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RE: [Blackpill] russian predator hunters confront sub5 men in their early 20s meeting jb foids, russian guys make him kiss their feet

Psychopathic cowards using an innocent man who just wanted sex and affection from a sexually-developed girl (normal, non-psychopathic human desire) as outlets for their evil sadistic cravings. Kill them with fire in Doom II.


these guys are only making these videos for internet fame. they don't care about protecting minors, they just want internet fame

What pieces of shit. That guy didn’t even do anything wrong. All he did was show attraction to a foid that was sexually mature

and he wasn't even that much older. in many societies this age difference was common. if the age of consent became 21 (which it might in the future), then these guys would confronting a 23 year old who dates a 20 year old

It really is pathetic. It really could be raised to a higher number in a future because of how cucked soyciety is getting


Who gives a fuck?

Because those faggot whiteknights only mess with weak non chads.

Jfl those sub5 subhumans won't ever get a jb no need for these roided "justice warriors".While slavcels are getting caught like this chadimir fucks jbs and is safe and sound

Those whiteknight faggots won't go near them.

i bet some got their ass kicked by a predator and didn't air it

:feelsree: I want to see videos of them getting their asses beat by predator hunter hunters.

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[It's Over] The loli I've been stalking online since corona(6 months) turns out to be 5'11

Seen her today on the bus. It's actually fucking over. Why live as a sub 6'5 male in 2020? She was squatting in group photos apparently, her massive skull should've been a dead giveaway. She brutally mogs all her friends. And she's only like 14 or 15 at most so this may not even be her final form. :lul::feelsUnreal: I mean sure she seemed tall I thought hey she's maybe 5'8 at most that's pretty tall right no she's fucking 5'11 :feelsrope:

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[From "Jew inventor feminizm and enemy of pedo nature. Rebuild Auschwitz, gas and roast all jew now"]

Who invent feminizm? Jew invent feminizm.

Feminizm pervert essence of man true nature, pedo nature, which is original nature. All men pedo and loving little girl. First age of consent they raise, then jew feministsky say even when man look foid, even very very young foid is rape. All sex is rape if man not Chad, in marriage too cuz all foid still bludnitsa craving Chad. This way, all foid open hypergamous, suka for Chad.

Jew suppress pedo nature, so man if no Chad, cannot have very little foid. This mean jew enemy of pedo nature. Since in way of pedo nature, Auschwitz must rebuild and all jew gassed

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(Title: Did Jeffrey Epstein do anything wrong?)

Jeffrey Epstein recruited attractive teen girls to work as prostitutes for him. He was a pimp whose clients were wealthy, powerful men.

What exactly is wrong with what he did? In order for something to be morally wrong, I think it would have to harm society in some way. Jeffrey Epstein took teen girls from modern Western culture, a culture where all women are doomed to become sluts (remember, none of them would become good wives and mothers anyway), and he just encouraged them to become official prostitutes, and have sex with old rich guys instead of hunky dumb young jocks. It seems to me like this would have a neutral impact on society.

Eyüp Fatih Şağban #god-complex #pedo hurriyetdailynews.com

The 58-year-old cult leader, arrested for sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl, confessed his crime in his testimony to the Public Prosecution Office in the northwestern province of Sakarya.

“I made a mistake but it is not a big deal. We did not go further. I am remorseful,” said Eyüp Fatih Şağban, the leader of Uşşaki cult to the prosecutors, according to daily Hürriyet.

Some phone call records that took place between Şağban and the girl’s father and another follower of the cult were added by the officials to the file.

In the records, Şağban wanted from the girl’s father to cover-up the incident. “If people hear this, I either commit suicide or leave from here. I may have made a mistake, but we did not go further,” said the cult leader to the father adding that he is important for the cult.

“If I go away, the cult will be finished. All of our missions will be down.”

He openly asked the father not to be a complainant while finishing the dialogue.

Carrying out his activities based in Istanbul, Şağban also had a summer house used as a dergah in Sakarya’s Akyazı district, where he accepted his guests and followers, according to the investigation file at the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Şağban abused the 12-year-old girl more than once, who was staying at the dergah with her parents and were his followers, stated the file.

The girl said Şağban abused her while she was taking tea and other times when they were alone.

She was also abused during her sleep, but she was not able to tell about it until now because of her fear, according to her testimony.

Following the testimony at the prosecutor’s office, Şağban was arrested by court order and was sent to the Ferizli Prison in Sakarya on Sept. 3.

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[News] Saudi bans Loli Marriages

God damn, I just found out that as of 2019 December, it's now illegal to marry below 18 in Saudi Arabia, with the exception being that those 15-17 must first have parental consent in a specific court. JFL when "based" Saudi has a higher AoC than Europe. At least in Europe, you can legally still shag 14 year olds. Why do politcians insist on taking cunny away from us?

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[Serious] How can you be motivated to do anything as a man, and a fucking incel to boot, in the west in 2018?

Seriously, it baffles me how some people here still manage to muster motivation to work and study hard, have projects, etc.

Society hates people like us so fucking much. The system is entirely designed to fuck us if we do any minimal transgression. Shit like having cartoon porn or a foid from your work saying you touched her are already enough to ruin a lifetime of hard work and effort.

Seriously, how can you not feel a crushing mix of hatred, depression and utter lack of motivation at this point?

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RE: [Serious] Unpopular opinion: we have a problem with paedophilia in this community

For fuck's sake, I'm not here to go into the semantics.

What do you mean you haven't seen anyone here advocate for sex with a prepubescent individual? I saw this on the last thread:

Pumkin said:
cousin recently had a baby. sent the family a nude pic (aka child porn) of her laying on the bed completely naked. tightest and most succulent innie pussy you'd ever seen. looked as if i drew a straight line where the vagina would be. i tell you it was something else.

compare that with any 30+yo woman. would make you vomit. how big the contrast is to the disgusting meatflaps that old hags call a 'vagina'
what's even worse is how society keeps lying to the general populace to believe these lies and think that old hags are 'sexy' and to be sought after. for millinons upon millions of human civilization it was always the youngest, freshest, and RIPEST girls got fucked and married. now, in 2020, all that is illegal. we shame our forefathers with this bullshit

You hurt my feelings. I thought we were incel brothers. Et tu, PP? (btw get your facts straight. I never said id fuck the newborn. I said newborn pussy is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and looks perfect. A simple observaton from our society today. ALL women and porn want hairless with innie lips and blush of pink and red hues on the vagina. To imitate men fucking younger girls Which is what men sexually desire)

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[JFL] Female teacher slept with 15 year old student, praised him that he has bigger penis than her husband


JFL... True story, it's all over the news. And her husband is still supporting her, going with her to court trials and shit. Foids are ultimate psychopath, they have no sense of guilt or remorse, they will do anything to satisfy their desires - material, sexual, whatever.

WHY DO CUCKS EXIST I'd be fucking embarrassed to show my face in public if I was that guy. Instead he LITERALLY broadcasts being a shameless cuck to the entire world. BEYOND pathetic.

I can't decide which is more infuriating, that worthless whore or her pathetic cuck husband.

(insanus virginem)
Females sexually mature a year or two before males do yet whenever a 17 year old girl gets fucked by her male teacher it is considered far more gross and "pedophilic" than when a female teacher fucks a 15 year old male. Btw this isn't pedophilia it's ephebophila


" aspiring Chad " I think he earned the title now.

The adult in me finds this disgusting, especially as how she's essentially getting away with it. It's the purest form of sexism and everybody knows it. But the child in me, this was all I wanted as a kid. To get to fuck a grown woman. And to do that and be told that you're better than a grown man? I agree, open the books and make this kid Chad.

(Made in Heaven)
Yet whites still have the audacity to talk about being the superior race. Imagine getting cucked by a 15 year old who has a bigger dick than you. Imagine your wife telling a barely-adult male his dick is bigger than yours. Imagine STILL siding with that filthy whore afterwards, This is a genuine question: Are Europeans genetically predisposed to be cucks? It seems they absolutely LOVE getting cucked

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[Blackpill] Cuties is a very good introduction to the blackpill.

