Hebephilia counts

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Hypocrisy Young girls upload hypersexual videos to tik tok without coercion and it's always the fault of a third party ...

How ‘supercharged catnip’ TikTok is fuelling the sexualisation of young girls and exploitation of teens

Look how are the same foids doing that by their free will: "There is concern owing to countless videos of underage girls detailing sexual experiences being uploaded to TikTok, as well as explicitly talking about sexual desires for their teachers."

"It’s become a magnet for paedophiles" lol serious? It's obvious that pedos will show up their asses with that type of content CREATED WITHOUT COERCION, BY THE FREE WILL OF THOSE YOUNG FOIDS...

This one is funny and hypocrite: "We've seen kids being groomed on TikTok , while other creeps take advantage of young girls posting sexualised content of themselves on the platform." Lol again, what normies expect? it's obvious that pedos would do that type of things. The easy solution is block that "app"(subversive degenerate comunist china inteligence tactic to undermine the west and rest of the world) BUT NO!!! WE HAVE TO GO AFTER THE CREEPS that want free shit or real shit proposed FIRST by those "angels" (young whores)

JFL as never is the fault of the foids. Never in the article is propposed to say to the parents: Don't allow your kids to use that app . Instead of that they propose to change settings in the app to avoid those situations.

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If the 11 yo girl and her lover are happy on Tuesday and a bunch of rabid cops and prosecutors destroy their lives day after, on Wednesday, the problem started on Wednesday, not on Tuesday.

This is like some guy being in a happy marriage and his wife being arrested because her hair is blonde and a bunch of morons trying to convince her that he was somehow “abused” all the time because his wife was blonde.

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GOP candidate who pushed QAnon conspiracy theory gets arrested for child pornography

Ben Gibson, who unsuccessfully ran for Congress in November, was arrested in Louisiana this Wednesday and booked on four counts of child pornography, WGNO reports.

Gibson, who was an active Airman at Barksdale Air Force Base, was a challenger in a four-way race for the U.S. House Dist. 4 Congressional seat and lost to Rep. Mike Johnson, who won re-election. Jared Kutz, 30, of Bossier City was also arrested as a result of the investigation and charged with two counts of pornography.

As Media Matters pointed out in January, Gibson has endorsed the "QAnon" conspiracy theory, using its hashtag multiple times on his Facebook campaign page and other social media accounts. The QAnon cult believes that there's an underground network of Satanic pedophiles who are being covertly pursued by President Trump.

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I've always had a theory about Soros. Think about it, he was a young teen going through puberty at the very time his adopted father was going around rounding up Jewish families. Maybe they gave him the children as "rewards" for his assistance to do with them "as he wanted". Soros did once say that it was the most enjoyable time of his life. It would also explain a lot about Soros and the leftist movement association with people like Epstein, not to mention I bet that outraged little girl Gretta was a real hit with him, no wonder he made her the star of his show. Times of economic ruin and war also create lots of destroyed families and helpless children, which would explain a lot about his economic and political agenda.

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Protect the children ! By forever scarring them when you send in a rabid bunch of pig cops and scumbag prosecutors to imprison their lovers, shame them at school, scrutinize their lives and make them suicidal, all of doing what is completely normal and having sex with older men ! That will protect these girls alright !

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” do not support anything that is against the law.”


Crime is for non-whites. A white person can never commit crime and be fine with it.

For me it’s late teens early 20s

Cringe. Imagine having taste that bad. Women are literally almost men at 20. Have fun dating pursuing Chads cumrag.

Imagine unironically caring about this Holy soy

Mutt society is obedient and cucked as fuck. They are scared of fucking anything. They're more totalitarian than the USSR has ever been. Imagine being afraid to say anyone under 18 can be pretty because you think there is a realistic chance this will get you into jail. Doesn't get more cucked than this. No wonder the Jews have it so easy there JFL.

I too think a woman is their most beautiful somewhere around 15-16. At this age they are in the transisition between cute daughter and hot 18 year old woman. After that they try to compensate their lost youth and beauty with sexyness which only comes off as whorish. Tall women probably peak even earlier because growth especially very long legs push you too much to this.

Being a foid is literally JFL. Imagine having youth only for 10 short years (15-25) and then beginning to decline instead of having youth well into your late 30s like men do (if you have good genes, not everyone is a balding subhuman). Foids live on tutorial mode but their life is literally not worth living. Even if you polish a turd it is still a turd. I would rather be dirty gold than a polished turd.

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It's Over Foids objectively peak with 13-16 (controversial)

Now before you accuse me of anything I want to say that I do not support anything that is against the law. Period. What I mean with peak is 100% aesthetic, nothing more, nothing less. While most 18+ foids aren't really beautiful, literally 90% of all 12-16 year old foids ARE beautiful. It is what it fucking is, I can't change it. You can't really tell me a so called "adult" foid looks better than this:


You can't be serious. And you know what? Nature itself says that I'm right. Even fucking history says that I'm right. 18+ was invented by older foids because otherwise they would be absolutely BTFO by these women and rendered useless. The pussy cartel literally keeps the ressource women scarce to inflate it's value. The cruelest part? Chads are fine with these laws because they already experience this during THEIR teenagerhood. The only ones getting fucked by this is literally everyone else.

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Of course there’s a risk of mistreatment if a pedophile is in a relationship with a child. However there’s a risk of abuse in any kind of sexual relationship – whether it’s between 2 adults or with a child – and the reason why we continue taking part in these bonds is because abuse happens only to a small minority of cases.Most pedophiles don’t harm children – they enter into a sexual interaction with a child out of attraction – and love.

It is estimated that one in five men show some attraction to children – and that for 0.5 to 5% of all males – this attraction is preferential. Female pedophiles exist as well – though in a smaller number. That means there are probably as many pedophiles as there as gays -and there are 10s, probably 100s of millions of pedophiles around the world – who are completely innocent – yet are treated with hostility from society, guilt for having their sexual attraction, the fear of having their lives completely ruined if they’re found out, and a feeling of danger that at any time – they could be imprisoned – or even killed. All of this, happen not because having a sexual attraction to a child is bad – but because most people think that it is.

