1Tammy1 & CrackerJackLee #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

I've never gave them the benefit of the doubt. However, there is a difference between a black and a negro. They have to prove to me they are not a negro.

With that said.. my besty in the Navy was in fact black. The rest were negros and gave her a terribly hard time about being friends with a White. She never gave in. Her and I did have an unspoken agreement to never eat at each others house and we always took our own drinks. Now that I think about it, that's the only black house I've ever been willing to enter. Blacks are Very rare. Negros are the vast majority of their race.

No, it ain't the same anymore. And it will never be again. Especially since Whites are dying out. Any blacks hanging on to you are looking for the status boost or what they can get.

So your friend is black... They're not my friend... You bring them home into our neighbourhood. Suddenly they bring more. They see what's there and then come back and steal it. I defend my property and I go to jail. All because you NEED to have black friends.

Oh, she's a girl like you? Then her brother shows up. Then his bloods show up. Then they chuckin' shinola on my car.

It doesn't matter what you say to black coworkers. They'll twist it into racist pig. Not to your face, but behind your back. Then you find your tires slashed. I feel sorry for whites who have to work with blacks.

Why would I even go near a black. I avoid Whites, too. They try so hard to be black that they'll make up racist bull about you to show their black friends how whigga they be.



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