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[RageFuel] I. Really. Fucking. Hate. ZOOMERS.

HOW THE FUCK IS THIS FUNNY? Zommers are fucking braindead, have zero self awareness about their cringe levels or about the environment, not to mention social settings behaviour and stuff of this sort. They literally behave like boomers and old Gen X people on the internet, this is the same type of lack of awareness that makes them unfunny, cringy and overall FUCKING ANNOYING, just like those old fart boomers are. How is that possible? You would think that with how natural the evolution of human gnerations was, they would fit in the internet "world" that was mostly created by millenials and simply make it evolve even more. BUT NO, they completely missed it's point, their humor is SHIT and if they couldn't maintain such a basic concept that is the internet, HOW THE FUCK ARE THEY GOING TO SURVIVE, LET ALONE THRIVE IN REAL WORLD? Seriously, anyone born after 1999 should fucking... I won't finish but you can take a guess at what I meant to say.

Also, anyone born before after 1999 should not be able to post on this forum. MAYBE LURK only.



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