"A Penis is a Fucking Weapon" Award

Some classics never really fade away.

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RE: Men use their penises as literal weapons of war, but we should be fine with them in our spaces.

( femlez34 )
100%. TIMs will say, "well we're not 'men' so that doesn't apply to us", but then in the same breath will threaten feminists with rape to try and get them back in line. I don't think they even realize how much they do this, it's so ingrained in their DNA.

( pepperbeth )
We have to start waking up - sexual violence is a huge motivator for many men, maybe "not all men" but huge numbers. Some will say "oh rape is about sex" "oh rape is about power" but let's allow men some intersectional analysis - sexual power is highly arousing to men. Dominating and harming others is arousing to men. They will watch violence in porn, they will enact it in the bedroom, they will buy slave women to harm for their own orgasms, and they will rape women and children, including their own fucking brothers and sisters, and they become especially aroused and predatory when when war grants them opportunity to rape many vulnerable potential victims.

Do women get aroused by the suffering of others? Not even Aileen Wournos can rival the most average of prostitute-murdering men. The penis isn't the scary part, it's the whole goddamn man.

( Fluffy_gender )
Yes, that's why I find it ridiculous when people say "rape/sex abuse is not about sex, it's about power". Well, power is indeed very sexualized for men...

( Pointer )
Men do seem to have "rape software" pre-installed. Makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint. They are actually able to maintain an erection and have an orgasm while penetrating someone who is screaming and crying in pain. It's crazy.

( Gladys_Kravitz )
Men are carrying loaded weapons at all times, and we're supposed to trust them completely and give them endless chances. It's fucking insane.

Edit: this is why self defense laws are such bullshit and deliberately harmful to women. We literally cannot act in self defense the way a man can. He can kill us with his bare hands in the heat of the moment, we cannot.

Fuck man, they literally kill us with their penises during violent rapes. There is no possibility of a woman killing a man using only her vulva/vagina, it's not the same act at all.

Trust no male, especially one that REALLY wants to violate your boundaries.

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RE: Genuine conundrum about certain people with CAIS

( Positronic_waves )
Sorry for this person, but I want to be kind to women. That means being unkind to men, rapists and in the very rare minority and some unfortunate souls with CAIS. If you never develop correctly as a man, it doesn't mean you are a woman. We are not a faulty male. Caster [Semenya] is a guy, who lived like a male except for competitions then he is a woman. I think natal sex is important, then puberty levels. If we have to exclude some CAIS people to let women win at something, we should do it. They say it never happens until they had 11 CAIS men winning womens athletics. When the difference is -10% of performance not being born a woman actually matters.

( Wokeuplate )
I think transgender and intersex are two different issues and the genderists, as per the uze, latch onto intersex as a way to stealth themselves into legitimate discourse, much the same as they did with LGB. It’s literally part of their playbook. Transgender is based on Gender Identity, which is an idiosyncratic, subjective belief system, unhinged from material reality. Intersex/DSD is a biologically based condition and has nothing to do with gendered souls or lady brains or myfeelz. The intersection between these two issues is competitive sports, where there can be male body advantages that accrue to CAIS people which have to be addressed in order to ensure fair play.

It’s really important when talking about transgender people to keep intersex as a separate topic. The recent debate with Colin Wright was frustrating in that he let very narrow examples relating to DSD be used as a proxy for TIMs. Since 99.98% of the world is not intersex of the type which gives rise to ambiguous genitalia and phenotype presentation, it is not useful to lump gender identity trans with DSD and say that they need to be addressed and accommodated similarly.

( FlorenceBlue )
IMO, still male. What we choose socially to do with that info is up for debate.

( viscerally )
Male, yes. But a woman still. In this extremely rare case, that in no way is similar to the case of trans women, I can confidently say that a male person can also be a woman - if she has the outer body of one and was brought up as one and would have always been believed to have been one of it weren’t for genetical testing.

( FlorenceBlue )
No such thing as male women.

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RE: Ovarit is often featured on FSTDT!

( crispycherrypie )
People who live on the internet, without a shred of irony: "Wow, there are a lot of lifelong leftists coming out as fundie Christians. Could it be that I'm mistaken, that I'm misinformed?

...No, it's the bigots who think males shouldn't be in women's spaces who are wrong."

( crodish )
I'm surprised none of them have peaked reading us.

We aren't anti-trans, we're anti-lying.

( Nibaiz )
Some of them really like futa porn and they don't want to be called gay about it. Ha.

( NewMa )
I'm scared to google that.

( Gladys_Kravitz )
Futa is just "chicks with dicks" but an anime version.

( TheDirtyYumejo )
Unfortunately most of those people are so far up their own ass with their beliefs that no amount of logic can save them, they'll block it out at any cost.

( Gladys_Kravitz )
Because ironically, they're very religious.

( Committing_Tervery )
I’m sure some have probably peaked, but they are too afraid to say it on the website. Or perhaps they got banned, or the comments were removed.

These people (just like those on r/GenderCynical, a sub making fun of r/GenderCynical) also frame our stuff or take it out of context and misrepresent our views though. They try to make us look as bad as possible.

( sojourner_truth_ )
For a lot of people, the sole reason they are on Team Trans is because they think the only people opposed to transition are religious. I see similar "logic" being used in Eastern Europe when it comes to gay rights. A lot of people think the only reason to oppose is religion, so therefore they support it just because they hate Christianity so much.

( strawberryfields4evr )
Imagine our posts being peppered in between people fantasizing about raping children, violent misogyny and homophobia.

( Committing_Tervery )

people fantasizing about raping children, violent misogyny and homophobia

Sounds like TIMs to me. Checks all the boxes

( ladyagatha )
Omg. When I first read this, I assumed the target of the ridicule was the TRAs, not the people on this site with common sense. Amazing. Yeah, we’re the fundamentalists alright 🤣

MiMi2013 , pennygadget & Kriegerin #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Kentucky senator's TIF daughter, 24, committed suicide. Blames it on laws protecting women's safe spaces and sex-based rights

( MiMi2013 )
I don't care.

This woman's suicide is being used as propaganda for full infiltration of trans people into places segregated by sex ; however irritating it is for men to have trans "men" foisted on them , they're in no danger from these females.

Trans woMEN, OTOH, are a danger to women : How many more incarcerated women have to be assaulted by criminals willing to self ID into their spaces-? How many more school children have to make themselves sick because they're unwilling to use unisex toilets-?How many more college students have fully intact trans "girls" invading their showers and locker rooms -? How many more allegedly 'public' places (including hospitals, gyms, store changing rooms or restrooms) have to be made de facto off limits to women, because of trans invasions-?

I care about the female victims of these policies, and I do not think this girl's suicide is such a big loss to the world as to make it the justification for a ceasing of the long overdue pushback on trans woMEN invasions. And I make no apologies for this stance.

( pennygadget )

It was an argument she also address to the senate in February - when she warned 'the world is coming after them,' referring to trans people like her son.

This melodramatic language helps no one. "The world is coming after them"? I hate to play Oppression Olympics, but if that was all it took to trigger suicide, 99% of the Jewish population would be dead via suicide. American slaves, Jews in Nazi Germany, and women in Afghanistan didn't have the suicide rate that trans people supposedly have. So framing a trans person's suicide as the result of oppression is both incorrect and a slap in the face to people who are actually marginalized

( Kriegerin )
Right? Women, Jewish people, black people, disabled people all suffer from actual oppression, yet their number one solution isn't killing themselves.

These are severely mentally ill people and instead of therapy we give them snake oil and mutilation, duh they're gonna kill themselves...

