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In our session, both James and Rainetta visited Trinidad in astral and were transported to a location in the North Western corner of the country. Once the atmosphere shifted we were greeted by an El Doradoan diplomat awaiting our arrival. His appearance was male, 9 foot tall, slender, black colored skin, and wearing a light brown loincloth. We observed that our guide as well as all the other citizens we encountered levitated as opposed to walking.
.We go through a black hole; it appears to be a tear in space and time. This dimension is very dense and dark which eventually opened up to golden light. Our perception shifted and we see ourselves in a massive cavern system. We are now in El Dorado which is a subterranean kingdom that seems to have been a breakaway from ancient Kemet Egypt.
We were informed that their civilization is 1.2 million years old and their people can live equally as long or even longer due to the life extension properties of Living Gold. Living Gold is the Mother Gold that creates all Gold. It is sentient and can communicate, it is fertile and can reproduce, it is emotional and can express itself. It has both IQ and EQ and distributes these properties freely to all who possess “Purity of Spirit” or seek to become “Pure in Spirit.”
This secret faction in the US has destabilized Venezuela in search of this Living Gold. The Kingdom in El dorado are concerned they may target and destabilize Trinidad in their pursuits. Their King has made the decision to come forward and share the knowledge of their kingdom in order to alter the mission of the secret cabal. He stated that as a last resort and in order to protect their kingdom they were willing to create an Earthquake which would submerge the area, or cause lava to flow into the Vatican City.



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