video looks like a Bible movie that is titled: In the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Wouldn't you say? Yes, I thought so! I've tried everything to stop these perverted videos from coming in but they keep stalking. So, once again, I guess God wants to have a talk with you. No, don't confuse this with "hate", as they say, so don't let Satan con you into believing that lie. Because real hate would be people in the comment section applauding this sin. It's sad how deceived an entire generation is. To the point that they have no clue that the lives they are living are an abomination to God. And when the "Boss" calls something an abomination, we had better pay close attention. What they fantasize as "freedom" is nothing but a display of the bondage that they are in. Jesus, forgive us. You beautiful people have to wrap your 3lbs of brains around the meaning of eternity and where you will spend it. Jesus desperately wants you with Him in Heaven and not in that place of eternal torment. And I want you in Heaven, also!

God loved the people of Sodom and Gomorrah but after years of constant warning to them about their sin of homosexuality, sex outside of marriage and other sins, He ended up annihilating every man, woman, and child. Even their animals! So you can clearly see that God has a limit. Yes, as the Bible says He is long-suffering towards us but His patience has a limit. To mock that is only to mock yourself and no one else. I share this in love to all of you. And you all know I'm not sharing in love because I do care about you. And I'm only the messenger. I will attach an account of Marilyn Monroe on the bottom of this comment. And where she is this moment as you read this.

Satan never plays fair, do not be on the receiving end of His deception. Your soul is worth beyond all the kingdoms of the world, and Satan knows it, and he hates you for it. So whatever it takes to drag you with him into his eternal destination, the Lake of Fire, he will gladly do. Whether it's the deception of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, reincarnation, Homosexuality, Lesbianism, tattoos and piercings, or being transgender, whatever it takes.

The only way to escape the fires of Hell is to repent and accept Jesus as personal Lord and Savior. Please do that now and repeat the prayer at the bottom. Millions screaming in the fires and torture of Hell today would give all their treasures or riches they had on earth for one opportunity to come back and pray the sinner's prayer and accept Christ into their heart. You have an opportunity, they don't.

Pray this prayer:

Dear Lord God, I realize that I am a sinner and that I'm in need of a savior. Please forgive me, I'm sorry for my sins. I believe that Jesus died on the cross in my place paying the penalty for my sins. Right now I confess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord and Savior of my life and I accept You now Lord Jesus. Lord God, I believe in my heart that you raised Jesus from the dead on the third day. According to the Bible, I'm now saved, and Born Again. Show me how to live the rest of my life for you, in Jesus Name, Amen.

Love in Christ

So let's quickly look at Marilyn Monroe. At the apex of her fame in Hollywood, Billy Graham was moved by God to go and speak to her about her life and to tell her of God's love and the Saving power of Jesus Christ. He mentioned that he felt an urgency about her. When he finally sat down to speak with her, she laughed hysterically at him and said, "I don't need your Jesus!" She had no clue that death would end up surprising her only a few days later. And NDE after NDE confirms the fact that she is currently screaming and burning in the fires of Hell. Many have said the demons take sheer delight in mutilating her and throwing spears through her and throwing her into the fire. They said that her screams were unbearable to listen to. And it was very, very real. And none were telling a lie.

Your life is a gift from God to you and what you do with that life is your gift back to Him. And in the backdrop of eternity, you are only here on earth for a few seconds. So please, let's live our lives the way God wants us to live them. Nothing on this earth is worth missing Heaven for. From the few accounts of people who were taken to Heaven (via NDEs), it is a place that you do not want to miss! The streets are pure Gold. And the Gold is so pure that it's transparent! People said they saw their grandparents while they were there and they were young again (20's/30's) and beautiful! People even saw pets there that they had as children that had died decades prior! So you can clearly see that what's important to you is important to God. Please, accept Christ today and make Heaven your home!?

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Tom Knight #fundie

Tom Knight: Hi dream queen. Thanks for not attacking like most do in their first few sentences, my friend. So many church denominations are so far away from Christ and the Truth of God's Word that it's difficult to find a church that actually preaches about sin and the realities of Heaven and Hell. Most are about competing with the church across the street and having huge memberships and making lots of money. You can see it in the extravagant lifestyle of some of the pastors of these churches. But I came up Catholic and would say I"m closer to possibly Baptist now. But whoever has a passion for the lost (those without Christ) and hurting that's who I agree with. These are all God's precious kids, including this lovely girl and her lovely mother (mum, as they say over there). I care immensely for them and that's why I don't sugar coat the truth. As tomorrow is not a guarantee for anybody. And if you end up in this place, you will never get out. You might not have had the opportunity of looking in the eyes of people who have had NDE's, I have. And what they described of Hell was not a bad dream or a hallucination. It forever changed their lives. And most will not talk about it. I'm one voice that can stand alone and strom the Gates of Hell because you are all worth having the right to know the truth. What people do with that eternal truth is their decision. All I know is that Jesus weeps because He doesn't want any of you to end up in that very real place of eternal suffering. But He will never come against your gift of a free will. So you have ot accept Him as an act of your will. I will attach a prayer here.
Pray this prayer:
Dear Lord God, I realize that I am a sinner and that I'm in need of a savior. Please forgive me, I'm sorry for my sins. I believe that Jesus died on the cross in my place paying the penalty for my sins. Right now I confess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord and Savior of my life and I accept You now Lord Jesus. Lord God, I believe in my heart that you raised Jesus from the dead. According to the Bible, I'm now saved, and Born Again. Show me how to live the rest of my life for you, in Jesus Name, Amen.

Mieke deM: Hi there! Let me start of by saying I'm born and raised Christian and I am a child of God. Then, how sad that you choose the word "fascinating" to describe the supposed work of Satan and then proceed to claim you care. Further more, how dare you speak for God by saying it's "too late for them" when His message is that it's NEVER too late to choose to follow Him. Lastly, God wants nothing more than for His children to be happy and thriving, who are you to say that they are living their lives wrong? Who are you to say they aren't children of God. Please, if you choose to represent Christians, then don't give us such an awful name as you just have. These people are brave in the face of adversity, they teach people to love themselves and live life fully. THAT is closer to teaching us the ways of the Lord than condemning people you don't even know to hell. Than judging. God teaches us not to judge, only He can judge, and yet here you are thinking you can do his job for Him. He teaches us to love, so spread the love He shows us, don't spread hate and use Christianity as an excuse to do it... I don't mean to be rude at all sir, but spreading love and the true word of the Lord is important, but shoving it down people's throats and claiming they're going to hell is not the right way....?

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Darth Bane #fundie

They always have been deceptions.

Not once in the bible was their a page where someone had a nde went to Heaven talked too God and then sent back too Earth to talk about their dream.

Not once.

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Pixie and LC #fundie

(=Video title "Is it possible Near death experiences are demonic deceptions, designed to discredit what the Bible?"=)

Pixi: Yes this is something I have come to realise, that the enemy can indeed give a false nde to an unsaved person. Because some people claim to see an 'Angel' that tells them things that I know for a fact a true Angel of God would never say. Telling them it's ok to be a practicing homosexual indulging in sodomy for example.. It's actually terrifying when you think about it.. Because these poor people believe it. I don't understand why God allows the fallen ones to do this.. I've been praying he stops them. Remember, Satan has no creative powers of his own and has a sloppy counterfeit for everything God does.?

L C: Pixi can u give me the link??

Pixi: @L C Hello. It wasn't in a video that particular thing, it was in a book about ndes and obes from gay and lesbian people. I stopped reading it after the part when a man said his 'angel' told him hell didn't exist and that God made gay people and was happy he was gay.?

L C: Pixi then can u give me the book *laughing emoji

Pixi: @L C I had to go do a little research as I couldn't recall the name, but it's "Crossing over and coming home" by Liz Dale. But remember, it's largely a deception.?

L C: Pixi don’t worry i will read it with caution thx anyway *smiley emoji*

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Cheryl Clarke #fundie

So manyyyyy are having ‘dreams” of diabolical events to happen...we ALL MUST PRAY for Gods mercy as events are ramping up at an unbelievable speed as evil is rife and after daily issues eg NYC legislating FULL TERM ABORTIONS one can draw no other conclusion that the world needs cleansing... folks, vital we ALL MUST pray in earnest

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(*Comment on "Dire Warning for New York City")

I felt this shift. I've never felt this particular evil energy before. My ears were ringing, literally. Deafening. At the same time, I looked at the newsfeed on my phone. I was thunderstruck. I said out loud, to myself, The gates of hell have been opened-God help us. The words came out of my mouth, the warning came from my soul. That's as well as I can explain it. I was meant to see your video. It calmed my being.Thank you and God bless you.?

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Edana Estenes #fundie

We are required to pray for our leaders in government. Governor Cuomo who demanded this abortion law be passed is deceived by satan. We should be praying for his salvation. And we should be praying the law be overturned. Listen, I know Jesus said it was going to get really bad. And we see it is. The last ten years this country has become very evil. Part of the reason why everything is like it is - the body of Christ never opens their mouths. They don't do anything, so evil has been creeping in slowly until it takes over completely. The other reason is we are living in the last of the last days. As in the days of Noah. I am not a dominionist. I think I know what that is. I have nothing against them. They are trying to stop evil or at least slow it down. I do not see anything wrong with that. I don't think Jesus would object to that. He does object to a lukewarm church.?

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Mark Murchison #fundie

(*Video description regarding Abortion*)

Dire warning for New York City..

Dream I had within this past year. Also word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit concerning late term abortion. Please repent and turn to Christ soon..

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Nadem & Trebor Marshall #fundie

(=Comments on The Death of the Episcopal Church and Liberal Christianity in General=)

nadem: "The sin of Sodom was a failure to take care of the poor" *Three laughing to the point of tears emoji's*

Trebor Marshall: And homosexuality which God calls an abomination.. other words possibly close might be detestable, sickening, rotten, horrible, terrible, worse than garbage..?

Homosexuality is close to child molestation and beastiality. Prob why child molestation and homosexuality have both been called sodomy?

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None; reader is "Argent" #fundie

(=Context: I am not sure if this really belongs on here, but the following is a reading of an article. I am not sure I can take anything from Argent's actual commentary as their views are fairly vague, so we're sticking with the reading; it should be noted the video is entitled "ELECTRIC SHOCK THERAPY TO CURE HOMOSEXUALITY MAKE... CHINA ECONOMY STRONG!!!" so make of that as you will=)

Undercover video shows horrific reality of China's gay shock therapy - where young men are pumped with electricity to try and 'cure' them of their homosexuality

Gay shock therapy uncovered in Chinese hospitals

15 years since homosexuality was considered a 'mental illness' in China
Electric shock therapy and nausea-inducing drugs cost $800 per session
Hospitals in Tianjin and Huashan are exposed by undercover patients
Barbaric treatment is secretly filmed but activists face prison

China’s Gay Shock Therapy story on Tuesday’s Dateline at 9.30pm on SBS
They are horrific images of young Chinese men with electrodes placed near their genitals and on their head before being subjected to huge doses of electric voltage to try and rid them of their homosexuality.

