jon #sexist

Females hate introverted, shy, and autistic acting males and they love neurotypical, extroverted, thuggish, and low inhibition males and we all know this. But what irks me is just how far they will go in putting their selves in harms way just to chase a man that makes her vagina tingle. For example my dumb ass foid cousin chased after a guy who was a cocaine addict who regulary beat her and once even held her and her mother hostage with an axe. Several days later my cousin died of a heart attack (probably from all the stress her abusive ex bf put her through). My cousin could have dated one of the many incels or incel type guys that wouldnt hurt a fly but that wouldnt excite her enough, that wouldnt make her panties wet, and this is how all women think. Is a females hate for introverted men and her lust for low inhibition males so great that she would risk her life to be with him and to avoid us forever.............i guess it is.



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