The director of the film managed to show all the decadence of foids, which begins as soon as they are 11 years old and even before for some.
The film DOES sexualize foids, actually exactly how they are. Even girls from the most pious families feel this urge to be sluts and will take the first opportunity that comes along because they are born sluts.

Watching porn in the toilets. Wanting 15 to 17 years old dicks. Watching twerking clips during the prayer. Disrespecting everything their parents' traditions. Learning twerking moves imitating sexual positions. I mean the youth, at least a real part of the population, is exactly as described in the movie and only think about chads from the moment they have their first period.

I highly recommend you to watch it, just to be able to talk about it with full knowledge of the facts. It's available on netflix, but also on rarbg for example. If you want some boobs to help you wanting to watch it, just go to 28:00

fuck me I didn't think these girls would be so damn sexy! just downloaded the movie and just skipping to see skin. not going to watch this actual trash movie but god dam these girls got really tight bodies. you aren't going to see a 40yo woman with this type of body that's for sure! this movie is just exemplifying exactly what men are sexually attracted to

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I followed a girl who must have been 11 years old shopping with her mother in the Mall on Sunday. The girl had ass cleavage in shorts, toned thighs, curves and low cut top and perky c-cup breasts already. So proof she was menstruating, but I don't think she'd had cock yet.

I'd taken an unspoiled virgin slit vagina over a 21 year old roastie any day of the week. Men who say 21 are fearful and trying to appease normies, instead of letting nature take its course. Male sexuality is a tool for making him horny and guiding him into making the right mating choice. All while warning him to avoid used up women unable to conceive healthy babies with paternal certainty.

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RE: [Blackpill] Kids' Personality Detectors malfunction when told ugly people are their new teachers (bonus Meekspill at 5:20)


This reaction never goes away, people just become "good" at hiding it for social credit.

Meet Your Teacher Prank (Tik Tok Compilation)




(Made in Heaven)

Looks= life.

To be fair, those pictures used are crack heads and literal deformed people. I doubt most of us are that ugly, if any of us at all. But yeah, looks = life

But HOLY FUCK at that loli wetting herself over Meeks!!!

AoC really is a joke


Women are already Chad's whores even at that age. Agecuck simps are pathetic.

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[SuicideFuel] A bunch of things 23+ yold girls never do anymore, I will never experience this

Teen and early 20s love only

-handcrafting you cards or gifts for your birthday even if its something cheesy like a bracelet

-random hugs and kisses throughout the day

-actually being excited to text you and see you

-cuddling in this position

-letting you touch or brush her hair

-just lying together with you and not doing anything (like being glued to her phone)

-play fighting

-being excited to try something new with you

-actually fighting for and putting effort into your relationship, after all you're her 17th boyfriend so if you make a mistake why even try and work on the relationship when she can just keep swapping boyfriends and brute force compatibility via numbers game

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[Blackpill] Saying a 41 year old man wanting to throat fuck an 11 year old girl is wrong because it's "creepy" is a circular argument.

Let's think about this. How do you define "creepy"? SOCIAL NORMS

Where do laws come from? SOCIAL NORMS

Where does perceived socially acceptable morality come from? SOCIAL NORMS

You're creepy = "you don't conform to social norms even if you obeyed the law, therefore you are immoral"

It is creepy though. 11 is still a kid. Not even a teen yet. Pretty sure most 11 year olds don't have their periods yet. 14+ imo is okay

I dunno what to tell you. Wanting to harm children is pretty creepy.

"I dunno what to tell you"

and then you follow it up with

"wanting to harm children is pretty creepy"

you think I'm stupid you faggot NPC?

11 year olds are not "children" in the same sense that 5 year olds are, they are adolescents, you do realize a lot of 11 year old girls fuck right? like millions of them right? they suck dick and bounce on cock

having sex with them is not "harming" them, when these girls want to get cocks rammed in their holes

That's my opinion. Deal with it. No need to get so triggered, damn.

no, it's not your opinion, it's just brainwashing you stupid moron.

you're WRONG

There's nothing wrong with wanting to fuck an 11-year-old.

There's something wrong with actually fucking an 11-year-old.


Just throatfuck an 11 year old girl bro.

Stop pushing your pedo psyop bullshit, OP. This shit is getting absurd.

nope, i won't stop because it's not pedophilia

in fact, i will keep going, as long as i want. keep feeding me bro

Idk what an 11 year old thinks, and at 11 I was probably watching pokemon. Even if I know that 11 year foids these days are fucking chad and using bad dragon dildos, I still am unable to equate 11 year olds being old enough to have sex.

11 year old boys and 11 year old girls are different

Its pedophilia if the 11 year old hasn't been through puberty yet.

true but many 11 year olds have already started developing, the soy in the food causes this

True, science says they're about as attractive as a 29 year old. 12 is when they start wait uh

naturally all men are gonna be hebephiles because that's when girls have their eggs and are fertile

11 year olds are fully capable of handling intercourse. and they want it too

What's "actually wrong" with fucking an 11 year old? If she is a pubescent, she is developed to handle sex, understand sex, want sex, and enjoy sex.

that won't be good enough for the agecucks i'm afraid

let them be cucks. it's not like anything we argue here will change much.

having a young wife is the most sure-fire way to ensure she will be loyal, faithful, and obedient to you. Remember that thread I posted of that loli being groomed by a chad? females bond to stronger males, and older males tend to be stronger/more well-off. Plus, since a loli's brain has more plasticity, she will more readily submit herself and be molded into a loyal wife. That's not even getting into the fact that the 11 year old will be easier to please and more eager to please you in return.

I remember I used to cope hard about Pr. Muhammad marrying Aisha at 9, almost made me leave Islam tbh but being blackpilled, I can 100% say that every social and scientific study shows that young brides are the best brides

9 does seem a tad young, but in certain cases they have hit puberty

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[Story] I overheard two old women talking about their teen daughters on the street

Woman 1: "...how old was your daughter?"
Woman 2: "15"
Woman 1: "Yeah, that normal of that age, we can't do anything about it. Mine was with 14"

That's all I could hear, I increased my speed to get out of earshot.

They certainly weren't talking about their first periods considering no girl has their first periods that late nowadays and the "we can't do anything about it" comment. They were talking about the ages their daughters first got fucked.

99% of the people nowadays consider it normal and acceptable for underage girls to fornicate with guys around their age but wouldn't consider it normal or acceptable for them to marry, especially if with a significantly older guy. Western culture= done for.

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[Submitter’s note: I’m really not sure wtf this is]

I have a crush on Barron Trump. The second he turns of adult age, I'm asking DJT for his blessing on ringing Barron's finger AND his glorious derriere. Will this make Putin happy because a.) liberals will approve the progress of the GOP's stance on anti-christian ideologies or b.) America will be brought to its knees in the complexities of manifesting the Orange bandwagon in the midst of Christian anti-manhole agenda? I don't know, and I don't really care. Do you?

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RE: [Serious] Pedophiles and Pedophile Sympathizers are a CANCER on the Incel Community

Most of them aren't. Even if they are, I couldn't fathom why any adult would find a conversation with a child to be romantic at all.

Innocence is charming, it melts men's heart like nothing else in this world, not that I would expect a brute like you to understand.

I just don't understand how anyone who is in their 20s can be attracted to a 14-year-old. Disgusting.

Maybe because you are gay?

It’s because social compatibility is an abstract concept to autists anyway, so the idea of a female partner who is socially underdeveloped is less of an intimidating prospect for them. In their mind someone they can ‘mould’ or ‘groom’ (yes several in this thread have used these exact terms) as if they were the father is actually more viable to them than a female with a fully formed mind. Personally I can’t think of anything being more of a turn off.

You are an infiltrated woman or cuck. If you were truly an incel you would already know that females cannot be allowed to have freewill, they will ALWAYS, without exception betray you. (maybe some mothers are an exception)

Alphabet Agency Alert Award

Caamib #pedo #psycho rape.is

About 4 years ago I was banned from Reddit after saying I might want to sleep with my daughter when she turns 12 if I can find her at the time. At that time, I was the highest rated moderator at r/incels subreddit. This subreddit was an offshoot of r/truecels, which I've moderated since January 2016 - for about 6 months. During that time these subs grew from tiny, insignificant specs on Reddit that had 50 or so subscribers to subreddits everybody was talking about.

