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Battle royale games are basically the modern form of gladiatorial combat. When St Peter saw the gladiator arena in Rome, he was disgusted. St Peter noticed the people in the arena were just pawns being used by the audience. The audience was using the slaves in the arena vicariously to live out their own bloodthirsty desires. St Peter noted that the audience projected themselves into the shoes of the fighters, and we’re not just watching but absorbing the accomplishments of the fighters as if they were their own.

This is shown by how gladiatorial games were banned originally. The emperor’s favorite priest was invited to Rome, and his attendants were ordered to show him around while the emperor was busy. The attendants got the priest into the coliseum to see the biggest fight in a while; a duel. The priest was appalled and jumped into the arena and stopped the gladiators from fighting.

The two gladiators were shocked that anyone would consider them human enough to save, but the arena was immediately swarmed by the crowd. The priest and the gladiators were then beaten to death by the crowd, as they had came their for blood and wish fulfillment and they were going to get it. When the emperor found out about this, he had the coliseum shut down and everyone in the seats that day publicly executed because he had seen that this vicarious bloodthirst turned his people into monsters.

GK Chesterton said that jazz music marked a strange return to this kind of thing. In the past, music was a community activity, but jazz marked a paradigm shift towards a slave/master relationship in music. The musician on stage gets to pretend to be the master for some time, famed over by the audience, but in reality it is the audience that is in control. The gladiator pretends to be superhumans and dominant when in the ring, but should they ever stop fighting the crowd would remind them what they really are. Chesterton said that should a jazz musician test just how in control he is, by sitting down in the middle of a performance and asking the audience to play for him, that the jazz musician would be dragged into a back alley and killed for his insolence just like a gladiator who had thought too much of himself.

Eventually jazz turned into rock music and the full return to the gladiator style of entertainment came back. The people who watched an rock band play, do so not to enjoy music but instead imagine they are instead on stage playing themselves. They turned these musicians into stars not because they liked them, but just so that the crowd could pretend the accomplishments of the musician were there own. Yet, should the musician get a big head and think they were the ones in control, they would be dropped or worse by the same people who claimed to worship them.

The performer pretends to be a master but is really a slave. The audience pretends to be a slave living vicariously through the performer, but they are the real masters.

Really, the love of these games is just a stepping stone towards reviving gladiatorial combat just as jazz and rock and big league sports were as well. Since the west is almost out of the fumes of Christian capital it has been running on for a hundred years, is it beginning to make the same pagan mistakes as the BC west.

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The Church is indefectible, indivisible, and eternal. The Church was created by God at Pentecost and the Church is headed by God. The Church is God, the angels, the Saints (Church Triumphant), those in Purgatory (Church Suffering), and those on earth (Church Militant), The Church is the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church and is without blemish. The Church is run by God, it is comprised of the Faithful, and facilitated on earth by those in Holy Orders; and what God has established, man cannot affect.

Mass is the highest form of worship and it is required to go on each Holy Day to renew your baptismal vows. The Church is not a nebulous idea that you can handwave away like a inhuman coward, it is a concrete thing, the Bride of Christ, the Body of Christ, the New & Eternal Covenant, and the Perfection of Israel.

There is no need for God to take from the devil, and what you claim is pagan originated in the Church and was posthumously attributed to the pagans in a vain attempt to inflame your bigotry in the hopes it helps you forget the Church.

When I call you evil, it is out of truth. When you call the Church evil, it is out of deception.

Why does a reprobate get so confused by the Church?

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Far too many “trads” are like judas: feeble, cowardly, and eager the put the government over God when they feel the devil has taken control. They feel the devil has taken over and they wish to offer up the Church and God alike as a meal to the tiger in the hopes that it eats judas last. As both Job and St Thomas More know, that is nonsense.

There is two things I notice from the current attack on the Church:

1. It is from within, specifically the laity; and not only that, the trad laity.
2. It is from people (mostly older men) who feel they have lost control of their lives.

The usual suspects of those trying to scapegoat the Church to cover up what sodomy entails are circling their wagons as usual. The shock comes when it is “dad” and the Jim’s Lobster Hut Blues Band that comes along for the ride, especially when “dad” and the Mustang Sally aficionados normally pretend to be Catholic.

What is clear is that these people honestly didn’t know what sodomy is before a “report” or whatever was recently released. I don’t see what is shocking, nor do I see what this has to do with the Church. The Church rightfully rejects sodomy as it is a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance. Secondly, Sodom was blown up with a meteor for a reason. What did they think was being referred to when we mentioned sodomites before now? Two men holding hands?

What is also clear is that these “men” think they will finally wrench control back into their lives if they attack the Church. How does this work? I don’t know, but I do know I have put more thought into this for a blog post than they have about what they are doing. They have no faith, they have no guidance, and they feel the government will give them guidance and power where they feel they have none. They want to put governmental bodies above the Church in a cartoonish inquisition, and I have little doubt that it is so they can live vicariously through it.

One wonders why they don’t just grow their hair out and buy a motorcycle like normal male-menopause sufferers. Maybe they are powerless for a good reason.

Here is St Thomas More on “men” like these:

“I find, then, that one great part of the terror of the nights is the fault of faintheartedness: that fearful and feeble disposition, that is, which causes some people to be afraid where there is no need to be afraid. The fault of faintheartedness first causes people in tribulation to become impatient. The fault of faintheartedness, or a timed spirit, also often prevents people from doing many good things which, if they acquired a strong spirit by trusting in God’s help, they would be well able to do. The devil, however not only puts them in a state of cowardice but also makes them take it as humility to think themselves unfit for an incapable of many a good thing that God has given them the opportunity and has made them well suited to do. Such folks need to lift up their hearts and call upon God. All this fear comes by scheming of the devil.”

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So often people falsely claim the that Absolute Truth and Natural Law are mere “belief” of the Church, and therefore does not apply to them. Not so, but doesn’t stop them from trying in the hopes that another try will have a different outcome.

They deny God in the hopes that it will make their shame over sin go away. When that works, they figure attacking Christians will make their shame over sin go away. When that doesn’t work, they figure attacking harder and getting violent will work. All the way into the eternal depths of hell where the worst suffering will be knowing just exactly how you have wronged God.

And so here is Venerable Fulton Sheen on that point:

“Conscience, Christ, and the gift of faith make evil men uneasy in their sin. They feel that if they could drive Christ from the earth, they would be free from 'moral inhibitions'. They forget that it is their own nature and conscience which makes them feel that way. Being unable to drive God from the heavens, they would drive his ambassadors from the earth. In a lesser sphere, that is why many men sneer at virtue–because it makes vice uncomfortable.”