The injustice pedophiles face – needs to end. We need to remove laws that penalises sexual acts completely based on age – so that a pedophile who never caused any harm to a child would never be unfairly imprisoned. And more importantly, we need to end the hatred and discrimination society has towards pedophiles – so that both children and pedophiles – can finally feel accepted – safe – and free to lov

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SuicideFuel B-but porn is not real life inkel! Wrong


spoiler'BOOBS OR BUM?' Married female teacher 'told schoolboy lover, 15, "you have a bigger penis than my husband" in sordid texts', pal says

While you are jacking off to porn, underage Chad is living it. How many times did you see that shit about how the penis is bigger than the whore's husband in your porn? Porn is real life to attractive males. To us, to ITcucks, and the others not so privileged is just a fantasy.

Wanna take a wild guess of how much jail time this pig skin whore is going to face?

Not even a year.

Imagine what the headlines would be if the genders were reversed. Femoid pedos literally get praised and rewarded yet we're demonized for even questioning it. Also dickpill deniers on suicide watch

Because everyone knows that the male child is physically and mentally superior to the adult woman so she's not actually taking advantage of him.

We know this, but I don't think normies do tbh. Or maybe they do, fuck if I know

People can virtue-signal as much as they want about how muh women are just as capable as men and should be treated equally but the double standard when it comes to male and female pedos tells you all you need to know what we think of femoids as a society. They're children who are allowed to vote for some reason.

And cumskins gave them rights. At least ethnics kept their foids in line for the most part

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A 12-year-old California girl has been rescued after authorities said she was abducted by a Virginia man, an admitted pedophile who went to prison for more than a year for threatening to kill either President George W. Bush or President Obama.

Nathan Larson, 40, of Catlett, is facing charges of kidnapping, child abduction, solicting child pornography from a minor and meeting a child for the intention of sex, Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims told a news conference Saturday. The girl wasn't harmed.
Mims said Larson met the girl online in October and then groomed her over the next two months.

After flying to Fresno, Larson took a ride-share to the girl's house, persuaded her to sneak away at 2 a.m. Monday and go with him to the airport, the sheriff said.

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News 16 yo Israeli whore fucks 30 chads in one night

Outrage as 30 men accused of raping Israeli teen in Eilat

A whore that is less than 16 yo decided that she wants to discover her sexuality by fucking 30 chads in one night. I wonder how much time itll take to pump the cum out of her. The media tries to sell it as rape but dont buy it

Rape is a fucking meme. She obviously fucked 30 people and then people are covering it up by calling it rape. It’s painfully obvious that she chose to do this since she is a degenerate whore

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Just another reason to support Palestine over Israel.

Teen girls don't think about sex inkel :soy: :soy: JFL. Whores will be whores. Age is just a number

Agree. If she's a pubsecent and has a body of a 12-13 year old, she's fair game and knows what she's doing

That's a higher body count than 80% of men will reach in their entire lives.

This girl is 16 and got railed, meanwhile that 47 y/o reddit user is begging for some pussy

What's more realistic, 30 men decided they were going to rape, or one whore who wanted a train ran on her then lied about it when it was found out

Those idiots deserve to rot in prison. There were 30 of them and all forgot to bi her a McDonald happy meal afterward for all those happy endings.

The ragefuel in this story is how there are "men" (cucks) who degrade themselves joining to protest "rape" and all the femoids aswell. cucks writing 30 on their foreheads I am so disgusted with the people in my country. @kikecel בוא איתי לטאיוון נשיג איזו כלה אסייתית חמודה

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RE: Based Volcel if you don't auntmaxx

Is it too strange if I (M19) take my aunt (F34) as a prom date?

I once touched my cousin when she was asleep.

i also touched a cousin while she slept. specifically younger cousin. and specifically she was dead asleep because she had the flu and i was in charge of making sure her fever didn't get too high. if it got too high i was supposed to call one of our parents to come back home ASAP and rush her to the hospital. and while she was dead asleep i slipped her bottoms down around her knees and for some reason didnt spread her legs to look at her femininity but instead kept trying to sniff her ass. she must have felt a shift in the force and sprang to life and ran inside the bathroom and locked herself in there for about an hour while screaming at me through the locked door at the top of her lungs. for the next several years she wouldn't sleep in the same room as me and she would always position her ass to the wall if she was going to relax around me. and that was only 1 of my cousins. and you will never know if this is true or not.

back to OPs topic: i find it odd that is even an option. my prom had a stipulation that you couldn't invite anybody over 20yo. the only "old people" at my prom were the chaperones and we only had 3 chaperones. even the DJ was a 20yo. brother of a classmate.

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I think that the age of consent in all countries should be 5, with sex ed starting at 3 and continuing up to then. Up until 5 years old no actual penetration would be allowed (including anal), but little girls under 5 could give blowjobs and get their tiny little pussies rubbed.

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Soy Normies acting lile nobody loses their virginity before 18

image These bluepillers try to keep youngcels away from the blackpill by acting like nobody has sex before 18. The average age of virginity loss is 17, so that means that most people have lost their virginity before 18 years old


I went to high school in the early 00's and it was an orgy for the good looking kids, the tall chads in my school would literally go fuck chicks during lunch breaks.

My school has a fucking “blowjob forest” out back jfl. Every school or setting is the exact same. An orgy for the good looking ones. Because life revolves around sex and at large social groups like this everyone's having alot of it. Except you.

I overhead foids in my english class talking about lesbian sex and strap on dildo penetration and i am in 10th grade JFL

Also, a guy in my language class mentioned that 6 foids in my school are pregnant JFL

A normie friend of mine mentions girls giving blowjobs for drugs JFL

A foid friend of mine in 3rd grade asked me who was my first kiss but i could not answer because MEANWHILE I NEVER KISSED A GIRL ON THE LIPS SINCE DAY ZERO

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Cops are usually extreme cowards so they are tough on people like pedos because they usually can't fight back as they're not actually evil or criminal, just good men looking for love. It's much harder to go after thugs and other violent criminals who fight back. Cops are cowardly scum.

Ben Gibson (R-QAnon) #pedo #conspiracy #wingnut rawstory.com

Ben Gibson, who unsuccessfully ran for Congress in November, was arrested in Louisiana this Wednesday and booked on four counts of child pornography, WGNO reports.