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( EvilTerfyTerf )
So how's everybody feeling about Greta Thunberg coming out as a TRA handmaiden
She didn't even tweet out a generic 'I love trans rights' slathered over the ugly flag. She retweeted that one transactivist bragging about shutting down the adult human female screening at Edinburgh university with a bunch of heart emojis.

Apparently it's 'believe the science' until men start claiming speshul women feelingz.

Suddenly I feel a lot less guilty about my carbon footprint and I feel a lot worse about criticizing my beloved Taylor Swift for her private jet trips this August. Burn the planet to the ground, my darling. At least once we're all dead, no woman will ever be subjugated under male supremacy again.

( klytaimestra )

Men can't be women – also a fact, but one Greta doesn't know and / or understand.


I am zero surprised about her stance on TRAs, and was pretty much waiting for this. It was obvious that she was going to struggle with womanhood. She had a fairly childish presentation of herself for a long time and taking that leap into becoming a woman and understanding what that entails was never going to be easy for her. Like for many young women, gender ideology offers a false hope that you can escape the abuses from patriarchy by choosing to believe in something else. If only it were that simple.

( Riothamus )
Is anyone surprised? Billionaires crafted this ideology to torpedo the Trust the Science(TM) parties all over the Western World.

You can't honestly expect people to believe you on scientific matters when you pretend to not know the difference between men and women.

( actualdyke )
let's be real, she always has been and always will be a shill for the corporate western media propaganda machine. we all know she simply regurgitates whatever party line she's spoonfed. this is completely unsurprising to me, the only surprising thing is that this is seemingly the first time she's bent over backwards for the TWAW cult.

also, sorry not sorry if this makes me a bad person, but this definitely makes me question the validity and legitimacy of her past activism. if you believe that men can be women and vice versa, how scientifically sound are your thoughts on climate change, actually?

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TIM is offended that mothers don’t want him around their little girls in the public restroom

( legopants )
She's teaching her kids to be safe around men, not to fear women. She's doing everything right. die mad about it

( Sailor_Paradise )
There are videos of men jacking off in public bathrooms on porn sites and installing hidden cams as well.. So the fact they're saying there's no reason to fear a man in female's restroom with their child really shows how dumb they are. Fuck this guy. There's a reason why you see mother's bring their sons into the bathroom with even if they're 8+ because of the fear the moment they're alone they can get instantly raped or hurt by a strange man. If you're really afraid of transphobia don't use the bathroom or go to the gender neutral one. The op clearly doesn't pass as a woman at all not even a masculine one.

( redacted )
men in the bathroom is not a grey area, its a violation of boundaries.

i hope his mum was just trying to prevent him going off at her and doesn't sincerely believe that, but she should be telling her adult son to respect female only spaces.

( RusticTroglodyte )
She's probably scared of him. I would consider myself a complete fucking failure as a parent if my son grew up to be an autogynephile. His mom is either deluded or just drinks herself to sleep every night wondering where she went wrong

( Apricot_Ibex )
“Women who look like you” aka MEN have sexually assaulted children countless times in restrooms, you freak.

Cope and seethe that mothers are teaching their children to avoid/be cautious around strange MEN who are creepy, entitled, and aggressive enough to barge into a space where they don’t even belong.

( suupersami )
They always seethe the hardest when they're denied access to vulnerable populations, especially children. You don't see TIFs focused on getting unconstrained access to children.

( shewolfoffrance )
It says a lot about this movement that they demand concessions not from the relatively powerful, but the relatively weak.

( realityismykink )
also they're pedophiles

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RE: It is all so STUPID

( BondiBlue )
I’ve been feeling so blackpilled about it that I’ve come to the conclusion humanity is just too goddamned stupid to be salvaged, and we would be better off if Putin just outright slammed the button. The ultimate in “cancel culture” x 8 billion. 10,000 years of evolutionary fact just thrown in the garbage like Dylan’s gross tampons, because “muh uwu oppwesshun feelz.” Just get it over and done with, and with any luck some other species won’t make the same dumbass mistakes.

( Itzpapalotl )
I cannot believe humans could be stupid enough to collectively deny proven facts just to cater to feelings. It’s absurd.

( Dee )
I lie awake about this far more often than I'd like. I am glad I've managed to protect my daughter enough that she never experienced sexual assault and figured out how dangerous men can be. When she soaks up internet-inspired ideas that women like JK Rowling who advocate for female-only spaces can only possibly be motivated by a hate for trans people, I guess I should be glad that she's so naive that she doesn't understand why those spaces are so needed. But there are times when I am haunted by the thought that I have somehow raised a misogynistic daughter. The thought that some of my children would grow up to be misogynists occurred to me when they were little, but I never thought it would be my daughter.

( Kriegerin )
Okay, does anybody else sometimes wake up from a weird and ominous dream and for a few split seconds think that the whole trans thing was part of this lucid fever dream? And then it dawns on you that it's real. Idk... It's just unreal how stupid it is. Fucking unreal.

( Itzpapalotl )
It is utterly dystopian.

Progress is not a consistently forward march. We fall into the trap of thinking we are constantly advancing.

If you’d have told people in the 50’s or 60’s that 50 or 60 years later people would be pretending men and women are identical, that acknowledging biology would have you ostracised and slandered...people would’ve laughed and said “don’t be so silly”

The tide will turn. This bizarro time frame won’t last much longer because it’s incompatible with reality. I hope in 10 years people look back and say “what the fuck were people smoking!?”

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RE: Prenatal yoga class I was looking into uses the term “carrying persons”

( Feministunderyrbed )
I used to feel sorry for TIFs, they’re not a threat to me, victims of misogyny too, and all that. But when I think of the kind of pressure it has taken to impose these farcical speech codes on every business, government and institution serving women, I don’t feel like being in a room with TIFs any more than with TIMs. The delusions and aggression are almost equally creepy.

( femlez34 )
Honestly I think it's TIMs pushing for this as much if not more than TIFs. They know they can never be women because they can't get pregnant. They're desperate to divorce womanhood from female biology and turn it into an outfit, that's the only way they can participate.

( NoDayForADo )
More and more I find them practicing the worst kinds of misogyny. Skyler Bailer - HUGE supporter of Lia Thomas - given the voice of credibility because "he's a trans man athlete!" Think about it a little deeper and you'll see someone who hated being a woman so much she lopped her own tits off, who is now pushing for rules to hurt and humiliate other women.

( fiordisappho )
Same, plus I find their obsession with opting out of womanhood to “become men” particularly pathetic and enraging.

( Gladys_Kravitz )
What's frustrating is 90% of them don't actually want to become men. They're literally scared of men (like more so than the average woman IME) and refuse to use men's spaces because they don't like the misogyny, bro talk, male mannerisms, etc. They basically don't like anything about men, they just REALLY hate being treated like a woman.

They obsess over male characters written by women, male representations that don't actually exist. That's what they want to be.

( pennygadget )

They obsess over male characters written by women, male representations that don't actually exist. That's what they want to be.

They want to be like the yaoi boys in their Manga. Just like how the TIMs want to be giggling hentai sluts

( Feministunderyrbed )
Equal parts pitiable and infuriating, yeah.

( hmimperialtortie )
Same. My pity has largely been replaced by contempt.

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RE: The Club Q shooter is going away for life no matter what. Hate crime charges wouldn't make a difference

( CryMeARiver )
Plenty of TIMs have raped and murdered women and children. None of the TRAs rushed to remove their trans status. So why was this person an exception? It's because they were actually ecstatic when this happened because they got to say, "see? we're the most victimized people in the world". They seized the opportunity to claim genocide and attack every right wing person they hate. They literally accused people of murder. After the shooter tried to identify into their group, a lot of these ghouls were left with egg on their faces. They're just trying to spin tales to cope and save face.

