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Neanderthals and Modern Humans Were Buried Together
Perhaps the strongest evidence that Neanderthals were fully human and part of our biblical “kind” is that at four sites people of Neanderthal morphology and people of modern human morphology were buried together. In all of life, few desires are stronger than the desire to be buried with one’s own people. Skhul Cave, Mount Carmel, Israel, is considered to be a burial site of anatomically modern Homo sapiens individuals. Yet Skhul IV and Skhul IX fossil skulls are closer to the Neanderthal configuration than they are to modern humans.27 Qafzeh, Galilee, Israel, is also considered to be an anatomically modern burial site. However, Qafzeh skull 6 is clearly Neanderthal in its morphology.28 Tabun Cave, Mount Carmel, Israel, is one of the classic Neanderthal burial sites. But the Tabun C2 mandible is more closely aligned with modern mandibles found elsewhere.29 The Krapina Rock Shelter, Croatia, is one of the most studied Neanderthal burial sites. At least 75 individuals are buried there. The remains are fragmentary, making diagnosis difficult. However, the addition of several newly identified fragments to the Krapina A skull (now known as Krapina 1) reveals it to be much more modern than was previously thought, indicating that it is intermediate in morphology between Neanderthals and modern humans.30

That Neanderthals and anatomically modern humans were buried together constitutes strong evidence that they lived together, worked together, intermarried, and were accepted as members of the same family, clan, and community. The false distinction made by evolutionists today was not made by the ancients. To call the Neanderthals “Cave Men” is to give a false picture of who they were and why caves were significant in their lives.

The human family is a unified family. “From one man He [God] made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth” (Acts 17:26).31

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Bonobos are the sex crazed tree hugging hippies, and chimps are the 1percent Hells Angels. To think most of you are convinced we’re hyper evolved apes on a giant rock spinning through outer space. I will admit, other than Damian Aspinell, you're the only other person I've seen qualified to work with apes. Jane humanized them and caused thousands to be experimented on by the military. Right now China is literally creating human chimp chymeras.

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Now for the odds, here’s how they’re calculated: Each digit in YouTube’s 11 digit code can be either a lowercase letter (26 letters), or an uppercase letter (26 letters), or one of the 10 digits zero thru 9. So that’s 62 possible options for each digit in the 11 digit code.

So the odds of getting a 6 for the first digit are a 1 out of 62 chance. The odds of getting any letter for the second digit are 52 out of 62. And if you follow these odds out for each digit in the 11 digit code, you get the following (see image below): https://2028end.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/2028-End-Intro-Video-YouTube-URL-Odds.jpg

Then, if you want the odds of getting this entire 11 digit code, you simply multiply the fractional odds for each of the 11 digits right across the board. Multiply all the numerator numbers and all the denominator numbers (right across the board) and that’s your odds.

For example, if you roll a 6 sided dice (numbered 1 thru 6) the odds of getting a 5 are 1/6. If you roll the dice again, the odds of getting a 5 are again 1/6. But now, to get the odds of rolling a dice twice and landing a 5 both times, you multiply the fractional odds 1/6 x 1/6, which equals 1/36. Therefore, on average, every 36 times you roll a dice twice you will end up getting two 5’s.


Ok, now that you understand how these odds are calculated, we simply need to multiply all the fractional odds (for each of the 11 digits in our YouTube’s 11 digit code), and then set that fraction equal to 1/X, and solve for X. The odds are as follows: https://2028end.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/2028-End-Intro-Video-YouTube-URL-Final-Odds-Calculation.jpg

So there you have it, folks! The odds of YouTube generating an 11 digit code beginning with the number 6 and ending with the number 28 — containing nothing else but letters and the number zero — is more than 1 in 50 million chance! Yet, that’s what God did!

And that’s my “2028 END” message from God (since 2008) … in the beginning God used the number 6 in order to “declare the end from the beginning” (Isaiah 46:10) — which foretold Earth’s 6,000 year — which will arrive (or end) AD 2028. Stunning!

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Do you see it? The 11 digit code YouTube randomly generated for our 4 minute 2028 END introduction video began with a 6 and ended with a 28! WHAT!?!?! Friend, this is the message in the video! This is the message I’ve been speaking for God since 2008!

