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The analysis into the 26 Mar 24 collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge spanning the Patapsco River in Baltimore, Maryland provides another clear-cut example of the type asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared warfare that has been waged against the United States by China, the CCP, the PLA and China’s network of proxies and assets that includes foreign hostile nations that began no later than August 2019.

The asymmetrical flashpoint was biowarfare in the form of a bioengineered SARS-CoV-2 virus and the resulting mRNA bioweapons foisted upon us by mandates caused by the fraudulently predicated “pandemic” [RICO applies].

The “pandemic” was leveraged to steal an election, install Joe Biden as China’s proxy and to resume the internally controlled demolition of the US by means of Cloward-Piven strategy as Obama-era policies were resumed and with Barack Obama pulling those strings from the backdrop in what amounts to his fourth term; his third was undermining Donald Trump’s first.
The modus operandi of targeting critical infrastructure and hazardous materials also applies to the FSK bridge collapse in ways that also vector in militarily, as explained below.

It all begs this question: Will it be too late by the time Americans wake-up to what is actually going on?

The answer to that question according to the status quo and based upon the assumption that things don’t soon change, ‘YES,’ it will be too late.

Have Americans discerned and reconciled that the nearly four years of Biden’s stolen time occupying the Executive represent the designs to reduce the nation to smouldering embers so that it can be ‘6bulilt 6ack 6etter’ using the architecture of Marxist communism?

The template for the build is China and its technocratic surveillance state.

With the FSK bridge down, Americans should be wondering how many more of these incidents will we see and to what degree will they continue to escalate in their destructive nature and militarily strategic value?



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