Uglyme #crackpot #sexist

Hypocrisy The IT cunts don't want you to have a girlfriend

Every time a foid shows a tiny bit of understanding on IT, the other bitches start writing things about how bad and evil we are and how we don't deserve respect to make her change her mind. This is because those whores don't want you to have a relationship. Of course they will larp saying that's because they're scared that we might abuse her. Bullshit, they don't give a shit about the well being of your future gf. They're just scared that you might get her pregnant and create more subhumans. Remember, all foids are a hivemind, they act purely following their most primal instincts, and one of them is to make sure only the best genes pass on to the next generation. They know you're genetic trash, even if they have never seen you, they know that if you complain, it means you're ugly. They don't want to fuck you, but also they don't want any other foid to do it.



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