reyheyy #fundie

The majority of the images and videos he possesed were children and BABIES being brutally raped on film and camera and Mark Salling as the audience for those photos and videos. Do some research please... Articles are stating the images were masochistic and violent on top of the rape itself. Defend these victims not him. He could have gotten help at any time and CHOSE not to. Instead he chose to create a demand for raping children

He didn’t “create a demand.” It’s not like he went out and announced to the world that he was addicted to child pornography. And for the last time, I was not defending his actions. You people constantly describing to me what he did isn’t changing anything. I’m aware. But that doesn’t change the fact that he was a human who deserved to be helped and understood. And it is OKAY for him to be mourned. It is OKAY for people to be sad about his death. Please stop bombarding me with useless messages as if I have no idea what’s going on. Yes, he did terrible things, but the root of all of this is mental illness, whether you people can accept that or not. Mark was sick. And that made him do some terrible things. I am NOT defending that, and obviously shit like that needs to STOP. But he is dead. He fucking killed himself, so yeah, I have a little sympathy for him.



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