Bill P #fundie

Seeing the desperation of so many middle-aged women out in flyover country has opened my eyes and humbled me. It’s very sad. These are really harmless, vulnerable people, and they’ve been roughed up by this free movement of capital and labor something awful. Charles Murray likes to blame this on the guys who supposedly won’t support them, but in my circles the women totally depend on the men and have little to offer in return. If anything really separates the white working class from the upper middle class it’s the incomes (and, unfortunately, the behavior) of the women in the respective positions. Blue collar working men are no slouches, they make decent money and in person they’re generally more impressive than their office-dwelling counterparts (this is probably a hidden aspect of Trump’s support — he has these guys behind him, and if he can get a few thousand of them to show up in one place, it’s going to seriously intimidate rivals). The women, well, they screw up a lot and have to be rescued over and over. They get a good job and are about ten times as likely to ditch it and try to file a lawsuit. The guys are always pulling them up and out of ditches they run into. The white death, IMO, is a measure of the disposable income of the men in any given community (if you check the census data I can all but guarantee that there’s a strong correlation there). The less they have, the less they can afford to help out the women around them, who somehow always seem to need help.



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