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Baphomet on IDENTITY card1 and 666 on prescription paper

Category: FRG Finance Agency LTD, Freemasons, New World Order, State Terror, Stasi v3.0

Baphomet on IDENTITY card, Stasi, Terror, Germany, Satanism, NWO

Baphomet on identity card, terror, Germany, Satanism, Inquisition, Freemasons,
New World Order, Illuminati, NWO, Surveilance, BKA2, Stasi 3.0, BND3

imageimage(Header: [upside down] “Chick ☏ [telephone number] www.chick.com/de”
Panel 1: Chick Tract illustration of Baphomet: “Compare pages 9+10 in the booklet”
(Panel 2: “Abstract ID, compare lower half of the image, left. Symbolism of the picture: 1 Bow of Power 2 Phallus 3 Female genitals 4 Pubes - TWO Baphomets on every ID card!
Panel 3: [upside down] “German ID. Compare with yours, and with the partial image. Despite being hidden well, Baphomet can be recognised.”)

There are some more SATANIC symbolisms against the slaves administrated by the “O”ccupied4R”epublic of “Germany”, e.g:
666 the Number of the Devil (Beast) on prescription papers in the “O”ccupied “R”epublic of “G”ermany

image(“The 666 and the Throne of Satan”)

image(“Baphomet God of the Illuminati
is the Adversary of Light, of Love and Harmony”)

1 The ALL-CAPS part of the German word, “Personalausweis”, is “Personal”.
2 Bundeskriminalamt, Germany’s federal police agency
3 Bundesnachrichtendienst, Germany’s internal intelligence service.
4 The German word, “Besetzte”, begins with the same letter as “Bundes-”, “Federal”

Original GermanBaphomet auf PERSONALausweis und 666 auf Kassenrezept

Category: BRD Finanzagentur GmbH, Freimaurer, New World Order, Staatsterror, Stasi v3.0

Baphomet auf PERSONALausweis, Stasi, Terror, Deutschland, Satanismus, NWO

Baphomet auf Personalausweis, Terror, Deutschland, Satanismus, Inquisition, Freimaurer,
Neue Weltordnung, Illuminati, NWO, Ueberwachung, BKA, Stasi 3.0, BND

Gegen die von der „B“esetzten „R“epublik „D“eutschland verwalteten Sklaven gibt es noch einige weitere SATANISCHE Symboliken wie z.B.:
666 die Zahl des Teufels (Tieres) auf Rezept in der „B“esetzten „R“epublik „D“eutschland