It's been revealed that men are still regularly subjected to gay electric shock therapy in China, 15 years after it was no longer classified a 'mental illness'.

Hospitals across the country continue to offer the brutal treatment, saying they can 'cure homosexuality'. Their barbaric methods are exposed by the Dateline program.

Electric shock therapy being used to 'cure' homosexuality in China

An undercover 'patient' is subjected to gay electric shock therapy inside a Chinese hospital. Leading psychotherapist Johnny Li said 'the damage can be long-term' +9

An undercover 'patient' is subjected to gay electric shock therapy inside a Chinese hospital. Leading psychotherapist Johnny Li said 'the damage can be long-term'

In one scene a young man posing as a 'patient' appears to have electrodes placed near his genitalia before the shock treatment begins and tells the nervous 'I'm nervous' +9

In one scene a young man posing as a 'patient' appears to have electrodes placed near his genitalia before the shock treatment begins and tells the nervous 'I'm nervous'

The program charts the process of finding a hospital which offers the treatment right through to the therapy +9

The program charts the process of finding a hospital which offers the treatment right through to the therapy

Secret filming by 'patients' uncovers the gay shock therapy still used in some Chinese hospitals +9

Secret filming by 'patients' uncovers the gay shock therapy still used in some Chinese hospitals

Activist John Shen is filmed making enquiries at Chinese hospitals about treatment for homosexuality. He is pictured with reporter Shaunagh Connaire +9

Activist John Shen is filmed making enquiries at Chinese hospitals about treatment for homosexuality. He is pictured with reporter Shaunagh Connaire

Viewers are taken inside medical facilities like the Tianjin Mental Health Hospital where undercover activist, John Shen, is told he can be prescribed drugs and shock therapy.

'It’s a small electric rod, when you have these urges, you shock yourself with the rod, then you know you should avoid these urges,' a psychiatrist tells Mr Shen.

In one particularly confronting image it appears a nurse even places electrodes near the man's genitalia as he calls out that 'I'm nervous'.

China outlawed the classification more than 15 years ago but that hasn't stopped the shocking practice taking place in medical facilities.

The SBS program also reveals how he is told his current 'condition reflex' makes him feel love for the same sex.

'Now what I want to make you to feel is scared,' the clinician tells him as she sends the charge through his body.

Activist John Chen breaks down as the Dateline crew leaves the hospital, revealing that he can be jailed if he makes complains about the gay shock treatment to authorities +9

Activist John Chen breaks down as the Dateline crew leaves the hospital, revealing that he can be jailed if he makes complains about the gay shock treatment to authorities

Activists against the Chinese shock treatment reveal they are regularly threatened with jail +9

Activists against the Chinese shock treatment reveal they are regularly threatened with jail

Another 'patient' went ahead with the treatment at the Huashan Hospital to secretly recorded the process.

'When these urges arise, you can take a cold shower or go jogging to release the excess hormones,” a psychiatrist suggested to him before offering the electric shock treatment.

He is told it costs $800 each time and that several appointments will be required for him to be 'cured'..

Electrodes are attached to the man's head, which goes numb as the voltage is turned up.

'He’s told it will rebalance his nervous system.'

Despite the law change, police closely monitor any public dissent and reporter Shaunagh Connaire is told opponents are threatened with jail.

'I think aversion therapy can hurt anyone, especially gay people,” psychotherapist Johnny Li said.

'Aversion therapy reinforces their lack of self-identity and their feelings of rejection, the damage can be long-term or even last a lifetime.'

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Jane Dough #fundie

Perhaps you haven't read Leviticus - where God tells us about how He destroyed Aaron's two sons for doing the exact same thing you are doing every Dec. 25. God says they offered Him "strange fire" - and says it was something that He "commanded them not". So for that He sent fire from Heaven and killed them both on the spot - for trying to worship Him in a way that He had not commanded them to.
As well .....
Okay - let's look at this in truth and spirit:
God makes it clear that no liar shall enter Heaven. He also makes clear that anyone who brings harm to one of His precious children, it would be better for a millstone to be hung around their neck and tossed into the sea.
Okay - with that in mind - what is the very first lie told to an infant/child? The "santa/xmas" lie, correct? And who is the one who tells that child that very first lie? Their parents.
So do you think that God is okay with a "tradition" of ours that is responsible for the very first LIE told to one of His precious children?
Those children get older - they find out - or are told - that their parents have lied to them the moment they were born - then when that same parent tries to tell them about Jesus and God's Holy Written Word - do you not think that the child will doubt/question whether their parent is lying to them again?
Do you honestly believe that God is up there thinking "Hmmm - well, I know what I said about the whole "lying" thing - and about not bringing harm to one of my precious children .... but - okay, I get it - yall are lying to one of my precious children to keep them happy - to make them smiles with all sorts of goodies up under a tree - I know I mentioned in my Word that I didn't want yall cutting down a tree and decking it in silver and gold, yeah, I said that didn't I - but hey, since it's all for the kiddies - and their happiness ... I guess I can let that lying thing slide - and the tree part too- and the bringing harm to my precious children."
So see - that is exactly how Satan has successfully gotten his foothold in from the very beginning of these babies/children's little minds - AND created division between that parent and child - right from the start.
As well - xmas supports, causes or advocates for just about every single SIN mentioned in God's Holy Word. Do you think He is okay with xmas now?
Sexual sin
Blasphemy (against Him)
Drinking excessively/drunkeness
Depression (not a sin but still not a good thing)
Sadness (not a sin but still not a good thing)
Stirring up family fights
Proud eyes
Sorcery (magic reindeer, santa, etc)
Disobedience to God
Sowing discord
Not being content with what you have
Defrauding others
Flattering for gain
Graven images
Rioting (Black Friday mayhem)
Quick tempered

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John Paul Thomas & Maria Tereza Ferreira #fundie

John Paul Thomas: I quit celebrating Christmas for the first time this year, after 33 years. I tried to explain to family and friends that Christmas is NOT Christian but they all look at me like I'm nuts. However it's good to know that there are still some true Christians out there who take biblical scripture seriously. "...Let GOD be true and every man a liar..."(Romans 3:4). Its high time we unlearn the lies and seek the truth as satan is the father of all lies, and only the truth can set us free.?

Maria Tereza Ferreira: John Paul Thomas unfortunately my Christian friends prefer to go along with Satan's numerous lies too. I've told them over & over that they are not worshipping God by celebrating Xmas but they too prefer to look the other way. I will not be part of these rituals because that is what it is. God bless you for sticking to the truth?

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Mike A #fundie

(=This is an example of Anti Christmas fundies =)
You know when something is wrong when the world celebrate what is supposed to be a Christian celebration. The world do not want anything to do with Christ?

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Martin Yirrell #fundie

(=Disclaimer: Yes. Martin Yirrell and Martin from Premier are the same person=)

Martin Yirrell: Homosexuality goes against God's decree that sex is restricted to a married man and woman, incest doesn't.

Alexander V Carsonjr: Martin, I doubt Gods exists that little rule was likely made by sick men whose God reflects them.

Martin Yirrell: On what basis is incest harmful, apart from the dangers of genetic load ?

Alexander V Carsonjr: you mean besides the fact it's fucking sick ? Also you proved my point that 2 people can't populate the earth.


Martin Yirrell: You know God exists you just pretend you don't.

Alexander V Carsonjr: Why do you assume that ? Is it that foreign to you that there are those who just don't share your beliefs ?

Martin Yirrell: No assumptions, just plain unadorned facts.

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A & O Productions #fundie

The popularity of Halloween is growing exponentially. Americans spend over $5 billion dollars annually on Halloween, making it the country’s second largest commercial holiday. In addition, a quarter of all annual candy sales occur during the Halloween season in the United States. What is it about Halloween that makes October 31 so popular? Perhaps it's the mystery--or just the candy? Perhaps the excitement of a new costume?

Whatever the draw, Halloween is here to stay. But what does the Bible say about it? Is Halloween wrong or evil? Are there any clues in the Bible as to whether a Christian should celebrate Halloween?

What Does the Bible Say About Halloween?
First of all, understand that Halloween is mostly a western custom and it has no direct reference in the Bible. However, there are Biblical principles that directly relate to the celebration of Halloween. Perhaps the best way to understand how Halloween relates to the Bible is to look at the meaning of Halloween and its history.

Let’s look at what the Bible adds to this topic in Ephesians 5:11, “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.” This text is calling us to not only have no association with any type of dark activity BUT ALSO to shed light upon this topic to those around us. As stated earlier in this article, Halloween was not exposed by the church for what it was, but rather was incorporated into church holy days. Are Christians responding in the same way today?

As you think about Halloween—its origins and what it stands for—would it be best to spend time dwelling upon its themes or to shed light upon what lies below the surface of this holiday's celebration. God is calling humanity to follow Him and to "come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing” (2 Corinthians 6:17).

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Kanayo Easley #fundie

It is quite appearing, to any who see with correct vision, NDE 98 percent are satanic deception. The intent is to provide you with a false sense of security concerning the afterlife. To turn you away from the idea of a supreme God who judges sin. Yes. This may not be comfortable for you. Satan deceives you while you live, and deceives after you pass thru, showing false light, false family. You come back and show great disdain toward the unenlighten ones who worship God. You get puffed up and feel special because of your experience.
You experience increased paranormal activity post NDE because Satan is reenforcing the lie. He is delighted for you to continue on thru life with this false hope. The 2 percent that are real, by real I mean that God revealed spiritual realities to them, they return and accept Jesus as Lord. Do not be deceived my friend.???

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Uri Berland #fundie

[Translation and commentary is sourced from Reddit]

0:00 The existence of life after death has been scientifically proven by an Ural Federal University student. The young scientist has even created the corresponding mathematical formula.

0:09 "Life is a function of time. Thus, death is the limit of that function as time approaches infinity. The solution is a finite quantity, which means that a crisp, determinate perception awaits us after death. That proves that life after death exists."

0:29 Based on that mathematical formula, Yuri says that after the physical death of one's body, certain information persists that they had been perceiving during their lifetime. The student thinks that that substance is intangible.



Let L = f (t) where t - time L - life expressed as information

then D= Lim f(t),t -> +infinity, where D is information about death and ensuing events


0:42 Now the mathematician is planning to tell the scientific community about the discovery and even publish an article in a foreign journal. Furthermore, Yuri is nominated for the Youth Nobel Prize of one million rubles which will be awarded in Yekaterinburg at the sixth Eurasian Youth Economic Forum. By the way, Yuri has already planned his own afterlife.

