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( @Nature_and_Race )
We are now entering the Salvation Army begging season.

So don't forget how they tried to demonize all White people, claiming that we're all inherently racist, and thus inherently evil.

The Salvation Army exists solely to steal money from White people and give it exclusively to non-whites.

As many of you know, I was once homeless for over two years, and when I reached out to the Salvation Army, they told me they only had resources for blacks, illegal immigrants, and homosexuals. I kid you not.

Don't give these anti-White crooks a single penny.

( @BobbyMaga )
@Nature_and_Race Print these up and place them in the Red Kettles this year and every years. It's the only thing they deserve till they fire every one of the woke assholes involved in this and issue a very public apology to white people.

( @Lineman1776 )
@Nature_and_Race So many on our side forget what the enemy has done to us while their side never forgets that they want us enslaved or dead...We need to work on that...

( @Chrisbelvedere )
@Nature_and_Race oh I won't forget, I can't wait to throw out that standard answer to their soliciting money from me that I cannot donate because I am White.

( @Zippo_Man )
@Chrisbelvedere @Nature_and_Race
"they only had resources for blacks, illegal immigrants, and homosexuals."
same thing can be said about the catholic church

( @TransAm0914 )
@Nature_and_Race Last year I cut up little slips of paper that said “Here’s your White privilege apology…Merry Christmas” and I dropped them in every red kettle I saw.

They will never get a dime out of me.

( @RockyMountainRebel )
@Nature_and_Race Yes, they told White people to apologize for our White privilege, so last year I put "apology notes" in their red kettles, saying something like "here's my apology. Sorry SA is so racist. Sorry you won't be getting anymore money from my hard working White hands", etc etc.



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