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Not gonna lie I'm getting really sick and tired of seeing Pride month stuff this late into the year, it's like some people where in a coma and came out of it just now. Like yeah I get it your pro transsexual or pro cloud sexual or whatever. But like anything being shoved in my face wither it be a meme or a picture it gets annoying sometime. I know nothings gonna change and I'm just releasing a little bit of frustration but does anyone else feel the same? And no it's not some person's pfp I'm talking about it's all the constant ads and spam messages I get.

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But yet I see the exact opposite from BLM. I get that originally it was intended to protest police brutality against the black community and hopefully lead to police reform. But now? when I see hundreds of innocent people being robbed for no fucking reason and entire buildings firebombed to the ground? I've become against the BLM movement. BLM is a demotic terrorist organization that claims to represent the interests of black people, it is however NOT all back people just like how not all Germans are Nazis and how opposing Nazisim isn't opposing all Germans.

If these people actually believe what Martin Luther King jr said. "I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character". Then they'd protest like he did. He didn't commit such horrible violence upon the American people because do you think that people would've been in favour of reform if they were being assaulted? How many new racists were born because they're property was stollen from them by some crook in the name of BLM?

BLM is a black supremacy and terrorist criminal organization, they don't follow MLK's goals or dream in fact they've shit all over it and harmed race relations drastically. And if they do use their 'Idols' work it's just looks for an excuse to rob. So that's all George Floyd actually was, an excuse to commit horrific terrorism on innocent people who didn't do anything wrong.

I don't give a single shit if you think I'm racist because I am not, I'm not gonna prove it because my country and many others it's guilty until proven innocent. And honestly how is this even racist? Because I called out the truth? Because I dared to say why no one else does? Because I'm not afraid to address the elephant in the room? Because I can and will point out the racist hypocrisy of a pro black 'equality' group destroying cities.