Specifically, “God declared the end from the BEGINNING” (Isaiah 46:10) by using the number 6 — so the code BEGAN with a 6! And those 6 Creation days foretold a 6,000 year plan, which will END with Christ’s return AD 2028 — so the code ENDED with a 28!!!

Guys, this is virtually impossible! Everything else in the 11 digit code was just meaningless letters, which made the number 6 (at the beginning) and the number 28 (at the end) stand out like sore thumbs! The code was screaming the prophetic message in the video — Earth’s 6000 YEAR ENDS 2028.

When I looked closer though, I noticed what I first thought was a capital letter O in the middle of the code was really the number zero (0). Well, if you read confirmation #10, you know God told me a zero represents time has ran out. Time has counted down to 0. No time left! In other words, the “end”.

So the number 6 in the beginning, the 0 in the middle, and the 28 at the end is saying (right across the board) … Day 6 (earth’s 6,000 year) will END in the year 2028. Completely mind-blowing!!!

Guys, the odds of YouTube’s bots kicking out this random 11 digit code (having a 6 at the beginning, a 0 in the middle, and a 28 at the end) and nothing else but meaningless letters is more than 1 in 50 million!!!! 1 IN 50 MILLION CHANCE!!!

Folks, that’s virtually impossible! How did God do this? How can He control computers! It’s mind-blowing! But its obvious God kicked out this code for this video — the most important video He had me make to introduce the world to this “2028 END” message! — which will sit at the top of the 2028 END website till the Lord returns!

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Question: How long were the British in Palestine?

Answer: British presence in Palestine resulted to the present day havoc in Middle East crisis. They purposefully invaded Palestine to corrupt Christianity to justify their reasons for rewriting the Bible “ The King James Version “.

They are still occupying Palestine but indirectly as they use the people that they choose to be identified as being Jewish in the fake name “Israelites “.

who are Israelites? The continent Africa and the people Africans fits every description. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. British lies using Christianity is over its maintenance is becoming too expensive and dangerous to the world.

lies and luxury are expensive to maintain but truth and simplicity are self maintained. It’s becoming too expensive to continuously occupy Palestine lately as killings surges both side and continuously over 75 years.

The people occupying Palestine use bombs and technology to protect themselves but the so called Africans are asked to call on the God of Isreal for protection.

Who gave us that name “ Africa”. Our original name is Israelites, we are 10 of the 12 tribes. Why did Europeans lied that we were lost .

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(Note: I am only posting the conclusion because the entire article is too long to post here. For more context visit the URL link.)


I used to wonder about something from time to time … why did God choose the number 6 for His plan — 6 Creation Days for 6,000 years? Why not 9 Creation Day for a 9,000 year plan, or 13 Creation Days for a 13,000 year plan, or any other number?

Well, I might have my answer now in the knowledge of perfect numbers! The ancients thought so! The Hellenistic Jewish philosopher Philo Judaeus of Alexandria (who lived in the time of Jesus) suggested God created the world in six days because six was a perfect number.

St Augustine (who lived in the 4th century AD) took it a step further and wrote this: “Six is a number perfect in itself, and not because God created the world in six days; rather the contrary is true: God created the world in six days because this number is perfect, and it would remain perfect, even if the work of the six days did not exist.”


Wow! My mind is blown! 6 & 28 are perfect numbers. And all perfect numbers end in either 6 or 28. Listen, we know the Bible says God is perfect. Jesus said, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect” (Matthew 5:48). Well, I don’t know about you, but this all just screams out to me — GOD’S PLAN IS PERFECT!!! 6 (6,000 years) ENDS 28 (2028). Mind-blowing!!!

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Ok, so that brings us to the very first “2028 END” confirmation. It was almost 3 years after Ramsey and I had started working together when he writes me to inform me of an exciting nugget of information about himself! The actual email is transcribed below:

“… Oh, I just remembered, the other day I was looking at my health card number, and you would not believe what I discovered. In Canada all citizens have this card and we’ve had it since our childhood. Kinda like what Obama is trying to start in the USA with much opposition “obamacare”. Anyway, we’ve had a 10 digit number assigned to us all of our lives, and it is like the credit card numbers. Guess which number is embedded in mine? You guessed it … 2028!!!!

I freaked out when I saw this and meant to tell you but forgot. So I’ve been seeing this particular number all my life. Coincidence? Too crazy!