1:05 "If Benjamin Franklin took lightning from the gods, that means I took away... life after death, because now I know what it depends on and can influence it. You just need to control your cognition. To put it simply, choose it. Since we can see that consciousness persists, that information persists, that means the ability to choose persists as well."

And here's his crowdfunding campaign, which contains gems like "According to biochemistry ... when we don't have a brain to think with, nothing is left" and "We can view life as a function of two variables: information and time" and also a 9/11 picture for some reason.

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John Tornado #fundie

All those who reject God Most High and live a sinful life will end up in hell and being tortured by devils. This is true since I have had a vision of hell last year 2017. Hell should not be your last destination !!! listen to Jesus Christ, Son of the living God. He came to die for our sins. He shed His Blood so that we may have eternal life in heaven with him. My dear friends, life is short and fragile... turn away from sins and return to God. He loves you and He wants you to be saved. Do not listen to Satan , false gods, evil-doers... they lead you to hell with them... Go out and proclaim the Gospel to all nations ... heaven will be yours. Have a good day in Jesus Christ.,?

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Paul Gallimore #fundie

If we going to “unlearn the lies” then lets not start with a lie: People try to discredit the rapture theory by saying that Darby invented it. Whether this is through ignorance or to discredit it, it is simply untrue. You cannot say that “no one and I say no one” talked about the rapture prior to Edwards and Darby.

Look at a few scholars from the 1st century onwards who held the belief in a rapture:

The Pre- Trib Rapture view goes back to very early beginnings of Christianity and the church. Obviously writings of Paul also epistles of Barnabas, also Irenaeus (2nd century), Hippolytus, Justin Martyr (2nd century). Ephraem of Nisibis (the Syrian) (4th century). Others from 1686 Pierre Jurieu, John Asgill, Phillip Doddridge, James McKnight, Morgan Edwards and others.

Remember that the medieval church could not preach a doctrine of wrath been poured out on the very “kings” and rulers that paid their salaries. Hence one of the main reasons for an a-millennial view by the majority of denominational churches.

Rev 3:10 says specifically that the church of Philadelphia (missionary church) will not go through the tribulation. Also that some will go through unless they repent. How will they not go through if they repent?

Do not confuse the coming of Jesus for His saints (and the dead) in the rapture with the events that happen when he comes to judge the world and fight for Israel.

1 Th 4:16 and 1 Cor 15:51


He Comes for His own He comes with His own
He comes in the air He comes in the earth
Only His own will see Him All will see Him
Great Trib begins Millennium rule begins
Saints Ascend to heaven Saints come to earth
Earth not Judged Earth Judged
Imminent (anytime) Predictable – many prophecies , Psalms Daniels prophecies?

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YOYOYO meneayem #sexist

First of all women have been given the same rights as men in modern society. But the problem is they can't handle responsibility. When something doesn't go right women blame the patriarchy. But it was men that gave the vote to you. You'll never accept that women are inferiour. If we gave planet earth to women and all men left to mars or colonised some planet in the future, the would probably go back to stone age. I'm not joking. Where are all the scientist women?? If you continue this disrespect of man's achievements you only strengthen our arguments for why we need to make women obsolete using technology. (ie automation)?

It's illegal for women to abort without PERMISSION from the FATHER where I live :). I love how you think getting pregnant means women invented physics LOL, btw you carry the baby but the DNA is half of the man's who impregnates the woman. So nice fucking try. I bet you think men should have to pay for half of the abortion when you think it's all the woman's choice and body? Do you have any capacity to understand philosophy or is that part of your brain taken up by shoes and makeup??

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DaneMuhlig #fundie

~The Shack From Hell
The Shack is a movie that pretends to be a Christian film but it is NOT! It is a 100% in-Biblical move. It is a cult and an a heresy. It is part of the Grace Cult. It is New Age religion. The Shack is anti-Christ. The Shack portrays God as a woman, God the Mother. Jesus taught the prayer, "Our Father who art in Heaven." Not, "Our Mother who art in Heaven." Jesus called God "Father" 165 times. Jesus said, "Abba Father,' he said, 'everything is possible for you." [Mark 14:36]. Jesus said, "I praise you, Father, Lord of Heaven and earth. " [Mt.11:25]. "How much more will your Father in Heaven give good gifts to those who ask him." [Matt. 7:11]. Jesus said, "I am ascending to my Father and your Father." [John 20:17].In the New Testament letters God is called "Father" 40 times. "There is one God, the Father, from whom are all things and for whom we exist." [1 Cor.8:6]. "I kneel before the Father, from whom every family in Heaven and on earth derives its name." [Eph.3:14]."Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ." [1 Cor.1:3].

The Shack shows God the Father as an African woman who suffered Christ’s crucifixion. This is an ancient heresy that teaches that God the Father suffered on the cross. The Shack falsely teaches that Jesus is the best way to know God, not the only way. The Shack teaches universalism, that is, that all people will be saved. In the movie “Papa” chides a person that he is now reconciled to the whole world. The person retorts, “The whole world? You mean those who believe in you, right?” “Papa” responds, “The whole world.” The Shack's Jesus says, "Those who love me come from every system that exists. They were Buddhists or Mormons, Baptists or Muslims. I have no desire to make them Christian, but I do want to join them in their transformation into sons and daughters of my Papa, into my brothers and sisters.” The Shack God says, "In Jesus, I have forgiven all humans for their sins against me."

The Shack sees God’s nature as “too loving” to let anyone who has refused to seek salvation suffer the eternal consequences of sin. The Shack says, "Holiness has nothing to do with sin." And, "I don't need to punish sin." The Word of God says when the Lord Jesus is revealed from Heaven in blazing fire, "He will punish those who do not know God and do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus. They will be punished with everlasting destruction " [2 Thess. 1:7-9].

In the Shack God's holiness is perverted. God's judgment and holiness are considered to be in conflict with his love. The Shack says judgment makes God "grossly unjust." The Shack teaches no responsibility and no accountability. It says, "You won't find the word responsibility in the Scriptures." God the Father in the Shack says, "Honey, I've never placed an expectation on you or anyone else." This is a blasphemous lie. God's Word says, "Repent and change." [Mt.4:17]. God's Word says, "Without holiness no one will see the Lord." [Heb.12:14]. God's Word says, "Faith without action is dead." [Jms.2:26]. God's Word say, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." [Mk.16:15].

God's Word says feed the hungry, cloth the naked, visit prisoners, invite strangers into your home, help the sick. [Mt.25:41-46]. The Shack teaches that God is a friend, not Lord. It teaches that he is a "Buddy," but not a God to be served. The Shack teaches the Grace Cult. That God does everything and people do nothing. It teaches that God's grace forgives us no matter what. The Word says, "If we willfully keep on sinning after we have received knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, but only a fearful expectation of Judgment and burning fire which will consume the enemies of God...How much more severely do you think a man deserves to be punished who has trampled the Son of God underfoot, who have treated as unholy the blood of the Covenant and who has insulted the Spirit of Grace?

'Vengeance is mine, I will repay,' and, 'The Lord will judge his people.' It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” [Heb.10:26-31]. If people willfully keep on sinning after they have received the truth there is NO SACRIFICE FOR THEIR SINS LEFT! The goal of the Shack is not reaching multitudes of Lost souls in world but feeling wholeness about oneself. The Shack does not promote stopping mass millions of souls from going to an eternal Hell, but it teaches people to feel good about themselves. The Shack wants everyone to be happy and comfortable. Jesus Christ says, "Because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I am about to VOMIT YOU OUT OF MY MOUTH!" [Rev.3:16].

The Shack wants everyone to say, "I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing." [Rev. 3:17]. But Jesus says, "You do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked...BE ZEALOUS HOT AS THE GLOW OF SOLIDS AND BOIL OF LIQUIDS AND REPENT AND CHANGE!" [Rev.3:17-19].

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Jon Davis #fundie

(=Progressive vs Homophobic Christian=)

Jon Davis: Still missed it!! Jesus addressed this DIRECTLY. Right here!
Matthew 19:4-5
4 “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’[a] 5 and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’
One only need to reference THE DESIGN to understand THE PERVERSION.

blind poet38: Not necessarily true. Translated into English, the Bible condemns homosexuality. But looking at the original text, the Hebrew word that is used is very vague. And Jesus never said that gay people couldn't get married, but it was just God's design that they don't get married.

Jon Davis: "Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable" is not a word, it is a description to eliminate the confusion.
Jesus didn't need to say that "gay people can't get married", he referenced the design and that settled it. One only need to reference THE DESIGN to understand THE PERVERSION.
Penis is designed for vagina. *blush* Vagina is for penis. *blush* Anus is for pooping. *pffrrt*
It's not homophobia. It's basic biology.

blind poet38: If it is basic biology, how is it that scientists have found over 1500 animal species that practice homosexual acts. You are just assuming homosexuality is a sin. But the Bible really does not say that. And I am a Christian by the way.

Jon Davis: It is basic biology because that is how we procreate, and to do things differently promotes bad health (bleeding butts anyone?) and is not conducive to humankind's continuity.
Animals do all kinds of disgusting things. Dogs eat poop. Cats pee on clothes. Are you just an animal? No. Mankind was made in God's image.
As for everything else you just said ("You are just assuming homosexuality is a sin" etc) you're obviously trolling. I just quoted the text that called it "detestable". And while neither Old nor New Testaments use the term "homosexual" (a term that modern English coined) they both describe the sexual act and describe it with disgust and contempt.

blind poet38: You can think I am trolling if you want to, but you have to understand that the original Hebrew uses terminology that is not as clear-cut as people think it is when it deals with condemning homosexuality.

Jon Davis: Read the OP. Matthew 19:4-5 has no dependency upon Leviticus 18:22; indeed it goes the other way around. You're barking at the wrong argument. I myself was trolled by actually responding to it.

blind poet38: Sorry dude, I don't get your point. All I am saying is that in the original Hebrew, the word that is used is not as clear-cut as people think it is to condemn homosexuality.

Jon Davis: Now you're spamming. Stop repeating yourself. Even if it was true, it's irrelevant, and I already explained why. Now go read Romans 1:18-32 (originated as Greek, not Hebrew), study it with an exhaustive study Bible which provides insight on the original language, and come back when you've studied more than the ridiculous false "truths" and FUD you've found on the Internet.

blind poet38: You can be dismissive all you want, and that is fine. But why is it irrelevant? We are talking about homosexuality and the Bible aren't we?

blind poet38: It is obvious you have no answers to anything. I have already done the research.

AskariStudios: But God Said that all sex outside of Marriage is wrong. Since Marriage is in between only a man and a women. this makes homosexuality wrong. in no way shap or form has marriage ben said to take place between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. ONLY a MAN and a Woman.this has been stated numerous times in the bible. Not only this but in Levitcus, it is clear stated that homosexuality is an abomination. clear cut. in Jude, it its written that Sodom and Gomorrah gave themselves up to sexual perversion (homosexuality) and where thus made an example of. So with Just Common Logic, and the fact that through multiple translations, the same wording has shown up., its clear that the bible is against homosexuality.

blind poet38: The Bible never says that sex outside of marriage is a sin.