Gibson, who was an active Airman at Barksdale Air Force Base, was a challenger in a four-way race for the U.S. House Dist. 4 Congressional seat and lost to Rep. Mike Johnson, who won re-election. Jared Kutz, 30, of Bossier City was also arrested as a result of the investigation and charged with two counts of pornography.

As Media Matters pointed out in January, Gibson has endorsed the “QAnon” conspiracy theory, using its hashtag multiple times on his Facebook campaign page and other social media accounts. The QAnon cult believes that there’s an underground network of Satanic pedophiles who are being covertly pursued by President Trump.

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(waste matter)
RageFuel she is 13 year old

Melody (Brazilian singer) - Wikipedia

13 and she look like already have a bodycount about 100. by the time she is 18 she gonna look like 40

(Made in Heaven)
Apparently this is her at 12 and 8

JFL if you deny the loli pill

You are such a repulsive pig, luckily even from your backwaters we hear about filth like you getting what they deserve, a truck load of peace in your shit face.


I remember showing my friend a picture of her and telling him if he would do her, to which he replied he absolutely would. Upon informing him of her age he replied he "would have a talk to the FBI of they come for me because for fuck's sake, look at her." :feelskek:

(The Abyss)
12? The size of those fucking tits. They been feeding her estrogen? Why does she look like a 25 year old whore.

location: Brazil. Here’s hoping she gets her head chopped off by some machete wielding incels

Bitch looks 25 at least. Yet soyciety still blames men for not realizing the real age of jailbaits. To be safe I just assume every foid is 10 to 15 years younger than they actually look.

Amos Yee #pedo channelnewsasia.com

SINGAPORE: Singaporean Amos Yee, who was granted asylum in the United States three years ago, has been charged with solicitation and possession of child porn in the US, according to the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper.

Yee - who was jailed in Singapore in 2015 and 2016 for hate speech against both Christians and Muslims - allegedly exchanged nude photographs and “thousands” of messages with a 14-year-old Texas girl while living in Chicago, the newspaper wrote on Friday (Oct 16).

If convicted, Yee’s asylum status could be revoked.

Yee, 20, appeared at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse for a bond hearing on Friday, the newspaper said.

The Chicago Sun-Times cited Cook County prosecutors as saying that the messages Yee exchanged with the girl between April and July last year included nude photos he had requested from her. He had also sent nude photos of himself to the girl, said the newspaper.

The prosecutors were cited as saying that the girl had repeatedly told Yee how old she was in their messages. Yee had also allegedly instructed her to remove her age from her profile on WhatsApp, the messaging service they used to communicate, the prosecutors said.

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(autism kills)
Foids realize they were hotter as teens than they are now in their 20s and 30s

View: https://www.tiktok.com/@juliadroolia/video/6902166420549848326?lang=en

“Thinking about how myself and every other woman I know was catcalled more when we were 11-15 y/o than now that we’re in our 20s-30s”

There's nothing disgusting about a man loving cunny. What's truly disgusting is adult women. Women shouldn't age past 18.

Little girls don't need makeup. They have the JB glow. Makeup is for old hags that need to cope.

adults are fucking disgusting, both physically and mentally
"growing up" is just an euphemism for rotting

thats why they worry about getting old but god forbid you say young foids are attractive

"catcalled more" so, they're still cat called frequently? i thought they didnt like that? why are they complaining about it? god, they live life so easily

Girls are in their prime as teenagers both physically and mentally
With that said: The average male also looked better in his teens. I know I did. Looked a lot more tolerable at 15 than I do 20 years later


I'm 29, I feel like I look better than ever, and I'm yet to peak, which I expect to be at 35. For women looking more masculine is not very appealing, so that's why it is considered that men age better, probably

Male physical peak is 18-25, only slightly later than foids. After that it's all downhill and your collagen starts decreasing every second. This is why all pro athletes have their peak at this age, and all Olympic athletes also win their gold medals at these ages.

Most non-Asian foids start looking like crap after 28. They literally start to wrinkle in the eye area when they laugh or smile.

Obviously if you smoke or drink, youre gonna age faster.

I've noticed avid runners can maintain a youthful appearance for longer. Probably has to do with less body fat overall.

Billy Morgan #conspiracy #pedo #crackpot #fundie henrymakow.com

The best kept secret of the esoteric grades of Freemasonry is ritual sodomy. They believe it opens the "third eye" to Luciferian illumination. It attacks a pressure point of nerves at the base of the spine, causing temporary neurological paralysis and a shift of consciousness.

MK-ULTRA survivors have testified that sodomy causes identity "splits" in children up to age 5, so it was standard for programming multiples.

In order to produce a mind control slave, it must be done ideally between age two and four. The pressure point causes memory blackout, which is why victims don't experience flashbacks before a physiological change in the brain occurs between age 28 and 32.

When introduced at eleven or older it doesn't cause splits, but initiates the victim or 'neophyte' into the Sado-Masochistic "brotherhood".

The initiation is metaphysical so it doesn't matter whether it is done formally as an initiation, or informally Jerry Sandusky style. The Illuminati are a class of people that have this "illumination" in common whether the perp was a Freemason or not.

Anyone that has experienced sodomy has been illuminated or initiated into the Luciferian initiation because "Lucifer" is real.

"No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation." - David Spangler (Leading figure in the '70's and 80's New Age movement and United Nations affiliated NGO's: Findhorn Foundation, Lindisfarne Association.)

This is why sodomy laws have been overturned almost world wide since 1970.

By 1996, Satanist rocker Marylin Manson was literally selling sodomy to teens, and laughing all the way to the bank.

MAP Biology #pedo #crackpot mapbiology.wordpress.com

I’m making this site to argue against the modern pathologization of the male attraction and preference for young adolescent girls about 12-16 years old (teen schoolgirls, Lolitas, jailbait etc). I like to call this preference adolescentophilia. Due to the taboos over minor attraction many sexologists today aren’t objective about this subject and have been too eager to interpret data as evidence that adolescentophilia is biological maladaptive and abnormal. I aim to convince the reader that it’s biologically normal and evolutionary adaptive for men to find girls on the verge of reproductive age highly attractive.

