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1. People all over the U.S. Are being sent to prison for murdering the woman AND the unborn child. Look it up.
2. If you don't want a baby don't have sex. There are plenty of ways the pleasure yourself without the rick of pregnancy.
3. Coming from a family filled with rape victims I think that I know a little about what we go thru more than most. An unborn child has right too. I am thinking about what is best for everyone. Not just myself.
4. If you had done the research then you would know the statistics... Before just picking a side that would be best for you look into it... It does make a difference! It has a horrid affect on some woman! If you take meds that warn against suicide then shouldn't you know that the emotional toll of an abortion could result in the same?
5. Babies are born everyday pre mature. You never know if a child will live or die. Many states allow for abortions further than 12 weeks... Here is some of the research you should start up. Not trying to tell you what to think but you really should try and look into everything before you tell someone else that abortion is ok.
6. Forgive me for insinuating that young girls are mainly the ones getting the abortions. That isn't what I meant. Woman of ALL ages get abortions. Woman of all ages can have emotional damage after getting an abortion. Age doesn't seem to matter. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
7. Well. You don't spend much time with girls/woman that find out they are preggers do ya!? Cause most girls/woman I know PERSONALY that have an unplanned pregnancy go with abortion as if it is the ONLY option. Why? Because they are scared or just don't have time in their life to have a baby. They don't consider anything else... That's what people do today. When something isn't going to work for them or a loved one they find the quickest way out. That is how we have been raised. Life is all about me and what is going to get me futher in life. Sometimes tho it isn't the best option for EVERYONE.
Adoption is a very good "way out" that people fail to think of.
I have had a bad ecperence with pregnancy but went thru it anyway. I am still living. Some don't come out so lucky... But some of those that die didn't even have a complicated pregnancy in the first place. It came without warning. Just like the people that go to work or school and get in a car accident or some freak thing happened. You never know when you are going to die. But you shouldn't have the choice to take anothers life because you aren't ready to be a mom, or someone hurt you, or whatever your reason. I don't see ow anyone can justify being so selfish. But that's my opinion. You can be rude all you want... But it makes you seem childish.



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