Barbara Hendrix #fundie

What if someone knocked on your door today, and told you that your life has been forfeited and they handcuffed you and took you away, never to be seen again? You knew that you had not done anything wrong, and you could not understand why your life was ending. You were innocent, yet your life was taken away from you. And later, after your murder, your body parts were sold for the purpose of scientific experimentation. How would you feel? How would you respond, helpless, bound, and deliberately murdered? What would your last thoughts be? Would you pray and ask God for justice for the wrongful taking of your life? Would you cry and scream to those murdering you? Perhaps you would say, "You can't do this to me. You have no right to take my life. I have a moral right to live my life. I have done nothing worthy of death. I have committed no crime. Why are you doing this to me?"

Irresponsibility, undesirability, and inconvenience are the usual culprits. At abortion's root is an immense disrespect for life, its origins and its originator, the God of all creation. It is the abuse of the creative forces innate in life; a gift from the God who is Love. Where shall we go when the recompense arrives? Under which rock shall we hide from an angry, omniscient, omnipresent God, in an attempt to escape His judgment for what we allowed to occur, because we accepted the unacceptable as the norm in the society in which we live?



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