PromoterForBlo & MRinvalidusername #sexist

Re: 'Looks don't mat..' wait a fucking second.


Was not expecting this fuel..........

We rot and are miserable -- meanwhile these rare terrachads walk around like kings everywhere.

This is life. I can't even get a single woman to smile at me, while this guy is getting chased by hordes daily.

He could date, fuck, chill, or go in LT/ST relationships anytime he wants with an endless pool of women around him. Imagine the feel of being a guy that is this valued & liked by women endlessly, among all the other looks privileges

I laugh at the normgroids who jump through 50 hoops to talk to some foid, with the assumption that you have to play 4d chess to grab a foids attention (e.g the blue/red pill). This is what it takes, being attractive. They make the advances if you're attractive.



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