After my ban, partially due to my bad choices of moderators, where I choose borderline retarded people like dsar, these subs suffered a sharp decline in quality after I left and became filled with insane, poorly educated and unreasonable scum. See, my moderation policy was never about keeping out "normies", "femoids" or whatever. Noncels and women participated there, but they had to adhere to the same rules everybody else had to. Terms like normies were barely beginning to emerge and I was using them in a different context . This wasn't a term for anybody who ever had sex like these freaks use it now but for "normal" people who weren't into politics much and who never had any trouble getting women throughout their lives. Nobody called women "femoids" there yet.

It was my ban that led to incel sites developing in such an awful manner - from what were once inclusive places where everybody who adhered to reasonable rules could participate to current echo chambers of very crazy people. And it had been my mistake that things turned out that way.

Anyway, that is all history now.

In this post, I will address some of the complaints people made about my daughter idea. Of course, I can't address the usual "but she's your daughter !" nonsense, as it lacks any substantial argument. But there were some people who expressed actual arguments against my idea, so I will attempt to tackle them here.

The age argument

This is a tired old argument that somebody is 12 "can't consent" because of their immaturity. It's the most common argument used. This argument is so well accepted today that it's now way outside of Overton window to question it. But this argument forgets that many historical legislatures, like canon law, had the aoc at 12 and that as late as in 1995 Spanish criminal code established the aoc at 12 (which had sadly been reversed by now). Ages of consent in Europe - Wikipedia

Were all those legislators just "pedophiles"?

From a standpoint of biology, this argument makes even less sense, as explained in this text Natural Age of Consent

The position of trust/nuclear family argument

This argument claims that it's unnatural and harmful to be having sex with your own child you are living with. It is, in my view, a better argument than the first one, but in my case it is irrelevant, as I don't live with my daughter, who in any case lives in a different country altogether and I've in fact never even seen her irl.

The pregnancy/genetic harm argument

This argument says that children born out of incestuous relationships can have genetic defects. Again, a good enough argument on its own but it doesn't apply to my case, as I have no intention of getting my daughter pregnant.

One argument against my position I've sadly never heard but would like to add here would be

The patriarchal/get your daughter married to a good man argument

This argument holds that fathers shouldn't sexually use their daughters as they should marry them off to good quality men as virgins. While completely true, this argument, once again, doesn't apply to my situation (or the situation of most fathers in the femisphere). In the feminist Western world fathers can't marry off their daughters to husbands of their own or their family's choosing. In fact, it's basically impossible to even raise your daughter right even without marrying her off. Home-schooling is prohibited in many parts of Europe and in any case asks for extreme sacrifices, especially if you want to hold a job.

Also, most women in today's feminist areas don't even hold the right patriarchal views so this makes it even harder. In my case, the girl's mother is a schizophrenic slut (I mean with an actually diagnosed schizophrenia) who holds very few opinions on anything at all. So raising a daughter that way would require me to 1) go to Netherlands, where she's been living since she was born, or get her to live with me here - very impractical in either case, especially since I've never been there and can't speak Dutch 2) get full custody, which is also basically impossible due to language barrier, huge expenses, the fact that I've not been taking care of her and the fact that femifascist courts in Europe will always side with a woman in child custody cases unless she is extremely ill and unsuitable for taking care of a child. For example, take a look at this disturbing video from Croatia -
As you can see there, this cunt female social worker and a cucked cop are trying to take this young boy into mother's custody due to a court order, despite him screaming and hiding in his room, obviously not wanting to go. His father is already in jail for obstructing this so he can't do anything. As seen here, courts obviously don't care about the lifelong psychological damage they're inflicting on this child, who is screaming in obvious extreme anguish. Such are the family courts in most of Europe outside of places like Belarus or Russia, where courts aren't just tools of feminism but actually try to do the best for the child.

All in all, it seems all the arguments against it are completely senseless so far.

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[Whitepill] The state of New York acknowledges 11 year olds can consent to sex.

New York Statutory Rape Laws

However you can't be older than 14 and have sex with the 11 year old. So if you have an 11 year old daughter she can get railed by Chadlet but no man with a stable job can marry her and start a family with a young wife as God intended. Btw girls can hit puberty at 11 a decent amount of the time, with all the soy and hormones in the food girls are hitting puberty younger and younger. The average age their pussy gets wet is 10.



Being pumped and dumped by a slightly older Chad is less psychologically damaging to a girl's mind than being in a loving marriage with an adult man :soy:

It's all nonsensical feminist shit. A 11 yo can consent with an orgy with 14 yo gigachads that can lead to her asshole being teared apart like it happened with that teen from Australia but a 17 yo can't consent with a peck kiss from an adult guy. It's baffling that even some people here agree with that nonsense. The fact we have people who agree with some feminist stuff even here shows us clearly that men lost. Gynocentrism won. If I was the admin agecucks would all be banned as hard as Zesto was. All their shit would be deleted forever with 35 patterms Guttman overwriting.

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[Serious] It's unacceptable that most women's best years go wasted on fruitless recreative sex with non-seriously commited men

A woman is more attractive to the vast majority of men when she's young. This is a fact and no amount of outrage from Inceltears or any other group can change that. Some men can pinpoint the exact age in which women are the most attractive at 20, 18, 16, or 14, but the fact is, all of those age groups are much, much more attractive on average to men than a 40 or 50 yo woman would be.

What's the logic behind letting women waste their best years fucking random guys on the pill, only settling at 30+? The woman you marry, with whom you're supposed to spend the rest of your life together, having sex only with each other, giving herself to you only after her best youthful years are gone? How are you supposed to even have sweet memories to cherish after you two are older?

To all spinsters reading this: you're supposed to be married for many many years now. Your husband would have decades of happy memories, of the prime of your youth, of your first kiss, of taking your virginity, he would feel love for you even though you're not competition to younger women anymore in terms of objective attractiveness. How is he supposed to feel this if your relationship already starts when you're old, though? You want to compete directly against younger, much more attractive and desirable women without having that framework of memories and history together, since your youth; it's simply impossible. No wonder you get so bitter, unhappy, jealous of younger girls and full of hatred for men that have the balls to admit the fact they're more attracted to younger girls, for many objective reasons.

Maximilian von Auschwitz #pedo #sexist #psycho rapey.org

[Heebpill] If given opportunity, what to choose - sex with 11 years old girl, or 21 years old female

Degenerate would choose 21 old femoid in any time, because 11 year sol "is just a child". Pedo of not great culture, would always choose 11, because he's just fucker, like normal normies, just atracted only to younger females
Simpliest answer for man of culture, is "one , who is prettier". Because, as much as young girl is desirable, no way I would bang young girl, whos ugly, because that is ewww, so sexy roastie is still better option
More difficult, is if their beauty level is on par. So then it depends on how pretty both of them, as if they are just closer to average, then 11 may be preferable, as average 21 female, especially of white race, is too much of fat robust cow, and better younger girl more sexually and esthetically pleasing. If they of higher beauty level, more stacy tier, then 21 with perfect hourglass figure is more tempting, than too childish 11 (and surpassed by 13, who is perfect blend of childish gracility, and feminine curvatures), so on sheer sexyness alone, 21 could be chosen, but in that case another factor comes - in this degenerate world sex with young girls is problematic, so in tgat way opportunity to be offered sex with 1 years old girl becomes more valuable rarity
And if given more factors, like how much time spent with them. If given hour, for only sexual activity, then dilemma bigger, to choose sheer sexyness, or rarity. But if time offered is bigger, like whole day then better spend it with 11 years old girls, instead of annoying old cunt. And if be offered marriage, then undoubtly it better with 11 years old girl, as soon she becomes perfect 13, and can easier be molded into what kind of waifu I need, while 21 roastie is old and damaged, better only to bang and kick her away

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[Theory] Why she must be bred as soon as possible - ideally when 14

To celebrate our new german friends here at incels.co I decided to share my thesis on drawn out childless relationships. :feelsokman:

As you all know, foids are constantly bitchy and in search of new things. If things get too stale or they get too much free time she WILL look for chad any chance she gets. She must be occupied in some way and bound to you and a child is the perfect way to do this. Good luck swiping tinder when the baby just vomited all over the couch for the third time today :feelskek: She must be creampied as soon as possible and kept at home, safe and secluded from outside influence, internet closely monitored with only cooking, cleaning, gardening and other useful/creative content enabled. You must alienate her from her normie friends or they will drag her down into their jewish hypergamous slutty ways.

