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Scientists Have Discovered a New Set of Blood Groups (Vaxxed?)

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"Strange antibodies" Well then.. They are discovering all types of new antibodies and types of blood now all the sudden? Wonder why?

Interesting read.

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Explains the massive uptick in miscarriages.

By design? I think so.

Poor lady though.

Of course they're going to try to paint this as normal.

Just like hot showers cause heart attacks and it's normal for young children to have heart failure.

Anything to normalize what's happening.

The fact you can't see this is the reason society is at the impasse.

It's people like you that make vaxtards possible.

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That's like blaming a chef at a restaurant for making you fat.

Nobody forced you to get mRNA jabbed....oh wait, I take that back....Joe Biden did force you.

Carry on, stalwart.

(Justin Castro)
3 new blood types discovered so far are Clotted, Semi Solid & Solid.

(Tie Nylon)
"Just like healthy adults suddenly dropping dead, these "new" blood groups have actually been around for thousands of years..." - Your doctor, probably.



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