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( @DadZ )

spoilerFor those of you shocked by the
CDCs action today re:COVID
vaccines on the childhood
immunization schedule, you should
know that the other shots weren't
necessary either.
For example:
Hepatitis B is almost always sexually
CDC votes yes anyway. Necessary
for infants.

( @Medavemac )
Every "vax" is a farce!
Not one vax ever created stopped the transmission of a virus!!
All vax were created studied and released 7-10 years after a virus xame and went!
All vax are poison intended to make us sick!!
All viruses move through in a wave and guess what? Most survive
And pass their antibodies to their children!
VAX= poison

( @ChaoticTremble )
@DadZ The only things vaccines (and mRNA therapy drugs) are good for are drug company profits, and government controlling the sheeple.

( @RedHeero )
@DadZ Also what they won't tell you, Polio is neither a virus, nor an illness, it is a condition caused by inflammation of the spine caused by heavy metals.



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