Jedi_Templar #fundie

Another thing I just found out. I got that information (how scientists measure radiometric dating [and its limitations]) out of a book... the source of that statment, an article from the Annals of New York Academy of Science, volume 288... The[ir] website...has almost every single volume of that magazine- except volume 288! They know. They know that if a creationist got ahold of that sort of information... there will be hell to pay. Sure, it sounds like an Evil Atheist Conspiricy like WinAce has on his homepage- but I think that's what it is.

donaldkilroy #fundie

The bedrock of marriage has for the better part always been between a man and a woman, period! Now, if you'd care to prove otherwise then please feel free to do so. And try keeping it in the Eurocentric and American perspectives and not some tiny village in South America or something.

Ed #fundie

No, genocide is the 'punishing' of groups of people because of who they are and the hateful feelings toward them by fabricating their crimes. While the Israelites were God's capital punishers of actual criminals.

Illusion #fundie

IF the e.u. [European Union] makes an announcement they have found irrefutable evidence of a past civilization on Mars could that pave the way for some kind of a 'first contact' event...maybe even the introduction of the a.c. [Antichrist]?

comicnurse #fundie

If there is anyone I could think of in which I would spit on, it is a member of the aclu! I can't even capitalize their initials just as I can't and won't capitalize the s in satan!!!

Sojourner #fundie

Perhaps you are right. Maybe God had no other choice except blood sacrifice... You need to look at the character and nature of God. What is it about God's character that requires Him to ordain a blood sacrifice?

Russ #fundie

The persecution you speak of like Churches being shut down,Bibles being burned, etc. may not be happening yet,but could happen soon. Do you deny that the secularists in this country headed by groups like the ACLU want to completely remove Christianty from our society?

Light Walker #fundie

I don't believe that most people are intelligent enough to realize without the Holy Spirit that harming another is wrong, as I believe that most non-religious people don't give a hoot about anyone but themselves. It's been made clear throughout these threads over and over. I think that the fear of spending life in prison keeps non-religious people from killing/harming one another.

Neon Knight #fundie

Oh, dear friend, religion and government WILL mix. Here...AND EVERYWHERE for that matter. It's just a matter of time. Just hope 'we' aren't on the wrong sie of the fence when that time comes.

nevermind #fundie

it must be millions of years old, but then the carbon dating techiniques are only accurate back 30 million years... the bible account of a flood some 4,000 or more years ago would easily compensate for the huge shift in carbon levels, and so putting our carbon dating systems well out.

nevermind #fundie

there hasnt been a international survey of the area where the ark is. if there was, then national geographic would feature it. incidentally, national geographic is run by top scientists, who all make a lot of $$ by publishing there evolution theories and discoveries in such publications. there could easily be bias against such an expidtion...

Jim Larmore #fundie

... the calendar has remained basically the same with some minor changes happening when we went from a Julian to a Gregorian calendar or vice versa... Its really a miracle if you think about it and I almost believe that God has had a hand in maintaining the weekly cycle through the years. Theres certainly no logical reason to hold onto a 7 day week cycle. A ten day cycle would probably work better but the fact we have stayed on the present system speaks for a possible supernatural support of it.

nevermind #fundie

if you take the story of the flood as true, and re-evaluate the history of man, and change the scientific views accordingly (eg carbon dating systems being well out...), then the flood account is easily true... you dont want to take into consideration that evolution maybe wrong... and im not using pseudo science, you are!!

debbielynn #fundie

Someone posted awhile back, that we should all pray for the eyes of Americans to be opened to the agenda of the ACLU [American Civil Liberties Union]. Well, it has been in my daily prayers. My husband (not saved) Loves the ACLU and we are constantly getting stuff in the mail from them. YUCK. I have been praying that the eyes of my husband will be opend to this garbabge ...

LaMontre #fundie

How many of these mental disorders are actually demonically infliuenced? If it were as simple a thing as speking the name of Jesus in faith and curing them? Does it not seem worth investigation? Yet most will reject the idea out of hand.

Grace #fundie

To me God exists, so doesn't that mean he does? I don't know much about evolution, but isn't the whole idea so that we can make our own rules and deside what is 'right' and 'wrong' for our own selfs?

4TheLight #fundie

I tend to think the mars structures were used to bring glory to GOD when satan and his followers used to worship GOD. They have done measurements on the lattitudes and longitudes of the structures and they are exactly the same as the pyramids on earth or somehting like that. I don't think their are any other civilizations in this universe and I think anything we find 'up there' will be satans doing.

-FAITH ALONE- #fundie

The Earth used to have another layer around the biosphere which was mostly moisture(most anthropoligists agree the earth used to stay at a constant temperature-this may help explain why...) , and a passing planet with an elliptical orbit to our own destroyed it, causing a great rain in some form or another... As far as I know this as the same as the planet x theory, 12th planet, or nibiru

Mike_L #fundie

Wow. I will be wearing my 'filter' if they release reports that seem to fall into the category of deception that Jesus warned of. My concern is that fallen angels are about to pass themselves off as our alien space brothers.

GPickypick #fundie

You shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that Biblical PRINCIPLES change over time. The Bible should not be tailored to conform to society. It doesn't matter what your spouse thinks your role is. It matters what GOD says your role is.

Eric #fundie

Ah don't worry Arthur... I realize it's hard for you Marxist buffoons to comprehend logic. ;-) Homosexuals are sick and twisted, disease-ridden, child molesting, vial, filthy, violent, disgusting, Christianphobic, abominable perverts and their actions prove this out EVERY TIME!