Jon Davis: "Fornication" is quite elaborately spoken against. That you would say such a thing speaks volumes about modern society being so casually hedonistic; sex outside of marriage was universally taboo and expected to be everyone's struggle, it didn't need to be spelled out in detail like it spelled out homosexuality, it was simply referred to as "fornication".

AskariStudios: 1 Cor 7 states : "Now concerning the matters about which you wrote: t“It is good for a man not to have sexual relations with a woman.” 2 But because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband." Its clear that Paul(I do believe he wrote this) implies that Sex before marriage is sexual immorality and that do to this temptation, a man should marry.
want more proof? look up : (Acts 15:20; 1 Corinthians 5:1; 6:13, 18; 10:8; 2 Corinthians 12:21; Galatians 5:19; Ephesians 5:3; Colossians 3:5; 1 Thessalonians 4:3; Jude 7) and Hebrews 13:4.

blind poet38: The only sexual sins that are mentioned in the Bible are adultery, incest and sex with animals. Fornication means "sexual sin." Which sins? Adultery, incest and sex with animals. Premarital sex is not mentioned as a sin.

Jon Davis: "Fornication" does not mean "sexual sins in general". It means "extramarital sex". If you want to discuss Greek or Hebrew, say so, but you didn't. Look up the word and stop speaking assertions about our English words when you don't even know your own English language.

blind poet38: Fornication does not mean "extramarital sex." That is what someone told you it means. Fornication means "sexual sin." Learn the facts.

Jon Davis: There's a fine line between idiocy and trolling. That line is knowledgable intent. I'm not sure what you're doing in your case.

blind poet38: OK Jon, you are right. Translated into English, premarital sex is a sin, despite the fact that Solomon and David and Samson, etc etc etc all did it and were never punished for it in the Bible. But the question is in the NT,, what does porneia mean? That is not the Greek word for adultery or any specific sexual sin. It generally means any kind of sexual immorality. And what is sexual immorality in the Bible? Adultery and incest and sex with animals.

Jon Davis: what do you mean "they weren't punished for it"? OT figures who engaged in fornication took a pounding for it. Most of their stories are used as case lessons for the hell people go through when they do it.
To answer your question: Fundamentally, in the Bible there are only two types of sex: sex within marriage (one man and one woman) and sexual immorality, porneia. Read the OP in this thread if you don't understand.

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Charleen Mcdade #fundie

brian (pastor brian) this is Not about being against or hating homosexuality its about teaching them its sin so they may repent & stop living that lifestyle so they have the opportunity to live forever in heaven with The Living & True GOD who made the heavens & earth & All thats in them. Im sorry for you cause(pastors) are held to a higher standard & with you accusing this is about homophobic & saten would be proud (you would know) your known as a liar. Thou shall not lie, shame on you for speaking evil about Truth.

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Voddie Baucham #fundie

Jesus never said anything about homosexuality? (Voddie Baucham)

Voddie Baucham on the common claim by many non-christians (and many liberal, compromising christians) that Jesus never addressed the issue of homosexuality.

Dr. Michael Brown also adequately demolishes this myth:

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Get IT J #fundie

(=Comment on "Pastor JD Greear equates preaching against homosexuality with preaching against slavery"=)

Ok, I do not like this comparison. Slavery wasn't a choice but homosexuality is. The atrocities that slavery put against a group of people and the aftershocks are astounding. Has anyone been killed for speaking against homosexuality??

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NicholasPOGM3 #fundie

Pope: Global Warming is SIN - Homosexuality is NOT

The Pope is once again showing where his loyalty lies. He is now declaring global warming is a sin and the only way to atone is to ignore what Jesus says to do in the Scriptures when it comes to forgiveness and instead do as the Pope commands to do.

On top of that, while he seems to have no issue in calling global warming a sin, he does have an issue calling homosexuality a sin. But then, that is to be expected by the leader of the largest known homosexual organization known to man.

Pope says Global Warming a Sin

98% of Vatican Priests are Homosexual!

More info on Pope Francis’ Loyalty

'Global Warming' Scientifically Debunked:

Vatican's admission of Paganism

Global warming to bring Global Government

Pope Francis, Climate change and Sunday Laws

The Mark of the Beast

Climate Change will lead to the MARK

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SDRAmerica #fundie

Is it not love, to share the truth on homosexulity? I know not why you are fighting against the truth so hard, but the Lord knows. But I want you to know, God wants all homosexuals to realize they have a sin problem like EVERY other person in this planet. Sin is sin.
If anything Alia, TODAYS view point on homosexuality is wrong. The Media pumps into everyones brains they cannot help it, yet their are testimonies disproving them quite clearly. The Scriptures however, are correct.

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NicholasPOGM1 & Truth4U2C #fundie

(=Regarding the Orlando Massacre=)

This is the true definition of the word HATE! Why so many people think Christians, who only share love and truth are hateful makes no sense at all. When people persecute, torture and even kill you, THAT'S HOW ONE DEFINES HATE!


(=Later comment=)

truth4U2C: I must ask that you consider that some bullhorn guys do really love the homosexual when they yell at them, as we know the homosexual agenda quickly hardens the hearts of those in it, a reminder of their position in light of God's holiness hopefully will be used by God to wake up the sinner.?

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NicholasPOGM #fundie

Is Polygamy a sin?

Polygamy was done by some kings, yes. But the Lord eventually enlightened them to their sin and the practice was stopped. Both Scripture and historic fact confirm that as truth. You cannot "assume" because some king practiced polygamy that it was always ok to do so. You need to read the ENTIRE Bible and not just areas that can be used to ok sin.?

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NicholasPOGM #fundie

Published on May 11, 2017
12 years ago I did a Newsletter on this centuries old lie that was posted at that time on World Net Daily. I actually came across this old lie on t he streets of Chicago over 30 years ago when I first started exposing the Antichrist in Rome. And just the other day World Net Daily AGAIN posted the exact same article word for word so as to keep the lie well fueled. Satan knows his time is short and so he is pulling out all stops!


2005 TPNL - Rome seeks to Re-Write the Bible? AGAIN?

Old Catholic Quote on 616 (TRADITIO Traditional Roman Catholic Network)

VIDEO: 666 – the MARK of his NAME

VIDEO: Is Nero THE Antichrist?

Islamic Antichrist?

King of the North

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mwilson70201 #fundie

The Blasphemy of Conditional Immortality

An examination of the false teaching of conditional immortality or annihilationism. This doctrine was developed early on by men who were heavily influenced in their theology by pagan philosophy and rhetoric. Justin Martyr who is a Catholic saint held this position. I will look at more recent proponents and this blasphemous doctrine in the light of God's word. Yea, let God be true and every man a liar.
Sons of Thunder, Old Time Preaching on face book
Titus 3:5

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BleuKitsune and Park Jihoon's Lost Abs and the lost AgustD #fundie

AVES Adventures: I’m a Christian and I hate when people say “that’s not what God intended” I believe God loves everyone and trying to limit his love is awful. That’s not only turning away people from the lgbtq+ community but that’s not excepting ur brothers and sisters. I love everyone and believe that the “Christians” who say that are filled with so much hate. People apart of the lgbtq+ community are strong people that I respect bc they have to deal with so much hate daily. Happy pride month everyone!???????

BleuKitsune: Yes God loves every sinner on this Earth. The liars, thieves, prostitutes, murderers etc. That doesn't mean he's going to look the other way when you go against his will just because he loves you.?

Park Jihoon's Lost Abs and the lost AgustD: Yes He loves them but I feel sorry because they can't enter the kingdom of heaven if they don't change , well only god can change a person.

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Joe Walker #fundie

The Portals Of Hell Have Been Opened

The Portals of Hell have opened, there will be great darkness and also great light, will it be Rapture or Rupture for us?
Satan is being vicious toward the true Christians today as the spirit of Antichrist grows stronger on this Earth. All the demons from ages past have gathered to do battle against the true Christians of our Lord Jesus Christ, because we serve our Master our savior, our Lord Jesus.
True Christians should look up to heaven, and not dread this hour at all. Our God's power is much stronger than all the multitudes of demons that are coming against the the true Church of our Lord Jesus Christ in this last hour.
The demons know they can't destroy the true Christians, The Christians with the blood of Jesus will trample the demons underfoot. The demons know the true Christians have been given power over all of them, even over Lucifer himself. All we are required to do is live a Holy life without any willful sinning and we are promised the victory...the battle belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ!!!
Jesus chose Paul for a soul winning mission, and Paul suffered so very much for our Lord Jesus Christ. Much of the time after Paul's conversion he lived in the thick of the battle.
Paul was imprisoned, beaten, persecuted, but what a wonderful message our Lord sent through him to us... the pure Word of the living God!
Our Lord will be able to get the very best soul winning work out of us during our hours of suffering, trials and persecutions during this Christian life. We will cling to the Old Rugged Cross of our Lord Jesus with greater determination, greater strength because we will draw from our Lord Jesus Christ, we will draw on those powers we need from our Jesus, day after day!
Paul is a great example of the Christians of today. (II Corinthians 4:8-10). Persecuted, mistreated, robbed of life just like Jesus was robbed of life, the Early Church went through all of that. The words of our Lord held Paul steady when Paul was under more than he thought he could bear: My grace is sufficient for thee; my grace is sufficient.
Paul's answer was that God's grace was sufficient, that God's strength was made perfect in Paul's weakness. No longer did Paul seek and beg our Lord through his problems. Paul trusted our God completely. We who are going through troubles and trials will not have it easy, but as we trust in our Lord Jesus Christ we will win for all eternity!
We must trust our God completely because our God provides all the power we need so we will not come up lacking in anything.
Paul's attitude in the face of great persecutions was a shining example for all of us as we live our Christian lives. In II Timothy, we read Paul's farewell letter to Timothy, one of his spiritual sons in our Lord: (II Timothy 4:6,7). Paul told Timothy that he had kept the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ. Paul believed God in everything and in all things; Paul never let the enemies of his God rob him of God's promises. Finally Paul's work was done; our Lord had poured out the last message through him; Paul had encouraged the last soul; graduation day had come. A swordsman awaited to send him to his heavenly home.
Some wouldn't have liked that kind of graduation ceremony, but Paul knew it was our Lord's way for him to go, and with all humility, with all love, Paul bowed to the will of our God. Paul used the faith of our God and the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ to seal his testimony with his own blood. The grace of our God was sufficient for Paul just as it will be sufficient for some of us when we come to the end of this life's journey. some of us will be Raptured, but there will be others who will be required to seal their testimony with their own blood!

