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[Serious] "Incels are misogynists"

I saw this article and the roastie wrote that incels are misogynists, how did she come to the conclusion that if you are involuntary celibate you are automatically a misogynist? That is discrimination, painting all sexless men in the same light. Obviously this roastie doesn't seem to understand that every virgin is an incel, she obviously thinks that it is only people who post on forums like this who are incels.

This angers me so much, don't even mention the whole "I used to be an incel" thing or "My boyfriend is an incel" thing to me or my head may explode. I wonder do these roasties consider sex having misogynists to be incels?
”Incels Are Running An Online Suicide Forum That Was Blamed For A Young Woman’s Death” - Buzzfeed



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