What’s even freakier is the way the numbers are divided in groups of 4, 3 and 3. And the first four numbers are 2028! Crazy!

Here’s a pic of it. Check it out.”

Later that day I wrote Ramsey back:

“Wow, bro!!! That is amazing!!!

You know what else was just brought to my mind … this 2028 number is on your HEALTH card!!!! Bro, the most important “health” one could be concerned about is the health of their SOUL! And 2028 is the timeframe when everyone will find out what kind of HEALTH PLAN (INSURANCE) they REALLY HAD!!!!”

So let’s put this ALL in perspective:

I say a prayer to God asking for help in 2010
He sends me just ONE person (Ramsey) a few months later
Three years later we realize Ramsey was issued a health card from birth (1970’s) that starts with the number 2028!
Coincidence? You decide! At the time, I didn’t know what to fully make of it. Why? Because at the time it had never entered into my mind that God might one day do “2028 END” confirmations. So I was caught completely off guard by Ramsey’s email!

Now though — looking back here in 2021 (knowing all the other “2028 END” confirmations God has done) — it is plainly obvious Ramsey’s health card was God’s doing! This was/is the very first “2028 END” confirmation God allowed me to know!

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The So-Called Overwhelming Evidence For Evolution Gets Funnier and Funnier!

Evolutionists whether atheists or not are really quick to say, "Well the evidence for evolution is OVERWHELMING! Either you check it out or you don't." then they say, "Hey NEVER question the evidence!" every time the absurdity of the matter is even brought up. Some use supposed DNA tests, invoke the name of "science", carbon-14 and the fossil record.


The absurdity of the evidence goes with all the so-called evidence that was just from the following - a chimpanzee, a jaw bone, one tooth, another jawbone, just some broken bones which are really unscientific. The scientists are already acting as if they were already fully aware of the origin of the fossil by just looking at it. There was no investigation whatsoever and suddenly, you are not even allowed to question something like, "Sir how did you figure out that tooth was the Nebraska man?" which violates the scientific value of giving scrutiny to what is taught. Christians are commanded to test all things, atheists, on the other hand, are, "Believe me or else!"


The report above has scientists again, trying to find "evidence" for evolution among the bones which just gets more absurd every time. As if determining human evolution by just one piece of bone was already stupid enough, now they are collecting skulls and now they want more fossils. It doesn't take a biologist with a doctorate degree to figure out something is wrong with how they are doing their science. After all, they better answer me the question, "Can you give me methods of how you knew that skull was truly a transitional species?!" Most of them just keep getting defensive and show just how much they really hate God.


Again any further attempt to "prove" evolution just leads to more confusion to anyone who adheres in it, even if they are not atheists. This so-called evidence is just getting more and more stupid. What is even more stupid is that these people claim to be so smart, they call anyone who disagrees with them to be stupid. The Bible says in Romans 1:22, "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools."

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Q1. Did modern man evolve in Africa, and spread from there into all regions of the Earth?
A1. No.

The idea that modern Man evolved in Africa, and spread from there into the rest of the world, has achieved amazing acceptance with the public and with anthropologists. Amazing, because the concept virtually lacks any evidence to support it, and it's even puzzling to see why it should have been put forward in the first place.

The reasoning, such as it is, seems to have been that some important early human-linked fossils were first discovered in Africa, in the Rift Valley. From here there has been a giant leap to conclude that 'modern man' also 'came' from Africa.

Looked at from the outside, the concept is close to absurd. We have these landraces of dark-skinned, black-haired African people with mostly kinky hair. Then some of them abruptly leave Africa for the rest of the world, where they change into landraces of blond Scandinavians, sallow-skinned Chinese, and red-haired Scots and Russians with white skins. Meanwhile, those back in Africa remain as they were.

This concept goes against all logic, and moreover has no evidence from such things as the blood-group distributions shown above. What's more, the detail in the claims of some out-of-Africa supporters is breathtaking.

Here is one such assertion from Nicholas Wade (p. 75 in [38]).

"The epic ... crossing of the first modern humans into the world beyond Africa cannot be reconstructed in ... detail. Still, some essential features of this ancient exodus are clear enough. The first, based on genetic analysis, is that there seems to have been just a single emigration of modern humans from Africa. A second genetic inference is that the number of those who left was probably quite small .. as few as some 150 people ..." .