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Ramin Parsa #fundie

Ex-Gay's testimony

Some people confuse the issue of loving people with accepting their sins and agreeing with their error.This is a controversial subject but it needs to be dealt with.Helping people to go deeper and further in their bondage is not love. If someone is a drug addict or alcoholic, we love the person but we certainly reject homosexuality although we love the people. This video is to help you understand the issue from a unbiased, Biblical and true perspective.

We as Christians are commanded to love our neighbor and even our enemies but that doesn't mean we accept or agree with people's sins.In John 8 people brought a woman caught in the very act of adultery. People were referring to the law that she must be stone but Jesus said:" he who is without sin cast the first stone." as result people were convicted by their conscience and left But Jesus turned to the woman and said:" I don't condemn you but GO AND SIN NO MORE." Jesus didn't condemn that woman but He didn't accept or agree with her sin.

The purpose of this video is not to condemn the gays but the share with them the Gospel and lead them to repentance and change. The Bible says:"The goodness of God leads people to repentance." Many people have a problem with how to deal with homosexuality.The media and educational system and some politicians have told people that "it's only a sexual preference" or "gays born this way" or "it's who they are."... But none is true.

This is a true story of a former homosexual who through the Grace of God was able to get free from homosexuality and turn to become a man of God and a missionary. Adam felt lost as a homosexual and felt miserable, after asking God to show him the truth, he was delivered and now he is sharing the love and truth of the Word of God with people.

He has been persecuted for his conversion and he abstinence from homosexuality. We live in a fallen world and the prince of this world is satan. he comes to kill,still and destroy. John 10:10. The devil comes to deceive you. He uses thoughts, desires and imaginations to impose his perversion on you. We as believers must fight off those ideas and thoughts.2 Corinthians 10:3-5 says:" For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. 4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, 5 casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ." we need to bring every thought into captivity under obeisance to Christ.

That means there are some thoughts, desires,ideas,suggestions,emotions that you need to fight off and reject and bring to captivity instead of allowing them to dominate and control your lives. Yielding to unclean and profane thoughts or desires only will lead you to darkness and bondage.

The Bible says in
I Peter 5:8-9 "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world."

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Anchored North #fundie

Gay to Christian Testimony - Homosexuality Was My Identity

Becket spent over 25 years pursuing the desires we all desperately want as human beings: relationships, love, intimacy, support, and affirmation. Undeniably, these desires had a unique grip on his heart that was incomparable to any other desire. They carried with them emotions that vastly impacted his will, intentions, and actions and became a unique part of his identity.The problem with this is that he was not created to have an identity rooted in sexual orientation or human relationships. No one is. We were created to have an identity rooted in God. If that's off, all of our desires are off and we find ourselves chasing things that we were never supposed to pursue. Homosexual relationships are one of those things. It stands contrary to God's moral will for mankind. But we don't have to stand as enemies of God. Through Jesus Christ, there is hope for new life. There is hope for salvation.

Becket's story portrays this truth with such kindness and from an intimate understanding of your life experiences, thoughts, and desires. May you see his love for you, God's love for you, as you watch it.

IS IT OKAY TO BE GAY AND A CHRISTIAN? Sign up to watch this bonus interview here:

Regardless of what you have done in your life, redemption is provided to you through Jesus Christ. Just like Becket, even if you have found your identity in worthless things, God died for you. He can make you a new creation and save you from a terrible fate if you call out to Him. If you are broken over your sin, call out to God in repentance and faith in Jesus Christ that He will redeem you.

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MassResistance #fundie

Former homosexuals and children of LGBTs speak the truth!

At the Teens4Truth Conference at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary on Nov. 18, 2017. Real people countering the lies that we are all being constantly told about the LGBT lifestyle.

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Original Author Unknown #fundie

What if?
What if you had a friend who died without knowing Jesus as their personal Saviour?
What if he or she went to hell?
What if one day you received a letter in the mail from beyond?
A letter from your friend in the flames of eternal torment
This a story of two fictitious high school students named Zack and Josh. Although Zack has every opportunity to tell Josh about Jesus. . .he didn't. . .They were bestfriends-- they play soccer together, they went to classes together, they partied together, they shared their lives with each other. . .
But there is one thing Zack held back from Josh. . .HIS PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST. . .
The rest of the story is simple and sad. . .

A few too many beers, a traggic back home, a crush,a death, a funeral. . . A LETTER. . . . . .FROM HELL. . . Here is that letter. . . . .

Dear Zack,

I died today. It’s a lot different than I expected. You see, I always thought that dying would bring me to a world that is foggy and hazy. But this place is crystal clear… It’s even more real than my life on Earth.

I can think. I can talk. I can even feel.

Right after the wreck I could feel my spirit leaving my body. It was the weirdest thing, Zack. I thought I heard you screaming out to me, man. Must have been just imagining things.

At first I was just standing in line, getting registered I guess. They asked me for my name…and began to look in this thing they called the Book of Life.

I guess they couldn’t find it though because this huge angel standing next to me grabbed me by the arm and started dragging me away. I was terrified. I had no idea what was going on. I asked the angel where he was taking me, but he didn’t answer. So I asked him again…

Finally, he told me that only those, whose names were written in the Book of Life, could enter into Heaven and the rest would be condemned to Hell forever.

Man I was scared. The angel threw me into some kind of holding cell. Where I’ve been sitting and thinking for a long long time. Do you want to know what I’ve been thinking about?

I’ve been thinking about YOU.

Zack, You’re a Christian. You told me so yourself. I mean we talked about it three different times today.

Kelly brought it up and you laughed it off. Coach Adams brought it up and you changed the subject.

I mean, it came up right before the wreck. Well the question I can’t get out of my mind is this, Zack. Why haven’t you ever told me about how to become a Christian?

You say you are my friend, but if you really were you would have told me about this Jesus and told me how to escape this terrible place that I’m headed for.

I can feel my heart pounding in my chest, the angels who have been chosen to cast me into hell are coming down the hallway. I can hear their footsteps.

I have heard of this Hell. They call it the Lake of Fire.

I can’t stand it, Zack. I am terrified. No! The angels are at the door. Oh no, no! They’re coming in and they’re pointing at me. They’re grabbing me and carrying me out of the room.

I already can smell the burning sulfur and brimstone. I can see the edge of the cliff where Hell burns.

This is it. I am without hope.

We’re coming closer, closer, closer. My heart is bursting with fear. They’re holding me over the flames. I am damned forever.

This is it. They are throwing me in. Fire, Pain, HELL.

Why Zack? Why didn’t you ever tell me about Jesus?

Your friend,



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The BEAT by Allen Parr #fundie

Does God Support Polygamy?

What do Abraham, Jacob, Esau, David, and Solomon have in common? All of these great men of God had multiple wives. So, does God support polygamy? That’s the question we want to answer today on the B.E.A.T.

INTRODUCTION: Hey what’s up everybody my name is Allen Parr and so the question comes up, “Did God permit Polygamy?” This is a tricky question and one that needs to answered carefully Well there’s actually one verse in the OT that seems to CLEARLY suggest He did (Deut. 21:17). So, in this video I want to look at 1) some of the REASONS why some men had multiple wives; 2) the RESULTS of those decisions and then finally 3) the RELEVANCE for us today.

1. Men had multiple wives for a variety of reasons
a. Barrenness – Sometimes it was because their wife was unable to have children and further the family lineage.
b. Protection for Women – Other times they were providing protection for women because due to many men dying in war there was a disproportionate number of women to men and women were unable to provide for themselves so men would step up and take extra wives to provide support and covering (sadly women were often forced into prostitution to provide for themselves)
i. Deut. 25:5 – There is even a scripture that encourages a man to marry his brother’s wife if the brother died without children.
ii. And so the idea here is do you become a polygamist or do you force that woman to possibly become a prostitute?
c. Alliances – Sometimes it was to forge alliances with other nations and so kings would trade wives to secure the partnership.
d. Greed – Other times men like David chose to take on wives for selfish reasons.
e. But even though, interestingly enough on one occasion God says to David, “Why did you have to go and steal someone else’s wife? If the ones you had weren’t enough I would have given you more…” (Is God condoning polygamy?)

2. The RESULTS of Polygamy
a. Whether it’s a sin or not, interestingly, each time a man took on more than one wife in the Bible it created major problems and divided the home.
b. We can look at Abraham and his two wives, Jacob and his 2 wives + 2 concubines, we can look at the situation between Hannah and Peninnah which was an absolute nightmare, David and his wives and Solomon’s heart turned away from God because of his 700 wives.

3. The RELEVANCE for us today
a. God Established His institution of marriage at creation – The Law of First Mention – God’s design for marriage is very clear and is outlined in both the OT and the NT. In Gen. 2 God says, “And the TWO shall become ONE.” Jesus then confirms this in the NT (Paul says the same thing about church leaders needing to be “the husband of ONE wife.” (see also Eph. 5:22-33 and Col. 3:18-19)) where He repeats the very same scripture found in the OT. So anything outside of God’s original design cannot be His perfect will.
b. Don’t confuse God’s PERMISSIVE will with His PERFECT will – There are many things He allowed but doesn’t desire.
c. Don’t take something that God is DESCRIBING and interpret it as God PRESCRIBING it – David cursed his enemies in prayer does that mean we should do it? When interpreting the Bible be careful not to take isolated events and then make them normative for every believer (poison, snakes, etc.) Does that mean that because it worked for them we should do it?
d. Just like God blesses and uses us despite our many sins in the same way God was patient to bless many men in the OT who took multiple wives. So instead of asking, “Why or how could a holy God bless someone like that?” Instead ask, “How could God overlook some of the stuff that I’ve done and still bless me in spite of what I do?

So did God allow polygamy for various reasons in the OT? I think we have to safely say that He did. But has that ever been God’s perfect will for a marriage relationship? I think we can safely say NO.

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Franky UK #conspiracy

SPACEX made an error - Tesla car reflected images reveal the truth of this fake Space Oddity

It is difficult to comprehend how anyone can believe this poor Green screen/CGI fake footage is real This video proves there is something definitely odd going on with Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster space car...

Please note: I try to make my videos informative but entertaining. All comments are subject to review. Sensible and civilised debate is encouraged here. However, if you believe that foul abuse, ridicule, sarcasm, and insults are an acceptable part of your core argument then please do not waste your time posting on this channel. Anyone posting in this vein will have their post(s) deleted and will be permanently blocked. Serial Shills, Trolls and WUM's will also be blocked.

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TBaker1964 #conspiracy

(=Regarding Elon Musk launching a car into space=)

If there's ANYONE out there who actually believes this is real, you need your head examined and a tattoo on your forehead that reads "Brainwashing Complete". Absolute total BS, the audacity of these people to even portray this event as real is stunning.?

