Cheryl Bergeson #fundie #pratt

The Word does not specify a 'chip' in the right hand or forehead but does say a 'mark.' I agree that the chip could be the mark of the beast and I would never get one but I am at this time more inclined to believe that the vaccine for COVID-19 is closer to preperation for 'the mark' because it is now being said that they need to have proof that one has been vaccinated so there is now a 'stamp' with tiny needles dipped in a formula that will leave a mark/tattoo in your skin that cannot be removed and will show up when scanning under a light. It is being said that quantum dot technology is involved and the stuff in the vaccine will change your DNA. For those who do not receive the vaccine, they will be unable to buy, sell, trade, go out anywhere.... Sound familiar?
I cannot say for a fact what is or isn't the mark of the beast but I can say that as for me, I will not accept anything that resembles or comes close to the description of the Mark! My hope is that we, the body of Christ are gone before the mark is forced.



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