Silence DoGood #sexist

Donald Trump Jr. gives a great illustration for how bad the 19th Amendment has been for America, enacted August 18th, 1920. He coolly, calmly, and collectedly lays out the facts for his fathers actions to put America First, and is constantly interrupted by hysterical hyenas.

Don Jr. brings logic and reason, and all the women, including his fiancé, keep trying to interrupt him and overwhelm him with their feelings. Then, if he protests, they tell him he’s insensitive.

Note how all the women are guided by their feelings, and don’t know squat about American history, including the estimable Kimberly Guilfoyle.

The women on the View are all incensed, and cannot think critically to save their life.

I imagine that if Trump got on the show, their heads would explode due to their inability to be in the presence of such a brilliant man.

It’s wonderful we have a few conservative women voting, but the women on the View represent the majority of female voters in America.

Without women voting, there could be no Democratic party.

Since the 19th Amendment, government has tremendously expanded, and the family has tremendously deteriorated. This is wrecking America.

The women of the View perfectly illustrate the female nature. Emotional, reliant on affection, relationship based, and fiercely tribal and territorial. Women are far more fitted for cooking food and bearing children than they are for jobs or even education.

The vote has been damaging for women too, as it led to 30 million women being slaughtered by abortion in the last 46 years, and the greatest rate of women enslaved in porn and prostitution than ever before in American history.

So, repealing the 19th Amendment will put women back where they belong, heal the family, and destroy the Democratic party.




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