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Flat Earth Brothers #fundie

The SpaceX live feed footage made it appear that the rocket turned sideways and then went straight down. I assumed it was just the camera angle. However, footage taken from a nearby highway proves it did in fact go straight back down. If it were following the curve of the earth like planes are said to be doing, it would appear to be flying straight like planes do when flying with the "curve." However, unlike planes, Rockets don't have wings, rudders, or ability to adjust the trim to stay straight and level. I mean curved and arched lol. Once they tip over they have no choice but to go straight back down to the ocean.

Many are commenting that I'm not aware of how rockets get to space. I am aware of this process, but if you take a screenshot at 2:35 in the video and then use a program that allows you to drag a picture of the ball earth into the curved flight path, you will reveal that the earth is really tiny or the rocket did fly into the ocean as it appears. Here is a link to a video where I admit to being wrong about the flight path. It proves the globe model as well ??
Please refrain from using bad language. It doesn't make you look any smarter although it does make you look cool in certain crowds :)

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Jesus is Lord #fundie

The LGBTQ people need God just as much as any other person living in sin out there. Some of them are very unhappy and are hurting. Unfortunately because some Christians do not know how to talk to homosexuals and they judge and condemn them without treating them with love and kindness, this behavior draws a lot of LGBTQ people from God. A straight male pastor once said if life was the other way around and he was supposed to be with a man even though he had attraction towards women, he can understand that it would be really hard for him to let go of these desires in his heart and fully commit to God. So he doesn't judge or condemn LGBTQ people and he understands how they have desires in their heart that are hard for them to control. But I would love for anyone who is reading this who is living in sin and is not saved whether you are LGBTQ, an alcoholic, a liar, a fornicator, an adulterer, someone struggling with gluttony, struggling with pornography, struggling with any form of lusts, struggling with tendencies to gossip, struggling with greed, struggling with pride, etc. God can take these desires out of your heart and make you a completely different person. All sins are equal in gods eyes and once you get saved, all of your sins will be forgiven and they will be nailed on that cross that Jesus died on to give us eternal life. When you get saved you will also receive a gift from God that will teach you how to have self control. God loves every single human being living on this earth. After all he created us, we would not exist without him. If only more people living in sin will just seek God, get saved, and truly experience the love and forgiveness that he has for all of us. God does not wish for any of us to go to hell. But he gave us free will, so we have a choice to live in sin or to get saved and give our lives to God. If someone does not receive salvation, then they cannot go to heaven. Say this prayer below if you are ready to receive salvation and give your life to God.

If you are ready to give your life to God then say this prayer below:

Dear God, Can you please forgive me for all of my sins? I know that I haven't been living my life the way that you would want me to and I am sorry for this. I am now ready to give my life to you. I believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior who died on the cross for my sins and that you raised him from the dead. I am ready to get saved and I would like to be set free. In Jesus name, Amen?

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Infinite Architect & ThyWordIsTruth #fundie

(=A comment thread in a Universalist educational video=)

Infinite Architect: You are a false teacher preaching annihilationism which is unbiblical. You will be held accountable for everyone you deceive.? [...] Did you even watch it? He is saying hell is just a temporary place where you get "refined" and you will eventually make it to heaven and the devil is going to heaven too. This is total heresy and sends a dangerous message to lost people because it makes them think they will escape eternal Hell and they can sin all they want and not have to worry. This clown thinks he has stumbled across special knowledge but he is just a fool twisting scripture and preaching some strange perverted form of Universalism. You can follow him into Hell if you want, it's your freewill to do so.?

ThyWordIsTruth: AMEN brother. Here we go again, someone trying to correct the Greek and Hebrew and using their own private interpretation. Now to the OWNER OF THIS CHANNEL, your problem is that you've either been deceived by a reprobate bible scholar or you hate what the word of God says. Revelation 14:11 KJV says: " And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name." Apparently you have more knowledge than 54 of some of the worlds greatest scholars who translated the King James Bible and you obviously believe in a "god" who cannot perfectly preserve his word for future generations. You are a fool and if you don't repent and TRULY put your faith in the Lord Jesus of the BIBLE, you will find out that the lake of fire is a place of eternal torment.

truth96130: @ Infinite Architect Just because people believe that judgment is not forever, that does not mean they will think they can sin all they like with no consequences. There are many crimes that do not have a life sentence.Does everyone think (I think I will commit all those crimes because the punishment is not forever)? Nope.?

ThyWordIsTruth: If you are gullible enough to believe this man than you have a big problem. Not only is he wrong but in denying the TRUTH of eternal hell is to deny a fundamental of the Christian faith! Also it is NOT foolish to believe that the KJV is the perfectly preserved word of God for the English speaking people. Have you heard the saying 'a little Greek is a dangerous thing?' Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade.?

truth96130: 1. "He is trying to correct the Greek and Hebrew and using their own private interpretation."-- What part of (the Greek word translated as torment, is touchstone) is a private interpretation ? Look it up before you accuse. 2. "He has either been deceived or hates what the word of God says." --Calling people deceived because they know something you did not know.
does not mean they are deceived. Try to study up on the Greek word they translated (torture) before you falsely accuse someone. 3. "Revelation 14:11" --Is the book of revelation filled with metaphors, symbols and figures of speech? Yes. Does torment have smoke? No. Does smoke rise up forever? No. Can there be a forever after forever? No because the first forever will never end. Can people never rest? Only if they have an infinite amount of energy. Do people have an infinite amount of energy? No. Apparently your taking what is not literal and trying to say it is. 4. "Apparently you have more knowledge than 54 of some of the worlds greatest scholars who translated the King James Bible." Question --If the KJV translators were so perfect in their translation, than why did they give Alternate translations to over 1000 bible verses (in the margins) and many of them had different meanings. If they got (the original one right) there is no need to put another one in the margins. 5. "You obviously believe in a "god" who cannot perfectly preserve his word for future generations." --Are you saying that God will not allow any one to make a miscopy in a bible? A) Yes. B) No. 6. "TRULY put your faith in the Lord Jesus of the BIBLE." --What name is the only one by which we must be saved??

truth96130: 1. Any one that interprets the bible differently than you do are all false teachers? When you become God, than you can assume your interpretation is perfect. 2. He is not deceiving people just because he interprets the bible differently than you do. 3. "This is total heresy." --No, what you were taught is heresy. Because it teaches God is the eternal oppressor and the opposite of the savor to the majority of mankind. 4. "He is a clown because he thinks he has special knowledge." --Personal attacks prove nothing. Back it up with scripture if you can. If you can't than you have no argument.?

Hope Remains: The KJV is just as flawed as any other English version. I have nearly 40 years experience working with scripture in the original languages, and taught Hebrew and Greek for many years. God preserved His word in the original languages. That preservation does NOT extend to any translation. The KJV translators were charged with creating a Bible that would support the teachings of the Anglican Church. As a result, they tampered with numerous verses to bring the Bible into line with church doctrine. Further, KJV, like some other versions, contains a verse the translators almost certainly knew was a fraud. 1 John 5:7, as found in KJV, et al, is called the Johannine Comma. It cannot be found in ANY ancient Greek manuscript of the New Testament, nor in any of the early Latin versions. It first appeared in late versions of the Vulgate, added by some anonymous monk copying over the text. It breaks the sense of the passage, and there is not a legitimate Bible scholar in the world who thinks John wrote it. It did not find its way into a Greek version until the 11th century, when someone scribbled it into the margin of a Greek New Testament. When Erasmus created his Greek manuscript, he revised it to agree with late versions of the Vulgate, which was a huge mistake. The translators of KJV chose to ignore all the ancient Greek texts at their disposal, and used primarily Erasmus' so-called Textus Receptus, a seriously flawed version. There is no real substitute for taking the time to learn the original languages and studying scripture as originally written. 2 Timothy 2:15.?

ThyWordIsTruth: You mean the translators of the KJV chose to ignore the manuscripts that don't agree with one another? So to have the perfect word of God we have to learn Greek and Hebrew, what rubbish. Well go on then take your Novum Testamentum Graece and preach it to people on the street.?

Hope Remains: Hmmm... perhaps you should work on your reading comprehension. There are small differences in all Greek manuscripts. No two agree completely. The KJV translators rejected all the older, more authoritative manuscripts, in favor of a flawed manuscript that was only about 100 years old. Now, if you want to put all your faith in a Bible translated (poorly) from that flawed manuscript, go for it. But don't expect God to applaud that decision. You also ignored the fact that KJV contains a verse that is a proven fraud. I guess you don't care about that either.?

ThyWordIsTruth: Well don't expect God to applaud a bible like the NIV that says the Jesus fell from heaven and not Lucifer like the NIV in Isaiah 14:12.?

Hope Remains: I am no fan of NIV. There is no fully accurate vernacular Bible. But in NIV's defense, it does NOT say Jesus fell from heaven in that verse. KJV uses the word Lucifer, which is a lousy translation of the Hebrew word Heylel, which means "Daystar." That name was given by God to the devil when he was first created as a cherub. After he fell, God reclaimed the name for Himself, and the former Heylel became known as Satan.?

truth96130: If you want to get technical, it can be a dangerous thing to know no Greek. You said--"You mean the translators of the KJV chose to ignore the manuscripts that don't agree with one another ?" --Thats wrong, in fact they did use manuscripts that did not all agree with one another. That is why they had alternate translations in the margins of the very first KJV bible. I am still waiting for an answer. Question--Is it possible for there to be a miscopy in a KJV bible? A) Yes. B) No. Rather than just accusing him of being wrong with out backing it up, tell us exactly what he said that
was (wrong) and then explain to us the correct way. If you can not do that, than you have no argument.?

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Indexanimisermo #fundie

Sorry, you cannot possibly be "Christian" and "Gay." That's an irrational oxymoron if ever there was one. To be a TRUE Christian means you would try not to do anything knowingly or deliberately to violate, give offense or even live outside of G-d's Divine laws! That is mortal/moral sin. "Gay" is truly a most despicable Satanic word of mockery and the most contemptuous hatred towards G-d and his laws. The intent behind this perverted word is to cunningly infiltrate enmasse the minds of unsuspecting belligerent souls tempting each one into engaging into the act of sodomy to pervert the very nature of G-d's creatures and then to twist it socially as though it were perfectly natural, which it is NOT!!!! To destroy the family structure from within, to infiltrate the Holy Roman Catholic church, (and all protestant churches too) its seminaries and the children they have access to, and therefore, the nation itself. Look around you. Use your brains and pray...Get real, and get wise fast!?

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markksargent #fundie

(=In response to a Flat Earth Debunking Video - should also be noted that in that same thread there's another fundie who completely took over the conversation, but left too many comments to post here=)

Thank you for introducing your subscribers to the Flat Earth concept. For those of you new to this, get ready, because your world is about to change, and it's never going to be the same again. Everyone laughs at first, but when you're done, ask yourself this: When did you first find out you lived on a globe? Because of the model you saw when you were six, or because of the ONE picture you saw in a textbook. Do your own research, and ask questions.?