Wade's estimate of the date of this exodus is about 50,000 years ago. Readers will be left to judge how well Wade's picture compares with the present one of a continually mingling and developing matrix of landraces, encompassing the whole world population.

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The Word does not specify a 'chip' in the right hand or forehead but does say a 'mark.' I agree that the chip could be the mark of the beast and I would never get one but I am at this time more inclined to believe that the vaccine for COVID-19 is closer to preperation for 'the mark' because it is now being said that they need to have proof that one has been vaccinated so there is now a 'stamp' with tiny needles dipped in a formula that will leave a mark/tattoo in your skin that cannot be removed and will show up when scanning under a light. It is being said that quantum dot technology is involved and the stuff in the vaccine will change your DNA. For those who do not receive the vaccine, they will be unable to buy, sell, trade, go out anywhere.... Sound familiar?
I cannot say for a fact what is or isn't the mark of the beast but I can say that as for me, I will not accept anything that resembles or comes close to the description of the Mark! My hope is that we, the body of Christ are gone before the mark is forced.

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Question: Why did humans evolve with a protruding nose?

Answer: The answer is simple.
They did NOT EVOLVE with a protruding nose because evolution (macro) is nothing but a popular MTYH. It is Santa Claus or the tooth fairy.
It has zero credible scientific evidence supporting it.

Your question falsely infers that evolution (macro) is true and real - it is neither.
Macro evolution is a popular myth, a fairy tale, devoid of credible scientific evidence. Recent discoveries in genetics shows that it is NOT possible.
(See book Signature in the Cell by Stephen Meyer.)

The evolution battle is often MISrepresented as science against religion – this is baloney!
The real battle is between good science and Darwinism.
When Darwinian/Macro evolution is scrutinised using the scientific method, it crumbles.
The scientific method demands: observation, measurement, repeatability. Darwinian/Macro evolution has none of these, all it has is circumstantial evidence which is open to interpretation. Ask yourself: What evidence is there that our great …. Great grandfather was a bacterium?

Dr John Sanford (Geneticist and inventor of the Gene Gun) said :
“The bottom line
is that the primary axiom [of Darwinian/Macro evolution]
is categorically false,
you can't create information with misspellings,
not even if you use natural selection.”
There is significant dissent from Darwinism. For proof of the dissent to go http://www.dissentfromdarwin.org/ and download the list of brave scientists who are willing to publicly declare their dissent from Darwinian/Macro evolution. Micro Evolution is observable science, Darwinian/Macro evolution is a fairy-tale supported only by propaganda.

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(On a video about some Black Hebrew Israelites talking about a gay write using the bible to justify gay marriage)

Bruh, I feel u. All of this shit makes me sick to my stomach. Damn shame we can't chop heads off. Another damn shame that we have to educate our kids at an extremely early age about why uncle tony is hugged up and kissing uncle randy and they share a bedroom and a home. Ugh!!! I hope TMH comes soon, cause um ready for all of this shit to be over. Maybe I won't be one of the ones that's chosen by Him and even if I'm not, um still riding until the end comes. Shalom, fam. Keep the hits coming. Praise YHWH!!

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Question: Did Australopithecus Africanus have a face like a bonobo?

Answer: A. africanus is nothing but an old ape skull. It’s no different than any ape skull, but it’s made into a hominid by modelers that give it human characteristics.


A. africanus and bonobos both have (1) laid back foreheads like any ape, (2) large brow ridges like any ape (3) small craniums like any ape (4) 45 degree protruding jaws like any ape. They both have “U” shaped dental arches, again like any ape. Humans have “V” shaped dental arches. They are both apes. Modelers and artists from the Smithsonian and Nat Geo and the like “evolve” old ape skulls into “hominids”. A. africanus is just an old ape skull.


Here is the model made by the Smithsonian. Notice that model forehead is much more vertical and human-like than the skull, the cranium is much larger on the model, the model’s brow ridges are much smaller. The model is given human hair, human skin, human eyes with 50% sclera showing, human-like expression. A. africanus is nothing but an old ape skull, but the folks at the Smithsonian want you to think you are looking at your ancestor.

So, to answer your question, yes, A. africanus has a face like an ape since it is nothing but an ape.

