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"Who do you think you are? Have you ever been a student at an ‘elite’ school? Have you ever experienced the type of pressure students like me are under? Have you ever pulled an all nighter just to finish studying for the three tests you have all in one day? Have you ever taken an SAT cram class and memorized two hundred SAT words in a period of one week? How on earth do you have the nerve to accuse us of cheating, you have no idea how hard we work to maintain our 4.0s and our perfect SAT scores. I know a student who had to be hospitalized from exhaustion during AP season because he would rather not sleep than cheat. I guess by your logic non Asian’s don’t understand hard work because that is the only ‘gaming’ the majority of us have ever done.

Also how do you explain how many Intel winners are Asian, or how only 1 single USA IBO team member was white? The list goes on. I’m pretty sure there’s no way to cheat your way out of presenting projects and answering questions IN FRONT OF THE JUDGES.

If you want to talk statistics Asian Americans earn on average 16k more than the average US population. I don’t know if you’ve tried but it’s hard to cheat at your job, especially since the majority of us Bay Area Asians are computer programmers.

My parents worked hard to move to this country. They worked hard to get jobs here without even speaking English in the first few years. They worked hard just like the millions of other parents out there who just want their kids to have a good education. My parents aren’t ‘tiger parents’, all they want is for me to be happy, just like the millions of other parents out there. Did you know that at the very Asian Gunn High School there were 5 suicides in 2011 alone because of the pressure the students put themselves under? Do you think if cheating were that easy and common they would have made that choice?

Did you know that even though my parents, and the millions of other parents worked their asses off for their kids educations Asian Americans are heavily discriminated against in college admissions at elite universities?
Sure some of us cheat, but have you checked that stats on white/black/hispanic people and steroids? Have you checked the stats on lipsyching? All races cheat. Asians just care more about success in their future careers. I’m not saying that’s a good thing, in fact it’s a really bad thing. But it’s true that it’s part of our culture to always do well in school and some people unfortunately resort to desperate measures to achieve that means.
I’m sorry that you don’t understand how hard the majority of us Asians can work, but there are many white students and teachers at my school who do. I thank god that I’m not as racist as you because I’d probably hate your entire race if I was. I myself have never cheated and I know that the majority of my peers have not either.

I know this post was from a long time ago but if you still check this I’d love to hear your response."


Um, the whole point of this post is that Asian immigrants are discriminated against. So yeah. I know it.

Knew everything else, too. Lots of posts on this blog about all the pressure. Yeah, yeah, Intel. I got it. I wrote a story about an Indian kid who won a science contest, but he was only interested in putting it on his resume. He didn’t even really like science. He just wanted to make his dad happy. Know about the suicides, the pressure, all the reasons to cheat.

You know what you are doing right now, with your writing? You are proving the stereotype, completely. You didn’t post an original thought, you didn’t read the essay very closely, didn’t understand it, and expect an A anyway.

Try and be a little different. It’s not impressive when you do everything to make your parents happy. And it’s definitely whining when you put yourself under that pressure and then brag about the suicides you know of.



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