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Kiyro Siv #fundie

(=One of many comments from this fundie on this Flat Earth dbunking video. Also he apparently used to go by Chris Shastid=)

Fuck you dude lol. You pretend to be logical but you can't make one statement without resorting to childish tactics like finger pointing, name calling, and threats of censorship.

If the evidence really did back you up, you wouldn't need to be such a snarky and entertaining cunt to get your point across. You would let the facts speak for themselves.

You're just dead inside clinging to what little confidence you have in your tiny little box of thinking

Just curious, how can you be into meditation but not seem to have any interest in astral projection or any form of astrology or divination?

How can one be into spirituality but deny the spirit/soul?

Why be into spirituality but cut yourself off from the good shit because your too proud to admit you're wrong when it comes to creation?

Are you really willing to sacrifice your own personal growth for someone else's worldview?

Oh yeah, you're an atheist, the lowest form of intelligence to ever grace humanity.

The one's that believe everything came from nothing.

That nothing added to nothing expanded over time to create everything.

This is the level of intelligence I've chosen to expose myself to.

Good thing the smart one's learn from their mistakes eh??

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Jeffery Young #fundie

(=A comment on a video teaching the Annhilationist viewpoint of Hell=)

I am very dissapointed because they did a great video proving flat earth and now have shown false teaching?.

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Tigress Kamori #fundie

(=A comment on a Universalist video=)

No fire in the grave friend. Hell is a real place Gods word says there is you say they are not a Hell. Who is lieing now? Sad that people dont want to believe gods word but thats ok one day everybody will know that Gods word is true and that there is a real Hell. . It wont go away because you dont want to believe it. Written by Dale

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creative_blkk #fundie


Creative Blkk coming with a new video expression my emotions on my experience as a homosexual, and just wanting to get closer to God, and the reason why I couldn't because of the sin I was holding on to.. I am not here to judge anyone only God can do those things. I ask you pray for me as I pray for you.. Be bless, so many more videos coming soon. LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, AND COMMENT I would love to hear you story, and if you or struggling with this you are not alone please reach out to someone if you feel it is me email me at

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Christian Rough #fundie

(= Description of Laws of the Bible explained=)

Laws of God explained.....

This was a sermon on homosexuality but it can be used and thought of as any sin and what goes against God....from stealing if your abortion the killing of a baby if it's inconvenient for divorce if your unhappy or for any other can't justify sin!!! You will be held accountable on judgement day unless you repent and turn away from be separated form God for eternity and to burn in hell is a second death but lasts forever.....Gods law and word has been written in heaven and will last will never change and there are no exceptions or special circumstances........

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Before Its Too Late #fundie

NASA caught faking space 100% PROOF 2018

Green Screens, wires and CGI OH MY! NASA LIES AND THE MOON LANDING IS JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG! The funding going to NASA is WASTED. After seeing this what do you think? I would love for someone to try to debate the footage used in this video.
Please Like and Subscribe for more vi

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JC #fundie

What's up with the title? I don't see how the Native Americans are doing jack shit here, except cooking dinner. I did however see some highly intelligent and hard working white people doing some fantastic work to save these strains, then instead of doing the right thing and selling them for a profit so these strains can increase the foodcrop diversity worldwide, they hand them over to some local lazyasses sponging off government handouts. White people need to stop feeling bad about what our ancestors did centuries ago. It's over. We had nothing to do with it. And we have done more to move humanity forward than any other race. Fuck white guilt. There is no other race that has ever hated itself for the immoral deeds of it's forebearers, and literally every race has a shameful history, not one excluded. We need to stop apologizing, and the rest of humanity should be grateful for what we've done for them.?

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John Zalvaris #fundie

When demons are pushing children into homosexuality, Jesus is the answer.

Parents Awake!!! Demons exposed "we are pushing children into homosexuality"
My advice: Christian parents should be more diligent leading their children to salvation because the enemy is roaring to devour them through the things of this world.

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Lightendog #fundie

Hi folks......I am honored to make your Flat Earth hit list. I want to go on record saying Satellites, Dinosaurs, the moon landing and evolution are all fake. Sorry folks, we never were apes. I know most of you believe NASA and Scientism but you will feel different some day. First there was nothing and then "nothing" blew up and created everything over millions of years by random chance. See how perfect Earth is just by chance? lol. Only a monkey would believe that.

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Joe mama #fundie

Yes! Yes! I speak English! I dress European as well! I wear tshirts and sneakers! I'm pretty involved in European culture as well! Yes! I like pizza, I watch modern sports! I like rock, rap, and know some Hollywood gossip ! Yes there's nothing wrong in assuming that! Assumptions based on logical reasons are understandable. I won't define what is logic/reason/rationale/etc is. I don't have time to teach philosophy. Your assumptions are based on logical reasons. However I'm not an Englishman. I'm not a native European. Just because I have some European ancestry doesn't give me the right to call myself white/Caucasian/European. It would be disrespectful to them. I don't look like them nor do I go through most of their day to day problems, like balding , or other things like certain diseases.

My assumptions on your makeup was based on physical features which is based on genetics not an actual socially constructed Indian card. This is what I've been trying to explain to you. Actual genetics vs a real life social construct.

Oh yes I definitely know the real history of NA. Cannibalizing, rape, actual genocide against rivals. Every group did it to every neighbor before coming into contact with other genetic groups. Perhaps the only 'romanization' mentality I have is that I believe in a sort of unity among NA. I know they have their own individual cultures which they should fight to keep, but what I'm saying is they should embrace a fellow NA regardless of culture than any non NA. I admire the European's and black peoples' unity and brotherhood. And I would love that for my own people.

This whole discussion has been based on the nurture vs nature debate. I used to believe that is was 50/50 but when you look at the actual measurable scientific evidence, the hard evidence points to biology/genetics having more influence than the environment. It doesn't discount the environment however, I have explained to you with facts and reasonable arguments as to why biology/genetics influences our lives from age, sex, appearance, digestive" patterns, to even intelligence and bone density(look these studies up yourself). I repeat and I can't stress this enough;
Genetics separates man from gorilla. Genetics separates men from women. Genetics separates a 10 yr old and a 50 year old. Genetics separates a Native American from a Subsaharan African and a European.?

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Gabrielle Riah, Mount Zion #fundie

Secure your soul today!
Many people today do not believe there is Heaven or life after death. Others said the teaching of Hell is just a scare tactic. Do not believe these people. WE KNOW FOR SURE THAT THERE IS DEATH. If you are wise, then secure your soul today by fulfilling the requirement of Heaven, which is obedience to the Law that the Lord God gave to Moses, Prophets, and accepting Lord Jesus the Son of God, a GUIDE and SAVIOR of our souls. If life after death is not true, then you will never come to know it; You will not come back to life again. WHAT ABOUT IF THERE IS TRULY A LIFE AFTER DEATH, AND HEAVEN AND HELL ARE REAL? The words of God instructed that if you have fulfilled the requirements of the Lord God, then you will enter Heaven. If you did not, then it is too late for you to return to earth and relive an obedient life in Christ the Lord. You will enter Hell.

Do everything you can to secure your soul by obeying what the Lord God demands from you while you are still on the earth, as you are ensuring your financial stability for whatever may come in the future by learning everything in school. If you fall into poverty, it is only more than a hundred years or less of suffering on earth. In Hell, people are hungry but no food, thirsty and no water, in pain in the fire burning and no medicines, no house to live, no bed to lay head, and demons with spears are stabbing them FOREVER. People entered Hell because they spent their whole lives on earth on learning if God exists or not instead of obeying His Law and live the life of Christ the Lord.

Psalms 49:6-9
Those who trust in their wealth and boast in the multitude of their riches, none of them can by any means redeem his brother, nor give to God a ransom for him— FOR THE REDEMPTION OF THEIR SOULS IS COSTLY, AND IT SHALL CEASE FOREVER— That he should continue to live eternally, and not see the Pit.

Isaiah 33:14 The sinners in Zion are afraid; Fearfulness has seized the hypocrites: “Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? Who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings?”

Holy Spirit
Facebook/ Mount Zion, gabrielle Riah?

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surferdude3522 #fundie

David Loved Jonathon in a totally different way to woman ,thats what he is meaning .
It has Absolutely nothing to do with sex.
its so obvious how the homosexual community has taken this out of context to suit their argument.
Good luck telling God thats what David meant on the day of Judgement

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Jaybenn Augustine #fundie

what do you mean everyone else is immigrants an immigrant is someone who moves from one country to another country and if European settlers never colonized north America it would have never have turned into a great nation so how could we be immigrants. There is a difference between migrating a country and just stepping on a land full of nothing but pot smoking redskinned feather heads. Read a book or 2 my friend?

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Infinite Architect #fundie

(=On a educational video on Universalism=)

You are a false teacher preaching annihilationism which is unbiblical.
You will be held accountable for everyone you deceive.?
Did you even watch it? He is saying hell is just a temporary place where you get "refined" and you will eventually make it to heaven and the devil is going to heaven too. This is total heresy and sends a dangerous message to lost people because it makes them think they will escape eternal Hell and they can sin all they want and not have to worry. This clown thinks he has stumbled across special knowledge but he is just a fool twisting scripture and preaching some strange perverted form of Universalism.
You can follow him into Hell if you want, it's your freewill to do so.?

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Michael Yeager #fundie

The LIE of universalism that says all roads lead to God, that
because of God’s love and mercy, everyone will somehow make it to Heaven.This is the same lie that sadly is preached from the pulpits of many of our churches. If that is true, then Jesus is a liar and the Bible is not true! If that is true then Jesus’ death on the cross meant nothing and you don’t have to put your
faith in Jesus to be saved, but simply believe whatever you want to believe and when you die you will make it to Heaven!

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Goldie Boud #conspiracy

(Note: This is a reaction to a video about a group of scientists suing the EPA, after the agency's decision to fire scientists from several key advisory board positions, and replace them with members of the industries supposed to be regulated by it.)

(Goldie Boud)
Good!! Scientist are making things that are killing you and all of us. If you don't know that then get educated as to what scientists have been up too!! Chimeras! SMART DUST!! SYNTHETIC DNA TO MAKE ALL KINDS OF CREATURES!! Cloning us so they can kill off humans and replace us!!! Using our facial recognition to make robots that will take over the world and WELL GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE UP TOO!! BUT ITS ALL FOR ILLUMINATI TO USE AGAINST US. OH AND HOW ABOUT THIS FLUBVACCINE THATS KILLING THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE AND YET THEY KEEP PUSHING TO TAKE THE SHOT!! NOW THEY HAVE A NEW SHOT, THOSE SCIENTIST DO, THAT IS A ONE TIME SHOT AND YOULL NEVER NEED ANOTHER ONE IN YOUR LIFE!!! BECAUSE YOULL BE DEAD IF YOU TAKE IT!! AND LETS TALK ABOUT THE RFD CHIP THEY ARE STICKING INTO YOUR NEW BORN BABIES AND CHIPS IN YOUR BRAINS TO CONTROL YOU!! I GUESS IF YOU WANT THAT ADRENAL DRUG SND YOU DRINK BABY BLOOD AND YOU KILL THEM FOR SACRIFICES THEN YOU DONT GIVE A F*CK!! LIBERALS ARE DISGUSTING DISPICABLE MONSTERS!! I CAN SAY I AM VERY HAPPY HE IS NOT FUNDING WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS ANYMORE THE HORRIBLE SCIENTISTS!!! They are not scientists who are working for good. They all know that what they do will be used for evil even if there is a good use for what they made. You liberals need to wake the hell up!!! Because they are killing you too!!

