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SuicideFuel The incest prohibition destroyed me

Social production would need at its disposal an agent that is also capable of acting on, of inscribing the recording surface of desire. Such an agent exists: the family.

The final blackpill in psychology is that the figure of Oedipus is a consequent social repression. The capitalist technoindustrial system does not want us to acquire power, and needs us to be good little wageslaves. They need to repress our desiring production to make this happen. The nuclear family is one of these agents of capitalist repression. The reason Oedipus is repressive is that the incest prohibition prescribes us objects to desire, but desire itself is a pure productive process with no object in mind. By directing desire towards a love object, the incest prohibition warps reality and obscures the nature of desire and the self, and in doing so restricts the productive capacities of our desire.

By placing the distorting mirror of incest before desire, desire is shamed, stupefied, placed in a situation without exit

I want to have sex with my sister. I have always conceived of us as something like star crossed lovers, and always dreamed that this could have been some other way. And it could have, without the repressive influence of a dystopian capitalist system. If my desiring production wasn't directed towards her, all the life in me could be free. And this is empirically verifiable psychology, it sounds weird but you all are just as much a victim of capitalism as I

How can you desire to have sex with your sister?

I explained it in this post. TLDR: its the nuclear family in capitalism as an agent of repression which causes it



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