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(Part 4)

It was Eusebius, the champion of Constantine the heretic – you know, the one who brought in all the pagan sun God worship, and made Rome a Christian empire with the stroke of a pen, without one convert – it was Eusebius, the Bishop, the overseer at Ceserea … and he came up with (and this was his statement), “Jesus’ ministry was three and one half years, which is one half of a week.” That immediately tells you that he is one of a million people that attempted to understand the prophecy of Daniel (which now occurs in the 9th chapter after chapters were added) … but that messianic prophecy he’s trying to decipher it, and so, he came up with this ridiculous nonsense of a three and a half year ministry.

And that is the beginning of putting Constantine in the place of naming himself the Pontifus Maximus, the Almighty God upon the Earth, the vicar of Christ. And that the Messiah isn’t really going to return, all prophecy’s been fulfilled, and Jesus’ ministry was three and one half years. Absolute lunacy! Absolute heresy! And yet that’s what we inherited through Rome …

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(Part 3 of 4)

What we have is the entire prophetic picture of the Lamb of God, the Passover Lamb as the sacrifice, the substitutionary sacrifice. The year that Yeshua was crucified, Passover, the Passover sacrifice, was done on a Wednesday, that was the 14th day of the month of the Aviv (Nissan). He was sacrificed/crucified at the very hours that the Passover lambs were being sacrificed on the Temple mount, which according to Josephus around that period was around 250,000 lambs were being sacrificed that afternoon. He (Jesus) was on the cross at that very hour.

He was in the grave before sunset. And at sunset begins the High Sabbath, not the weekly Sabbath, but the High Sabbath of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. He was in the grave all Wednesday night, all Thursday night, and all Friday night. He was in the grave three days, all day Thursday, all day Friday, and all day Saturday. He was raised on the Sabbath day! When the women came early the first day of the week, it was still dark, the grave was empty! He wasn’t raised on the fourth night; that is nonsense! He wasn’t raised on a Sunday. He was raised on the Sabbath day. The Scriptures are very clear about this! And when they came to the grave, before sunrise, it was already empty at that time.

The year was 28 of the Common Era. There is no 31/2 year ministry. As a matter of fact, for over 300 years after the event, every disciple of the Apostles, every disciple of the disciple of the disciples of the Apostles, for 300 years, not one of them gave one dissenting opinion; they all said that his (Jesus) ministry was about one year.

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There are a number of different ways God could have allowed the Messiah, Christ Jesus, to die physically – stabbing, beheading, etc. – and still deliver us from our bondage to sin and death. So why did God want it to happen on a cross? Was God speaking something more to mankind through this visible, physical method of death? Absolutely!

In the Garden of Eden “sin” was represented as “fruit hanging on a tree”. Eve ate the forbidden fruit, which brought on the curse of death. God wanted Christ’s physical body to be a visible picture of this original “curse of sin” when he died; thus, he hung him like fruit on a tree! The only difference was … Jesus NEVER sinned! Thus, his spiritual death became the righteous death whereby we can now have our death penalty (for the sins we’ve committed) paid in full. His death in place of our death! The righteous for the unrighteous! Praise his name forevermore!

In addition, by having Christ’s two physical hands (10 fingers) and his two physical feet (10 toes) BOTH nailed to the tree … God was saying, “This man’s death is a worthy sacrifice, having power to pay for ANY and ALL sin (10LC disobedience)!” Listen, in Scripture, God often says and does the same thing twice – Joseph’s 2 dreams, Jacob working 7 years twice for a bride, etc – and this is always God’s way of signifying the “thing” is SURE! It is coming to pass! It cannot be changed! Subsequently, we have God’s reason behind wanting TWO sets of the 10LC tables (hands and feet!) being nailed to the tree (cross). God was saying the same “thing” twice, “My work of salvation is FINISHED!”

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(Part 2 of 3. This part of the transcript will not make sense without the next one, so hang tight.)

Forty two years before Jesus was born, the Julian calendar was put in place, and the Julian calendar still remains today the time clock of astrophysics. And we can go back, and take that calendar back to any point in time to 45 BCE, to January 1st when it was instituted, and we can know exactly what day of the week it was on, no problem!

But it took over 38 years of work to reestablish the ancient Biblical calendar, which is based on the phases of the moon, literally, the first sliver sighting of the new moon was what began the month. And there is no question about this, historically, the writings of the rabbis, the Pharisees go back 300 years before the New Testament written, and we know exactly what was done in the Second Temple period.