( pennygadget )
This! The TRAs were gleeful when this happened because they could finally have a legitimate claim to being victims of a mass hate crime. And they didn't even wait for the bodies to turn cold before blaming anyone who ever questioned their ideology of being personally responsible for this attack. Once this guy claimed gender-special status, it threw a wrench in their plans and they had to scramble to find an excuse why this person (and ONLY this person) lied about being trans for some personal benefit

( Carrots90 )
Because defending the narrative is important

Women and children are not

( SakuraBlossoms )

"He's claiming he's nonbinary to escape hate crime charges! He wants a reduced sentence!!!"

If it was a man claiming to be a woman to escape hate crime charges for murdering women, they'd have no problem with it. They'd call us slurs for not calling him his preferred pronouns. They fought for violent men to be able to claim to be anything they wanted. They achieved their goal and now they have regrets.

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Colorado gay club shooter is NON-BINARY and uses they/ them pronouns, lawyer says - as it's revealed estranged father is MMA fighter and PORN STAR named 'Dick Delaware'

( overanddone )
Even if the they/them is faking non-binary to escape hate crime laws, we can use it. “You mean men might fake self-ID?” “You mean men might might fake it to get out of male wards/prisons?” “You mean men might fake it to win at women’s sports?”

Destroys the “this never happens”.

( pennygadget )
Now that self ID is finally hurting the TQs, maybe this shit will be curbed.

Then again, I wouldn't put it past them to take the L on this Club Q thing in order to stay the course on getting men like Dana Rivers into women's prisons. The TQs have no shame nor any sense of self reflection. They'll either do their best to bury this story or find a way to blame us TERFs for this guy faking NB status

( Hera )
I mean. This is literally what happens to our (LGB...and in this case, even the T) communities when we let delusional men run rampant without criticism. It's almost like incel hard right moid logic and delusional they/them I'm A Magic Gender D!e Terfs logic are the same thing painted in different colors hmmmmm...

( assignedpooratbirth )
Tempted to go back into LGBTQIACOLESLAW+ spaces and really push this one. Oh you HAVE to respect their gender and pronouns otherwise you are making your other nonbinary friends feel unsafe and disrespected! You don’t know their gender! You know all the TERFs are calling them a he, you’re a TERF if you don’t respect their gender — since having anything in common with GC women is the ultimate sin in TRA spaces.

( OneStarWolf )
Even if it is, it doesn’t matter. This highlights how stupid it is to integrate any form of self id or gender ideology into our laws. No one can prove whether he is lying or not, that’s the dogma, the essence of gender religion. “Believe who they say they are!”

It’s an ideological loophole and easily abused by men to the detriment of women and girls in particular. Males should never be put into female prisons, spaces, or sports because of exactly this problem.

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RE: TRAs enraged by their own arguments
( Chronicity )
It’s the Ontario shop teacher dilemma all over again.

Take the guy at his word that he’s trans and you’re admitting that the priestly caste contains criminals, perverts, and nutcases who don’t deserve the priestly status your movement demands.

Refuse to take the guy at his word that he’s trans and you’re doing exactly what TERFs do: treating him like any other member of his sex regardless of his expressed identity.

What amazes me is that so many of them cannot see the catch 22 themselves. They are just reacting to the news without thinking any of it through. It’s a reminder that they don’t have the capacity to keep this con going for very long. Developments like this really put a strain on their cognitive defenses; it’s like they are in a progressively worsening immunocompromised state while the world keeps bombarding them with virulent pathogens. Days are numbered.

( urprettymuchnuthin )
I've been commenting on reddit how this guy is 'non-binary' and have been getting downvoted for no reason. They don't like having their beliefs challenged. It's like "the only real trans are the ones who don't cause problems for us"

Such hypocritical bs.

( rationalmind )
I hope you’re right that the days are numbered with this ideology.

( vulvapeople )

Why would a trans person attack a queer bar?

A TIM in Canada set fire to a pride flag several years ago. Homophobia is extremely common among TIPs, including the gay ones since they're trying to escape their sex and sexuality.

The arson was investigated as a hate crime until the police discovered a TIM did it.

( Itzpapalotl )
Their whole ideology is insanely homophobic. They hate the fact that same sex attracted people don’t want them, despite their special gender.

They seem to hate people who are happy with themselves in their natural state... LGB rights are about accepting people for who they are whereas the TQ is all about forcing people to pretend you are something you are not.

actualdyke , RawSienna & RisingUp #transphobia ovarit.com

( actualdyke )
TRAs enraged by their own arguments
After the Club Q shooter was revealed to be nonbinary, the usual suspects on TIM activist twitter have been screeching about it all day, and it's SO fucking incredible to watch how their desperate arguments are immediately negated by their OWN ideology.

"Why would a trans person attack a queer bar?" Why do so many transwomen kill women, then, if being part of a group should automatically include not killing people of that same group?

"He's just identifying as NB for less serious charges!" Oh but I thought that it was impossible and "never happens" that anyone would identify as trans for a lighter sentence. Don't y'all argue that trans people are MORE persecuted in law? Why would NB grant him privilege if you don't admit that trans people are a protected caste?

"It's suspicious that this only came out after the shooting!" But we're not allowed to question the hundreds of transwomen who miraculously discover their gender identity after being charged with crimes?

"He was identifying as a man two years ago!" And Dylan Mulvaney was a man 200 years ago. Does that mean he's not valid?

And all of their arguments can simply be shut down by their own beloved mantra: "trans people are who they say they are."

We're only following the rules YOU have set out. In accordance with your ideology his gender identity must be respected no matter his crime, misgendering him is just as bad as the crime, and his self identity is 100% valid regardless of literally anything.

The schadenfreude watching them have to face the inanity and illogic of their own ideology is delicious.

( RawSienna )
Watching these degenerates being held to the rules of their own incoherent playbook is satisfying. Nobody’s buying their bullshit, either.

The rhetoric in general since Musk took over is hitting a fever pitch. I think we’re witnessing the early parts of an extinction burst. They’ve lost narrative control and they are fucking desperate now.

( RisingUp )
I’m surprised so many people assume he’s trolling with the “nonbinary” shit, not just TRAs but even women on here.

Why is anyone making that assumption? I think unhinged violent TIMs are far more common than right wing homophobic hate crimes - my default assumption is that he sincerely regards himself as genderspecial.

littleowl12 #transphobia #enbyphobia ovarit.com

Some armchair psychology about the "nonbinary" club shooter and why I had a feeling

Not to pretend I'm psychic and amazeballz, but when I saw this club shooting I had a feeling it wasn't some Proud Boy or Christian Conservative. For a few reasons. Let alone us. As awful as those guys are, as-of-yet other groups have, in recent years, committed a lot of homophobic violence. The Orlando nightclub shooter was an Afghan whose family was sympathetic to the Taliban. He grew up hearing violent rhetoric from his family and the people his family associated with. From the time he was little. Every day. It wasn't just bigotry. It's was the Taliban's fetishization of violence. Their collective addiction to it.

What would nonbinary/trans have in common with a Taliban extremist?


From what I can see, violent rhetoric is a big part of trans and non-binary culture. They now outnumber the "truscum" like Blaire White or Buck Angel. They watch tons of porn, violent media, and preferably violent porn. They are often fascinated with Antifas where they practice confrontation and violence. They take selfies with knives, guns, and bats. They write up grotesque fantasies of what violence they'd like to commit against others. (Especially against women). They share these fantasies and get praised. They give each other tips on what to do and how to do it.