(andrew boddy)
Scientists brought you the internet

(Goldie Boud)
andrew boddy so what! The Internet is also surveilling us. So are our phones!! And they are radiating us! And pedophiles are spreading like hot cakes because of the dark web and regular internet. Technology though it seems fun it has ruined our world and allowed these big bankers and illuminati do their dirty dealings and connect with each other and sell is all their junk we don't need but that makes them rich and is poor.

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Tony Parrott #conspiracy

Please listen everybody go to YouTube and put in Planet X or planet niburu it's going to hit the earth in less than 6 months it comes around every 3600 yrs this is the beast that killed the dinosaurs all governments and the Vatican have known about this for over 25 yrs and have all built underground city's for only the chosen few around 6 billion people are going to die they cannot tell us about this because it would cause worldwide panic killings rape absolute madness they are spraying some sort of dust in the air all over the world so we will not see the planet coming toward us until its to late the bastards also in YouTube put in bob fletcher he will tell you the truth he also has an internet site then tell the world spread it on Facebook twitter then organise mass rally's and march to your governments may god be with us all?

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John W #racist

If the British and the French did so much harm to the African countries they colonised, or even, as is sometimes claimed, committed genocidal acts, then surely the African population would have dropped substantially after the colonialists arrived? Again, the complete opposite is true. The population of the African continent rose rapidly during the colonial era. The “Atlas of World Population History” by C. McEvedy and R. Jones reveals that in the nineteenth century the African continent grew from 70 million to 110 million. By 1950 it had risen to 205 million. Some genocide. A rise in population occurs when people have the ability to acquire more food and provisions, gain more access to modern medicine, and benefit from more stable political structures leading to increased law and order and less tribal conflict. And all these things happened after the arrival of the British and the French.
Apart from Africa, in India the population increased from 180 million in 1800 (roughly when the British took over) to 400 million (roughly when they left). The percentage increase in population in Hong Kong and Singapore was I believe even more dramatic but I don't have the figures to hand.

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epocs #fundie

what are you babbling about you brainwashed drone. there is no such thing as "harsh" or "hard" capitalism.

corruption is NOT capitalism. listen... all the "lost jobs" they are speaking of... is a DIRECT RESULT of liberal policies and regulations forced by obama. policies that were MEANT to make it impossible for these companies to exist.

do you understand? all these peoples destroyed lives were BY DESIGN. this isnt even socialism.... it was all done in the name of ideological lipservice for extremists who would not be effected by it. get over your brainwashing. liberals CREATE NOTHING. democrats or republicans CREATE NOTHING.

do you want people to HAVE jobs? then you need business for it. there is no "contradiction" here.

liberals take from those who produce and give to those who dont...that is the their base. keeping people in dependence and servility. the right simply looks to ENABLE capitalism, to ENABLE the creation of business and therefore jobs.

socialism DOES NOT WORK, it works nowhere. anywhere it exists with "success" is because you have CAPITALISM propping it up.

thats your BRAINWASHING at word as you think there are different "kinds" of capitalism... there isnt. thats just your way of trying legitimize the failed scheme that socialism is. its NEVER worked ANYWHERE.

capitalism is the ONLY system on earth that has ever managed to create a large middle class.

socialism can ONLY create a third world state.... an elite upper class consisting of the wealthy and the liberal elite.....and then everyone else.

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cosmodave69 #fundie

How dumb are Flat Earthers?
Better question is how dumb is everybody else?
Answer:Daytime moon proves flat earth...Cause you cant show me our world is a globe without NASA But I can show you our world is flat much faster When the sun is high up in the sky you can clearly see the moon proving NASAs greatest lie...that is how dumb everyone else is....btw...if that sounds like a song its because it is...keep hating!!!Globalists?

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Jesse Spots #fundie

Two Sticks Don't Prove a Curve - Flat Earth

Two Sticks is not an experiment so much as it is a sales presentation.

"The Two Sticks Demo assumes a Flat Plane in a Heliocentric model with a Sun much farther away than what is believed in the Geocentric model. If the Sun is over one stick and it doesn't cast a shadow, this makes perfect sense for a Sun MUCH closer to the surface of the Earth than we've been taught. Think about it. It is actually far superior evidence for a Flat Earth / Geocentric model."

This Two Sticks argument is Strawman Brainwashing.

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VekL #fundie

The bible provides absolutely NO EVIDENCE of the possibility of biblical and godly repentance occurring in hell.

The hypothesis mentioned in 16:00 - 17:48 is just that. An hypothesis! It is in no way, shape, or form an assertion that repentance in hell is possible. Only the elect can receive the power to repent and THAT occurs prior to death.

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SilverPrimate Overlord #fundie

I was lured into MCC as well. I thought I could still be homosexual and christian. But now I see their lie. Ive left from gratification and sexual immorality behind. I found they were lying to me and not telling the truth about what the bible actually said?

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Mike Helmick #fundie

(=A comment on his flat earth proof video=)

people have lots of information that is not helpful. In School they think it's helpful to put a globe in your class room and make crazy claims the Earth is flying through space at crazy speeds. it must be important to them to let us know we are cosmic nothings in a vast universe possibly filled with life, and without the big bang, and gravity creating round balls that orbit other round balls, evolution theory is impossible. It all ties in to make us think our ancestors use to be fish, that grew legs and tails and hung in tree's. That you are not that special, and have no real importance but just be be.?

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TruthBeTold7 #fundie

Against the Heresy of Universalism

The hope that all will eventually be saved is feigned piety, but as I explain in the video, it is actually impious, because it contradicts God. If these people were so concerned about the salvation of everyone, they would put their cell phones down and get out there and evangelize them for Christ.

Any person who advocates the heresy of Universalism, or hopes that all will be saved, is either (1.) ignorant of Scripture, or (2.) in disobedience to Scripture. And any person who teaches you that it is permitted to hope all will be saved, is a false teacher who contradicts God. Says St. Paul: "let God be true, but every man a liar;" (Romans 3:4).

Much more can be said about the heresy of Universalism, but hopefully this video presentation is sufficient.

"Whosoever will be saved, before all things it is necessary that he hold the catholic faith. Which faith except every one do keep whole and undefiled; without doubt he shall perish everlastingly..."

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TruthBeTold7 #fundie

Man With Highest IQ Rejects the Big Bang Hypothesis

Evolution is a lie from the pit of Hell.


In the Beginning, by Brown;
Icons of Evolution, by Wells;
The Evolution Handbook, by Ferrell;
Refuting Evolution (Two Volumes), by Sarfati;
The Origin of Life (Video), by Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith
The Evolution Conspiracy, by Matrisciana and Oakland;
Genesis, Creation and Early Man, by Father Seraphim Rose;
The natural sciences know nothing of evolution Evolution, by Smith;
The Scientific Alternative to Neo-Darwinian Evolutionary Theory, by Smith;
Darwin on Trial, by Johnson (Last edition where he answers critics of first edition).

NephilimFree is a young earth creationist on Youtube, and often has debates with evolutionists in live google hangouts. I've seen enough of his debates to know that he really knows his stuff. If you are so sure evolution is true, then debate NephilimFree. Here is his channel.

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Defeat Modernism #fundie

Police Film: Homosexuals are Predators and Pedophiles

Beware: American film preventing homosexuals from predators. This Police Officer relates the intrinsic link between homosexuality and pedophilia. Boys and young men, protect yourself! They are now in the wilderness.

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Precious DeVere #fundie

Dao Nguyen I believe in only one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Protestentss defy Jesus and do not partake of the Eucharist. Christ said Do This In Memory of Me. How dare so called Anglican Protestant so called Churches defile MyLord and OurBlessed VirginMary. Our Lady dies not even exist in some of these spoof Churches. May God Have Mercy on their Souls.

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Anonymus Guest #conspiracy

"But muh history books"..."but my science books"..."But everyone I know believes it to be a sphere"...."I've seent it on TV"

I think the psychological healing can only begin when one understands MILITARY CONQUEST and all the techniques and methods required to maintain "order". Only then, will the majority "see" the world through the proper perspective lens. Only then can they be approached with falsification of history, food additives, stratospheric aerosolized geoengineering aka chemtrails, global warming, fiat currency and fractional reserve banking, feminism....need I go on....and on?

Out of artificially constructed chaos can order be established.

Slaves need their masters.?

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Benjamin Dover #fundie

I thought flat earth was nonsense at first. Notice how every time a flat earth video goes up, there's tons of accounts just name calling and saying it's been debunked. The fact that there are shills working to disinform raised an eyebrow for me. The rest was just to look at the evidence. Earth is flat.

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Hector Acosta #fundie

(On a memoriam video on gay suicides)

2:52, In the arms of the angels, fly away from this world and never come back.
WE don't need you here anyway because you are a threat to society and the development of children. Those who won't reproduce are better of dead.

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Chris Testerman #fundie

The earth is flat.....I don't want it to be flat I want us to go to the stars but that's a lie truth hurts some times. I don't want to believe the earths flat...but the evidence and indeed the bible says otherwise.

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Robert Nocera Jr #fundie

Absolutely correct... They want us God less .. the truth is that the entire Earth is flat and it's a hard pill to swallow for some reason.. water cannot stick to a ball.. water always finds and remains Level.. gravity is a THEORY...... FACT...... Thanks again pastor Rhodes and May God Jesus Christ bless you and your family... Robert jr NJ here Asbury Park and the pine barrens.?

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John M #fundie

And even in some societies today, such as the primitive tribal societies, all the females in those societies start getting pregnant as soon as they start puberty. So when they are 10 11 or 12 they start getting pregnant and when they are 10 11 12 or 13 they become mothers. Most of them survive and most of them don't have any complications. Also even females that have fully developed bodies can experience complications in pregnancy and can die in pregnancy or can die giving birth. There are always dangers and risks with every pregnancy, regardless of how old the female is and regardless if the female is fully developed or not fully developed.

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John M #fundie

Females have been getting pregnant and have been giving birth at 12 for thousands of years, and most of the time they survived and didn't have complications. Also just because a females body is not fully developed, doesn't mean that she isn't ready to get pregnant.