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But, in case this site is spared and you still think this article should be deleted, I will mention that I've been afraid to cite sources about me because some of the most damaging ones contain personal information doxxed about me. Several times, they've doxed my religion (which I made several FSTDTers promise me in writing that they would not post publicly when I was trying to explain to them that I'm not a fundamentalist). And now, they enjoy punishing me for what some may call "wrongthink", including one time when Niam2020 made a piece of hate art in which one of his friends, who introduced me to the site, dresses up as the villain from 'Power Rangers' and zaps me with a magic laser to turn me into an atheist against my will. It is clear that 'any' religious views, not just the extreme ones, that don't line up with theirs count as "fundie".

The stress of knowing that these people continue to periodically prowl around my social media pages and one time gain unauthorized access to my Discord server in search of reasons to paint a one-sided narrative of me and my friends as all sorts of "bigots" (which we are NOT) has cost me valuable hours of sleep, given me a headache that has throbbed all hours of the day nonstop for three years no matter how I try to treat it, caused part of my hair to recede, and could jeopardize my relationships with people I know IRL if they ever found out about its heinous existence.



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