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My last foid "friend" cut me off

I made a lot of foid friends during my bluepilled days. I posted about how one blocked me because I "identify as an incel and is proud of it".

I was more close to this foid, and genuinely considered her a friend. She knew I was an incel and posted here. She told me not to, and that this space is toxic. I was there for her so much during all her family drama, and helped her with her college assignments. She said not to worry about being a virgin because there are plenty of men and women who are virgins into their 30s. She's also a virgin. But only because she couldn't secure a chad. I never held it against her. She is chubby and has short hair and looks androgynous af and thinks she deserves a Kpop Chang. I never told her any of this to her face cuz I genuinely cared about her because I knew the shit that went on in her life. And she knew the shit that happened to me, how my entire life was singlehandedly ruined by a femoid.

Eventually she said she needs to take a break from me, because I blame everything on women not having sex with me.

A few weeks ago I was giga suicidal and asked her to call me. And she said she's not ready to be friends with me again. I told her that I always did right by her. And she said I was being narcissistic. And told me that I shouldn't depend on other people.

Last night I realized that she had stopped following me on instagram. I unfollowed her as well...

Still friends with her on fb, and she hasn't blocked me on Whatsapp. But day by day, the only thing these foids prove is that Incels are right about foids. She was always confiding in me when her life was falling apart around her. And now that things are going great for her, she decided that I was the only negative thing in her life and cut me off. Fucking brutal.

I literally have no friends anymore. Not a single one. Male or Female.

Sure there are those who would consider me a friend, but they would all deny the blackpill, and through extension, all my problems.



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