JustinGlowala #sexist deviantart.com

This is mostly just rude and arrogant tough chicks I see online trying to shit talk me and being imposing. It's quite annoying so I just thought I'd make one quick post to link them too, honestly this meme is shitty and doesn't really scare me if that's the point. And it's so unfitting it's honestly quite funny so thanks for the chuckle, if wanna discuss this here then sure. I do like productive conversations but if your gonna waste my time with ancient shit memes then I have better things to do with my life and art to draw.

Anyway if some random guy picked a fight with some random women they'd probably win, based on how many women I see nowadays who aren't really that muscular (or are very fat). not to mention have no defensive training so the likelihood I will get my ass kicked is minimum. And no I'm not a internet tough guy, I never claimed to be and I'm just pointing out basic biological reality and putting some gals pissing match with me to an end.



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