Edmund_Kemper #crackpot #pedo #sexist incels.co

Theory Male high school teachers and college professors a lot slower to get remarried after divorce and are less likely to remarry

the study shows this is probably due to constant exposure to young attractive female students. and a lot of evidence shows this might be the causation


Female teenagers are attractive to most men. Get over it, IT. This is reality.

exactly IT just can't admit it because they're afraid of saying the politically incorrect truth

It would be pretty brutal to have so many teenage foids in your presence all the time. And to the ITcels reading this, get over it and accept the fact that normal men are attracted to teenage foids.

lets be honest, if there wasn't any stigma against attraction to teen foids, IT would admit it's common to be attracted to them

True. It’s only because soyciety said so. Practically any man you see will be attracted to teen foids

and they always say but muh brain development. the only reason teens have underdeveloped brain is because society infantilizes them too much

A brain of a teen is just as developed as an adult. It’s only society that keeps them stupid. As for the power imbalance argument it is also societies fault.

power imbalances actually can work. many people want a older mature person for protection and financial reasons

This is how it was in the past. The foid would settle for an older man who would financially support them and the man could have prime virgin jb pussy

the only reason teen girls are "traumatized" by sex with an older guy is because of society's extreme disapproval of their age gap

Shane #fundie #pedo #psycho huffpost.com

A clip uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 6 shows the hosts abruptly hanging up on Shane when the startling comment is made.

Immediately before the conversation is cut off, Harris directs the following statement to Shane: “You either have a God who sends child rapists to rape children or you have a God who simply watches it and says, ‘When you’re done, I’m going to punish you.’ If I could stop a person from raping a child, I would. That’s the difference between me and your God.”

Shane begins his response by saying, “First of all, you portray that little girl as someone who’s innocent, she’s just as evil as you.” Dillahunty then cuts off the call and spits, “Good-bye, you piece of ****.”

It’s unclear from the clip what point the caller is trying to make, and his reference to “that little girl” is confusingly specific, as it seems up until then that the conversation had been about a hypothetical victim.

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RE: JFL 7 yo loli getting hots for chad brother: My [17M] little sister [7F] is extremely clingy.

Whenever my girlfriend is over my sister will always try to butt in between us. If we're sitting on the couch she'll come sit on my lap and give my girlfriend cold stares. If my sister sees us kiss each other she'll get a little angry and point to her lips and insist I give her a kiss too. Almost every night she'll come into my room and try to climb into my bed.


She doesn't have the hots for her brother, dumbass. She's just an attention seeking turd

Stfu retarded nigger bitch she wants to fuck him as hard as no girl wants to fuck u. If I was that male I would have sex with her and the reddit OP is retarded for not smashing that yummy cunny

Children can feel attraction and desire for attractive people. Get over it. There is no way she would be begging her brother to kiss her on the lips and trying to sleep in the same bed with him if she didn't find him attractive. Doesn't mean she wants to be fucked, though.

(Made in Heaven)
This I agree with. She does find her brother attractvie, which is why she likes him so much. That doesn't mean it is sexual per say

Anime fiction is Chad reality jfl

This is brutality true. All the sexual shit you see in anime actually happens to chads

(Fat Link)
Could be true though. If it is the little girl probably has only encountered cuck and soy males her own age in kindergarten or preschool whichever she’s in, so it only makes sense that she clings to the first Chad that she finds even if he is her brother.

LOLI BREEDING #pedo #sexist incels.co

LifeFuel Lolis are thirsting hard for faggots like harry styles or kpop oldcels. agepill debunked lifefuel

How many becky lolis, literal 12/13 year olds(prime age) have you seen worshiping these late 20s prettyboys or semi-prettyboys with niche appeal? There are a whole lot of them. the gooks in bts(famous faggot band) are 26-28 too. Lifefuel because if they can ascend so can I all I have to do is stop balding and get the general prettyboy aesthetic. I've always been on the framelet side anyway, seems easier than gymcelling & roidcelling for years to become a robust ogre. what's the best way to prettyboymax?

Good luck trying to fuck 12 year olds lmao, i'm sure that'll turn out great for you.

no you want to befriend them and groom them early at 12 so you can penetrate them on their 14th birthday when it's legal :) obviously I'd never do anything illegal :feelzez:

Balding and pretty boy are mutually exclusive.

yeah it's not tragic yet. hopefully my non-tranny-hormone hair copes work out :dafuckfeels:

Why do you want to transform yourself based on the whims of the most vapid members of society (young girls)?

I must ascend :cryfeels: yeah it's cucked I'd much rather pillage a village and get myself a foid like in the good old days but sadly that method no longer works

MartinYakuza #pedo #sexist #psycho #pratt #racist #dunning-kruger reddit.com

Submitter’s Note: I was unable to track down the original Facebook post, so the Reddit is all I’ve got.

1. Pedophilia is a sexuality whether you like it or not.

2. Rape is bad, but its a natural thing, so the punishments shouldnt be so harsh. It should be equivalent to beating someone up.

3. Covid is literally a flu, there were a lot of more dangerous diseases in the past and people werent panicking nearly as much as now.

4. Slavery is a perfectly normal thing to do. Better people/race are enslaving worser people/race to do the hard work for them. Its a natural world order. Since whites are far better than blacks, then blacks should be enslaved.

It takes only a bit of common sense to figure these things out, so if you disagree you are either brainwashed or just plainly stupid, I dont know which one is worse.

Teah Vincent #pedo the-sun.com

A MUM cleared over sex with a 14-year-old boy today said she wants to see HIM punished - but insisted: "I'm not evil" in an online rant.

Teah Vincent, 32, last week admitted to initiating sex with the teen at her Gloucestershire home - believing he was over 16.

She was last week found not guilty of knowingly having sex with an under-age boy after just one hour and four minutes of jury deliberation.

And one social media user told the mum she was "pretty lucky" to have avoided jail.

Replying on Instagram, Teah replied: "I do count myself lucky.

"I hope his family get karma."

She added a crying face emoji, writing: "I'm not an evil person but what this is doing to my family."

It comes after the mum-of-three said she was considering selling photos and videos through saucy subscription site OnlyFans.com.

In an Instagram video, she tells followers: "I’m thinking about doing an OnlyFans account.

"People already hate me, so not much to lose."

If Teah opens an account, she'll join famous faces including Chloe Madeley and her rugby star hubby James Haskell, Love Islanders Arabella Chi and Adam Collard and musician Cardi B on the site.

