Oleg Volkov #pedo quora.com

Yes, in most civilized places in the world, cartoon pictures of little girls, no matter how pornographic, are legal. It’s also legal to be a pedophile. Only child sexual abuse is illegal.

Sure, pedophobes do their damnest to outlaw that, but most countries are unwilling to implement the concept of thoughtcrime.

Of course, I can provide no guarantees that police and courts in your place would actually follow the law. They are quite likely to be infiltrated by pedophobes and hurt you just for thinking about children or breathing the same air as children. Human rights aren’t worth much in the modern world.

There is nothing “normal” about pedophobes. They are people who let their feral instincts override their humanity and turn into violent monsters the moment children are mentioned.

Yeah, that’s exactly the way pedophobes think. Not a bit of tolerance, respect for human rights and ability to differentiate fantasy from reality.