George E. Lowe #fundie

Please consider this 2012 election challenge: Lets purposely and creatively introduce the rational meme of the Doomsday Machine into the impending debate over any new START Treaties. And then let the Militarily-Industrial-Congressional-Religious Complex (MICRO howl in their white rage.

For we also know finally that the opposite side of "the Deterrence coin" is Disarmament. Lord how the militarists will rage at the very thought of a true disarmament regime! Perhaps the lion may yet lie down with the "lamb" as in my Jehovah Witnesses' literature, for truly blessed are the "new peacemakers'—given the existence of God's Doomsday Machines and other competing weapons of Satan.

We have at least in theory ironically paradoxically forever created the capability now to control mankind's original sin of a fallen Adam/Eve's greatest temptation to conquer and thus have Genesis 1:28 "dominion over all of God's Creation." Yes. over all the Earth and all her populations 8.8 million species therein via thermonuclear weapons. They will of course, in their victory campaign, reduce the Earth we love so dearly to a dead radioactive cinder and "two American and one Chinese" and endless waves of cockroaches and black carrion beetles.

The ultimate question must be raised: Can these thermonuclear "devices" "weapons''/machines he controlled by the next generation'

Is that our fate' Our destiny''

My tentative answer is in two parts:

1 Yes if God chooses not to desert his Creation that is if He docs not abscond, flee once again as He did in the twentieth century when 160 million innocent humans were killed. Yes. 160 million "Innocent Ones"—created in His own image.—Genesis 1:20: "And God said let us make man in our image, after our likeness"; and Genesis 1:27, "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him: male and female created he them."

2 Yes if we of the "Green Vital Center" do not fail to stop/defeat the men and women of "passionate intensity" (you ought to know who I'm talking about by now) and if they are allowed to succeed in taking control of our society, marching in a victorious goose step parade following that great white Fascist beast, led by "666." first toward Jerusalem, "after twenty centuries of stony sleep." where He accepts His" Great While Throne" of his Millennial Kingdom, followed quickly by moving it to Independence. Missouri Dallas, Texas/Salt Lake City. Utah- depending "on the breaks" of November 6, 2012.

It s Christian and corporate Fascism Studpedio "Sapiens" Americanus!



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