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Of course we were taken over in a coup when John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the Illuminati/ NWO and before that by the Reptilians including what are probably reptilian-humanoid hybrids from Aldebaran when we brought over the Nazi scientists and military from Germany. What we call “the White Hats” were formed sometime back during or after WWII in response to the rise of fascism and then to fight communism. We now find ourselves here in the 21st Century fighting both all over again.

At root the overall internal battles have always been between humans along with allies presumably like-minded freedom loving off-planet races (as well as inner Earth cultures) and the alien races with reptilian authoritarian hierarchical cultures that colonize and feed on other races treating them like prey in an ongoing drive to dominate the Universe.
The battles in the DUMBS to rescue children prisoners of the Adrenochrome highway… torture and murder of children for anti-aging plasma aka orgone continues. However, it is important to realize that any battle underground will include battling ALIENS aka Greys and Reptilians. Which means we are at war underground not only fighting a war against the deep state military but also ALIENS. This is the primary reason the White Hats don’t want people to investigate the alien issue at this time. The fact is, it is CENTRAL to this war to take back our country and OUR EARTH from infiltration by various negative off-planet and inner earth colonization. The real war is not on the surface it is underground.

Troops being deployed now to Europe would have to be trained to combat ALIENS. So-called alien-reptilians and greys have occupied the inner reaches of tunnels for many millennia. They consider Earth their home.

It’s time the people realize this battle against the NWO/Deep State is a battle against ALIENS, ALIEN AI and humans, alien-human hybrids, androids and clones.



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