OnlyFans, which has around 80million users, allows adult performers to charge subscribers to see their videos.

Teah's home when she invited them in for a drink.

Teah was then accused of taking one of the teens upstairs where she stripped off and they had sex.

She later said she was "sure" he had told her he was 16 and "looked much older".

Teah burst into a flood of tears after jurors cleared her at Gloucester Crown Court.

And Teah earlier told The Sun Online she was "embarrassed" by the ordeal and now wants to focus on the future.

Teah told The Sun Online: "This has wrecked my life.

“It’s also wrecked any chance I would have had of a career. I’m too embarrassed now to do anything.

“I feel hot-headed and emotional.

“I just want to put all my energy now into my children and look after them."

Various Incels #pedo #sexist incels.co

(Total Imbecile)
JFL Texts between this 20s teacher and her 14 yold statutory rape "victim"

imageimageB-but hes only 14, hes supposed to be traumatizedimage

I tell you. Some people get all the luck (genes).

This kid is living the dream and he snitched (I think). When you have a good thing going, especially a once in a lifetime 0.1 out a billion chances of a scenario such as banging your hot young teacher, you don't fuck it up.

Her husband was a huge beta cuck which is why she cheated on him (wasn't man enough for her) with a TEENAGER. She lusted and cheated with a kid! It can't get anymore humiliating than that. He even stuck with her during the trial and she still filed for divorce. She never had feelings for him to begin with, as his nice guy personality failed. I'm surprised he hasnt committed suicide yet.

Statutory rape is non existent. Teenagers are naturally horny, it makes sense boys will flock to where they can get sex and affection easily.

I want this bitch to go to jail because a man in her place would. However, most teens would be glad to bang a hot teacher and this kid seems to be no exception.

You'd have to be a complete and utter low-t cuck to believe this is 'rape'.

Various Incels #pedo #psycho #sexist incels.co

(Subhuman Currycel)
SuicideFuel “You don’t get treated any different if you’re good looking or not”

8th graders lose their mind when teacher's model son arrives

Now imagine how they'd react seeing my receding chin, 5 inch wrists and hunchback it's over

The girl that opened the door squealed and basically creamed herself on the spot would be recoiling in disgust instead. Applied to me too of course

foids are fucking animals who cant contain themselves, yet cucks think they should vote. I hope a guy in a trench coat walks in the building

:soy: famous hot guy, let's make sure he knows I'm ready to get creampied :soy: no shame among foids

I honestly hope each one of those foids die from anal cancer

those same foids would act surprised if one of their classmates shot the school up after this. strange world huh people don't shoot schools up for no reason

”I imagine they're all so tight. Chad has his pick.”

He's a model so he has likely met and seen significantly better looking females.

imagine a 15some with 14 year old girls :feelsohh: he could unironically do it

Disgusting. femoids turn primal mode and act like monkeys for chad, its to signal their fertility. It starts at a young age

Absolutely disgusting. Even chimpanzees behave more civilized than fertile foids. Why again don't we put all women in zoos?

Imagine if men did that for JB foids. Theyd be in prison now JFL Foids are devolving into primal creatures. These ancient whores dont care about civilization.

THIS is why school shootings happen in the first place

FlyFace #conspiracy #pedo #racist #sexist incels.co

RE: the supposedly hottest woman in the world looks like a regular tier becky without makeup

Scarlett Johanson. Admittedly she is in her mid-30s now, and so looking a little older. Probably was a legit Stacy in her early-mid twenties. She is cute no doubt. 6/10-7/10 without makeup. But not even stacy tier. No eyelashes at all, even I have longer eyelashes. Fat face, bug gum expoure, big forehead, greasy hair. Male chads look the way they do without makeups. There are no stacy. Fakeup should be banned. image

she's old as fuck though. The actual most beautiful woman in the world is probably a teenager

Lolis look good without make up. Think about it. What is the point of make up if not to mimic the traits found among preteen and teen girls?

Jewish ZOG brainwashing to try and make beta males with melted brains believe that old women are in anyway, shape or form attractive. Youth is beauty. Leonardo Di Caprio knows this.

"OY VEY BOYIM I MIGHT BE 80 YEARS OLD BUT I AM STILL ATTRACTIVE!! THE TALMUD VISION SAID SO!!" I swear as time goes on you need to watch how the Foid lies get even more unbelievable as time progresses. The thing about it is that Incels won't even be able to cope because silly putty brained Chads will be banging all the grandmas in the retirement home as well as every other prime whore in the world. Infinitely over.

Caamib #psycho #pedo #wingnut rapey.su

(Title: Did Jeffrey Epstein do anything wrong?)

Jeffrey Epstein recruited attractive teen girls to work as prostitutes for him. He was a pimp whose clients were wealthy, powerful men.

What exactly is wrong with what he did? In order for something to be morally wrong, I think it would have to harm society in some way. Jeffrey Epstein took teen girls from modern Western culture, a culture where all women are doomed to become sluts (remember, none of them would become good wives and mothers anyway), and he just encouraged them to become official prostitutes, and have sex with old rich guys instead of hunky dumb young jocks. It seems to me like this would have a neutral impact on society.

Pumkin #sexist #pedo #psycho #crackpot incels.co

RE: [Serious] Unpopular opinion: we have a problem with paedophilia in this community

For fuck's sake, I'm not here to go into the semantics.

What do you mean you haven't seen anyone here advocate for sex with a prepubescent individual? I saw this on the last thread:

Pumkin said:
cousin recently had a baby. sent the family a nude pic (aka child porn) of her laying on the bed completely naked. tightest and most succulent innie pussy you'd ever seen. looked as if i drew a straight line where the vagina would be. i tell you it was something else.

compare that with any 30+yo woman. would make you vomit. how big the contrast is to the disgusting meatflaps that old hags call a 'vagina'
what's even worse is how society keeps lying to the general populace to believe these lies and think that old hags are 'sexy' and to be sought after. for millinons upon millions of human civilization it was always the youngest, freshest, and RIPEST girls got fucked and married. now, in 2020, all that is illegal. we shame our forefathers with this bullshit

You hurt my feelings. I thought we were incel brothers. Et tu, PP? (btw get your facts straight. I never said id fuck the newborn. I said newborn pussy is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and looks perfect. A simple observaton from our society today. ALL women and porn want hairless with innie lips and blush of pink and red hues on the vagina. To imitate men fucking younger girls Which is what men sexually desire)

Various Incels #pedo #sexist incels.co

(Made in Heaven)
Man grooms deceased girlfriend's daughter and she loves it

Did my brother groom his “daughter” and if so what can I do about it?