Ideally she won't even finish high school, knocking her up when 14 is a two birds one stone solution. You anchor the loli to you and completely destroy her social image so she won't have anyone to fall back on, being completely dependent on you. Hopefully even her parents kick her out, leaving her fully isolated and ready to be molded into the perfect waifu. This is also a great way to keep her from wagecucking, as soon as a foid enters the workplace she assumes a masculine role and is surrounded by retarded normies ready to brainwash her into normalscumdom. It is no wonder so many normie relationships fail when the foids have until 30, even 35 to fuck around in their made up 'careers' and they constantly browse the internet in search of chads.

This even applies in cucked places where the age of consent is higher than 14, the only solution is finding a new home with your loli and doing the deed. :feelsokman:

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[LifeFuel] How to cope with seeing couples as an incel

They're not a funcional couple. They are not doing it in the correct way that was stipulated by God where people get married while still young for life and the husband has authority over the wife. They are not doing it the only way that really works.

Feminism was pretty much Satan's most successful creation and every single woman is fooled by it nowadays. Until men "man up", to use a term cucks like, and just yank women out of feminism forcebly, things just won't work. And guess what, they'll never do that because of gynocentrism. Men allowed things to get way too bad and now I don't think it can be fixed anymore.

I don't know ANY remotely young person who's happily and functionally married because such a thing doesn't exist nowadays. It can't exist with widespread feminism.

The couples you see are just men simping and compromising massively for a woman that can leave them for any petty reason or for no reason at all at any moment. If even Brad Pitt got no-fault divorced, what are your chances?

Women were not supposed to have leadership or the lead at anything. Things just don't work when women are in control. It's either God's way or we fail. God's way goes like this: men obey God, women obey men. We as societies chose failure.

If what you want is meaningless promiscuous sex, yeah, mourn every day about not being gl until you eventually grow out of hedonism. But if what you want is a meaningful monogamous relationship, it's over. We got the short end of the stick at that for being born in this era.

mainlander #pedo #sexist #racist incels.co

Today I was pondering how the plethora of white, cute and prime-aged women I see daily in my college aren't marrying and having children, many of them probably won't have children later either. Most of them certainly won't have more than 2.

Meanwhile, beggars on the streets and faveladas get pregnant at 12 and at 20 they already have 4 kids.

Feminism destroyed the white race. Nathan Larson was right, just like in communism, you don't have enough bread to feed all peasants, in feminism, you don't have enough babies to sustain the population.

B.O.G.A.R.T. #pedo #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] The Blackpilling Beauty of American Beauty (1999), a Hollywood masterpiece every incel must watch

I was about to give up on American cinema all together and watch only European productions, but last night, while flipping channels, I saw American Beauty. It has to be one of the most based takes on the "american dream" at the turn of the millennium. American Beauty is a story about a man's eternal struggle against the fear of going over-the-hill, getting cucked and eventually divorce-raped.

Kevin Spacey plays a 40something magazine executive caged in a marriage which suffers a severe case of a dead bedroom. Everything changes for him the day he goes to pick up his daughter from high school, where he is introduced to his daughters best friend -- a blonde jb cheerleader (played by Mena Suvari), and starts drooling at the sight of her, as he were possessed. His daughter is disgusted and creeped out by her father having the hots for a 16 year old girl, but the movie doesn't call for the viewer to make moralistic judgments or problematize the age gap.

The film rather shows the sheer re-invigorating power that developing a oneitis has. Spacey fantasies about the blonde loli at nights, describing the feeling as blood pumping through his veins again after 20 years of living a life of a dead man. His libido becomes so intense his wife wakes up to the sound of him fapping one night -- she freaks out and threatens to divorce him for being a pervert, to which he starts dropping nuclear redpills about having to live a celibate life out of fear of being labeled a creep, and as he shuts the bitch down -- the camera focuses on his smirk as the scene gets accompanied with a playfully upbeat tune, inviting the viewer to root for Spacey character's newly found will to reclaim and defend his manhood.

Here is a man who always tried to please everyone around him at the expense of himself, and was still left on ignore by his own family, a cautious tale of american youth obsessed culture, the Yes Chad movie of unapologetic male sexuality.

WØLF #sexist #pedo #racist incels.co

RE: [SuicideFuel] Why isnt my sister like this

Little girl upset because her Big brother won't give her a hug and a kiss at school. Part 1

My sisters are just mean to me. I cope saying theyre tsunderes but they probably just legit hate me :feelsbadman:

Cumskins at it again :feelspuke:


to understand why she loves him so much you only need to look at his jaw.To be honest i am not sure if foids are capable of not having incestuous thoughts about their chad brothers.

His lower third is more chiseled than mine.

ScornedStoic #pedo #sexist #crackpot incels.co

The agecuckery on this site is getting out of control

14-16 year olds are sexually active, pubescent, and nearly sexually mature. By 17 they're biological adults, barring some brain development that only finishes by 25 anyway despite us barring 16 year olds and 20 year olds from fucking and considering 18 old enough to do porn.

Teenagers are not children. Stop being cucks and go back to Reddit.
Also, the cucks calling ephebephiles and hebephiles pedophiles... Literally kill yourself

Yea tbh also it’s rare that youngcel ascends

This is about aoc not youngcels

Mainländer #sexist #pedo #fundie incels.co

RE: [RageFuel] foids on lipstick alley asked what the age of consent should be. some even say 21

23 JFL. Those people are insane. For me it looks like they're trying to make sure every single woman rides the cock carousel a lot before marrying. Which already happens extra-officially in the vast majority of cases, but they want to make it law. Look, God is not an idiot. He didn't give you a libido and developed body at 13 so that you could wait 10 years to have sex. Let alone does He want you to fornicate with Chads before marrying.

one said 25. but many say 21. if it's 21, then many men will be arrested and made registered sex offenders for consensual sex with 18-20 year olds. society keeps infantilizing young adults so much that no wonder we got 30 year olds these days who still act immature.

Feminism is a mental illness.

and feminists say "if you say she's mature for her age you're a predator. thats what predators say" but it's blatantly true that some are mature for their age

Either you're mature enough for sex or you aren't. "Only with people the same age" is nonsensical feminist bullshit. Nothing in life works like that, only sex and relationships because of feminism.

society is very sensitive about this subject so they refuse to discuss it with an open mind

Congrats, you're 16, now you're considered responsible enough to drive. BUT ONLY AROUND OTHER DRIVERS THE SAME AGE, stay away for older pedophile drivers. This is how much sense those laws make.

in america, 3 year olds are old enough to understand gender fluidity but 16 year olds cannot handle a relationship with someone even 3 years older.

Congrats, you're 18. Now you're considered old enough to write and sign contracts, BUT ONLY WITH PEOPLE AROUND YOUR AGE! Don't sign any contract written by older people, they're all pedophiles who will manipulate and traumatize you. But yeah, what you pointed out there only makes it clearer that it's all about shitty nonsensical ideologies and not about any remotely reasonable parameter.

Mainländer #sexist #pedo incels.co

[Blackpill] The intense hatred for pedo/hebephiles (even non-practicing ones) doesn't come from Christianity but from feminism and psychology, particularly Freud

There's nothing in the Bible about pedophilia. It's a given that we are not supposed to hurt innocent people because loving thy neighbor is a commandment (so penetrating prepubescents can be inferred as wrong), but the Bible doesn't say anything about AoC, minimal marriage age, age difference in relationships or anything of the kind.

The intense hatred for anyone who even admits to be able to feel attraction towards underage people comes from:

1) Puritan old women who used religious moralism as an excuse to shame men who date much younger women, because of envy and jealousy
2) Psychology's unfounded claims about invariable trauma happening every time someone older has any kind of romantic or sexual relationship with anyone below certain arbitrary age of choice
3) Freud making everything about sex in his crazy theories and reducing humans to sex-obsessed animals. People stopped believing in the capacity of people to relinquish sex; they don't believe a person can choose to be celibate, a homosexual can choose not to have homosexual sex, a pedophile can choose not to pursue sex with children etc.

