Messager777 #racist

(In RSTDT because of that first damn paragraph)

Since the 1960s, the liberals of the Blue States have been using US taxpayers money to buy votes from the Blacks, Hispanics, other minorities, poor folks, LGBTQs, etc, in order to keep themselves in power in Washington DC, against the conservatives of the Red States.
....... Eg generous welfare benefits for the poor and illegal immigrants(= mostly Hispanics), easy social welfare benefits for the Black welfare queens with 4 kids from 4 different Black bf's, Federal spousal benefits for same-sex couples, etc.

Hence, the States with the highest public debt are mostly liberal, eg California, New York and New Jersey. Most bankrupt cities are liberal.
....... The liberals-dominated US govt has an unsustainable debt of about US$20 trillion = will eventually go bankrupt.

P S - The Social Security Trust Fund is projected to be insolvent by 2033. The liberal Democrat President Lyndon Johnson began "robbing" the SSTF during the 1960s to fund the liberals' Vietnam War, which was earlier started by President Kennedy in support of the French colonialists.



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