JFL another lolipill that proves our ancestors were right

-35 y/o man's girlfriend dies
-She has 5 year old daughter left behind
-Because the kid has no family, boyfriend adopts her
-fast forward 11 years, and man starts falling in love with his "daughter"
-They hookup when he's 48 and she is 18

Unspoiled lolis pair bond to gigachad while we rot. I can't recover from this.:kys:

”I’ll have to admit I reacted VERY badly at first I yelled at him, called him a pedophile, accused him of grooming her and taking away her innocence.”

Grooming and taking a girl's innocence isn't bad if you plan on marrying her. Given this man raised his wife, the odds of divorce or adultery are extremely low anyways, dont know why she's seething

She is seething because of jealousy and misandrist hatred. God forbid a man being fortunate. I wonder if she gets mad at old female teachers having sex with young male students.

If he did that when she was 15 he could have popped her innie cherry, it's over for us.

Well done, what a lucky guy. In fact he probably got an unspoiled virgin too, highly respect this man. Probably the only sexhaver I will truly like and appreciate

Imagine if the roles were reversed. I wonder if people would be in outrage. Probably call the kid lucky and move on. The only reason this bothers people is because it benefits the man

Various Incels #homophobia #pedo #racist #sexist incels.co


r/singapore 18-year-old admits to asking sister, 12, to carry out sexual act in exchange for Korean boy band BTS merchandise

He was too aggressive in his approach, was supposed to "get caught" watching a porn video and then leave the room with the video playing to see how she reacts to it and if she continues to watch. He didn't work up to it at all, no "grooming" was done, dude literally just grabbed her, carried her to a room and rubbed her belly down, then later got caught masturbating in her room, he sounds legit retarded. One of the most common things you hear about in stories about pedophiles is that they would give their targets erotic material and treat it like its something harmless. That accomplishes 3 things: 1. Normalization 2. Curiosity 3. Arousal

No moral faggotry please. When I'm mentally placed in a scenario I think it through in a detailed manner. I wouldn't do anything like this but its still interesting to imagine how I would go about doing it


”Source on him being an incel?” No source, but he is from Singapore so he might be curry cel

Curries in Singapore? And I doubt anyone in the forums would do this to their sister, don't compare us to that trash. Okay this was not an incel, this was just a sociopath who obsessed with BTS. Only Asian foids do this, so that's kind of suspicious

I knew a chick who said her brother made her do sexual stuff in exchange for pokemon cards when they were kids. Stuff is more common than you think. Studies show that the vast majority of people that are sexually abused as children suffer little recognized trauma from it as adults. Many become gay, but that isn't considered a problem in our society.

Jerek #pedo #sexist incels.co

SuicideFuel Spying on teens from above, in summer, absolutely puts me in a suicidal feel.

So, i live in an apartment which is roughly 200' above ground, and it gives you a nice view on the neighborhood, basically a park and a place near my house where teens usually gather. Obiviously i've bought a binocular and i usually spend some time spying on them.

Today there are two groups, the first one is composed by a young chad, a hot girl and a fat girl. Hot girl is lying and resting her legs on chad while he is caressing her thighs. The fat girl is just talking and is a bit far from the twos. I'd give anything to be 16 again and touch those perfect legs, i bet they are so hot and firm that it makes me fucking hard just by seeing it. And these people are your future successfull people, stacies will become "psycologist" or shit like that. The fat girl, instead, is what we MAYBE can get in our fourties.

The other is a group of some teens. I've counted three girls, all hot, and 5-6 guys. Not a single incel, but some of them are average. One chad and a girl are resting with their face on the ASS of another girl. The other is skimpy and talking in the middle of the other guys.

I can assure you seeing this kind of things arouses me more than anything you can imagine. I've fucked escorts that are probably hotter that these girls but this kind of show triggers me a powerful feeling of arousing and dread, because when i was their age i was shut in in my house, mocked because of my appearance. I'm almost 35 and it's always the same thing.

Sounds like heavy suifuel indeed. I'd stop it if I were you, not for their sake but for yours.

I can't dude, i can't. It's stronger than me. It's not just the arousal. I had to fap, it was too much to bear.

JosefMengelecel #pedo #sexist incels.co

[Incel Trait] Jerking off to foids during online classes

It is so unbelievably easy to do during online classes. My teachers don’t even bother enforcing the camera rule so I never have it on. I still have tape covering the camera just in case. I have also checked online and nobody will notice if you pin a certain screen so I can freely jerk off to whatever foid I want and nobody will notice it. This is something I will never be able to do irl. Hopefully online schooling will stay for more time because I have no idea how I will control myself from jerking off to jbs at school.

High T, good for you. Tbh nowadays I can't even get a full boner even with the most niche porn I can find. I have to start jerking off to weird tags I think of at the moment, like "hairy" or other weird shit. And I have to alternate between weird shit cause otherwise it's not satisfying at all. And even when jerking it's never like 100% erect cause I guess I've jerked too much in this life.

Also I have to alternate between real porn, hentai and porn games.

That’s pretty brutal. I mostly jerk off to hentai but will also jerk off to irl jbs and lolis if the chance comes up.

Eyüp Fatih Şağban #god-complex #pedo hurriyetdailynews.com

The 58-year-old cult leader, arrested for sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl, confessed his crime in his testimony to the Public Prosecution Office in the northwestern province of Sakarya.

“I made a mistake but it is not a big deal. We did not go further. I am remorseful,” said Eyüp Fatih Şağban, the leader of Uşşaki cult to the prosecutors, according to daily Hürriyet.

Some phone call records that took place between Şağban and the girl’s father and another follower of the cult were added by the officials to the file.

In the records, Şağban wanted from the girl’s father to cover-up the incident. “If people hear this, I either commit suicide or leave from here. I may have made a mistake, but we did not go further,” said the cult leader to the father adding that he is important for the cult.