But, until NASA put mirrors on the moon, shined laser beams off them for a 10 year period, running the calculations through the cray supercomputer, we did not have what we needed to be able to establish the visible sighting criteria of the new moon to take us back to that time. So now we can go back with all the Roman records, the Biblical records, and know with absolute accuracy, dead on to the day, of exactly when the crucifixion took place, the day the resurrection took place, and when Yeshua was born. It is all there, there’s no question about this at all except among the ignorant who have not studied this …

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(Part 2 will have the transcript from the video in the URL)

Michael Rood is a nondenominational minister who has spent a lifetime researching the chronological aspects of the Bible. Today, with the help of NASA and the written record, Michael Rood believes with absolute certainty that Jesus’ ministry was only 70 weeks long (a little over one year) beginning with his baptism in AD 27 and his death on the cross Passover AD 28.

The Passover Lamb
One HUGE factor in helping one believe Christ’s ministry really was only one year long (as opposed to 3½ years, as most believe today) is God’s specific requirements for the Israelite’s Passover Lamb back in Egypt. How so? Because those requirements were ALL confirmable prophecy about the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ, who would be forever known as the Lamb of God!

The lamb was to be as follows:

A male (Exodus 12:5)
Without blemish (Exodus 12:5)
No bone broken (Exodus 12:46)
Eat its Flesh (Exodus 12:8)
Strike blood on wooden door posts (Exodus 12:7)
Choose it on tenth day of Nissan (Exodus 12:3)
Kill it on the fourteenth day of Nissan (Exodus 12:6)
One year old (Exodus 12:5)

These eight requirements were fulfilled precisely by Jesus, in the fact that he was a man, having never sinned (without blemish), didn’t have a bone broken in his body (even while on the cross), taught his flesh must be eaten for eternal life, blood stained the top and two sides of a wooden cross, was chosen on the tenth of Nissan (riding into Jerusalem on a donkey), and was killed on Passover, the fourteenth of Nissan! Wow! So, what makes you think God’s requirement for the lamb to be of the first year (one year old) was not also fulfilled in Jesus? It almost certainly was! And thus, it makes sense that Christ’s ministry was very likely only one year long!

So, if Rood is correct that Jesus Christ DIED in the year AD 28, this means Earth’s 4,000 year was that year, and thus Earth’s 6,000 year (and the return of Jesus Christ) will be year AD 2028!

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Hell is 3 things: a condition, the grave and eternal hell fire, in which those that go will receive an immortal body, which can and will burn in torment forever!
Many people refuse to believe that there is a Real hell reserved for those that do not meet the mark. They say surely God wouldn't burn anyone up forever. But, if you can believe there is an everlasting reward, you should just as well understand that there is an everlasting punishment! "And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt." Daniel 12:2

Gabriel Erb #fundie 2028end.com

After awaking, I tried to understand what was meant by the joists being a date. Did it mean Feb 10, 2016? Was something terrible going to happen on that day just a few months away?

Well, long story short, that evening around 6 pm I received a comment on our 2028 END website from a man named David who had lost a cousin the previous day (Watch video at top of this page) who then did some serious reflecting on life and when Christ would return. He asked God to show him in the American Stock Market move that day, which was Friday November 13, 2017. And guess what it moved? Exactly 202.8 points down!!! STUNNING!!!

At that point, I took a drive with my wife, and all of a sudden the light went on for what the date meant in my dream that morning (the numbers were to be added together!) … 2 + 10 + 16 = 28 !!! My dream was ALSO a prophecy of the year of Christ’s return, showing the awful destruction that will occur during that event — AD 2028!

Gabriel Erb #fundie undeniablebiblicalproof.com

Day 2 – Foretold Earth’s 1,000 – 2,000 Years
Creation story:

“And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament …” (Genesis 1:7).

Mankind’s history:

This foretold of the great worldwide flood of Noah’s day, which occurred during mankind’s 1,656th year (see Genesis chapter 5 and 7:11). Before the flood, it had never rained on the Earth — Earth was watered by a mist springing up from the ground (Gen 2:6). But after the flood, most of the water that was under the Earth’s crust was now on top of it forming oceans, and Earth was now watered by rain falling from clouds in the heavens.

