journey #racist

This country is regressing under little Barry/Holder. Barry acts, thinks, and talks like an African king. What is the real level of little barry’s IQ/intelligence? Very difficult to know since he got into all those elite schools and was president of Harvard Law Review due to being black/AA and nothing else. He runs everything/all decisions exclusively through Valarie Jarrett, another inexperienced know nothing = pure insanity. This country is being run by two black inexperienced know nothings, incredible! All black majority controlled nations, inner cities = chaos, corruption, high crime, living on handouts, a complete dismal mess. So the question is asked, how does this country benefit by putting blacks into position of power? Very dangerous delusional game this country is playing. This country can still save itself by electing R+R into office, deporting all illegals, mandatory birth control on Hispanics/blacks to bring back a 90% white majority.



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