Thus, they believe anyone who feels attraction towards underage people is a rapist (a "statutory rapist", at best) or someone who is about to become a rapist at any moment.

"I feel attraction towards underage people" = "I'm a rapist" in the minds of people who buy into modern psychology and Freud's insane theories.

mainlander #sexist #pedo #quack incels.co

[Serious] The reasons agecucks are against adults dating teens have absolutely nothing to do with (alleged) increased pregnancy risks

1= male teens having sex with them can make them pregnant just the same and agecucks are not against it
2= women in their late 30s and especially 40s getting pregnant have even much, much more increased possible complications (especially for the baby) and they don't care
3= they use data from shithole countries so of course the number of women who died from childbirth is noticeable in those places
4= they pretend to be devout Catholics now and that sex is only for reproduction when we all know it definitely isn't especially on this day and age. If the problem was only that, it would be ok in their book to kiss or to have non-vaginal sex with teens as an adult

Agecuckoldry (teens can date each other but adults can't date them) is 0% about reason and logic and 100% about emotions. Lookism-based prejudice, jealousy, envy, misandry, you name it.

(I won't link the IT thread that inspired me to write this because I already did one thread on IT today and I'm aware Serge doesn't want us to do it).

Personalityinkwell #sexist #pedo incels.co

[Soy] You wanna know what's more cucked than having a daughter?

I train my Dad!))) It's very funny!!! :-D Я тренирую Папу!))))) Это ооооочень весело!!!!))))))))))

Literally don't need to say anything. Imagine being a fat, bald, old dude, and having a daughter wear spandex shorts riding up her ass in a public gym, and going with her to train her ass so she can get fucked harder by Chads.

In fact, I'd bet money he jacks off to this little slut and would even allow her to fuck in the house while he is downstairs and listens, furiously fapping to her moans.

Peak soy, they say "I cannot comprehend anything more cucked than having a daughter", but I think this actually is that on steroids.

He could be very based instead of being a cuck if he trained her in sex.

he is training her for sex

Various Incels #sexist #psycho #pedo incels.co

RE: [SuicideFuel] [NSFW] This is what Chad gets to do with prime teenage girls while you rot alone in your room


I have a great want to put a bullet into that guy's skull, piss on his corpse, rape the foid and then piss on the foid




Whoever sees this and still thinks whores deserves to vote and get our tax money needs to be bitch slapped.

One of my dreams is touching a girls ass. And these chads get to do it for free.

I need me a girl with a fat ass. I only need one thing

You're not entitled to a girl with a fat ass inkel.
But they're entitled to your tax money.


Real teen girls are busy doing shit like this while soyboys in IT are shitting on us for finding fictional 17 year olds attractive


"Prime" jfl she looks like a 20 something roastie that ride the cock carousel since high school.

whatever helps you survive through another day

If you thinks she is special and/or prime, you have to put your simp glasses off. 20 years old are already been used up by many chads.

They're all used up, and you'd fall for them in a heartbeat if they gave you the attention and validation you crave.

As a truecel it is impossible for them to feel attraction towards me, and even if i would win the lottery and some hoe try to come by, i know too much about the blackpill and foid nature to fall for any bullshit front they put up.

LoginTrap #pedo #dunning-kruger deviantart.com

BS. SJWs are the ones accusing everyone in pedophilia. Ask Epstein.
And they are fucking puritanical and denounced everything achieved by progressives ever since sexual revolution.
Now we have two sides of the extreme with nothing in between. You either get puritanical SJWs or puritanical Evangelicals.
Both reject science and batshit insane. Meanwhile nature doesn't care and puberty still hits around 12 years old and so the girl have menstruation which means ability to get pregnant and to give birth. And boys can spill their semen and impregnate the girl. :D

Also sexual education for ya tweens:

There is no "god" (and priests fuck children).
There is no "virginity" (some girls simply never have hymen, others may lose it by pure accident before they even know, besides - its just thin skin and also can stretch)
Also its not somewhere deep - if tampon or penis got inside - the hymen is not a problem anymore. By the way - tampons do go inside when the girl have menstruation, although for young girls pads recommended (mostly cause conservatives love "virgins"). Scary tales about painful defloration actually a ruse. Puritans simply obsessed with sexual abstinence. That been said - for pleasurable sex girl must be happy and aroused, otherwise she won't be wet, so it could be unpleasant.

No, sexual abstinence doesn't help. In fact it creates autistic young generation scared of any relationships. Through puberty both sexes must develop libido (sexual feelings) and crucial communication skills to be able to have any sexual life later on. People never achieve anything instantly - they learn and accumulate experience!
Puritanical idea that at 18th birthday sheltered kid suddenly turn into an adult is BS. Teens develop sexuality all the way and no one shall prevent them from this, sexually repressed teen will have many psychological problems in future adult life (see - incels).

"Pulling out" doesn't work as contraception aka birth control (that is prevention of pregnancy)
The only reliable way to avoid unnecessary pregnancy and possible STD (bad sickness which you get if someone whom you fuck has it) is to use condoms (yes, when doing oral sex - too, no, you can't get pregnant this way, but you can get STD). Birth control pills helps against pregnancy too, but not against STDs. Abortion is not good, but unneeded kid would be much worse. So don't be dumb.
And make love, not war!

Fucking is good if done right. (Carry your condoms with you, yes, even if you a girl - guys always forget that, never fuck without them!)
If pussy isn't wet - she's not aroused and there is no pleasure. So make it wet by gently playing with her clit! (its that little spot under the skin hood where her pussy lips close at the top) What are you doing?! I said - gently! It helps to play with each other first (hugging-touching-feeling-kissing) that's the best way to make girl wet too! Better do it with someone whom you like, whom you trust, and who are less likely to have STD.
Slut shaming is a ruse of old fat women jealous to young sexy girls.
Incels are assholes.

Partying and drinking is good...but drunk girl easy prey for assholes. Be careful! Oh, don't do drugs. Do not smoke weed either...oh, well. At least do not smoke too much! (Smoking is bad, m'kay?)
Hey, guy - do not rape! Young girls are easy anyway!

Finally - watch Swedish educational film "Pubertet" (Puberty) Its for teens but retarded Murrica censored it on youtube so search on torrents.

Billowel #pedo #sexist incels.co

if she is 18-20,she is already a hag.

women start sucking and fucking at around 12-14(sometimes even earlier) and by the time she is 20 they already have 8 years of experience.they have fucked a million guys,done every dirty position in the book,sucked chad anus,licked his dirty shit,swallowed enough cum to fill 5 bottles of 2 litter coca cola bottles,taken miles and miles of cock,fucked and sucked every drug dealer they know for free weed, fucked at major music festivals, were fucked in a million orgies,sucked their music/movie manager for a chance at their "dream".

They have fucked in your local school bathroom,they have been creampied by 40 year old chads at the age of 14,they got herpes at 13 kek.Every inch of her body has been touched by cock and smeared by cum.Every hole in her body has been penetrated by everything, from dogs cocks,to tyrone 10 incher,to 13 inches dragon dildos.Next time you are going to kiss your "dear" wife,you are kissing the cock and cum of the hundreds of man she has been with before.

Now you telling me that a hoe who has done the most degenerate acts anyone can think of for about 8 years,is all of a sudden a good catch just because her skin looks slightly better then a 30 year old bitch?you must be fucking kidding me kek

if she is 18-20,she might as well be a hag.

inb4 pedophile

14 is legal in my country faggot,suck my big fat fucking cock.for thousands of years our great ancestors married their virgin 11-14 year old jb neighbour and now you think i am going to cower because some fucking pink haired fat dyke is having a fit?fuck you.

Pumkin #psycho #pedo incels.co

[News] Foids will do anything. Adam Savage get's #MeToo'd by his sister.