But the real reason God wanted to prophesy of this significant event from the beginning of Creation was because the story of Noah and the global deluge was to be a prophetic picture (or parable) of what would occur during Jesus Christ’s 2nd Coming! God even went so far as to secretly reveal through the details in the story that Christ’s 2nd Coming will absolutely, positively take place during mankind’s 6,000th year!!! (See chapter 4, Noah.)

Gabriel Erb #fundie 10lovecommandments.com

Have you ever wondered how many things in this world God controls – e.g. the rise and fall of nations, languages, numbers, etc? Is it by accident “English” is now the most widely used language in the world? Is it just a coincidence the letter “i” is at the center of the words Luc-i-fer, pr-i-de, and s-i-n, when selfishness manifested by a love of money (dirt) is the root of ALL evil (10LC disobedience)? Seriously, how many things in this world does God control?

Did God purposely divide His Law of Love into TEN commands (and not some other number) for us to learn and know? Could He have even planned the written look of the very digits making up the number ten – a single straight line for a “1” & a circle for a “0”? Before you answer, ponder this … there are two main characteristics given in the Bible to describe God’s 10LC (also known as the “Word of God” for they are the only words God spoke AND wrote with His own mouth and finger): 1. They are like a sword (Ephesians 6:17) and 2. They are eternal (Matthew 24:35).

Now look at the “10” image above. Notice how a “1” is shaped like a sword and a “0” is a line without an end. Is this all just an accident? Look closely at the font and effects used in the 10LC logo’s number “10” above. They look sharp-edged like blades! Do you think that’s an accident?

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God created the DNA molecule to be the “instruction book” for obtaining physical life on earth; every plant and every animal has DNA in the nucleus of its cell. DNA literally holds the information that produces all physical life.

God created the 10 Love Commandments (10LC) as the “instruction book” for obtaining spiritual life in heaven; all mankind knows God’s 10LC in their heart. The 10LC literally hold the information that produces all spiritual life.

Therefore, God married these two entities together – DNA (molecule of life) & 10LC (law of life) – for further proof He is the creator of ALL things! God designed the DNA molecule to have the shape of a twisted ladder. The two long ends of the ladder are the two strands of DNA making up the molecule, and the rungs are the base pairings. The molecule contains 10 base pairings per each 360° full twist, allowing for a decagon to be seen in cross section, five points supplied by each DNA stand, just like God wrote His 10 Commandments on two tables of stone!

Isn’t it ironic that DNA is now the main evidence used to convict or exonerate someone. In other words, the molecule that God infused with an image of His 10LC … is now very often the molecule, or physical evidence, that determines whether a person has kept them or not. Do you see the irony in that?

Picture a forensic scientist sitting there analyzing the DNA evidence of a rape case, or murder case. The very molecule they are testing contains an image of the two stone tables God inscribed with the 10LC, which say “Do not commit sexual immorality, Do not murder”. And in the end, THAT molecule winds up determining whether they did or didn’t! Oh, the wonderful irony!

2028 END (Gabriel Erb) #fundie youtube.com

Incorrect, that is NOT what the Bible says. It says this ...

No DAY or HOUR is known for Christ’s return.

The number 2028 is a YEAR !

The phrase "no man knows the day or hour" is a Jewish idiom referring to the Feast of Trumpets.

God's 7 yearly Holidays (Feasts) prophesied the VERY DAY the Messiah (Jesus Christ) would fulfill his biggest tasks ...


1 - Passover - VERY DAY Christ died
2 - Unleavened Bread - VERY DAYS Christ buried
3 - First Fruits - VERY DAY Christ resurrected
4 - Weeks - VERY DAY Christ sent Holy Ghost

5 - Trumpets - VERY DAY Christ will return
6 - Atonement - VERY DAY Christ will forgive
7 - Tabernacles - VERY DAY Christ will live with us

Number 5 - Feast of Trumpets - was known to the Jews as the feast "no man knows the day or hour" because it was the only Holiday of the 7 to occur on the first day of the month.

And since the Jew's months were lunar based, the Feast of Trumpets could not be determined until two witnesses confirmed sighting of the new moon sliver, which could happen at any hour of any day during the 3 days of darkness during the new moon.

Thus, the Feast of Trumpets became known by the Jewish idiom ... the Feast "no man knows the day or hour"

THIS is the TIME PERIOD when Jesus will return during the calendar year AD 2028 !!!