As a result, most people don't like them. But we can't have THAT, now, can we? They believe they are entitled to a warm welcome wherever they go, because they are the Righteous Ones. They don't accept that rejection is part of life, and in many instances, reasonable. They believe they should be off-limits from accountability from outsiders. They only self-flagellate for each other. So even if they are told "you can't come here because of your scary behavior" they immediately believe they are being wronged. They are the righteous, beautiful group, others are the sinful, ugly group, so others need to obey.


various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

CO LGBT club shooter is is "non-binary" goes by Mx. Aldrich

( BondiBlue )
I have never experienced such a nihilistic, schadenfraude-drenched spurt of laughter until I saw this just now. How are Esqueer and Ben Collins and all the other hacks and ideologues wailing about MAGA and TERFs going to square this circle? Y’all got played.

( overanddone )
yep, they got played, but this was ineveitable. "This never happens" comes home to their own backyard.

I snorted.

( Iceni )
Aha. I was just about to post this. Saw it on a left wing forum I post to. They are all saying he's doing it to get out of hate crime charges. I simply posted, "that's great, now they can decide if they want to go to a male or female prison." Haven't gotten any down votes yet, but give it time. Because no man would pretend to be not a man to get into a female space.

( BeachLover )
I went over to Daily Kos and they are claiming his lawyers didn't claim this: it was in a footnote. They say he is trolling. I guess the Left doesn't believe trans and nonbinary people anymore?

( RawSienna )
But nobody would claim a false identity to make their lives easier, would they?

If they insist on this argument, they can’t also argue “trans” women in women’s prison isn’t also gaming the system.

( iCONIC )

They are all saying he's doing it to get out of hate crime charges

Isn't he? He's identifying as "non-binary" to reduce his hate crime charges

"I wasn't homophobic or affected by bias! I was just an adherent of a homophobic, biased "gender" ideology who was in the wrong place at the wrong time!"

( Cailin )
So a pronoun person went into an LGBT club and murdered people…

….this ideology still remains the most homophobic thing I’ve ever seen.

( worried19 )
Holy fuck. Well, this is bad for the TRA narrative.

I had wondered if the shooter was a self-hating closet case. Not quite, but not far off.

I'm just pissed we have to watch the mainstream media fall over themselves to deny that this person is male. Then again, that's definitely going to peak the masses, so maybe it's a silver lining.

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RE: Another man with a history of VAW becomes a mass shooter but trans activists blame it on TERFs

( LilOvaries )
Just like how men love to blame male-on-male devastation on women, trans-identified individuals love to misplace blame as well. Despite men being the vast majority of people who go out and murder transgenders, the TRA movement still finds a way to mental gymnastics the fault somehow landing on women who identify as radical feminists. Goes to show how much they hate women. When attacked, transgenderism activists leave the male perpetrators alone to yell at women and girls instead.

( pennygadget )
I highly doubt this shooter was reading Dworken, posting on Ovarit, or reading Rowling's essays in the days before he shot up a queer club. This is yet another bullshit MRA tactic to make women responsible for the bad behavior of men.

And for any TRA lurkers, this is NOT the same as us blaming the trans community for their bad apples. It IS your fault when a TIM impregnates women in a women's prison because Y'ALL ADVOCATED FOR THAT SHIT!!! Nobody here has ever called for a mass shooting against the TQs (and if they did, they'd be swiftly banned)

( cupcakes_and_shiraz )
This. GC women don't hate trans people for existing, we detest gender ideology and the damage it's done to women and girls. I don't expect TRAs to be bright enough to make the distinction though because they'd have to recognize that they're not victims.

( worried19 )
It's really galling that TRAs equate not wanting children to be medically transitioned or exposed to inappropriate adult sexuality with hating LGBT people and wanting them to be killed.

No one on Ovarit wants innocent people to die.

cranberrysalad and EternaEspiral #sexist #senpai_noticed_us ovarit.com

Submitter’s note: this is yet another quote from the Ovarit is often featured on FSTDT! thread: https://fstdt.com/SW2.6WS2JB7MH
Apparently they don’t understand we call them fundie because of their rhetoric and who they associate with, i.e. Matt Walsh

Amen (irony intended, lurkers). Super liberal atheist here, much further left than my TWAM friends. They’re busy sobbing and wailing about men’s rights activism from some extremely wealthy zip codes while I’m over here like don’t let your identity politics make you forget that we’re all workers, comrade.

Yup, young, lesbian, atheist and anarchist leaning here. We're difinitely not what they imagine. Bet they won't screenshot and comment on this lol

Queenofdogs & [Deleted] #transphobia ovarit.com

( Queenofdogs )
Something I've noticed...

When TiMs get misogynistic abuse they feel 'euphoria' and go 'tehee I pass!' But when you say 'I hate men' TiFs go 'nooo you can't hate men it hurts my feelings I'm a man'

I wonder why this could be 🤔🤔🤔

( [Deleted] )
If you really want to piss off TIFs you say "i hate men except transmen", omg they HAAAAATE it 😂😂 "no were real evil men!!! We will totally rape you!!!!" Lmao sure girl

MenHaveItEasy #transphobia ovarit.com

r/AgainstHateSubreddits want to ban r/ SocialJusticeInAction for criticizing TIMs with lactation fetishes

It's the same reason they want KF to go away. They dont want everyone to see receipts and explanations of their fetishistic behavior. Especially behavior involving children.

they said a woman who's breastfeeding her child should have CPS called on her. And death threats. Yeah, those totally happened. Boo hoo

That is a TIM - a MAN - who posted photos of himself (to other sick TIMs) sexually abusing his newborn daughter, and admitted he felt aroused doing it. I reported him to the authorities, and I hope to god that sick fuck and his enablers are arrested for child abuse. And I hope the all too many pedophilic TIMs who inevitably jerked off to those pictures, are struck by lightning.

Nobody believes TWAW, not even you incel stalkers. That's why you panic whenever your pedophilia gets exposed to everyone outside your safespace.

Various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

"You're denying my existence!" Yes, that is correct. I am denying that trans is a legitimate thing.
I don't believe anyone is actually trans. I don't believe in gender souls. I don't believe anyone is born in the wrong body.

So when TRAs say "you're denying the existence of trans people!" they're absolutely correct. I deny any of this is real or legitimate.

It is entitled, manipulative, misogynistic behavior grounded in solipsism and narcissism. It is abusive bullying disguised as a faux human rights campaign. It has no basis in objective fact. It is illogical, unreasonable, and impossible to defend or support. It is a flimsy excuse to destroy and hurt women. It is mental illness in a frilly dress and lipstick.

Trans identity is anything but factual or legitimate—it simply does not exist.

( realityismykink )
I peaked all over again when I realized that they were the only ones denying their existence. A man with a crossdressing fetish who insists he isn't a man with a crossdressing fetish, but actually a woman, is literally denying his own existence. We're the only ones who refuse to deny their existence, and it enrages them.

( [Deleted] )
Lol true. I never thought of it that way

( ifelifelse )
Yes! I thought the same! Isn’t it “transphobic” to claim TWAW or to say that Richard Levine is “female” (etc)? That’s actually implying that trans is bad or doesn’t exist! They go around all day pretending they’re the same as us, denying their own “existence”. We’re just saying that we won’t go along with their delusions, not that we think they don’t exist.

( bumpyjerboa )
I don't believe in a lot of things and I don't think people should get special treatment for their religious beliefs. (Even if I share those beliefs myself!) That's all trans is. It's not denying their existence the same as refusing to privilege someone's other, more traditional religious beliefs isn't denying their existence.

