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The right heart. The right goals. The right contact information—right into the hands of those who serve the enemy.
That's what happened to one Texas ministry when they decided to plan an event for their town. Longview, Texas, is just a medium-sized town of 80-90,000. Rated one of the nation's top 100 places to retire in 2018, Longview sits in the quiet green of piney woodlands in East Texas.

A multi-denominational group of Christians started putting stakes with verses on them in the ground at all the entrances of their city in 2017 with Scriptures that declared the authority of God over the land and its people. The annual event, called Operation Spiritual Warfare (OSW), sponsored by the local ministerial alliance, has recently sparked increased public interest.

When Charli Caraway and Steve Hemphill shared their event poster with local pastors, it began spreading on social media. They clearly shared that they wanted to proclaim sexual purity and protection against witchcraft for their city on the poster. Now, and the project itself are receiving daily harassment from members of the homosexual community and witches from all over the state.

In 2017, OSW staked the city and in 18 months crime decreased 45%. It had historically increased for 25 years. So, the group made it an annual event and repeated the staking and prayer vigil in 2018 and 2019.
The kickback has been real. One witches' coven has announced an entire event on Feb. 12 to counteract OSW and declared publicly that they will be protesting, chanting and giving free tarot card readings during the OSW event. Caraway has received numerous phone calls of threats and harassment by many individuals opposed to the event from all over the state.

Although no condemnation was ever shared toward any group or person in the original poster, the enemy has worked to twist the actual message and the intent of the event. Caraway and Hemphill are not surprised and, in fact, are encouraged to move forward.



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