This is funny and sad at the same time
1) Kids getting anal raped isn't even going to hurt if it's another kid. Talking physics here. Nobody is thinking Adam had a huge cock at 10. His little pecker is going inside a little anus. It fits perfectly. Kids are made to have huge shits that are bigger than a dick and also kids regularly get their temperature checked anally. It's usual for kids to play with their anus as well. There was literally no pain from what he did

2) Anally raped for multiple years? Bitch please!! You know she enjoyed it or at the very least it wasn't a great discomfort to her and she probably feigned annoyance. I can see her watching Saturday morning cartoons when Adam comes up from behind her and lowers her bottoms then goes right into her anus. She just keeps watching cartoons as she is getting drilled into the bedroom floor until Mom calls for them to come and get breakfast. Then she picks up her bottoms, adjusts her panties, then goes WITH A SMILE to go eat breakfast with her family. At no point was she hurt. It was just something to do. Something to pass the time. Same with married women that don't 'feel' like having sex. They just go starfish and let the man do what he needs to so he can get it out of his system and do normal things.

balbasor456 #pedo #conspiracy reddit.com


I’m an attorney and one of my clients sent a photo of her naked child to me without warning me what it was and suddenly I had a child’s vagina on my screen at work. That was not a fun experience. That client was one of the worst people I’ve ever known.

That just says alot about the legal system, a picture of a vagina can get u in trouble, isnt that crazy draconian? Meanwhile we have children playing video games where they all kill each other and thats perfectly legal. Sometimes we as sentient human beings have to step back and ask our selves, are we doing the right thing or are we being played by powerful people who dont even care about us,

-_- #pedo #sexist #psycho incels.co

[Discussion] Should it be legal to pay a poor couple to make a baby girl for you?

Should incels be allowed to do this?
Yes Votes: 13 68.4%
No Votes: 6 31.6%
Partial support / only with some restrctions (explain) Votes: 0 0.0%

Basically the idea here is that you would be the stepfather to her and she would grow up to become your wife.

To help get it through some of your utter dwarf skulls, let's just pretend you have to wait until she's 18 to have sex with her.

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to promote illegal activity. This is a fantasy scenario and not a reliable method in the real world because:

1) You'd probably be arrested for "human trafficking" or some shit if you don't go through the current adoption system.
2) There may be limits on single male adoption or not allowed at all.
3) Soyciety is not okay with incels doing something like this. So even if you successfully adopt a young girl that was made for you, they would try to stop you with other legal hurdles ("grooming", child abuse, etc.)

Note to potential fantasy killers:
Some incels can afford this or would work harder to afford this. Some might even be NEETs but their family would support them if they believe it helps their son and gets them grandchildren.

JFLing if you believe in "age of consent" when you can adopt a baby girl.

That part is for intellectual dwarfs / closet babyphiles who would oppose it because the thought of a man having sex with a baby pops into their head.

If you don't like girls under a certain age, then you could just wait until then or decide it's not worth it to you.

you can go to some shit countries and just buy someones daughter tbh, no need to wait more than a decade. i remember reading about some guy who visited some poor remote village in brazil and the guy in whose house he stayed let him fuck his jb daughter in exchange for extra cash.

I mean idk
i don't think i'd want to wait till 38 years old to fuck her
i'd rather just cope with sexdolls and prostitutes
why raise another man's daughter even if you raise her as your own?
cause you MIGHT be able to marry or fuck her when she becomes legal?
giga cope
she'd be fucking chad before she turned legal

Bathe her
Change her into new clothes
Sleep in same bed
Make up a game

Fucked up idea, won't work.
Foids will be foids.

Let's break it down starting from one years old to ten years old.

When and how would it fail?

what if you pay them and they end up with a baby boy?

They should agree beforehand to abort it. And you don't pay the full amount until they give her to you.

Various Incels #sexist #pedo incels.co



[Brutal] teens talk about virginity loss age and experience

brutal thread, while we were coping with vidya after a day of bullying, this is what chads and foids were up to.

Chads losing it young of course:
This chad lost it at age 10 or 11. hey, how could he remember? it's not like sex is a big deal for chad since he does it all the time: https://www.virtualteen.org/forums/showpost.php?p=2111079&postcount=3

This chad lost it late for a chad, 13. he banged his loli girlfriend in all her holes: https://www.virtualteen.org/forums/showthread.php?t=165102

This chad lost it at 13, but only has a 3.5 inch dick! (I guess dicks grow though during puberty, but that's micropenis territory) https://www.virtualteen.org/forums/showpost.php?p=2188117&postcount=39

Sluts starting early:

This girl got fucked in all her holes at age 11 https://www.virtualteen.org/forums/showpost.php?p=2111526&postcount=10

This girl was 11 when she lost he bi virginity and lost her "real" virginity at age 12 https://www.virtualteen.org/forums/showpost.php?p=2393335&postcount=60

This one is disturbing, she was age 8 and banged her dad. She claims he had 9 inch dick. (LARP?) https://www.virtualteen.org/forums/showpost.php?p=2626589&postcount=68

@Personalityinkwell really wants to make me suicidal

my threads are too brutal

I wonder if any bluepilled lurkers offed themselves reading my threads

JFL I didn't even read the first chad story

him and his 11 year old friend dp'd a 9-10 year old foid



Imagine waking up to a hebe. Little ass cuddled into your groin, her flat chest softly rising and falling with each breath. Messy hair in your face, but you don't care, you can smell the anticipatory scent of the beginning of her puberty. That intensely arousing hormonal smell. You feel the soft, light blond baby hairs on her legs and arms and she lets out a little yawn. Giggles as she feels your cock against her butt.


This is madness. That's how ERs are made, hearing all of that from your peers it's hard to not go crazy


that spoiler is brutal
memories came flooding back of when i'd spend my weekends playing gameboy and thinking everybody else must be nerdy like me then have to go to school on monday to listen to a classmate talk about having threesomes with girls and getting blowjobs on the school bus

it still irks me that i was 15 and riding the school bus then one of my classmates would be in the back giving blowjobs to senior boys then come up to the front and sit next to me to chat when she was done. just after she finished swallowing Chad cummies they would tell her to fuck off so she would sit next to the pussy beta (me) to cheer her up. yet she did this week after week? how does that make any logical fucking sense to give blowjobs to guys that don't give a fuck about you and then neglect the people that are treating you nice?

females are pieces of shit

Billowel #sexist #pedo #crackpot incels.co

A follow up to my hag thread:12 year old kids fuck while you rot.

if she is 18-20,she is already a hag.

It seems that some of us here are confused,and think that what i said is either totally untrue or happens at a much smaller rate then i made it out to be.

this is bullshit and i will explain why.

sex is man most desired activity(usually).most here will agree.Even most male friendships spend 80% of the talks contemplating sex and relationships(who fucked who,how hot a shit bitch is,going out to have 'fun' and to fuck a bitch etc etc).Everyone wants to fuck,so if they are not fucking something must be stopping them.

Roasties start their puberty sometimes at 9(most a bit later) and most man start their puberty at around 11-12.Puberty is a bitch and you want to stick your fucking dick in some hole and fuck it till you bust a nut.Girls also want to fuck(since they are in puberty),and what do they do?THEY FUCK KEK

females interact with chads and chadlites.they are not autistic.even if they were autistic,one or two guys will be low inhibition enough to talk to her and he will also want to fuck her(most guys will fuck anything).The only thing that stops a bitch from fucking a guy is her pride over wanting chad/chadlite and only chad/chadlite. .Females are filled with pride and unless they are fucking the cream of the crop,they will simply choose not to fuck.Chads and chadlites could choose not to fuck a girl unless they are a stacy,but again they are a bunch of horny dogs who would fuck anything as long as the bitch isn't extremely fat or psychically deficient.

religion,god,family,morals all things that once stopped people from being degenerates is seen as a joke,so nothing stops degeneracy from happening apart from psychical ugliness.Literally nothing in a degenerates mind makes them quiver from degeneracy apart from psychical ugliness.they are more like beasts then man.

in other words,nothing stops chads.he has the looks and if he has looks he can dip his dick inside stacies pussy and fuck her till her pussy is a puddle of precum,cum and pussy juice.

