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In 2017, I subscribed with my own money to The Sword Of The Lord for the senior pastor at Harvest for 2-years, trying to make peace with him. He ignored me completely, as usual. That is what heathens do! In 2017, I also ordered a big box of 300 Gospels Of John, and had them shipped to Harvest Baptist Church, trying to make peace with them again. They ignored me then too! Who is the bad guy here? I have repeatedly reached out to Harvest's leaders with God's love, to a spoiled, richy-rich, rotten, spiritually depraved, corrupt institution that is as stage-4 cancer on the island of Guam. All I ever did was tell THE TRUTH at church about the Devil's false Bibles and false gospels, and I am still paying the price for it. I TOLD THE TRUTH! That is what we are supposed to do as Christians, right? Well, telling THE TRUTH is a crime at Harvest Baptist Church! I don't hate the people at Harvest, I hate their indifference toward truth and righteousness, and their total lack of compassion and love for individual hurting people like me! What a God damned cult!

I love you all in Christ, but you don't love THE TRUTH! = -)



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