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In my Pandora’s Box series I explained in detail what Apartheid was and why it was introduced. There were several rationales for Apartheid, like the vast and irreconcilable differences in culture, religion, etc. as well as the cognitive and biological differences, but of course the ultimate and main rationale for Apartheid was the violent nature of blacks.

Apartheid did not just fall out of the sky. It was not a method to oppress blacks. Quite the contrary, it was a method to help and uplift them. To a certain extent it did just that. Blacks in South Africa had the highest living standards on the continent, the longest life expectancy, the highest educational standards and the highest wages on the entire continent. On top of it they were given the opportunity to rule themselves with training and mentorship from whites who trained their entire civil service, police and army personnel in the homelands as well as white taxpayer’s money that was thrown at them by the truckload. Their numbers exploded in a hundred years from about 2 million in 1910 to about 50 million in 2010.

Apartheid was created out of necessity, to distance oneself from the violent beast inside the common kaffir. The people of old looked at the nine so called “Kaffir Wars”, the Defecane of Shaka Zulu, the cannibalism of the Sothos’s...and to them it was clear that one could not live with blacks.

Unfortunately the white’s soft natured ancestors ancestors were very religious and very pious who believed in “live and let live” and simply wanted to separate themselves from the blacks infesting their lands instead of doing to them what the Australians did to the Abo’s and the North Americans did to the Red Indians. It would prove to probably have been their biggest mistake.

That is why one can only shake the head and chuckle at the ultimate stupidity of the article below by one, Mbuyiselo Botha:

Brutality birthed by apartheid.

Of course he is referring to 12 blacks who attacked two black couples in Rhodes park, drowned the men by standing on their necks and forcing the women to watch, after which the women were both gang raped.

…His speculation and search for a reason for this brutality led him simplistically to the mother of all bads…Apartheid. Never the nature of the Noble Savage, because in his mind blacks are always innocent little fluffy bunnies and the white man is always the evil reason for all that is wrong in this world.

Apartheid is the reason why blacks are poor, Apartheid is the reason why blacks are dumb, uneducated and violent…blame apartheid for everything.

Which begs the question…Why were blacks so violent, stupid, uneducated and poor, before Apartheid and now so violent, stupid, uneducated and poor 25 years after Apartheid officially died?

Why are blacks in Ethiopia and Liberia so violent, stupid, uneducated and poor seeing that these two countries never had any Apartheid or colonialism. Why are blacks in Haiti so violent, stupid, uneducated and poor seeing that they have been rid of colonialism for 200 years?

Apartheid was many things…many things it was not, but ultimately Apartheid has become the convenient stick to hit the white dogs with and the scapegoat to blame all the failures of blacks on.

Blacks should go on their knees and thank the whites for introducing Apartheid, because if there never was any Apartheid, blacks would not have anything to blame their miserable failures on.