I also don't like to have a fake tea party with my nieces every time they ask, that doesn't mean I think my nieces don't exist.

( pennygadget )

I don't believe in a lot of things and I don't think people should get special treatment for their religious beliefs.

If an orthodox Jew can't force people around them to eat kosher, than a man shouldn't be able to force people to pretend he's a woman.

mrsmeyers , StayoffmyTERF & hmimperialtortie #transphobia ovarit.com

( mrsmeyers )
This tweet from the same account, someone save my eyeballs from rolling into another dimension

Thankyou all for the lovely chats. I’m going to make lunch now, for myself, before returning to my work at home. My Paramedic husband is out saving lives. Yes, he asks for pronouns.

My opinions will only ever be that. Debate is healthy, violence is not.


( StayoffmyTERF )
If a paramedic asks my pronouns while I’m having a medical emergency, I’d rather him just let me die.

( hmimperialtortie )
Someone ask me that at such a time and I’d be sorely tempted to spit in their eye.

I wonder if the alleged paramedic husband only asks pronouns of the obvious genderhairs?

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: It is all so STUPID

( furyosa )
Not just incredibly stupid. It's also incredibly boring. We could be so much further along in the fight for women's emancipation but instead we're treading water with this nonsense.

( Itzpapalotl )
Exactly! Could be tackling period poverty, femicide, DV, sex trafficking, FGM, child marriage, abortion access...but instead men are muddying the waters, obscuring language, dismantling our rights, taking away what our foremothers fought for.

Ffs, first female crash test dummy was created this year iirc, yet we have men in dresses now pretending they are The Most Opressed EVER and demanding they be centred in feminism. I hate them.

Fuck them and their handmaidens. Feminism is for females and men can’t stand things not being all about them.

( Lilith-Fair )
Not just women's emancipation, but just about every other progress our society can spend its collective time on solving or improving if not for all the time and resources wasted on this totally stupid nonsense. Imagine if kids spend all the time figuring out what their real talents are instead of their "gender identities". All the time spent on "becoming their authentic self" gender could be spent on science projects, community service, writing a novel, perfecting a musical talent or playing an instrument, practicing and excelling at a sport. Kids could be investing their time on all of these things to make themselves and the future better. But no. Instead, they're being taught to think about their fucking pronouns and "gender".

( RawSienna )

Human beings cannot change sex. That is a fact. If you deny this then you are an imbecile who is colluding in gaslighting and abusing women and girls.

That’s really all that needs to be said. I’ll just add that “gender identity” is a fake, pseudoscientific ruse to shove”trans rights” down society’s throat. What “gender identity” really means is destroying women’s rights and child safeguarding so predatory, fetishist males can do whatever they want without restraint. It’s abhorrent and we will not accept it, ever.

Arsuf1991 #transphobia ovarit.com

So I was discussing with a trans person (MTF) in florida and i asked him what caused him to transition and he straight up told me it was because he couldn't stand mens shorts during the summer as it was too long and he wanted to wear short shorts because he finds it more comfy and keeps him cool.

I'm like couldn't you do this without having to transition and larp as a woman? and hes like "well its not socially acceptable for men to wear it and i dont want to get made fun of so atleast if i transition id be more respected and people will see me as a regular girl wearing shorts". At this point i was just like, "if you lived in a colder country where no one wears shorts would you still have dysphoria" and hes like "not sure never really thought about that but to cope in this warm climate i need to transition".

So the weather fucking turns people dysphoric and trans at this point? Also notice how transgenderism basically affirms some social stereotypes that are sexist? like has he not seen the men of the 70s who wore short shorts?

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: What would you say to TIMs in person if retaliation & violence were not a threat?

( DurableBook )
I'd simply treat them the way I treat anybody else.

When a religious person expects me to share their belief in souls or God or whatever, I simply say "No thank you, I'm atheist." I would say the same about gender identities.

If a non-trans person acts out a sexist caricature, I say "Wow, that's sexist" and don't play along. The only reason I sometimes play along with trans identities is if I am concerned about reprisal for declining.

I happen to really like gender nonconformity and often am delighted to encounter people who, like me, do not "match" expectations for their sex. I have ceased expressing this, however, whenever I'm someplace that I know trans people tend to be around, because of their inevitable explosions at being recognized as their actual sex.


( SaintHedwig )
Agreed. I want to tell them they're fine to wear dresses and makeup, but they're still men and should spend their efforts making the men's room a less dangerous place instead of trying to squeeze into the women's.

I'd also tell them that HRT will increase their erectile dysfunction on top of other health issues and will likely only increase their gender dysphoria because they're always going to look "off" no matter how many surgeries they get.

( Hollyhock )
Just stop. No one believes you're a woman. You're harming your body with off-label hormones and when women agree with you it's because they're either scared not to or they do it because they know you're a man and they need to suck up to you for social protections.

Grow up.

( CriminallyCritical )
I’d just make a look of disgust or maybe an audible noise of disgust.

( hmimperialtortie )
“You should have stuck to being an incel. Your chances of a sex life just got dramatically worse.”

( hontrapoints )
Ovarit is too polite of a place to say such things

( Committing_Tervery )
Ooooh I’m curious now 👀 ☕️ But I respect your desire to not disclose it. I’m sure it’s great though 😆

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: What would you say to TIMs in person if retaliation & violence were not a threat?

( Itzpapalotl )
I would say: you are a selfish, misogynistic, entitled, narcissistic, colonising man with no empathy or regard for women. Your woman costume is offensive and an affront to every female on the planet.

What you do is the epitome of male privilege; to claim language, spaces, experiences that are not yours, to play out your fantasy with no consideration of women and girls who have no choice but to be second class citizens in a man’s world.

You are living in delusion, playing pretend, and making a mockery of womanhood. You are a man. You are putting on a performance of womanhood as imagined by you, a male. You have only and will only ever experience the world as a male, and to pretend otherwise is an appalling, disgusting slight against the very people you claim to “identify” as.

Honestly, fuck you. You are not a woman. You are not a sister, a mother, a grandmother, an aunt, a daughter, a niece. You are a man. You will only ever be a man. Worst of all, you are the most misogynistic, abusive, selfish and inhumane version of a man.

You know what you are doing hurts women and girls and yet you do it anyway because you only care about yourself. You are a terrible human being.

( mathlover )
That no actually believes they are women or could ever be women. That the only reason anyone goes along with it is out of fear because they are vindictive, mentally unstable, potentially violent men. That whenever anyone calls them "she" or "her" that they should hear he and him/his because that is what everyone means and believes about them. We only include them because we are forced to, but they are not welcome among us.

And, oh, yeah. Any woman - ALL women - who actually wants to be with any of them is bisexual or heterosexual. No lesbian will ever want any of them.

( hmimperialtortie )
If things were as they should be, there’d be no TIMs on the street or anywhere, but if I saw one, I’d want to call police on him for displaying fetishes, same as if he was flashing.

Edit for grammar

( LilOvaries )
"You will never be a woman, and Hell is going to make you jump rope with your saggy, outstretched scrotums".

( Alias_Rosie )
No one actually buys your deception. We're just playing along because you are, quite literally, pitiful.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

No, trans people, you are not even close to being put in concentration camps. Stop fantasizing about being in the Holocaust.

( suupersami )
So TIPs will disappear unless they're actively recruiting children?

( Carrots90 )

Told on themselves didn’t they

( astroterf )
The detention camp: men’s bathrooms

( SulphuricMirror )
Maybe if transgenderism didn't latch itself to sex clown story hour for kids, start sterilizing literal children and operating on kids' primary and secondary sex characteristics under the age of 18, didn't find their "true selves" that they plaster all over social media by dressing up the way women are forced to in porn... maybe then people would not see them as inherently sexual. Just a guess.

