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Thoughts on Pro-Life v. Pro-Abortion
I find it ironic & sad that the pro-abortion side is essentially killing themselves off. I mean think about it, if abortion continues to happen and is the norm, only the pro-lifers are going to continue to raise children and if we raise them to value human life, it's only a matter of time before the pro-life side is not just the majority, but the only people alive. The pro-abortion side won't have any children to raise with their thoughts and beliefs.

It really just limits the pro-abortion side's growth, because a good number of people with those beliefs just have children later. Many don't even have abortions to begin with, they just think that abortion is a good idea. They are also aggressive about teaching young people that it is a good idea.

They have absolutely indoctrinated American Gen Z. I only know one fellow woman in her 20s who is pro-life and she is an immigrant. Most of my friends have had an abortion.

I wouldn’t say they think it’s a good idea. They just think it isn’t right that they make that decision for others. Deep down they know abortion is wrong or else they wouldn’t go through a pregnancy when they’re 16 either.

I mean, they've taken over the education system, they don't need to have children. Just brainwash ours. Every ideologically possessed teacher should be fired.

That is harder than they think only the kids with horrible prolife parents are going to decide they were better off dead. Everyone else is going to roll their eyes to their insanity as they should and prolife/conservatives are striking back by homeschooling, putting their children in private school and recontextualizing the things they teach at school so not all is lost.

Don’t think that’s how it works. ALL pro choicers were born. That means they are converted after birth. The key is countering their propaganda by recapturing our institutions.

One day these people's very few children and grandchildren will look around and see how small their numbers are and realize they had been scammed into killing their power and community because of a stupid political position, but it will probably be too late for them. Pity for them indeed.



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