starcrapoo #racist #sexist

Anyone who lives in SF, Seattle, or Portland knows that Asian men are the most privileged group out there.

We are not the "cool" guys. We have the lowest crime rates and are the highest earners. Socially conservative. Shuns divorces. Mind their own business. Works hard.

Foids don't get cool points for dating us. They get "cool" points for dating edgy white dudes with tattoos, piercings, and deals drugs. Hipster hispanic + black dudes.

Asian + Indian men = lowest of the low in the eyes of liberal foids.

You know what I see? Cambodian and Hmong and Filipino guys will be poor as shit and short, but they manage to thugmaxx and get women. If Chinese and Korean men were more low inhib they'd actually be doing much better.

Yea I notice exactly the same as a ricecel in my 30s. SEA males are objectively uglier, poorer, dumber, and shorter than east Asian males but they are more masculine in behavior and looks.

Therefore, they do significantly better with non-Asian foids or just foids in general.



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