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It's not so called "bigots" that cause homophobia/transphobia. It's the bigots that claim to fight against bigotry. The transtrenders, the "you don't need dysphoria to be trans" people, the "gay is my only trait" kind of homosexual, the "respect my pronouns or else" kind of person.


I should know, I was affected by these people screaming "stop being a bigot", to a point where I became an anti-SJW and said some pretty distasteful things towards people such as those who identify as non-binary and people who had different views on certain topics. Which to me at the time, was "SJW nonsense", as Google Trends show non-binary as a VERY recent thing, not as old as gay or trans. Not to mention, all the people I met who identified as NB were all insufferable "regressive" types. And it's THOSE PEOPLE, the ones who treated their "identity" as a bypass get-out-of-jail free card and an excuse to deflect criticism, that made my view on NB people sour. Which lead me to discredit actual people with gender dysphoria that need to be NB to cope. Not the "alt-right transphobes", but these people who take a serious issue like gender dysphoria and treat it like a freaking fashion trend or something that's "for fun". Or worse, pretend they have a mental illness or some other disorder to cry oppression, making people less kind to actual people with issues.



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