( Apricot_Ibex )
That’s especially rich considering the infamous incel/Neo-Nazi/alt-right MRA to-“transbian” pipeline.

TIMs sound not too far off from the Nazis the way they talk about gay people and women and promote misogynistic, rigid gender roles. They want to erase same sex attraction and commit corrective rape and harass lesbians who won’t sleep with them. We’ve already seen that TIMs will murder lesbians (and their families) who won’t bow down to their insane demands (Dana Rivers).

They want to steamroll their way into women’s spaces, driving women to stay at home “where they belong” out of fear of male creeps. They constantly threaten women with violence, and assault feminists and LGB activists at peaceful protests.

Their stereotypes of women amount to porn and patriarchy and are no different from the submissive domestic bangmaid vision that the Nazis had (Kinder, Kueche, Kirche). The Nazis also seemed to have a sizable number of AGPs and men who loved crossdressing but hated women and gay people (in addition to being genocidal racist pieces of shit).

( carpetplaydohx2 )
Oh ffs, can't they switch to "boy mode" like they do other times they want to go "stealth"?

pennygadget , Stealthygal & mittimithai #transphobia ovarit.com

Contrapoints on CNN: “It was obvious with the mug shot, that’s a man” while referring to Club Q shooter

( pennygadget )

"If he were non-binary, why would he attack his own community?"

That's a good question. Why don't we ask that question to all the totally valid trans-women who are currently in women's prisons for raping and/or killing members of the female community!

For real, fuck this guy. I can tell from looking at HIM that he's also a man no matter how much makeup he puts on or whatever silly girl voice he attempts. They've forced us women to go along and use female pronouns for horrible TIMs like Ezra Miller, Jonathan Yaniv, Dana Rivers, Karen White, Synthia Blast, etc. Now these fuckers need to practice what they preach and go along with whatever bullshit identity Mx Shooter claims to have. And if they don't, they should be swiftly banned from Twitter and other mainstream outlets for misgendering

Eat karma, you hypocritical clowns!

( Stealthygal )

If he were non-binary, why would he attack his own community?

For all kinds of reasons, like, he's an incel, he's fucked up by his porn star dad and cyer bullying when he was a teen, Being trans or NB or any other kind of fancy identity does not automatically make you nice.

Why would a school shooter attack his own community? Why are some transwomen rapists? Why do some women commit infanticide? Why are some people assholes? FOR REASONS

( mittimithai )
The demented gender/LGBTQ+++ cult itself is the one bringing clownery and disgrace to the horrific death of 5 people.

NotCis & DonnaMme #transphobia ovarit.com

Opinion | The LGBTQ family is united by our fear for our lives - The Washington Post

( NotCis )
I really resent articles that teach people to live in needless fear. Yes, this shooting was a tragedy and the U.S. has an absurd number of mass shootings compared to other high-income countries - that is wrong and so many of us have called for change for years (especially since so many shooters have histories of abusing women). It doesn't mean that "the LGBTQ family" is under constant threat. As others have pointed out time and time again, trans-identified people are less likely to be murdered than other groups. A good thread here last week (I can't find it now - can anyone help) pointed out that more people are killed by toddlers accidentally setting off guns each year than trans-identifying people are murdered for any reason (and if you want to look at TIPs killed because of transphobic violence, the numbers are vanishingly small). Fearmongering and telling people it's unsafe to live normal lives is harmful to their mental health and wellness and it needs to stop. For the love of god, let's get gun control and lock up dangerous men stat, but it's not because "the LGBTQ family" is under particular threat.

( DonnaMme )
So there will be even more pressure for women to remain silent and anyone who speaks out will immediately be branded as pushing violence against TIP. I posted this to the comment section

There are many violent men and this is a terrible tragedy. When will the gun access laws be changed? But this tragedy should not be conflated with women's efforts to regain rights that are being invalidated. There are women who are standing up, speaking out for their rights and speaking against the trend to hypersexualize children. This is not a violent movement but I am sure that the media will lump them in with violent groups. Why will this happen? I don't know but the media has blacked out any women who speak up

Not very well written, my comment and I am thinking of dropping my subscription to WaPo. Too much money and it's the most manipulative of the woke newspapers but the media has such power to silence.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

What to do if wokes turn all bathrooms into unisex


( carpetplaydohx2 )
Something tells me the transbros will not be happy about this either. Well, half of them, anyway -- they'll be faint with "dysphoria." The other half will be falling over themselves to get at the blood for their own fake periods.

( Radical_Phoenix )
Check out their penises while they pee and then share the intel you gained around.

( Owlchaser )

( Boudicaea )
As loudly as possible

( RighteousIndignation )
dont forget to laugh.

( Lipsy )
Needs moar contingency plan for when middle-aged AGPs start fishing through the trash and otherwise combing the premises for discarded cups to... idk shove up their butts or something ((shudders))

( Eava )
That is why they don't want separate bathrooms. No used products to find.

( pellucidar )
I've only ever seen disposable discs, but you can rinse those first, too. There's no stopping men from buying new ones anyway.

( Lipsy )
I don't think brand new ones would rlly scratch their proverbial itch, tbh. Although I'm happy to say i am not any kind of expert on this 🤪 and could be very wrong indeed.

( Carrots90 )
Unfortunately, I agree with you

cousinanger , IrishTheFrenchie & ceridwens_cauldron #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Cis is totally a neutral term because everyone has a gender identity and should accept being reduced to stereotypes

( cousinanger )
I can't read the linked thing, for some reason. But I can give a few general opinions: 1. There is zero evidence that everyone has a gender identity. This is an axiom or assumption a trans theorist has made. We don't have to believe it as it is probably not true. 2. Those who have never transitioned and who feel that they might have a gender identity seem to base it on the experience of living in a sexed body. In other words, that identity doesn't just somehow happen to match the sex of their bodies but is BASED on it. So all those people and all those who have no gender identity but just a biological sex are erased when faux wokes erase all names for the female sex. We become bleeders, ovary-havers, egg-producers and individuals with a cervix. 3. Being reduced to stereotypes is what **will ** happen with the gender identity cult, because there is nothing else that gender could be based on once biological sex is erased. Or at least nothing else someone could 'perform' to show what gender they want to be seen as. So now every single woman who accepts being called a woman is assumed to be passive, submissive, emotional and nurturing (all parts of defining femininity). Or something far worse in terms of sexist stereotypes.

The 'cis' shit is really so much nastier than how it looks. It's like those boiling-the-frog-slowly examples, i.e., doesn't seem that much to ask from us, but when we think it through it's about as regressive as anything coming from the MRAs or the anti-feminist religious extremists. And accepting it means we agree with the underlying beliefs.

( IrishTheFrenchie )
I report every single TRA/TIP that calls me cis for "misgendering". Every single one.

Sorry if you don't like your own weapons turned and used on you, but thems the rules!

Cis is 100% a slur because it's like calling atheists "Godless". It insinuates there's more to it than simply not believing in someone else's religion.

( ceridwens_cauldron )
No, I don’t call myself cis as I clearly don’t fall understand your ‘cis’ definition of ‘someone with a gender identity that aligns with their sex’


Owlchaser , yikesforever & Tortoisemouse #transphobia ovarit.com

We don't believe TWAW, that's the whole point

( Owlchaser )
Lol. Their argument is that "trans" is simply another identifier, like "old" or "black". Ok, so what does "trans" mean? It means something which is on the opposite side. "Black woman" and "Old woman" describe the type of woman but "trans woman" literally means "opposite of woman". SO NO FUCKING SHIT nobody thinks they're women! You cannot be both a transwoman and a woman! It's in the name itself!!!