So most girls will get fucked in the 1-2 years after starting puberty.Most bitches can find a chad to fuck in that timeline.What i just said is true and you need to agree with me.

inb4 no bro my 13 year old sister just went to brad's house to play minecraft.She just loves those darn blocks

top kek

Just imagine finally getting laid at 40 with a 4/10, betabuxxing and shit, you end up having a marriage and a girl. You have bounds to her, you raise them, and then she starts puberty and starts to hate you, starts dressing like a slut and then she runs away from home to get her pussy slayed by some chad.

Imagine how it feels to have this kind of life. How can you cope? This happens a lot though, and people just act like there is no problem with that.

if he loses his virginity at 40,then that girl isn't his daughter kek.i feel pity at all the copers who think kids aren't fucking like monkeys just because they spent their teens coping with world of warcraft and jacking off to games on newgrounds,never paying attention to what is happening in their circle and never getting the chance to be in chad social circle where they are shown all the nudes of all the girls in class

I have a teen sister myself. She has a Chad boyfriend (he mogs me completely), I'm sure when she goes to his house they just play minecraft together :lul::lul::lul: - r*dditors unironically believe that... just shows how much they are disconnected from reality, they think teens don't have sex

only failed normies and ugly/crazy roasties go to reddit so obviously those bluepilled copers will deny everything i say

hopefully my new 14 year old oneitis hasn't gotten fucked yet :feelsbaton:

she has already been creampied,if she found a suitable chad.

people have this mindset because most boys aren't fucking at age 12, just 7+ men

however 80% of girls will leave middle school having at least sucked a dick if not fucked

i am not advocating for premarital sex,but most degenerates lose their virginity incredibly 'early.As i have said before 18-20 year old women are fucking hags

the church fathers are so fucking based kek.BRO THAT WAS 21421249821894219842198421894 YEARS AGO BRO.THIS IS THE MODERN WORLD BRO!WE ARE CHANGED MAN!

copers think they are going to change what is set in stone(bro everything is subjective lmao.we can change the world bro) top kek.if i did not desire the flesh of women i would just head into a monastery and forget women were even desired for their skin.life is brutal

Bluepillers actually think most kids and teens just spend their entire time playing with bionicles,watching anime and movies,and playing games till 4 am.Most bluepilled fathers unirocally think their daughter started dating at 16 when in reality her hole has been penetrated by more then 100 cocks.also are you outside or are you by a window?low inhibition if you are outside.shit even with a window open that's low inhibition.

SlayerSlayer #sexist #pedo incels.co

RE: [News] Mary Kay Letourneau, teacher who had sex with male student and later married him, dies of cancer

I was always jealous of this dude, even when I was a child when this first made headlines. He was lucky to capitalize on being sexually groomed by a above-average pedo woman, while he still had a baby-face halo, and locked her in by impregnating her TWICE as a TEENAGER. This dude would have been an ethnicel if this pedo woman never gave him a shot. He's a fucking DJ at 36, never held a real job, he would be laughed off of Tinder if he tried today. But the fact is, he IMPREGNATED his hot teacher at 12. In that moment, he became more of a man than any man before him. If you have mindblowing sex that young, you don't need to achieve anything else in life.

Even as a child, I knew what this dude achieved was special: he made a woman ruin his life for him. She abandoned a Chadlite husband, abandoned her kids, went to jail for 7 years, lived the rest of her life as a sex offender, and even after all that she said it was worth it. You might say she is a post-wall roastie with kids, but even at 55 she has a better figure than most 20 year olds, and I find the idea that a woman would abandon her family and go to jail just to be with you hot, and is proof of true love. Volcel af if you wouldn't

ScornedStoic #sexist #pedo incels.co

[SuicideFuel] In just a month and a half I will be 7 years older than the girls I actually want to date, locking me out of dating completely legally and socially

Before I start, hello IT and glad to see you made it to my completely reasonable thread, you're now welcome to begin shitting your pants and sobbing over the fact that a young man in his twenties wants to fuck sexually mature teenagers that fuck and drink-or as you put it, children playing Digimon and hopscotch. Have at 'er.

Anyway, for the non retarded, in just a short month and a half I'll be 22. And I'll thus be a whopping 7 years older than 15 year olds, 6 years older than 16 year olds, etc. My chance to experience any form of young love has now completely and irrevocably expired.

More importantly, teenage females would have been my only hope in hell at ever getting over my social deficits. I'm autistic, awkward as fuck, and haven't experienced any form of affection, dating, meaningful interaction between the sexes, etc. You know, the kind of things that are imperative developmental milestones, the things that move you on from your adolescent stage in life and allow you to progress mentally in respect to socialization.

Teenage girls, while lightyears ahead of me, are the closest thing to attainable mentally to someone like me. I'm awkward as living fuck in front of them, but a 20 y.o. foid full of years of feminism, with a jaded thousand cock stare, there's just no way. My societal mental equals are teen foids and they are now completely out of reach (as if they weren't before, but I think you know what I mean).

My humiliation has reached peak levels. 22 and no sexual touch with a girl, no handholding, not a single date, despite years and years of trying (when they were my age, IT), not a shred of interaction with the opposite sex that wasn't them trying to get away from me (before they even got the chance to get to know me, so no, it's not my personality), I truly was fenced out from the beginning because of my height, autism and face not to mention shit build.

"It never began" doesn't even almost begin to cover it for me.

Bourbon #sexist #racist #pedo incels.co

[Brutal] She is just 16... WTF

don't go on telling me these whores are kids, they say some people are pedos for liking 16 y/o's and they don't see the problem here THE 16 YEAR OLDS ARE FUCKING SLUTS WHO FUCK 20+ Y/O CHADS

she is just 16 and has lived life 500x better than me, god i hate whores like this, i hope she gets fucking mugged by a gypsy incel

also the whole rapist problem would get lowered by at least 50% if women stopped dressing up like SLUTS who want to grab attention,

nobody in they right mind will feel bad if a slut like this would get raped if she is too retarded to prevent it by choosing diffrent clothes

a foid dressed up in a crop top and whore stockings is just screaming "RAPE ME" to local rapefugees and niggers in the bronx

16 with a playboy tattoo.

mate. femoids here just wait till they're 15 to legally fuck an adult chad, at least that's what i saw

Fuck...16 and 6 years younger than me, countrymen and i'm still fuckin kissles virgin.
She wont be raped. Polish men are soy cucks and has one lowest rape stats in world ( japan has probably bigger molestation of women ).

that's because poland is a white country, no rapefugees, let's just hope some non citizen gypsy will fuck her up

and yes unfortunately 1/2 of polish males are cucks

Various Incels #sexist #pedo incels.co

(Total Imbecile)

[SuicideFuel] [Teenlovepill] This is what the average teenager is doing and what we will never experience

Me (17f) and my boyfriend (17m) have been looking for a place to have sex for a couple of days now. It’s not our first time but we’ve got strict parents and we aren’t allowed to take one another in our rooms. We were short on options because we almost got caught doing it in a car by the cops once so we settled with the woods. I don’t have a car and his mom is using his car to get to work because hers is in the shop so we just walked. We laid a blanket down and started to have sex. It got annoying at times because bugs kept flying on us and we had to shove sticks aside. At one point, I got on top and he was getting too loud so I took my panties and stuffed them in his mouth.

We laid there for a while when we finished because the both of us were extremely exhausted. I ended up taking pictures of him (Not his nude bottom half Ik that’s illegal) because he looked adorable and smiled each time he looked up at me lol.

Overall experience: 7/10 Would I recommend it: Ehh, if you bring a thick enough blanket and aren’t super afraid of bugs, then i guess it’s not too bad.





Totally agree with not delaying the inevitable but when is too young? I ask because my 14 yr old daughter has her boyfriend over once a week and I have the rule that her door stays open. I'd much rather she do anything at home than end up in the bushes, whether it's sex or drinking or trialing drugs...so thankful we're not there yet

I don't know many 14 year olds who have sex but I'd say you should probably let them have their door closed when she's 15 because that's when most people I know started having sex.

I had sex at 14, dad by 15 @

Imagine wasting 17+ years of your life and hundreds of thousands of dollars raising this cumdump. I will never get over how there are fathers out there literally raising sets of holes to keep other men's dicks warm and wet.


