Various Posters #racist

(in response to a story regarding a black sheriff’s deputy being denied a burial at a “whites only” cemetery)

(Paddyroller): There still some hallowed ground in the US.

(The Confederate): Cant a white man die in peace without these fucking niggers and nigger lovers throwing a shitskin next to him ?

(Chimpmaster): So they changed it to “the right of burial of the remains of human beings,” instead of the original well thought through "white human beings". Still it doesn't qualify. But the nigger will be buried at Sonnier Cemetery in Oberlin LA instead which coddles to shit skins. Maybe the sow misread Oaklin Springs as Ooking Springs?

(Georgia Son): We all don't want niggers corpses stinking up our hallowed ground. Can we at least have that?

(Dixieman): Nice to know that there is still areas where humans can Rest In Peace without their areas being contaminated with toxic nigger remains.



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