Napoleon de Geso #sexist #psycho

At this moment so sucks not being manly man who can do serious fight against degenerate ukrainians

After reading news about Russian army not doing so well, and degenerates almost ready to celebrate victory of "western values", I feel so lame not being man enough, who could join Russian army and do serious fight. If at best could be possible to do it as low level expendable mook - thats not tempting idea, as man of honor and culture - I deserve more. But if I could be something like skilled sniper, and shoot me some ukrainians, or be pilot, and bomb their feminist cities - that be nice

Stupid ukrop whore, it is me, who bombed your house and shot your simpcuck husband. AND YOY'RE NEXT



Russia is gigacucked too nowadays

It is fight not for Russia and not against ukraine, but against Wester feminism, which in Russia is still less prevalent



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