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It is no surprise that Andrew Tate is being “taken down”, however do not be surprised if this is actually nothing more than a Smoke and Mirrors operation and it could actually be staged altogether, just like the so-called “Trump Impeachment”

It’s Kabuki Theater[…]
With Trump’s alleged “Impeachments” and 2020 Election Loss, they had stirred both sides of the population

The Left Wing believed Trump was going to be destroyed[…]
The Right Wing were believing in the QAnon psyops[…]
Even the January 6th event was another great example of Kabuki Theater and Psyop Operations[…]
Trump only has loyalty to Capitalists and especially his Jewish Handlers[…]
The reason for going on about that is because I want you to think about it and relate it to what is going on with Andrew Tate’s sudden takedown, which also makes his Christmas Message he delivered to age “badly” in the eyes of his desperate and hopeful supporters[…]
From a lot of what we’ve been reviewing about Andrew Tate’s take down in Romania, it seems that this is more of a greater operation in having used Andrew Tate as an element and face cover for “Toxic Masculinity”, i.e. that the World Controllers spun him into the figurehead[…]
It also stirs up an element to make Men who do travel abroad to Eastern Europe or other countries to even more so be potentially viewed as “Sex Tourists”, so this effort seems to be aimed at targeting “Target Masculinity”[…]
It may also be playing a discreet role in bringing about the Gender Civil War, because it will only make tensions rise further between Men and Women[…]
Women in the West are also “closing their legs even tighter than ever” these days now as well, as they are seeing the money and freebie pools drying up around them rapidly[…]
Women who have no fear of their Men, are cunning



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