“If I go away, the cult will be finished. All of our missions will be down.”

He openly asked the father not to be a complainant while finishing the dialogue.

Carrying out his activities based in Istanbul, Şağban also had a summer house used as a dergah in Sakarya’s Akyazı district, where he accepted his guests and followers, according to the investigation file at the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Şağban abused the 12-year-old girl more than once, who was staying at the dergah with her parents and were his followers, stated the file.

The girl said Şağban abused her while she was taking tea and other times when they were alone.

She was also abused during her sleep, but she was not able to tell about it until now because of her fear, according to her testimony.

Following the testimony at the prosecutor’s office, Şağban was arrested by court order and was sent to the Ferizli Prison in Sakarya on Sept. 3.

Made in Heaven #pedo #sexist incels.co

[News] Saudi bans Loli Marriages

God damn, I just found out that as of 2019 December, it's now illegal to marry below 18 in Saudi Arabia, with the exception being that those 15-17 must first have parental consent in a specific court. JFL when "based" Saudi has a higher AoC than Europe. At least in Europe, you can legally still shag 14 year olds. Why do politcians insist on taking cunny away from us?

Personalityinkwell #sexist #pedo #psycho incels.co

[Blackpill] Saying a 41 year old man wanting to throat fuck an 11 year old girl is wrong because it's "creepy" is a circular argument.

Let's think about this. How do you define "creepy"? SOCIAL NORMS

Where do laws come from? SOCIAL NORMS

Where does perceived socially acceptable morality come from? SOCIAL NORMS

You're creepy = "you don't conform to social norms even if you obeyed the law, therefore you are immoral"

It is creepy though. 11 is still a kid. Not even a teen yet. Pretty sure most 11 year olds don't have their periods yet. 14+ imo is okay

I dunno what to tell you. Wanting to harm children is pretty creepy.

"I dunno what to tell you"

and then you follow it up with

"wanting to harm children is pretty creepy"

you think I'm stupid you faggot NPC?

11 year olds are not "children" in the same sense that 5 year olds are, they are adolescents, you do realize a lot of 11 year old girls fuck right? like millions of them right? they suck dick and bounce on cock

having sex with them is not "harming" them, when these girls want to get cocks rammed in their holes

That's my opinion. Deal with it. No need to get so triggered, damn.

no, it's not your opinion, it's just brainwashing you stupid moron.

you're WRONG

There's nothing wrong with wanting to fuck an 11-year-old.

There's something wrong with actually fucking an 11-year-old.


Just throatfuck an 11 year old girl bro.

Stop pushing your pedo psyop bullshit, OP. This shit is getting absurd.

nope, i won't stop because it's not pedophilia

in fact, i will keep going, as long as i want. keep feeding me bro

Idk what an 11 year old thinks, and at 11 I was probably watching pokemon. Even if I know that 11 year foids these days are fucking chad and using bad dragon dildos, I still am unable to equate 11 year olds being old enough to have sex.

11 year old boys and 11 year old girls are different

Its pedophilia if the 11 year old hasn't been through puberty yet.

true but many 11 year olds have already started developing, the soy in the food causes this

True, science says they're about as attractive as a 29 year old. 12 is when they start wait uh

naturally all men are gonna be hebephiles because that's when girls have their eggs and are fertile

11 year olds are fully capable of handling intercourse. and they want it too

What's "actually wrong" with fucking an 11 year old? If she is a pubescent, she is developed to handle sex, understand sex, want sex, and enjoy sex.

that won't be good enough for the agecucks i'm afraid

let them be cucks. it's not like anything we argue here will change much.

having a young wife is the most sure-fire way to ensure she will be loyal, faithful, and obedient to you. Remember that thread I posted of that loli being groomed by a chad? females bond to stronger males, and older males tend to be stronger/more well-off. Plus, since a loli's brain has more plasticity, she will more readily submit herself and be molded into a loyal wife. That's not even getting into the fact that the 11 year old will be easier to please and more eager to please you in return.

I remember I used to cope hard about Pr. Muhammad marrying Aisha at 9, almost made me leave Islam tbh but being blackpilled, I can 100% say that every social and scientific study shows that young brides are the best brides

9 does seem a tad young, but in certain cases they have hit puberty

LOLI BREEDING #sexist #pedo incels.co

[It's Over] The loli I've been stalking online since corona(6 months) turns out to be 5'11

Seen her today on the bus. It's actually fucking over. Why live as a sub 6'5 male in 2020? She was squatting in group photos apparently, her massive skull should've been a dead giveaway. She brutally mogs all her friends. And she's only like 14 or 15 at most so this may not even be her final form. :lul::feelsUnreal: I mean sure she seemed tall I thought hey she's maybe 5'8 at most that's pretty tall right no she's fucking 5'11 :feelsrope:

Sergei the Hardened Pedophile #racist #pedo #psycho #conspiracy rapey.su

[From "Jew inventor feminizm and enemy of pedo nature. Rebuild Auschwitz, gas and roast all jew now"]

Who invent feminizm? Jew invent feminizm.

Feminizm pervert essence of man true nature, pedo nature, which is original nature. All men pedo and loving little girl. First age of consent they raise, then jew feministsky say even when man look foid, even very very young foid is rape. All sex is rape if man not Chad, in marriage too cuz all foid still bludnitsa craving Chad. This way, all foid open hypergamous, suka for Chad.

Jew suppress pedo nature, so man if no Chad, cannot have very little foid. This mean jew enemy of pedo nature. Since in way of pedo nature, Auschwitz must rebuild and all jew gassed

Mainländer #pedo #sexist incels.co

[Experiment] What do you think of the idea of multiple ages of consent?

Yeah, that would be reasonable tbh Votes: 5 12.8%
No, age of consent should be all-in-one like today Votes: 10 25.6%
There should be no age of consent because families should decide on such things Votes: 3 7.7%
There should be no age of consent because I want that prime pussy Votes: 15 38.5%
Age of consent should be marriage Votes: 3 7.7%
Other (say ITT) Votes: 3 7.7%
Total voters 39

I mean, isn't it just retarded that in the US for example (other places are similar tbh), you can get your life ruined for making out with a 17yo foid, but the very next day she could legally sit on the couch of facial abuse?

