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Re: Oklahoma Reels After Supreme Court Ruling on Indian Tribes


Kyle Willis hadn’t seen Kimberly Graham in years, since the day she was sentenced to 107 years in prison after she drunkenly plowed her truck into a group of motorcyclists in Tulsa, killing five people, including his mother and stepfather.

So it was a shock when he saw her at a court hearing last month, a free woman. Graham, who is Native American, was let out of prison in April after a Supreme Court decision last year that found that a large part of eastern Oklahoma is still Indian country. Crimes there were the province of federal and tribal courts.

Aren't there any politicians who simply refuse to comply with this madness? Our claim to authority over this land is ultimately by right of conquest. Why don't be act like it.

(Law and Order)

If this ruling applies only to crimes committed against other Indians, fine. If it applies to Indian crimes against Whites, that's a problem.

It applies in both cases.

Frankly, don't care what an injun does to a white in the rez. They have no biz being there. No different than a white going to an African country. You are taking chances.

(Lewis Wetzel)
Let's change this ridiculous reservation system where the Federal govt. props up these welfare recipients. I live on a reservation, and you can hardly find a "working" Indian. Change it just like the left wants to re write our history.

(Jack McGriff)
Can Whites have a reservation too? Or nah because White ethnostates be racist an she it?

There are so many Indian ethnostates in the USA I wonder if we could lease some of that land or even buy a reservation ourselves? Indians love money and the White man's clothes, technology, and shiney trinkets.

(Law and Order)
I have listened to injun programs in community radio stations in California and Arizona and they always blab about protecting their culture. But when a white says the same, it's racism.



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