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The timeless principles of Graeco-Roman logic and philosophy that we have just reviewed (not to be confused with the pointless mental masturbation that many modern pseudo-intellectuals like to engage in over a Starbucks’ latte) will expose a charlatan or an ignoramus every... single... time. Indeed, armed with nothing else but the earlier segment on Logical Fallacies, any “average Joe” can easily take down one of these “scientists” and humiliate him.

The Fake Scientist is thus compelled to declare: “there is no debate” because he knows that he cannot win a debate! Just like Count Dracula before a crucifix or sprinkled with Holy Water, the Fake Scientist will recoil in agony when confronted with the Socratic Method of inquiry.

Therefore, it is not surprising, but to be expected, that warmist Fake Scientists would express such open contempt and hostility for the millenniums-old discipline that should serve as the foundation of all intellectual pursuits and even common, every day understanding of life situations. Here they are, in their own words, mocking Philosophy – the very rules of thinking that we use to pursue truth and unmask lies and errors.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson: “Philosophy is not a productive contributor to our understanding of the natural world …. It (philosophy) can really mess you up.” (28)

Stephen Hawking: “Philosophy is dead. Philosophers have not kept up with modern developments in science. Scientists have become the bearers of the torch of discovery in our quest for knowledge.” (29)

Bill Nye: “Philosophy is important for a while…. But you can start arguing in a circle…. Keep in mind, humans made up philosophy too.” (30)

You see, when a Fake Scientist needs to work around the eternal rules of lie-detection, he simply ridicules them, declares them “dead” or dismisses truth itself as “relative.” It’s sort of like a local burglar telling you that installing a home alarm system, adopting a big guard dog and keeping a loaded pistol under your bed aren’t effective anymore; or a nervous criminal, under interrogation, insisting that polygraph (lie detector) tests are never accurate.

But philosophy is not dead. The theory of man-made Global Warming is, and Messrs. Tyson, Hawking and Nye all know it – which is why they want to replace philosophy (Greek for “love of wisdom”) with “theoretical science” (love of slick talking sophistry, rigged math equations and rigged computer models).

Tyson, Nye and the “talking” stiff from “Weekend at Bernie’s” (or his ventriloquist?) all rely heavily upon classic logical fallacies to sell their nonsense. The only thing that can stop them is sound logic, aka philosophy.



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