It would make more sense if there were multiple ages of consent. For example:

Kissing: no age of consent
Blowjobs: 12
Vaginal sex: 14
Hard fetishes: 16

Personalityinkwell #pedo #sexist incels.co

[Experiment] Would you rather marry a 31 year old with a good career or a 13 year old virgin?

Who would you prefer as a wife?
31 year old roastie Votes: 10 12.2%
13 year old virgin Votes: 72 87.8%

Let's assume you live in a country where it's legal. The 31 year old went to college and studied hard, both in school and in the bedroom, she really knows how to take dick. "She's experienced. :soy: " On the other hand you can choose the reverse number, a 13 year old. She isn't educated and is a virgin.

I would put both of them in an industrial blender and turn them into (31+13)/2 = 22 year old goo and then I'd roll in the goo and rub my dick with it.


Depends on how the 13 year old acts tbh if she is mature for her age, then sure. But if she acts like a fucking annoying 13 year old girl, then hell no the 31 year old is good too, if she's attractive

cucked as fuck. what about your kids? they're much more likely to have birth defects

But obviously I'm not marrying a 13 year old child. I'm not marrying anyone. But least of all a child.

why not? in the past marrying a young girl was very common. you also have the option of waiting to have sex such as say, age 16, when she finishes puberty

not really, pedo would be 10 and under. pretty much every girl has hit puberty by 12. i remember a decent amount of chicks getting pregnant in middle school. mary the mother of jesus had him at 14 iirc.

why ask? you already know what everyone is gonna pick...its not even a diffuclt question

not everyone is gonna pick the same thing. i wanna figure out who the cucks are

Various Incels #sexist #pedo #psycho incels.co

RE: [SuicideFuel] Teen girls at slumber party have powerpoint presentation rating sizes of guys penises.


duh. Foids being innocent flowers who are scared of the d is normie cope.

It really is. On a late night bus ride home, I once heard 3 JB talking about their escapades and from what I could hear, none of them seemed like they had any problems with the guys they were sleeping with. One of them showed a dick pic of a guy she was with and one of them exclaimed "that's like the size of my arm!", I was truly sickened. If JB are getting gaped that young, then this generations future relationships are already fucked up. Just look at Kylie Jenner having a sexual and intimate relationship with pornstar-sized Tyga, at 16! These are the women girls look up to. It's truly over.


"rating our dads":dafuckfeels:

Their liberal progressive dadies raised a bunch of whores

So gross. The absolute state These whores are subhuman and incapable of forming an emotional bond with a human male. They are nothing more than cumdumpsters. I have 0 desire to be with them in any capacity, honestly. They are unfit to be wives and mothers. I feel sad for the betabuxxers they eventually trap. Their children are doomed too Clown world

The hell dude where'd you find that shit? It's ragefuel ngl I'd choke those bitches right there if I was a high school Chad. Also, JFL those will be somebody's wife one day and will have kids. Imagine seeing your mom in these videos. I will legit go ER on her stinking roast beef. Too much for me to handle.

FemoidsGTFO #sexist #pedo incels.co

[TikTok pill] Whores are getting knocked up by chad at 14


"When someone asks me why I have a 10 year old daughter at 25" Not only is this sl*t not ashamed, she proudly proclaims her degeneracy to the world with the daughter by her side! In 5 years she's gonna make a video with the caption "When someone asks me why I am a grandmother at 30".

maybe they're praising her because she didn't abort it like most 12 to 14 yo sluts?

Yeah, a degenerate slut who doesn't murder her child is still better than a degenerate slut who does murder her child

Is that girl next to her her daughter?


Jesus Christ, her 10 year old foidling looks like she's in her mid to late 20s. JFL these whores age in dog years, didn't know the CC lifestyle hit that hard :lul:

You can tell from the daughter she fucked a "Bull" to produce that. Twinks don't produce such robust daughters. I'd still destroy her tight jb pussy in Minecraft ngl

Alphabet Agency Alert Award

Mainländer #pedo #sexist #wingnut #crackpot incels.co

[Serious] It's unacceptable that most women's best years go wasted on fruitless recreative sex with non-seriously commited men

A woman is more attractive to the vast majority of men when she's young. This is a fact and no amount of outrage from Inceltears or any other group can change that. Some men can pinpoint the exact age in which women are the most attractive at 20, 18, 16, or 14, but the fact is, all of those age groups are much, much more attractive on average to men than a 40 or 50 yo woman would be.

What's the logic behind letting women waste their best years fucking random guys on the pill, only settling at 30+? The woman you marry, with whom you're supposed to spend the rest of your life together, having sex only with each other, giving herself to you only after her best youthful years are gone? How are you supposed to even have sweet memories to cherish after you two are older?

To all spinsters reading this: you're supposed to be married for many many years now. Your husband would have decades of happy memories, of the prime of your youth, of your first kiss, of taking your virginity, he would feel love for you even though you're not competition to younger women anymore in terms of objective attractiveness. How is he supposed to feel this if your relationship already starts when you're old, though? You want to compete directly against younger, much more attractive and desirable women without having that framework of memories and history together, since your youth; it's simply impossible. No wonder you get so bitter, unhappy, jealous of younger girls and full of hatred for men that have the balls to admit the fact they're more attracted to younger girls, for many objective reasons.

Various Incels #pedo #racist #sexist incels.co



spoilerOJ: When was your first lesbian experience?
Lana Rhoades: I think in the 4th grade.
OJ: Full-on pussy eating?
Lana Rhoades: Yes, I didn't really know what I was doing though.

wonder what 4th grade pussy tastes like


This is pure ropefuel. Not only can nearly any foid make a good living as a whore, but they're be celebrated for it too. Meanwhile many of us work our asses off to barely keep a roof over our heads and everyone hates us.


This is why we inkwell


She went to porn straight after she broke up with her boyfriend. L O L.

Gosh inkwell she just wants to support herself jeez dont project your internalized hatred onto this kween :bluepill::soy:


She’s also a huge racist who thinks blacks are superior to whites

I bet 100 bucks and my left kidney that she has a white bf.:feelsclown: Reason number 203 why Women don't deserve rights, i hope whoever her father is perished long ago.

(waste matter)
If a man did that his life would be fucked from that point.