And, any other qualifier would literally point to "male woman". Or, "not female woman". I'm headdesking so much I have a red mark!!!!

( yikesforever )
They also want all the stuff for trans people (like acting roles, beauty pageants, awards, groups, etc), and what women have.

Like even they somehow want both and yet demand everyone to think of them as women? fucking whack

( Tortoisemouse )
Yeah because it's "intersectional". They are extra marginalised because they're women AND they're trans.

Except, they don't understand how venn diagrams work. The circle representing "all trans women" is outside the circle for "women". That's literally what "trans" means. The two circles DO NOT INTERSECT. So screw your intersectionality.

They aren't extra marginalised they're just extra stupid.

various commenters #transphobia #ableist ovarit.com

RE: A prediction.

( stirfriedkailan )
I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but why are TIMs over-represented in tech/programming?

( [Deleted] )
In my experience it's an extension of toxic masculinity and incel culture. They are nerds who have grown up being bullied by jocks and "chads" and can't relate to their imaginary standard guy who likes sport and bbq, so they assume that they aren't men at all.

Some of them see affirmative action in tech firms and assume that women have it "easier" and others are just pornsick fetishists. Throw into the mix the fact that a lot of them are autistic or otherwise neurodivergent and you have the perfect environment to spawn Tim's.

( LadyLuck )
I remember looking at an Incel message board years ago and I think a lot of those guys have some form of dysmorphia. They would obsess over their chins or height when cleaning their rooms, getting a hobby and being considerate to potential partners would have taken them much further.

( NoDayForADo )
Because the autistic boys gets sucked into trans culture the same as the girls do.

various commenters #transphobia #homophobia ovarit.com

Still not on board with trans women being men? What if I told you they were literally pushing their testes inside out?

( Ptarmagant )
Well, the good news is that they are killing or damaging a lot of their sperm, so it might inhibit their entry into the gene pool if they do it enough. I'm inclined to encourage it.

( Tq231442 )
The part that sucks about this is that a HUGE amount of TIMs wait until their wife is pregnant or the kids are still young to declare they're demented perverts, essentially shackling their kids and wives to them. They do it on purpose.

( suupersami )
It's like it's part of the APG playbook because it's so common.

( Lipsy )
It also makes an infuriating kind of sense in terms of the evolutionary viability of AGP, insofar as the tendency might be heritable.
A trait that waits until dude has fathered kids to come into full bloom[1] is a trait that actually has a nonzero chance of being passed on to posterity (again, insofar as it's genetic).

The same thing may also contribute to the significant preponderance of homosexual men who stay closeted, even in 21st century progressive urban environments where there's little to gain thereby, until the same point in life—and why the same phenomenon isn't seen in lesbians.

[1]: As in algal bloom, of course.

( Hopscotch )
Gay men have been doing this to their unwitting beards since forever. TiMs are just so terribly male.

( Ptarmagant )
Of course they do, because...evil.

PeskySeperatist , Feminist_Username & IWantAGirlRiot #transphobia ovarit.com

Even if I ruin our relationship, I still want you to support me during transition!

( PeskySeperatist )
That self righteous little "oh pleaaase be kind and dont point out she's an absolute villain, and me a poor widdle victim 🥺" lets me know two things:

1. He wants her to get an absolute grilling.

2. He wants to show her the comments and play it off like he didnt want this to happen.

He's seriously deluded if he thinks this will help his situation.
Also I love the "I dont even know for certain I am trans" when she says they need to break up.
Just when he thought he'd succeeded in pushing his fetish onto her, she laid down the facts and he thought he could trick her into staying by pretending there was still a chance he wasnt a deranged AGP creep.
Her fast turnaround is interesting to me too. Wonder if he did some weird shit that gave the game away and made her realise it's a fetish.

( Feminist_Username )
100% agreed, she had to listen to him talk about his lady feelings for an entire fucking day after she had to do his damn eyebrows and was like nah I'm good. Tells us all we need to know.

AGPs breed terfs lol and they absolutely do not have the self awareness to realize it. Their constant self-insertion into female spaces literally drives women away from them. The more they get what they want, the more people around them realize why they never should have been given what they want in the first place.

When I stood up to my TIM relative he accused me of getting in with the wrong crowd lmao. My poor little ladybrain couldn't be coming up with boundaries or ideas on it's own, of course. No awareness whatsoever that his actions were the sole thing that informed my opinion.

( IWantAGirlRiot )
Holy shit, I identify as your post. There was a moment at a dinner where a TiM relative and my partner spoke over their mother, their aunt, and myself to correct the TiM’s pronouns. I was truly peaked. We were talking about the past. It was family history chat. All the women speaking, it made me sick how eager the TiM was to edge in, with some kind of exhaustion, to remind us silly women to watch our tongues.

Various commenters #transphobia #enbyphobia ovarit.com

r/MensWrongs: Terves don’t hate trans people they hate MEN 🙀

( [Deleted] )
Can’t speak for anyone else but I’ve met just as many insufferable female “nonbinary” people as I’ve met TIMs so I can’t say this applies to me personally. I see more predatory TIMs in online spaces but irl I’ve consistently been bullied, harassed, objectified, and condescended way more by genderspecial TIFs who seemingly feel intimidated by me being way more gnc than them and still being self aware that I’m a woman. And this has been an occurrence since way before I even entertained gender critical ideas.

They’re not men but a lot of them they LARP hard enough that they might as well be. And I know some people here are more mature than me and will say they hate the ideology and not the person but nah, that’s not me. I hate every creepy predatory TIM and every condescending misogynistic TIF/NB I’ve ever met. I don’t care about their chromosomes or what they have in their pants, if they’re part of the trans movement and treat women like shit they can just go fuck themseves regardless of whether they’re women or not

I know the original is probably accurate for most radfems so sorry for the unhinged rant. I haven’t been on Ovarit in a while and I needed to have a good seethe

( hmimperialtortie )
You speak for me! I despise the TIFs and enbies, they’re all misogynists. I loathe the TIMs.

( mathlover )
The women trying to pretend they are "men" can be obnoxious with lots of internalized mysogyny. But they are mostly just pathetic in trying to escape all the mysogyny heaped on women and we can feel sorry for them.

In sharp contrast, the men trying to pretend they are "women" are all sexual predators to some degree or other. They are viciously mysogynist. There is no way to not hate what they have done, and continue to do, to women and any womens' community they infest. And they do it all and get away with it because they are men.

So, yeah. The truly negative things we feel toward "trans" people we feel towards men.

( hontrapoints )
Why can't I hate both TIPs and men? It's the best of both worlds~

Various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

delusion, homophobia, misogyny

( GCRadFem )
Thank you sir but no. Get real.

TW do not have “the exact same bodies” as women and never will.

( Ptarmagant )
Um, if they had the exact same body, they would be, well, women.

( SakuraBlossoms )
Yeah what is the "trans" supposed to mean?

( spaghettiforhair )
That a male body can be surgically mutilated to the point of becoming a female body, which is false. Doctors are neither gods nor forces of nature.

( femlez34 )
Yeah, even if the genital surgeries were able to successfully imitate the real thing, I'm still not attracted to these dudes. They make it seem like everyone is fooled until we learn what's in their pants, lol. None of them look, sound, or smell remotely like women in person, and more importantly, none of them act like women! I've never had a woman react to me politely turning down a date by threatening to rape or murder me. A friend of mine was stalked by a TIM who would wait on the sidewalk outside her apartment. This entitlement to sexual access is not female behavior.

