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I hear this argument all the time from feminists who don't know what feminism is nowadays. Tell me, what is feminism? Some people say it's for equality, some people say it's for women's rights, some feminists say men can be feminists, those who say they can't, there's TERFS, those who except trans individuals, sex-positive feminists, sex-negative feminists, people who say white women can't be feminists, white feminists... it all seems to me you can't decide on what feminism even is. That really says a lot now, doesn't it honey? You can't even decide on what you're fighting for. Feminists cannot claim to be fighting for equality because they're only concerned with the issues of women or just plain being against men. Tell me this? When was the last time feminism has helped men? Because you also used the term of "toxic masculinity" in this comment, which proves your hypocrisy. Which is also BS. I have a masculine father, older brother, younger brother, and other "manly" family members, and I wouldn't call them toxic in the least (except for maybe my younger brother, but he's just a brat). There's nothing toxic about a man acting like a man, because biologically, men and women have different brains as well as bodies. In fact, if you're so "for muh equality" why isn't "toxic femininity" a thing? Surely, that would be EQUAL correct? But no; you don't talk about that because it places women in a bad light and would harm your man-hating ideology. You couldn't give less of a sugar nut about equality. Also, most feminists are masculine themselves, often being butches or lesbians or the like. How is that fair? "A man acting like a man? Toxic! But a woman acting like a man? Progressive!" If the traits of a both a masculine feminist and man were exactly the same, you'd call the feminist "empowering" but call the man "problematic". You proved your hypocrisy yet again. And it's funny how you say you're against gender stereotypes when you support an ideology that is all about stereotyping and degrading those based on gender. And "toxic masculinity" is a gender stereotype. What a LOAD.



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