IT: sex isn't everything
15 year olds who actually have sex: fuck the hell out of them at first opportunity


The missed out / teenlove pill is the second most brutal pill in existence, next to the SMV pill


oy, she's a stinky sexual predator and a terrorist who needs to be shoot immediately! after all IT taught me that people under 21 don't even think about sex and even imagining sex with them is a crime so unforgivable you need to immediately report it to the FBI


Fuarkkk it's overrrr. That chad won't ever know the agony of us being subhumans being told to personality maxx and self improve Maxx to get girls. He doesn't need to do any of that. Teenlove pill is the most brutal thing to me cause it simply can't be recovered. Even if you ascend you'd just be a decent guy to settle with, not the silly boy she tries new naughty things with. If for some miracles you ascend and say to her "how about sex in the woods? Or perhaps we can have fun in cinema?" to spice up your sexless marriage due to her not being physically attracted to you, in her minds she'd picture her doing all those in the past with Chad and it already bored her


literally I was exercising and at the high school next to it, I saw a couple just like this and it hurt so god damn bad
The guy was even on his phone at some points while they were making out, looking a bit disinterested but the girl just kept getting in his face
I thought being on your phone during intimacy was just a meme
if a girl could look at me like she did at him I might get a heart attack


I can't do this anymore.


You must really like pain if you voluntary go to a sub called "r/sex"

I used to do it myself sadly, but I managed to kick the habit. Sexhavers infuriate me so much.

Neither can I, but I'm trudging along
Brutal, I just remembered I'm 20 in two months

Damn, I'm in my 20's and I barely feel like I've aged mentally. Hopefully things will get better for us from here on out.

radishman & Guykild #sexist #psycho #pedo incels.co

(NOTE: They are reacting to a now-removed reddit post titled “Degradation of women”, consisting of a pedophilic, wingnut commentary on a collage of photos of a young woman, taken once a year since she was 7.)


It's "cute" that whoever made that picture thinks a 7 yr old is an innoncent angle. That bitch was already using boys her age. May not be fucking and sucking yet, but ain't no such thing as an innocent foid.


7 does not look innocent. 1st image is fake innocence the parents made her do. 2nd image is the faces a kid make when they need to fake a smile for a photo just so they can go back to playing.
By that 10 image, she's playing with the boys hearts so don't give me that "natural lovely smile" bullshit.
13, you know she has fucked already.
15, she had several boyfriends already.
17, they're spot on.
19 she looks older than me. What the fuck?

Diocel #sexist #pedo incels.co

[Serious] 25yo Foids are USED up And OLD

JFL at people who thinks 25yo foids are peak attractiveness

Let's take an average middle class cunt, she graduate high school at 18, let's say she is still virgin and waited until college (jfl if you think that tbh), and she finish her studies at 25.

Knowing the college culture imagine how many dicks he took in those 7 years, both in her pussy AND asshole.

After that she keep hooking up on tinder and then settle down for one of her simp co worker for his cash.

Josef Fritzl #pedo #psycho rape.is

All girls should be married off at like 1yo

Maybe 2yo; whenever they're weaned. It should be early enough that they don't have any memory of their real dad, if they're going to be married off to some other guy besides him.

When they're a toddler bride, their husband can mess around with them and have bonding time with them at the high chair, forcing vegetables on her the same way he's someday going to force himself on her when her pussy is ripe or when he wants to enjoy the pleasures of her mouth and ass.

He'll be the only man she remembers ever calling "daddy" and so he'll be her whole world, all she's ever know. Just so you know, getting mogged by a girl's dad is a thing; it can happen. A girl can say, "I miss my dad" whenever you have a falling-out with her and she feels like you don't measure up.

Edmund_Kemper #psycho #sexist #pedo incels.co

[Serious] Am I weird for having fantasies about cannibalism?

When a foid on reddit admits to having rape fantasies, people tell her it’s normal. People think BDSM or whatever is okay. But I’m a freak if I fantasize about cannibalism once in a while because I see a young woman’s soft smooth youthful skin? Sure I don’t get into the fantasies too much and hell, sometimes I fantasize about it sarcastically. But sometimes I see a young woman’s soft youthful skin and her soft feminine eyes and I kinda think “is she going to taste good if I eat her for dinner?”. Sometimes I feel a bit hungry if I see a landwhale despite an absence of sexual attraction because their fatness makes them look like they’re yummy food.

Sure, it’s a bit sick, but I won’t act on it, nor do I want to, the fantasy is very temporary. Also, anyone who puked while reading this is a pussy and isn’t a real man.

kinda weird ngl

Up to 9% of men have fantasized about sex with prepubescent children and 33% fantasized about rape, and this is weird?

Yes, its weird.

And what about people here fapping to naked 10 year old anime girls?

yes it's very weird stop coping

Cope. People here fantasize about weirder shit

What's wrong with fapping to 2D girls? They are not real.
People who fap to real 10 year old girls are creepy and weird.

At least cannibalism is a high T manly thing to do

These numbers are probably lower than they actually are because men would not tell the truth when asked a question like that.

The bohemian lifestyle of the average foid would probably make them taste gross. Give me a roast beef over a roastie plz.

66% of men have said in a survey that they’ve fantasized about young girls

There's an interesting video about what human meat tastes like, apparently it's like veal

So a young woman’s soft hairless skin actually would taste good?

I hope you're right.

When I think of evil, I think of a serial killer or a terrorist, not a guy who has consensual sex with jb teens

What makes me mad the most about all that agecucked shit is the hypocrisy. Yes, many actions related to porn and/or sex with underage people are immoral. According to Jesus, even coveting people who are not your husbands/wives sexually is immoral. I agree. But why the focus only on agecucked shit when the world nowadays is pretty much Sodom and Gomorrah but on a global scale?

The answer is feminism.

When I watch supervillain shows and movies, none of the villains are into sex with minors, they just destroy the world and kill people

you think the fraction of men who've had rape fantasies is less than a third? LOL

No they fantasized about PERPETRATING the rape

I think it comes off as a bit weird, but if it remains just a fantasy, I don't see a problem with it, tbh.

Some foids look like food

don't you find the human body fascinating ? i would love to explore it personally, but that would require a body, and im not gonna kill lol.

I think female skin is tasty if I try eating it for dinner

Various Incels #sexist #pedo incels.co


[Blackpill] 11-ish YO foid goes crazy about not being able to make Chad kid her boyfriend.

Little girls first flirtation FAIL!! It's Epic!

It starts early. You think any girl at that age ever got into such a meltdown because you didn't give her clear signals you liked her? LMFAO, Chad only, no matter the age. Also this proves how foids feel about Chads, they are obsessed with them. The older ones don't show it but feel the same way, the young one simply doesn't have a filter like the older ones.

Haven describing her first crush

This one's BROOTAL as well.


Just have curly hair and be cute theory
Also she didn’t mention his personality. Is it coincidence?

As all drug addicts personality is just another drug normshits and cucks use to delude them selves. Just another high, just another day of talking to foids, another day of self-improvement to keep em selves hooked. The cognitive dissonance they have when confronted with facts is too much to bear, and so they go thinking it must be my personality. The only personality that exists is the dark-triad but that is a supplement and not the main factor for determining whether you get laid, looks and height are

(Made in Heaven)

can anyone describe what happens? video isnt working for me

11 year old slut-in-training is humorously upset and angry that a boy in her class is not picking up on her obvious signals like winks and smiles.

Thanks. I would say this is shocking, but it's to be expected that females begin mate selection around 4-5 as soon as they are aware of the world around them. JFL only reason they aren't going after men in their 20s/30s is because of social norms. Little girls certainly do mature faster than boys, I didn't even care for girls until I was like 13

Haven describing her first crush

i want to ****** **** her little toothless mouth JFL at her remembering exactly where chadlet touched her hand


Nothing a bitch slap to the face cannot solve. But white parents are too cucked for that shit.

What if you get aroused from them hearing them scream in pain?


They really do start early.
And they do show these signs.
And I never recieved them.


And agecucks think they'll find virgins in their 20s. Good luck with that.


That's some serious sui fuel. Chad wins even before puberty. JFL


Not even a teen and beyond entitled.

And LOL if you think they're playing tag. Maybe tag with his cock and her insides.