Various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

( littleowl12 )
"Transactvism erases lesbians" Jammidodger: nuh-UNH


Here's Jammidodger again. Lesbians are like, so TODALLY RONG about twanz people erasing their community.

1. Nuh-UNH that is so not true!
2. Besides, not all trans guys identified as lesbians before transition. (We know that, Jamie. We call them Gaydens).
3. And anyway, many many many many many MANY trans women are proud lesbians, but terfs just IGNORE THAT!
4. Terfs think that trans men are women who have been brainwashed into trying to get male privilege while trans women are men trying to invade women's spaces BUT
5. That doesn't track because TWAW and TMAM.
Jammi doesn't wonder why many many many many MANY TIMs view themselves as lesbians. Nor does she wonder why she doesn't.

She just knows that lesbians are WRONG and MEAN! because of her circular logic. In her other videos she hints that she just might be a bisexual man, btw. In theory. This is interesting because she's not the first lesbian TIF on youtube to eventually identify as a gay man. Finn did this, too.

Her poor girlfriend really needs to run for the hills.

Jammi has a sponsorship from a language app and she's currently learning Creole. She bragged that she can finally work out a little bit of what her girlfriend's family are saying. They must find this annoying. I can only imagine Jammi is hearing words like "ridiculous" and "white" and "girl" and "thinks" and "she's" and "a" and "man."

Jammi is coming across as angrier and angrier and honestly a little desperate. She's skipping the good-natured, patient, condescending "educator" act. Now she's cross and has simply had it with our nonsense. She's a British Rom Com heart throb, god dammit! So seriously, fuck all you! You, and you, and especially YOU!

( ALesbian )
#3. It's impossible to ignore "trans lesbians." They're everywhere, threatening real lesbians with "corrective" rape and throwing temper mantrums.

( hmimperialtortie )

she's currently learning Creole

Sounds like she’d be better off learning English first.

( butchplease )
What trans activism gives us: men who call themselves lesbians and try to rape actual lesbians

What trans activism takes away from us: actual lesbians

jvsmine & hmimperialtortie #transphobia ovarit.com

"Passing" post-op TIM realizes straight men still won't sleep with him, calls it discrimination

( jvsmine )
"Just having that knowledge about you can change someone from being all over you to friendzoning you without any objective reason."

why are all TIMs such fucking rapists? this is incel rapist rhetoric. fucking sickos.

edit to add: not getting fucked means TIMs are "expendable"?

not at all like how the sudden real women are expendable in our own rape shelters, prisons, sports, etc. our feelings of being safe and cared for are disregarded so TIMs can "feel safe and valid and included".

they act like not getting fucked is gunna kill them. jesus I hate these moids.

( hmimperialtortie )
I honestly don’t care what anyone they rape or try to rape does to them.

IchikosChocolate & crodish #transphobia ovarit.com

"i feel like i'm just cosplaying real masculinity"

( IchikosChocolate )
This is genuinely so sad to read... It hurts to see how many girls are groomed into the belief that men are superior, a belief that has ruined this poor girl and made her want to become a man in order to become "better". The whole "queer" (a word I personally use for all the clowns leeching off the LGB's actual oppression) stuff is just 21th century misogyny and there should be no debate over that. Trans women being such grotesque caricatures of womanhood, girls forcing themselves to be someone they're not and never will be (also known as a man) in order to fit society's standards for a "mentally and physically strong person", the whole non-binary thing being a way to affirm gender stereotypes... the world is f*cked.

( crodish )
Yes, you are.

No female can become a male. Your bound breasts, mastectomied breasts, arm graft scar, phalloplasty, and everything you do to make yourself seem more like a man are themselves proof of your being female. No male has to do this.

You get better by stopping trying to be what you are not and accepting yourself as you are. You never needed to do any of this.

Jesus christ this is so upsetting to read. None of them know what the fuck they are doing or that none of it changes them into a man. They've been sold nothing but lies.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Kentucky senator's TIF daughter, 24, committed suicide. Blames it on laws protecting women's safe spaces and sex-based rights

( no- )
I believe transitioning generates more dysphoria than not transitioning at all, because dysphoria is just the feeling of incongruence between reality and a TIP’s inner sense of self. The more you try to chase the pipe dream of changing sex, the more obvious it becomes that you can’t. Even passing TIPs are living a lie that’s very mentally taxing to maintain. The TIPs who are happy with their transition are so disconnected from reality they’re in a permanent state of delusion and magical thinking, which is not something worth aspiring to.

( dontdoxxmepal )
This 1000x over. Dysphoria is an ever jumping and escalating issue to the individual who experiences it

( Kevina )
Not sure if anyone looked at the pics, but this woman looks like a very average, gnc/butch/possibly lesbian woman. She doesnt read even a little bit male to me, I have several friends who look and dress alot like this woman. I also noticed the sister is a rabbi. I have no idea if this was a "trans the gay away" situation, but it's a shame that these kids are wasting their lives chasing the carrot on a stick that is trans instead of just accepting themselves and their sexed bodies and trying to get some kind of enjoyment out of life.

His final tweet was retweeting the words of his boss: 'State lawmakers have advanced an onslaught of anti-LGBTQ+ bills to restrict where and how we can freely and openly be our true selves.'

Except that's not at all what you're doing, and it's no wonder that what you are doing is negatively affecting your mental (and physical) health.

( itsnotaboutewe )
A woman who refused to accept herself as she was tried to force others to accept her as something she was not. She said she felt unsafe walking down the street because she feared people who didn't coddle her delusion, but her life was taken not by strangers who wouldn't accept her but by her own hands because she couldn't accept she was perfect just the way she was. Blaming suicide on anyone but the victim/perpetrator is disingenuous and prepetuates victim mentality. Shame on this mother for blaming strangers for her daughter's actions.

Maplefields & xy_equals_guy #interphobia ovarit.com

RE: Genuine conundrum about certain people with CAIS

( Maplefields )
Technically a man, but I wouldn’t have any problem with him in our facilities because socially he passes for a woman and was conditioned as a woman from birth. However, I would have a problem with him in female sports due to fairness.

Edit: This unfortunate CAIS individual shares some physical features with women, but women are more than just boobs and a vagina. Sex isn’t cosmetic. Men and women aren’t cosmetic. So many physical and developmental processes are different between men and women as a result of the evolutionary process to get humans to produce gametes. That’s why he’s not a woman to me. Despite having androgen insensitivity, every cell in his body is XY and he will need male (human) oriented health care. Human male = man.

( xy_equals_guy )
People with significant DSDs are not a problem, and are welcome into women's spaces as they have been raised female and lack the male "weapon". However, they are HUGELY over-represented in womens' sport, and even more so on medal podiums. This is deeply unfair and they have caused far more damage to women's sport than TIMs ever have. This is because a DSD male won a legal case in the 80's to be considered legally female in sport, then the floodgates opened and women's sport has been swarmed with testical carriers ever since.

No DSD male will ever be physically equivalent to females, even the CAIS ones. For example, even if CAIS males somehow had the exact same skeletal structure, collagen structure, lung capacity, heart size, increased red blood cells etc as equivalent XX females (and there's no proof that they do), they inherently lack the reproductive cycle of women. For example, progesterone and oestrogen both affect collagen and thus injury potential, and this is always changing in natal women. CAIS individuals never have this variation to adapt to and work around. They will never have the risk of motherhood to affect their athletic potential or end their career.

They can be honorary women, but their should never have imposed whatever male anatomy they have on women's sport. It is so unfair. Another blatant example is Brittany Griner, but we're not allowed to talk about it.